Results of the week. All Russian babalaykah play on!

Part I. "I would take part, but I must at once"

Mina longer act

If the activities of Colonel Gaddafi caused a suspiciously large number of questions from the West, the Russian Federation has its own colonel, whom in the near future the Russian justice system has decided to take what is called, in full. This is Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov. Ex-CIA officer in the Head for the last 7 years, well learned that means, if the judicial system for you to truly not exactly breathing.

As you know, Kvachkov — the man accused in the assassination of the head of the schemer of our time — the sovereign Chubais. Once on one of the suburban roads explosive device detonated in the vicinity of a particular machine, in what was Chubais, the investigation determined that the mine — is the work of Kvachkova and his accomplices. Ex-colonel has been charged with attempted murder and put yourself in the world of humane justice. But those who chose to betray Kvachkova court and do not expect that the Russian tribunal may be the most humane. In the end, the jury rendered its own verdict of "not guilty", and wished Kvachkov already started celebrating the victory, but … Or Chubais had to Vladimir Vasilyevich sincere and true feelings, or at the Prosecutor General's Office, not including Kvachkova, no one else was in the cage, but ultimately more humane organization in the country than the ordinary tribunal, specifically the Supreme Tribunal quashed the verdict and sent the ex-intelligence officer back in jail. In 2010, Kvachkov was again acquitted, and the Russian stronghold of humanism — the Supreme Tribunal — a not-guilty verdict confirmed terminating the sinful circle Kvachkov — mine — Chubais.

But after that acquittal, many realized that the brain special on "nano" hands completely "nano", and a very longish. The fact that Kvachkova not had time to celebrate his victory, was detained again and again because incriminate him of attempted Chubais was awkward, then decided to "probe" the colonel for facilitating terrorist activities and even assassination attempt on the company of an armed rebellion . And here is, do realize there are only nanoshans to justify a 100%.

But despite all the gravity of the charges, a retired colonel continued to win at least small but pretty prickly victory. Namely, in the week he, along with his lawyer to sue the Ministry of Finance of 450 thousand rubles in compensation in terms of the prosecution of the case Chubais. True, sought Kvachkov about 50 million (1 tysche for each day of stay in prison), but as long as the tribunal is not so "ogumanilsya" to throw back-breaking labor in good faith and acquired means Office of Anton Siluanova.

By the way, the remaining amount to the affected Kvachkov could pay himself Anatoly Borisovich, but that too is not going smoothly, or because nanorubli, or lying around the 90 vouchers … But Chubais nanorubli needed most, and vouchers — under the wallpaper to better kept …

"Walk the horse," or scare the Lukashenko Kyrgyz ambassador …

Kyrgyzstan, not so long ago, before he could become a parliamentary republic, suddenly deprived of many of their own government. That smiling Prime Babanov, which at the Metropolitan meeting declared that the question of accession of Kyrgyzstan to the Customs Alliance — it has already been settled, push off into retirement. Pig, to be exact stallion planted Omurbek Babanov one of the parliamentary factions, saying that the prime minister — take and embezzler. As proof of the corruption component in the radiant Babanov, parliamentarians have provided photos of British horse Islander One.

Well, what of it? — Can not say life is devoted to livestock Kyrgyz people — yes Kyrgyz almost through the 1st should have their stallions. Coney then, maybe it is, but at the cost of the horse in the most realistic one million dollars in this country, it turns out, there is only 1 person, and this man by coincidence of events — Prime Minister Omurbek Babanov.

Well, what of it — again, can not say dedicated in the secret budget of the Kyrgyz people — yes, maybe he put off his horse and money to buy, here are our bureaucrats at home abroad are piling up, and why Babanov on conic not accumulate. How would the truth, why do not accumulate, but all failure is that the official data wage is higher Kyrgyz bureaucrat is less than 2.5 thousand dollars (at an average $ 80 in the country). Therefore Omurbek Toktogulovich would have on the British colt accumulate more than 30 years, and such term at the head of the government is very difficult to sustain, even if you work in tandem.

Well, what of it — in the last utter the people who are all the same believe in the infallibility of the officials and our own, and Kyrgyz — so maybe this horse Babanov gave … And the truth, Kyrgyz parliamentarians learned that he Islander One — a gift from a certain businessman who received permission to build a tower of air navigation in the airport "Manas", which has international status. In general, now Omurbek Toktogulovich will ride his own black stallion away from government buildings and periodically spurring own horse, calling to nag corruption.

Kyrgyzstan was noted in the week and another event: the President Atambayev has decided to recall its ambassador from Minsk. It happened because of the unwillingness of the Belarusian side in a speedy manner to make out the issue of extradition in Bishkek brother of former Kyrgyz President Bakiyev Janybek. After President Atambayev saw photographs depicting some representatives of the Bakiyev family in Minsk (Minsk and landscapes he seems perfectly familiar), he decided to test the waters about the issue of "family" home. But President Lukashenko through their competent authorities in his usual diplomatic way of saying that the persecuted on political grounds persons not to be. Then Almazbek Sharshenovich boiled over and told to withdraw its ambassador from Belarus. Well, you know, scared … Is Well "dad" upset over the fact that another salting somewhere and someone was withdrawn. Yes Alexander G. on these withdrawn after the dog has had time to eat. He had these ambassadors still a dime a dozen …

"Non-traditional" hazing

At week floated another hard-hitting fact associated with new forms of hazing in the Russian army. The military prosecutor's office has determined that one of the ships of the Baltic Fleet hold periodic beatings contract soldiers sailors, conscripts.

The ship "Guarding" lit up in the criminal reports, after it was reported that the contractual structure of the vessel by means of "traditional bullying," "right" junior senior subordinates. Namely, a sailor under contract N. beaten sailors, conscripts M. and S., motivating their actions specifically "military traditions."

This, unfortunately, is far not the only case of the so called contract hazing. At times, information about this kind of bullying comes from various military units of the country. Not so long ago, a result confirmed that the Astrakhan on the site "Ashuluk" contract servicemen beat the 1st fighter, held at the call of service. As part of the Voronezh region was recorded incident in which contractors were forced conscripts with "traditional" techniques of intimidation and beatings do duty instead of himself. Refusing expected beating. And these examples are far away can not be called isolated. After all, often dirty linen fathers commanders just try
not to take it.

It turns out that the shortening of the service in the Russian army, which was to lead to the eradication of hazing, now leads to new forms of bullying. But, says the proverb, in any herd there is a black sheep. In the middle of military units will certainly find the one in which bullying will flourish for all the criteria and terms of service. Even if you reduce the service life of up to one week, anyway, it turns out that some places are drawn, sorry, mug, which decided to "teach men wits" and during that time …

A word about the fact that in the facts of hazing contract will be dismissed from the service — do not look at the other as a half-measure. Perhaps, the current contract servicemen trying to revive the system of hazing, forgets that we have in our country disciplinary battalions, ready to take on at least some of the ideological reeducation mastermind of "traditional" forms of army training. It would be good to do here and the "contract company." Here's a man here will faithfully by dragging concrete blocks from place to place, sit in the brig on orders of the commander of the excessive desire to show their pride, because, you see, and will begin to leak civility of this warrior. Since they say about the traditions, the traditions have to follow through …

"Concerned" citizens of the country of the rising sun

Ships of the Pacific Fleet started their own already the fifth in a row "Hike memory." This military-historical event, during which the current sailors will commemorate the Mariners last, laid his head during the second world war. In addition, the sea campaign timed to the 365th anniversary of the cradle of the Pacific Fleet — the town of Okhotsk. Squads will consist of a large landing ship "Admiral Nevel 'and sea tug" Kalar ".

Promises to be a highlight of the visit programs from Russian warships in the ports of the Kuril Islands — Iturup Paramushiro and Kunashir. And this is connected not so much with the applets activities as a reaction of the Japanese side, which is currently in the usual manner, expresses "extreme concern" about the campaign. But rather intensively and in a positive way light hiking Russian warships Chinese news agencies. Why is that so delighted the Chinese mission to the Russian side of the Kuril Islands? Yes, the fact is that China is now ready to support at least some shot in the address land of the rising sun, which perseveres over the disputed Senkaku (Diaoyu). A Russian expedition ships that can distract Japan, for China is now just one of a series of injections.

However, should frankly admit that as a rough satisfaction with the Chinese and Russian concerns about the Japanese mariners should be, as they say, by his side. Sea campaign runs purely within the borders of the Russian state, and therefore all comments on this issue from foreign countries must be taken quietly and even how not long ago put Dmitry Medvedev visiting the Kuril Islands, no matter …

After all, the people of the country of the rising sun has long been time to remind you that you need to be able to play. And in fact, you know, in any way Japanese people do not understand that there is no "Kem parish" will not. Well, if so new land hunt, the Land of the Rising Sun can follow the Dutch example — to drain for a pair of islands, well, call them what you will — though "Japanese Kuril Islands", even though "the Tokyo Khabomai." Living in the country of the Rising Sun Well, like, totally not a stupid civilization — cars make excellent, so let the machine for the production of the islands of the Pacific depths erected for himself and nasushat sushi as you want …

"I would have learned Russian just for …"

During the week it's proof that those coming to live and work in Russia from abroad, will have to take the exam on the knowledge of the Russian language. With all of this in the ruling said that the exam will be taken, starting from next year.

It would seem, the idea is quite clear: if you want to live and work in the Russian Federation — learn at least the basics of the language, you do not want to teach — "Come on, goodbye." But many in the labor community zabugornyh argue that for the exam will need to pay, in most of the migrant workers do not congregate. But, in fact, migrant workers in Russia actually not going to do much, neither regitsja, no taxes to pay, no medical examination to pass. Many tasks: to come based on, carry a good half of his native village, or other populated Fri, and all the rest, as they say, will follow. But FMS and mends his machinations, that "oppress" peaceful workaholic who came from Moldova, Tajikistan and other republics who are trying to reincarnate the tale of the town of rubber into reality.

However, with an exam in Russian language in general somehow diversify out. It is not clear in what form it will hold. If tilers from Kulyab or plasterers of Yshtyka will need to write an essay on the evaluation, the argument on the topic: "The first ball of Natasha" or "Birch in Yesenin", the town and the Russian Federation can not quite nezashtukaturennymi and furred tiles remain … Now, it seems, clear why the authorities in Moscow wished to renounce the use of tiles, and jump on the old asphalt is good: apparently, Sergei Sobyanin holds preparatory exam in City Hall, and realized that "Natasha Rostova" and "Birch" are difficult even to officials of the capital …

But we will not dramatize. Perhaps, soon every one of us, passing by high-rise buildings under construction, will hear the recitation of the works of Apollo Maikova and Anna Akhmatova. And in the bus or subway can behold the man in boots, covered with a layer of cement, which is in the tired hands holding a volume Paustovskogo and makes notes scribbled in his own notebook …

Part II. A life of ease

South American Soviet Union in Central Asia

About the "New Silk Road" and the easy exchange of products and services

This week, on August 21, the U.S. assistant secretary general for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert Blake, Jr., addressed the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives a report on the concept of the U.S. presence in Central Asia. South American geopolitical visions based on nothing less than Hollywood films prosperous Afghanistan. And bloom this mountainous country should be in 2014 — exactly to the date of the withdrawal of U.S. troops. The rails of Washington's strategy in the region are run on the so called "New Silk Road".

Mr. Blake said"Central Asia is becoming more and more important for the United States: Afghanistan should be integrated in a measured, non-hazardous and prosperous region. We anticipate the emergence of the region, where between Central and South Asia and Afghanistan is a vast and exchange of products and services. "

To this very easy sharing has become a reality, Mr. Blake said on behalf of the United States on the realignment of the former Russian economic ties with the Central Asian republics of the Russian Federation to the other adjacent countries. Center of a network of transit and economic relations will be just Afghanistan — a sort of local RSFSR. Indeed, why should America do not use in the end the fruits of the collapse of the Soviet Union? Countries of the "path" is expected to become Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

In general, Robert Blake, Jr. visite
d so far only in Uzbekistan. Tajikistan, and so is not going anywhere, must have thought about it. In Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, where the Yankees were expecting, the cancellation of the visit there were somewhat disappointed. Even is the world outlook, as if such a gesture of Mr. Blake — is incorrect.

But Mr. Blake not care about the views. His task — implementation of a regional strategy for world hegemony, and he makes his puzzle.

Today, Uzbekistan — the territory of the big political game. Americans have in the past year have recognized that democracy in Uzbekistan — the right way. In autumn 2011 Appropriations Committee of the U.S. Senate approved law that allowed America to give Uzbekistan funds to purchase military equipment. At the same time, Washington has passed the US-Uzbek Business Forum, which flew Uzbek businessmen delegation headed by Elyor Ganiev — Minister of Foreign Affairs. At a meeting with Hillary Clinton, it clearly stated that Uzbekistan Today "shows signs of improvement in the human rights situation and expanding political freedoms." Later Barack Obama himself called Islam Karimov to discuss with him the way of withdrawal and military equipment from Afghanistan through Uzbekistan terrain. Nepoprostu June 28 Tashkent stopped his membership in the Collective Security Treaty Organization (previously commented to "Military Review").

So do not be surprised that Mr. Blake ignored, such as Kazakhstan. This country is fairly closely integrated with Russia, in addition, they deserve sees itself a regional favorite. Trying to engage in Kazakhstan alliance, where will set the tone for the Americans, who see the center of Afghanistan is doomed to failure. But for regional leadership struggles and Uzbekistan, which at times makes gestures toward the brotherly America. Tashkent Collective Security Treaty Organization and the previously unreleased, but later came back to show Washington is not fully democratic state. But as America has decided to withdraw its troops and equipment from Afghanistan, Uzbekistan was adjusted simultaneously democracy.

Politicians in a white house pretty far-sightedness, so, dragging on his side Uzbeks and Kirghiz then, and start flirting with the Kazakhs. Get it or not — is another question. But it's worth it. All the more so that the "New Silk Road" — a piece of very tasty. Something that can easily give "sovereignty" sovereign Yeltsin, with that same ease planning to take for themselves Americans.

True, there is the question: what, in fact, the South American supporters of the USSR in Central Asia is meant to carry on a brand new way? And so Afghanistan — one of the poorest countries in the world — has suddenly made the core of "stable, benign and prosperous region?" I do not come from a sovereign Karimov subsidize the Afghans? Or in the region's economy is coming poppy nedavneshnego Colombian reference, where the role of the drug lords will play South American consultants, advisors and experts at, which Washington ran across the "New Silk Road" is as thick as in Russia ran across the fence in the cottages? Well, what else can you explain the paranormal is not such a surprise, "prosperity" of Afghanistan?

If you withdraw from heroin threads becomes clear in Afghanistan could earn on the gas pipeline Turkmenistan — Afghanistan — Pakistan — India. There may, of course, but it is unclear whether Turkmenistan will fill the pipeline. Well, in general it is a draft, which advocates global democracy may make noise in order to cover the topic of drugs, which in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban faster than Americans.

The future economic success of the "new way" — a purely informational "duck." For the well-there are no prerequisites. Mountains, bad roads either do their absence, quite different interests of neighboring countries, political fickleness, in the end, said poverty in Afghanistan — all this can not be corrected by 2014. Once the brain, absorbed like a sponge South American propaganda, can not believe in a one point came a bright future for Afghanistan, which lead heroin caravans demonstrate, in alliance with Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (with whom Uzbekistan, by the way, does not get along) Afghan economic magic reached in the period 2012-2014. under the excellent management of President Karzai.

The purpose of the United States in Central Asia — not the economy, and specifically the creation of the imperialist near by at the corner of. that will allow to solve several problems: 1) reduce the influence of Moscow in the region and establish themselves there once and for all, and 2) if you do not provide a real win the South American weapons in Afghanistan, information, and 3) to organize a transit route for large-scale withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in 2014, and then use the paved paths as immutable.

What will drive the South American negotiators on the "New Silk Road"? Do you think 65-inch LED-TVs or standard kvadrosistemy «Hi-End» Tagged with «Made in Afghanistan»? No. Messrs. South American, like in the old days, talking about the fight against drug trafficking, will regale the world, including Russia and, Afghan land products.

The fate antimultikulturalista

In the skies over Breivik will not fly airplanes

This week's terrorist Anders Breivik admitted (as he wished to hot) sane and sentenced to the full extent: given a '21 bullpen. This is — a maximum of humane Norwegian law, and no one, except Mr. Breivik's so angry had not punished. Not enough of life can be extended — If it is found that the prisoner as before is a danger to society. Admit it, according to the democratic Norwegian law, can be once every 5 years.

The arbitrator Arne Lund said, that Mr Breivik wanted to "break the framework for the functioning of society, kill control of the country and to instill fear in people." Killer on the views of the court, acting with terrifying brutality, but it is understood his actions.

The sentence Breivik met with undisguised grin. With joy, you would say he met. And why the killer sad? His ideas (proven in practice) are now known throughout the world, it is not officially considered to be insane, and the conditions of its life expectancy is such that many free people may envy him. The network has already there is blogs on Breivik. Their killer called "the man who crashed the shackles imposed krivodushnoy our world of political correctness," whose exploits have raised "in the hearts of millions of people hope that far all is not lost."

In the web a lot of photos of a three-room "camera" in the bullpen Elah, in which 77 people inhabit the killer. We will antimultikulturalista telly and the computer. His new girl 'apartment improved planning "consists of a bedroom, an office and a gym. An entire wing of the building bullpen Ila pererablotali especially by highlighting the terrorist fenced yard for single trips. Breivik did not have to think about looking for work, and in general about the work. About the money, too, do not need to think. Its content will be spent 680.000 Euro per year (for comparison: an ordinary prisoner Norwegian authorities spend 110,000 euros per year). Prisoner will serve bullpen security personnel and employees of the local dining and laundry facilities. Immaculate condition for a writer, what is considers himself a prominent Norwegian. Comfortable and quiet. Even the planes on the bullpen will not fly: Air
space over Eli announced no-fly zone.

Breivik has already started to write an autobiography. After finishing it, he will take up other books. Terrorist feels the urgent need to explain to the world their ideology. Appeal the sentence he is going. What's the point? He was happy with everything. His latest harmonic life may violate except little friction with the staff bullpen. For example, the time comes to upgrade or change the obsolete laptop, which will not start new version of «Call of Duty», but he refused. Prison or waiter will give a stale salad, and replace the head laundry laundry is on the seventh day, and on the eighth.

Vodka, champagne and books about Putin

About the growing friendship between the Russian Federation and the British Conservatives

21 August the British Conservatives, who drank vodka who champagne and biting the case who barbeque who potatoes, admitted of in the friendship.

It has long been a way! And then some aggressive debate on «Pussy Riot». It is time to have forgotten this indecorous phrase and move on to something more cultural. "Jomini Jomini yes, but of vodka or syllable" — as he sang an old hussar.

Company "Conservative Friends of Russia" three months back founded English PR consultant Richard Royal (in the past — assistant deputy). Honorary president of the association was the ex-minister of foreign affairs of England and President Emeritus of the Tory faction in Parliament, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the vice-president — the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Culture John Uittingdeyl. Radio station "Freedom", by the way, notes that both men had not previously been seen in the pro-Russian statements.

The organization was officially registered on 13 August, and after eight days already held its first event. Fellow Royal, certainly, a good organizer. And do not forgot about vodka.

At the party on August 21 were treated with members of the British parliament, journalists, businessmen, just guests and Russian diplomats (including, obviously, salting Alexander Yakovenko) the total number of about 250 people. It was noisy and fun, and those who did not come (for example, Labour or Conservative Nigel Fletcher) were sitting in their houses and apartments and playing and winning the lottery — who are English-language books about Putin, who is the true bottle of Russian vodka, and who in the evening restaurant "Marie Bath" — dark envied.

Fletcher, curator of the Olympic party issues wrote in his "Twitter" that will not go on the barbecue to the "Ambassador of Putin" and hoped that his colleagues would lift the banquet theme of human rights. It is necessary to think, colleagues mocked boring own fellow party and drank vodka with the trademark "Souzplodoimport" or "Crystal" for his health.

Inadvertently advertised the party with a barbecue, so stoked strengthening Russian-British friendship, Labour MP Denis MacShane, the last minister of England's relations with Europe, a fan of songs «Pussy Riot» and not one of. McShane referred to prazdnichek friendship, held at the embassy, "grotesque" and "unhealthy." The Labour Party does not like the fact that the Russian met informally with the British, while his beloved "Puska" languishing in the bullpen — were sitting here and there in the cool chamber, and on the other side of the window blew an icy wind, cover their terrible Russian expanses of the August crisp white snow.

Nothing shocking and compromising but ignoring the scandalous panketok, McShane sew "Friends" has failed, and so sadly blurted out that they were, say, to discredit the person restricted parties around the world.

He also found fault in the fact that the friendship with Russia was stylish in Russian times. Of course, referring to Putin's authoritarianism, the politician said"Group of Friendship with Russia have been the hallmark of the Left in the years of the communist regimes."

He and the rest of the "critics" friendship decided to find out who is paying for the champagne and dinner, and there were not able to dig up compromising. It turns out that a public relations consultant Richard Royal all accounts paid out-of-pocket. The organization has no support from the Government of the Russian Federation and funded Only from purses enthusiastic privateers.

Opponents of the Russian-British friendship is nothing to do but to try to blame the British Tories are closely ties with the party "United Russia". As an argument, they plucked out worthless cry that the website "Conservative Friends of Russia" there are links to articles from the pro-Kremlin resource "One of these articles under the title" The pitiful meow «Pussy Riot» contends that the court treated the girls "soft" and blames them of "sexual perversion" — writes newspaper "The Guardian".

Quite obvious that the theme of friendship mouthpieces of British democracy, the available surplus in the medium and Labour in the wording of "The Guardian", choose the theme of worship distraught Vagina and cool war. These libertarian might heed reasonable raisonné of Sir Malcolm Rifkind: "Friends of — not the same thing as the Friends of the Russian government. It would be stupid to boycott all Russian … more terrible than not to have any contact. "

"For three hours — writes English consultant Ignatius Clerks — I was able to meet with a very different people, and all agreed in the outlook that the organizers were able to gather together people who are unlikely to be able to cross at any other events. During the past year and a half I visit one — two similar activities per week. But to go from a conversation with a student from Bristol to familiarity with the former deputy mayor of London (amazing charisma man!), To discuss the ability of the joint business with a rival from Wales to be represented by the ambassador, and for the life to talk with a staff member of the Embassy, which was previously familiar only in " Twitter ", a chat with a friend the pianist and greet with the local director of the Pushkin House — such abilities in one evening I have not been."

So, for once, the Russian Federation has made friends. Geopolitical true: drink vodka, read books about Putin on the British language and believe in the triumph of conservatism, and there is not any of the liberal doctrine, with its freedom of speech and deed, homosexuality in the streets, in the institutions and the Pentagon, with real faith in the democratic victory " Al-Qaeda "in Syria. And even about Jomini "Outrageous Vagina", famous church brawl, they say nothing, as if they do not exist. So it's not something for you "Friends of Syria."

Let us hope that a few 10-s people to dine with our diplomats, respect Russia not only a glass of vodka. Hunt to believe that there are people in the world, including in the middle of the politicians that the war — whether hot, cool to — prefer peace and democracy — the unity.

For that, my friends, is to drink!

* "All Russian play babalaykah" — a phrase from the movie "The Elusive Avengers"

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