Results of the week. And maybe thats enough to play Daisy? Here, remember, here I do not remember …


That became clear the name of a South American "hero", which is not so long since made a general in the murder of the Afghan countryside villages. This is Sergeant Robert Bales. Suffered at his hands on one data 16, and on the other — 17 peaceful inhabitants, most of them — it's ladies and kids. And, apparently, the most dispassionate on the planet South American justice has gone on, "the only right way." On the days of the Emperor Bailes lawyer John G. Brown (note: GM — it's only Henry, but not something that you can use your loaf of professionalism and impartiality of the lawyer) said that his client was hung "a bunch of accusations," including among other things, about the accusation of committing premeditated mass murder. With all of this sovereign Brown claims that there is no evidence against Sgt not collected as not, he said, no appreciative words from the very Bailes. Apparently, traumatic brain injury, which Bales received during the Iraq war, and after that was sent to carry out their own "honorable" mission to the same in Afghanistan, the sergeant acted like a hero of the 1st famous Russian movie: "There I remember, here I do not remember. " It is absolutely not so long ago, it was stated that the sergeant had confessed to committing the crime, surrendering their same colleagues.

Not enough, the lawyer Brown expressed that Bailes had severe post-traumatic stress, which could bring at least some like-minded jurist fairly sure the man before so he started to shoot at the ladies and children from automatic weapons. From the words of a lawyer is that intoxicated Robert Bales on that fateful night was not. Well, gulped a few times out of a bottle — with whom, they say, does not happen. But here, you know, under the hand of automatic, so even non-commissioned officers from the Iraqi aching skull injury. Yes, such a person nor the fact that a tribunal has not sent, it must be generally otpaivat milk, that improve health …

Who would have hesitated, that South American Themis, which, apparently, tied with only one eye, and even then tape in the color of State Stars and Stripes on their own bowl of weights put stress Sergeant Bales as opposed to 17 killings.

By the way, on the day or through your own lawyer and his wife made Bailes. She stated that he could not believe what exactly it is hot beloved husband did so terrible sin. And because the most fascinating that "doubt" Kerilin Bales can be transmitted and the arbitrator, who later becomes a verdict against Sgt. As we know, insulted, humiliated and insecure ladies (Monica Lewinsky, the maid Diallo Nofissato) in the United States are accustomed to believe. Because you can not completely rule out the possibility that the lawyer John G. Brown down and smash the remains of the charges against his client in court. In the end, maybe even find that South American sergeant in Afghanistan simply drugged and Straseni slandered and near Kandahar in fact turned out common religious suicide … The South American pyatidesyatizvezdochnoe justice, but …

"Do not go, kids, walk to Africa!"

And after saying Corneille Chukovskogo soon completely not even argue. After Tunisia, Egypt and Libya mess wrapped another African government — Mali. In the week immediately without any orange peel and other manufacturers took little much, a military coup, which led the local army captain Amadou Sanogo. The plotters, they're rebels, they're rebels, they're revolutionaries stormed the presidential palace in the Malian capital of Bamako and took power into their sinewy and military calloused hands. As it turns out, the coup in Mali were not expecting or inside the country or abroad. Guard at the presidential palace and tried to provide decent resistance comrade captain and his supporters, but ultimately President Amadou Toumani Toure had to capitulate. It says that the government of Mali did not care about increasing the number of guards of the palace, because to build it, there should be at least some common attributes — petrels revolution. And in this case, the President Toure as not looking out of the window of his own palace to the area, but did not see any orange banner or poster with the words of the municipality of South American folklore about human rights, no crowds of young kids, demanding release of political prisoners and make transparent judicial system. And while it means looking at the usual scenery Bamako after the gun smoke cleared, the door knocked him gently … butts and forged army boots.

But it came to what progress! .. Instead of that at once to climb, as it was made in the middle ages overthrown by political leaders, under the presidency or the throne, President Toure still managed to tweet a few times in his own microblog that, they say, the rebels staged in his country's armed orgy. For obvious reasons, the Malian president read the tweet in Washington and immediately did not even realized what was happening. Hillary Clinton certainly has opened the thick file with a calendar next revolution, and to his own nightmare did not see the middle of the next "red" date no coup in Mali. Wow! — Secretary of State could not say, realizing that the world revolution occurred, which south american budget is not izderzhal dime … Well, this is the same … And it's something in our time!

Realizing that the world is not aware of anything about the circumstances of the coup in Mali, the captain and part-revolutionary Amadou Sanogo solved all lucidly explain. He said that the military coup of Mali decided to make after realized that segodnyaschy regime is not going to withstand intense rebel Tuareg tribe, who after the death of Colonel Gaddafi is very activated. It is time. And two — coup took place as the Malian army of President Toure is very sparsely funded and fighters, according to Captain Sanogo, do not even get decent food. As we know, nothing is more massive revolutionary urge for a stomach rumbling with hunger fighter or sailor.

After explaining the circumstances of his own act Captain Sanogo said'm not going to stay in power, and will only show the Tuareg what's what, feed the fighter to hold early elections in Mali and safely pass the post newcomer legitimately elected president. But while the freshly favorite African country declared its "political program", his staff and supporters already crushing Malian town and took everything that is bad. Apparently, though Tuareg militancy was not too far in the first place among those who decided to support his own rebel captain.

In the end, we can say that the words of the seer "will be there to bite, peel and hurt" — is, among other things, about the coup in Mali. And you Glace Wang, Nostradamus … Yes, they did not stand next to our Chukovskii …

Hero invisible front

In the week in a number of Russian media reported that the Russian Federation on the 1st character became more. It would seem that such an event — it is a good reason to rejoice over the Russian army and uncork a bottle of champagne. Only now with the hero came out incident. In the words of the MP from the parliamentary faction of the Communist Party of Nicholas Kolomeitseva it turned out that the title of Hero of the Russian Federation was head of Russian General Staff, General Makarov, that in itself raises some doubts as to the same presidential decree wa
s strictly hidden — not for public use, so to speak. State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin gave the order "to make inquiries" about whether the words of the deputy Kolomeitseva truth or the number of characters in Russia remained the same.

Responses to this kind of information was two. The first came from the Defense Ministry, which said that, well, yes, indeed, Gen. Makarov perceived congratulations from the President of the Russian Federation and colleagues about getting gold stars are still on March 20. And about everything in the office even skipped a glass differently. Second response was received from the Secretariat of Dmitry Medvedev. The representative of the press service of the head of state said that no documents regarding the awarding Makarova star of Hero, through this same press service did not pass.

In this connection emerges subsequent judgment.

Nikolai Makarov was heroic title according to the decree, which President Medvedev signed the so secretly that hid it even from their environment (probably in the dark, dark room with tightly drawn curtains and a little brezzhaschem candle flame). General appreciated the leadership talent because assess work most secret agents. How else to reward the person whose services for the benefit of the Russian army on the other as hidden and no one except the President is not known and is difficult to call …
In this case, we have to consider the general's ceremonial tunic and look at it a heroic five-pointed star. Or, perhaps, due to the secrecy of serious merit, General Makarov instructed her to wear on the inside of the jacket, so that being said, no one would know …

In connection with the possible merits of obtaining the latest Head of the General Staff of the Russian Federation can be represented as the golden star of the Hero would look good on the dress uniform Zhukovsky near Tartar Order of the Polar Star and the Order of the Belarusian People's Friendship (2010 samples).

Trying to — not torture

Another portion of the sanctions in the week had to own the address in Belarus. By the notorious "black list", cooked EU, added a few more people, among whom even the owner of the football club "Dinamo-Minsk" sovereign Czyz. I remember, as against the introduction of a "blacklist" of that person were the representatives of Slovenia, part of the European Union, but, apparently, Ms. Catherine Ashton pulled tighter leash and collar so very serious bit into the throat of Ljubljana, that there is more preferred not to object to their own Brussels mistress.

The new sanctions were put forward almost immediately after in Minsk led to the execution of the death sentence against persons accused of blowing up in the Moscow metro.

And because the most fascinating is that the European Union has, apparently, does not know that for a straw to hold on, to prick the official Minsk. Brussels gives words to the effect that he would do anything for that to hockey championship in 2014 in Belarus did not take place because "in this country up to now have a place to be torture and executions." Following the logic of Brussels, an urgent need to abolish the Stanley Cup tennis tournament USOpen, Malaysian Grand Prix on the Formula 1 race, and God heard how many sporting events in different parts of the world where the death penalty is a completely ordinary practice. By the way, and the EU itself will have to cancel all sports prazdnichkom because on the testimony of numerous professionals on the ground so far the EU has hidden bullpen CIA where torture — this is the same daily, morning prayer as escorts.

Perhaps, in turn, offer cost boycott the games the 2012 European Football Championship in Poland, which is often something very soon became interested in human rights in other countries. This Alexander Lukashenko can fully allow yourself to, much less that of Belarus in the tournament is still not active …

Islamic bulldozer Abdullah

Supreme Mufti of the 1st of the excessively democratic countries — Saudi Arabia — Sheikh Abdullah bin — was made an official statement about the fact that in the Arabian Peninsula should be destroyed all Christian churches, also urgently stopped the construction of new churches. On the territory of Saudi Arabia itself is not at all Christian churches, because Mufti wishes to extend this practice to other countries in the region. Ben Abdullah sees salvation in it purity of Islam in all the countries of the region.

This is the call once again underlines the good intentions of Riyadh in respect of an open dialogue with other states. Well, judge for yourself how hard it is necessary to Arabs who go for morning prayers to a nearby mosque, and on their way to meet a Christian church — there can Satan and sin to bring: what if the mufti will well and cross himself on the gilded domes that dazzle the eye. And now, apparently, to get rid of this kind of temptation bin Abdullah and calls to treat him with the utmost seriousness, and specifically to fit and bulldozers to clear the terrain of the faithful of the Christian building "adversaries" of faith. Apparently, bulldozers Mufti snow-white paint their own hand will cause the image crescent, so it was clear that the work held at the blessing over … This ZAO "Bulldozer Islam", the main shareholder of which will be the supreme mufti of Saudi Sheikh Abdullah.

While such calls on the Supreme Mufti of Saudi Arabia did not respond nor the Vatican nor the Russian Orthodox Church, but it is possible for yourself to imagine what it would be if the Father of Rome or the Patriarch of the Metropolitan had the idea for the immediate demolition of all the mosques in Europe and Russia …

All the best — to children

Last week, Michael McFaul, again urged the public and the journalists themselves to read. At first, he spoke of the fact that in general is not aware of "bullying", which was organized by Russian media in his direction. And then he decided to start making excuses to the Russians, saying that neither the United States nor he personally does not stand for the sponsorship of the "Orange" opposition to the Russian Federation. Salting McFaul said that the United States is providing assistance to a purely non-partisan and non-governmental organizations that work to improve the environmental safety of, for the benefit of Russian mothers and their babies and all of that kind. McFaul talked to him that all of this is focused on the consolidation of Russian society and even said that out of Washington for a job he himself has praised Joe Biden, who would have thought that there …

Well, that's amazing care of the environment and the Russian Institute of Maternity and Youth drawn before our eyes just prudent South American worker who sacrifices the last penny out of their own salaries, so that all mothers of of Murmansk to Anadyr recuperate. Well, just do not salting South American, and her mother Teresa of some sort. Now we have learned "from Mr. Hu McFaul," and can safely represent his favorite Russian kids that it's not the same, well, will throw out the window its own diplomatic mission handful of chewing gum, that are better consolidated …

It is a pity that Mr. McFaul does not sacrifice money for health amendment to the same Russian fathers … Then we would know exactly what the South American Embassy sits own youth, which can be in which case the "bum hundred to pay."

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