Results of the week. Again our horse neighing!

Part I. "Our service is unsafe or difficult"

Americans "annealed"

A string of fires, as it turns out, has the ability to not only rolled on forests and steppes of the Russian Federation, and on the South American Naval facility. With the difference in a few days suffered two military vessels of the United States of America: nuclear submarine "Miami" in Maine, and then a new aircraft carrier "George Bush" in Virginia. After the fire was extinguished, the South American specialists, of course, have launched investigation into the fire. And here on the surface swam quite unpleasant facts: all progressive British population of the earth was waiting for that the causes of fires will be, at least, declared the activities of the FSB or SVR Russian Federation, but as long as the news of the beginning of the fire look more than ordinary. It turned out that the fire on the nuclear submarine "Miami" appeared "due to" vacuum cleaner … It is reported that the vacuum cleaner specifically lit during cleaning vnutrilodochnyh premises, and later as fire raged, it has absorbed as a team, and residential sections.

Results of the week.  Again, our stallion neighing!

After the announcement of the release to fire home appliances to the brain comes only one thing: Well it's how zealously South American divers hoover that their hands in everything starts to glow. While here, in principle, can be more or less clear if the Americans clarify, vacuum cleaner whose production was used to "Miami." If it turns out that the machine was dohnuvshem flame sticker «Made in China», is not surprisingly, turned out why such a fire. Surprisingly different: he (vacuum) in the heat of the work is not started from the starting compartment instead of the usual "Tomahawk". At least, the world would be greatly surprised by fixing that Americans have decided to test a new weapon — fire-breathing vacuum cleaners in China. And it's perfectly still, that it's not a message that in the hands of a sailor Johnson lit a broom and a mop, on another by U.S. Marine commanders could apply to the court for the violation of human rights, because they are obviously forced to subordinate their own deck to rub arcing.

Apparently, after the incidents at military courts in the United States will have to make amendments to the existing laws and rules by posting a summary appeal with home appliances. Here are just a couple of excerpts from the likely operating rules in an American: vacuuming the carpets in the team Fri can be started only after the sailor made sure that the distance within 2-feet away is the fire hook, shovel, ax and a conical bucket reddish color , in addition, next to the items listed above should be a pile of sand to neutralize the equipment to slip on the South American market possible opponent. And most importantly, "the U.S. Navy Sailor! Fill the vacuum vessel caught light on Coca-Cola is absolutely forbidden! "

In the end, both fires appeared that the aircraft carrier "George Bush" and although injured, but in recent years will be restored (these Bushes, but viable), but with the nuclear submarine "Miami" the situation is much worse, and so far addressed the issue of is it worth it at all to recover.

Of course, in recent years the South American army expects inventory of vacuum cleaners. And, you can recommend a command to check Slicer, OVENS microwave and Chinese manufacturers. And in fact, as they say, once a year, and coffee shoots …

Huge work

Last week, the fate cruelly toyed with the Estonian Army. Well, you need the same to happen: from now commander of the Army of the Baltic country that is a member, by the way, part of the North Atlantic Alliance will be no one else but the emperor Tiganik. That Colonel Arthur Tiganik which, if managed Estonian official systematization, at one time was trained in "the occupation" higher military schools, and specifically in the Ryazan troop School. Rehabilitates Tiganika in the sight of all Estonians appear only that he continued his studies after returning from the "hateful occupant" of the land first in the Baltic Military Institute and later already, and the Military Institute of the United States. Specifically, the last soldier biographical fact respectable in the eyes of the Estonian people justify all the Russian "transgressions" Tiganika.

Results of the week.  Again, our stallion neighing!

Apparently, in the Estonian army came real human crisis and to not appoint commanders immediately so British or American generals, the Estonian government decided to scrape the bottom of the barrel and look, though not entirely home-grown, but almost of their own — to "repent" for his past through the local and South American system of military education.

All the bad luck that the Estonian sector of search engines did, you know, do not want to take the name of the new head of the Estonian "suhoputnika." And tries instead Tiganika us "Titanic" to slip. I do not wish that these Internet search engines to hint at something … And that's fine, that Colonel Tiganik appointed Commander of the Army, not the Navy Estonia. And that after the phrase "-surfing Baltic Sea Tiganik" would sound quite so ambiguous …


During the week, it became clear that the former presidential candidate Mikhail Prokhorov and ventured further into Russian politics. He announced that he makes the party "Civic Platform", which can and should be the first step is to take the most active role in the regional elections. Despite the anthropometric data of the Prokhorov created by his party size certainly will not differ. It looks like Mike D. decided to fully enjoy the new law on political parties and gain its "Platform" exactly 500. It is worth remembering that it is little probable number of party members, which entitles such party to be registered.

Results of the week.  Again, our stallion neighing!

But that's unusual for a Russian tradition, the person who makes the game, do not lust of her head. Prokhorov went down the same path and decided to be the favorite, "Civic Platform" can nominate an experienced lawyer. In the elections to the State Duma a reference in 2007 the word "civil" and "experienced lawyer" has already sounded. Then the integration of these words had a lawyer Barschevsky Misha, who led a "civil power". But after this "Power" has shown its impotence, backed by 1.05% of the voters, the emperor Barschevsky again turned into ordinary keeper of traditions elite club of "What? Where? When? "

Certainly, after the occupation of "bronze" place in the March presidential elections, Prokhorov with its "Civic Platform" will be more likely, because never know
, Michael D. can invite as head of "civil platformschika" Misha Jurevicha, I mean Barshchevsky had time, albeit unsuccessfully, but the smell of gunpowder party.

Only here there is a small aspect. All in Russia on reflection, that the party created by the means of Prokhorov Prokhorov, will stick to their inhumane political line. But the emperor Prokhorov decided immediately to dot E, saying it would invest in party activities in the regions of less than 10% of the money spent supporters "Civic Platform". In other words, if someone has expressed a desire to invest fairly earned "steward" that Prokhorov "get away with" only "chervonets." Such alignment is not obvious to many supporters of Misha Dmitrievich have the liking, because we want someone from their own pockets without which became the talk of the town with the oligarchic invested in politics? ..

In general, when the "Platform" Prokhorov zagrohochet on rails Russian political reality — until the matter. What happens is that it will be another Trailed "Caboose" to those party constituents who have already "master" Russian expanses?

Credit "overflowing"

In the middle of the week the deputies of the State Duma of the opposition decided to reincarnate vote on the high-profile law on rallies in the act, which by its own duration and the number of amendments had all the chances to enter into the book of records. Alone MPs spravedlivorossy filled hall of the amendments which the transfer was delayed so that many lawmakers began to doze off right in their places. Has not helped either iPhones with toys, or solving a skanvordov, no awareness that Nikolai Valuev may be somewhere nearby …

Results of the week.  Again, our stallion neighing!

The opposition dubbed version of delaying the introduction of voting on the issue of punishment for offenses at rallies Italian strike. Most of all in heaping verbal correction barricades distinguished members of the faction led by Sergei Mironov, as representatives of the Communist Party. In the middle of the proposed amendments were very unique, from order to reduce the size of the fine imposed in proportion to reduce the temperature of the air at the time of the meeting, to the point that the penalty for violation shall not exceed twice the price baton.

Being already in a semiconscious state, members of all the amendments "safely" rejected by the majority, and 7 minutes to midnight session of the State Duma has been completed her cool voice speaker Sergei Naryshkin.

During differences amendments could follow the dazzling picture: a certain almost stepped over the sleeping members of their party colleagues to vote "against". In the end, one was left to the amendment, which states that now for the unauthorized procession will be greatly ruble pay or go to public works (cement factory — two people, and so on). The largest fine for violations at the rallies that has caused harm to human health, the deputies estimated at one million rubles. This amount will have to lay out the legal entity. A natural persons "confine" 300,000 rubles.

Against the background of the adoption of the amendments to the law of this kind of Russian banks is to offer the population a new kind of credit — "overflowing." Credit will be issued in the amount of up to 1 million rubles without sureties and a total of two documents … payments on the loan will be to work … Took three thousand on credit — and we can safely and walk, and "occupy".

Unreal Colonel

In the week was made public once the spy scandal, which revealed a number of Russian people to hunter green bills. At this time, this man was, neither more nor less, and past officer of the Federal Security Service of the 61-year-old Valery Mikhailov, who had until the verdict of the Metropolitan District Military Court colonel retired FSB. The Tribunal sentenced Mikhailov to 18 years' imprisonment with confiscation of property, a fine of half a million rubles, stripped of his rank and partial deprivation of municipal awards. Mikhailov was found guilty in the fact that for a number of years (2001 to 2007) transferred the capital to agents of the Central Intelligence Agency copies serious privacy. During his "job" of allegiance to the "second homeland" ex-colonel received about 2 million bucks, which is what the acquired dwelling in the hero city Sevastopol and in the South American Arlington.

Results of the week.  Again, our stallion neighing!

Sovereign Mikhailov decided to earn, because straps FSB officer apparently did not bring him tribute money being. As in Russia can earn an FSB officer, whose career is on the wane due to not quite a young age? Of course, only by means of "productive" of cooperation with U.S. intelligence. Mikhailov he decided to offer his services to the CIA agents. It is not clear how he did it. Or distribute ads in crowded places with the words "I will give the hidden documents of the FSB in excellent hands," or simply became to ring up all of the CIA, the data for which were at that time in the files of the Lubyanka building … Well, sort of anyway, but agents found as debris, and orders of Colonel Mikhailov was in bulk.

While the investigation did not give answers as to whether there were accomplices at Valery Mikhailov. For certain it is clear only that a co-conspirator in this sovereign, who designed escape from the hands of our longish Russian justice system in the same Arlington, was accurate. And the accomplice — copier installed in a building of the FSB.

In connection with the case of the Federal Security Service staff can recommend to put such copying machines, which would be the most shameless manner garbled copied information. And on paper instead of a database about where in the FSB is preparing another operation, the attackers got something like "Gdybsch zhumpa yuzhghe." Let translate …

Part II. Suave McFaul, Levi ecstatic and happy Saakashvili

Enhanced McFaul

June 7 Michael McFaul, salting America in Russia, delivered the opening lecture at the Russian Economic School.

Mr. McFaul generally likes to speak to the students: that at the Higher School of Economics (HSE) will read a lecture, the NES. And his lectures — untainted by the Brazilian show. You need to look each series, that, God forbid, a rich Julia did not marry Pedro cleaner, and we missed it.

Results of the week.  Again, our stallion neighing!

As you know, in the last lecture (at the Higher School of Economics), Michael McFaul, affecting Kyrgyz slippery subject, developed the theme of bribes. Having said that, he said, salting, was new and not very versed in foreign po
licy, Mr. McFaul cited the example of his lack of understanding of some of the "spheres of influence", which as they say Russian. In particular, he does not think these "spheres", when it is about Kyrgyzstan and military base "Manas". Here are the Americans there, in Kyrgyzstan, in the scope of the impact of not playing.

In general, into something that still play and the Americans, like all figured out McFaul's speech. Starting read about bribes to former Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, salting USA mentioned not only Russian, and her native America. Foreign policy of the Russian Federation and the Americas around the base "Manas" as presented by McFaul was followed"You offered huge bribes sovereign Bakiyev, that he threw us out of Kyrgyzstan. We also offered a bribe of about 10 times less than what you suggested, but it did not work. "

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation commented Statement of Ambassador: "This is not the first case when the statements and acts of the sovereign McFaul, so being on the hot seat, cause surprise. In the puzzle ambassadors, as we are aware, comes promote sustained development of bilateral relations with the host State on the basis of deep knowledge of the facts, and not irritated replication tales in the media space. "

With the comment that spread in the Russian press on May 28, Mr. McFaul read. And then the thought firmly. He wondered exactly 10 days, until June 7. Should be considered for these days are much he has learned a lot of Russian words also used tips from someone's dictionary of synonyms. A special vocabulary — diplomatic.

To whitewash in the eyes of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and justify to the general public, Mr. salting again went to the School of Economics. No, not the one where read about bribes, there maybe he decided never to appear. Instead he went to the HSE NES, on the road peeping in a crib and whisper pronouncing the difficult Russian syllables.

Arriving at NES, salting repented"I am sorry that I used the word" bribe "when he spoke 10 days back. I had to use the phrase "financial aid package." I made a mistake, I admit it. " He added: "We have all been trained, we want to be better."

Here, as noted by witnesses McFaul wiped the sweat from his forehead crumpled in the pocket of pants crib and drank a glass of Russian kvass, who preferred "Bon Acqua" the capital of the spill. In general, the witnesses, of course, stretching the truth.

Inventing complex synonymous substitution and wanting to be "better", the poor fellow Yankees soon decides that in Russia as ambassador pending read expressively, entertaining and concise, and should read as long and convoluted, avoiding direct expressions and replacing them Aesop. Ultimately series, produced by McFaul, very stretched and become acidic, and the Foreign Ministry bureaucrats, would be a shame as it may sound, there is nothing to comment on.

The moral of the story is this: Preserving the unusual McFaul!

In addition, this particular Mr. — the designer of the "reset" of relations between the U.S. and Russia. Despite the fact that McFaul, in his words, often receives Russian users of the Web short but succinct tweets on the topic «f … you», he sincerely believes that in recent years the love of Russia and America are very intensified. Speaking at the New Economic School, salting announced certain characteristics: In 2008 only 17% of Russians belonged to America with sympathy, in 2010, the number of sympathizers of America Russian grown up at times — up to 62%. And only 2% of any Yankees believe that our homeland — the main enemy is the United States. Here, McFaul joked"And one percent said the Yankees USA, the main enemy of America."

Perhaps this percentage — a byproduct of the "reset."

"You fool! Idiot! "

One recognizable by the name of the French Monsieur Bernard-Henri Levy, who is also for the sake of brevity BAL (BHL), as it is called in Europe — writer, journalist, philosopher, creator of the book "Public Enemies," and at the same time millionaire lobbyist and political theorist of democracy-building in Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Georgia, Libya and now Syria — June 4, in Paris, during an interview to BFM-TV, decided to speak out on issues of great Russian-Syrian issue.

Results of the week.  Again, our stallion neighing!

The main character in public speaking Balan was salting the Russian Federation to the UN Vitaly Churkin. It was he who, according to the views of M. Levy, delaying action on Syria and pursuing personal rather than collective interests.

"Some people — the true idiots … — said Levy on TV. — I've only read messages AFP and Reuters … Russian salting the UN said that soon they find out who in fact are stuffed with Syrian rebels gun. Fool! Idiot! Forever sees the same thing — a conspiracy. "

Expressions of French philosopher with regard to Russia's permanent representative to the UN in Moscow were related to the level of shameless. This is said the official dealer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Lukashevich, "boorish expressions of French journalist is not a call for comment. We are talking about simple human ethics. "

The activities hamovatogo M. Levy became known since the early 1990's, when he theorized about peace solutions in Yugoslavia, following the position of the Bosnian Muslims and illuminating this position in the press. From their own government in those years he sought no negotiations with the Serbs, and the bombing.

Later, in 1999, this fighter for democracy advocated that Western countries have recognized a free Chechnya headed by President Maskhadov and Basayev, chairman of the government. In those days Russian "regime" French journalist called "Stalin-Hitler." In August 2008, Levi was in Georgia. This is it wrote about Misha Saakashvili: "He Francophone and Francophile. A passion for philosophy. Democrat. European. Liberal in the European and South American awareness of the word. Of all the resistance fighters, whom I have met in my own life, and from all Masudov Izetbegovic, whom I had taken under his wing, Saakashvili — the strange world of war and its terrible rites and emblems. "

"Wing" at the Levi's huge. In 2011, under it all fit Transitional Council of State of Libya. International recognition of the NTC, which began in France — the award ball. After he called from his own mobile phone to someone Sarkozy, NTC has been recognized by the President of France. Juppe, the French minister of foreign affairs, vyznat about it, as they say, out of the morning papers.

So enviable achievements in the field of the shadow of world diplomacy gave indulging in intellectual well-deserved reputation, making the geopolitics of the hotel's luxury accommodations. He — not a diplomat, not a political careerist, he — "activist public diplomacy, which has no features, not counting the ones that give him the conscience." So he himself characterizes. In the 3rd person.

On the agenda of the day or at the all-powerful musyu — Syria. And on the way to achieving the declared democratic purpose other than the famous despot Bashar al-Assad — the persistent fellow Churkin, a big fan veto the UN Security Council resolution. Not knowing how to remove stubborn with democratic political road, a large liberal Levy abused his nasty words on the screen tele. Suddenly, the Russian Ambassador to the UN, the oppression of a fit? And suddenly friend Churkin not survive — and after these words down will give? FIG, will deliver to me the policy, everything will be because the utter BHL. Perhaps Monsieur Levy began to play in the fifth point of the revanchist — flipped through an old book, a journalist recalled that exactly two years ago, his countrymen were on the capital's land. It is interesting to read to the place where Napoleon had to quickly move off of the Russian Federation to the homeland?

Not so long ago, BAL took a movie about "the Libyan miracle" (as he calls the revolution in Libya), June 3, it is scrolled in Europe. Now they say, as if he started shooting a new movie — on the Russian Revolution.

What's McFaul! .. Monsieur BAL of different stuff going blind. He is Russian economic schools do not go and ask for forgiveness will not. In-1's, he knows exactly how to build democracy: the bombs and missiles. In-2, it is always with the phone.

And if the new president in Paris on days of power in Russia recognizes the Transitional National Council, led by Boris Nemtsov, it will be clear which way the wind blew.

Renegades, defectors and mobsters — in Europe!

On the old days in St. Petersburg summit ended our homeland — the EU, where it turned out that the EU is afraid to move closer to Russia. Friends at a distance, through the barriers and border posts — please, and at close range — for anything.

Results of the week.  Again, our stallion neighing!

The Russian president, apparently, thought that the Europeans are already ripe for the creation of a visa-free regime between Russia and the EU. After all, the EU wants to cooperate closely with Russia?

It appeared willing but not cramped. Just specifically tightness in Europe and Europeans are dismayed at them.

The population density there without Russian high, and if we open the borders, it will gush from Russia to the west Prorva such that no roads or fields uzreesh not all will take place, and KamAZ truck with belongings Russian immigrants. Citizens of the Russian Federation, according to the views of some foreign analysts, in the first day after the announcement of a visa-free regime will choose for themselves the latest home. Who will go to Paris, who — in Berlin, who will wave in Copenhagen, or in this one, as it is there, Brussels, on hearty cabbage or something.

But the very first, the most spirited of all the free European migrants cross the border in droves Russian gangsters, mobsters and spies. With the de minimis margin of their country in the European Union will proceed dense crowd of defectors. This is about everything and Comrade Putin hinted at the summit.

Vpribavok secret source comes from Britain said the press that if tomorrow will be canceled visa regime, the same day in Europe lathered political asylum shelter: "We can not allow visa-free race. If you declare it tomorrow, but please consider the flow of people, who immediately upon arrival will ask for shelter from the Putin regime. "

It should be noted that Vladimir Putin at the summit of our homeland — the EU announced a sensible idea. Comrade President intended Stealther order to expel all the bad people "over the hill". Yes, that's the thing: in the West, the Russian president got to the core.

"The tape recorder imported, suede jacket …"

Hillary Clinton was not so long ago was a Georgian. The passport of Georgian citizen she did in Batumi House of Justice — the focus of the local Euro liberalism.

Results of the week.  Again, our stallion neighing!

Generally passports in Georgia make love. Although some denizen of Abkhazia or South Ossetia could get so called neutral passport — from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. Write, that they issued nearly eighty pieces. It says how many people from the "occupied territories" is torn to taste Georgian democracy.

But, as they say, the number and skill … This is not Clinton said, but the ability for the feeble among her not to occupy. Arriving for the emperor to visit Saakashvili, it said, that America does not accept the Russian occupation and militarization of the countryside and Georgian recognizes neutral passports. Now advanced not numerous young people from Abkhazia and South Ossetia, prone to Georgian democracy, will be able, for example, to fly to the U.S. to study — at this very neutral passports.

Another South American Secretary of State was guaranteed to Georgian President The sending his country's most incorruptible observer — Made in USA These people posodeystvuyut Georgian president to spend the most that neither is democratic and transparent elections.

Sovereign Saakashvili demposyl Mrs. Clinton guessed correctly"The United States promised to send us the real observers, senators and congressmen who recognize the election of normal, unless, of course, we will have them back on a democratic level that are going and it will be someone not invited any lzhenablyudateli."

In his spare time, Hillary Clinton's diplomacy walked Batumi at night and visited the "Wine House" in a mountainous village of Adjara.

If the Georgians — the people are friendly, the Americans — are generous. Clinton solemnly handed Georgia modernized at the expense of the U.S. patrol boat. Incidentally, the modernization was not spent some five to ten thousand and 1.3 million dollars.

In general, the Georgians have preserved for historians of their version of the action. The portal "Georgia Online», for example, write about the 2-donated boats and 2-million bucks. However, with the plural creator notes and then slips into a single. Judge for yourself:

"The United States gave Georgia two Coast Guard cutter. This was announced today by Georgian Prime Minister Nika Gilauri in Batumi … <…>

"From the U.S., we now have Coast Guard cutter, equipped with modern American technology. In my opinion, this ship is a symbol of the transformation of Georgia … <…>

Two Coast Guard cutters were rehabilitated at the expense of the United States. They assumed the role of rehabilitation Georgian spices. Two boats in the general difficulties have cost U.S. $ 2 million bucks. <…>

At the
presentation, Prime Minister Nika Gilauri current event symbolic, because the acquisition of the U.S. patrol boat converted into a modern powerful military boat, which protects the water area of Georgia. "

Perhaps involuntary transition from plural to single and back due to the fact that the witnesses festive gift boats (boats) do not have allowed Mrs. Clinton to feast in the "Wine House" alone.

* "Once again our horse whinnied" — from the movie "The Republic SHKID."

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