Results of the week. April flying in dreams and reality

Letter in an envelope

As you know, prince «PEREGRUZKA — PEREZAGRUZKA», which developed the strategy of the South American blonde head, the middle of which there was also a head of today's ambassador in Russia Michael McFaul, gave the order to live a long time. It happened after Washington to Moscow has not received any legal guarantees of the European missile defense not directed against the Russian Federation. For some, this is why our South American partners simply can not provide assurances that all their radars and interceptors only sent off to the side of Iran, is not completely clear. Precisely to say, of course, of course, but we will not, as they read, to aggravate the situation.

But in the week from the United States came the news that Washington is going to give Moscow some written guarantees about the European missile defense not directed at us. Said the words Ellen Tauscher — bureaucrat spetspredstavitelstva U.S. strategic stability and missile defense. Ms. Tauscher also said that Washington was going to "ask" the other NATO countries provide guarantees of Russians being directed in writing.

In connection with such an epochal event, as promises are so monumental figures of American politics as Ellen Tauscher, you can imagine for yourself how the action will be developed in recent years. Postman is the Kremlin two envelopes: the first — with the official seal and address negotiable "Ellen Tauscher on demand." The envelope is a piece of paper into a cell, where "callous", as expressed by Michael McFaul, the Russian language is written: "Torogiye rosyane! Nashi raketi Nye napraffleni protiff Rush. Statyuey Sfobodi klyanus. By Ellen Tauscher with love ».

In another envelope with reverse address "Brussels. NATO. Rasmussen "is based on the same sheet of paper, which contains approximately the same text, but with a note" Klyanemsya statyuey Pisayustchego Malchyka. Your NATO ".

Of course, such a written guarantee immediately dispel all our questions with you to the U.S. and NATO, because now we will know for sure that all this missile armada will only letting the bedroom window Mahmoud Ahmadinejad …

Results of the week.  April flying in dreams and reality

"Star" in the sea

100th anniversary of Kim Il Sung, North Korea noted that in these days of, was marred by the poor for the millions of North Koreans missile launch "Ynha-3", which tried to bring to the earth orbit satellite "Kwangmyongsong-3". Start "Milky Way" with "striking (yawning) star," and specifically as translated into the Russian language, the name of the conquest of North Korean vehicles near space, overshadowed not only the North Korean people, and a thorough grounding of the public. After the rocket fell apart, and which are recovered to stun fish in the Pacific Ocean, the experts were thinking: Does fell "Milky Way" himself or assist him a little — this time why the new favorite of all North Koreans, Kim Jong-un has decided to spit on all the resolutions of the Security Council — two, will prepare the newcomer "Ynha" — that's three.

Certainly, for Kim Jong-un, and all his associates would be better if the North Korean "Milky Way" of the drive South Korean or Japanese air defenses. Then opens a wide field for new exposures of rotting manufacturers' Hendaev "and" Mazda "and increase the ranking of the mate-un. If the rocket, as they say some Russian experts, killed herself because "Gone Wrong", the saying that North Korean professionals ready to start, waiting for the big debriefing. But North Korea — it's not there, "Roskosmos" to write off all the evils of slackness own employees from the very heaviest work. There can give on the cap so that no Burdenko hospital will not help …

Following the North Korean rocket launch from Baikonur UN Security Council unanimously expressed his conviction in the address DPRK authorities. But it must be recognized that the North Korean authorities were open as ever: the launch pad were allowed foreign journalists who could lead their stories, as they say, without cuts. Would act as transparently North Koreans, if indeed decided to scare their own nearest neighbors ICBM? ..

Just a young fellow Eun decided to show the world and the first by the same citizens of the DPRK that it is not swerving from the path of his grandfather, but for all that is ready to cooperate with other countries. But other countries have decided to take a position at the station taxi drivers who can not tolerate, that among them suddenly has a new rival in the old car with old-fashioned rooms.

Of course, if the North Koreans continue to prohibit their epic with "Milky Ways", it just will not suspend them. Americans, of course, lay out his trump card with the termination of the supply of food, but that of course would make it worse. Maybe it would be more efficient to offer assistance to the North Koreans in the launch of their "shining stars." And the Koreans will be glad, and all of them starts — under the control of, and maybe then we will finally hear patriotic songs about Kim Jong Irina and Kim Il Sung, drifting with the 500-km altitude, and know-about the same summary from the fields of the DPRK …

Because, if at all, General Popovkin was his weakness, then it's time to take a ticket to Pyongyang and kiss there, Kim Jong-un for the fruitful cooperation in the field of space exploration.

Results of the week.  April flying in dreams and reality

Fly, fly above the clouds …

In the week the theme of flight in dreams and reality developed and Georgia. April 10, Misha Saakashvili saw the first Georgian UAV. The President of Georgia personally participated in the trials brainchild of Georgian model aircraft capable of climbing into the blue sky to an altitude of 3 thousand meters and at speeds up to 160 km / h for 8 hours. Way of simple calculations, we can calculate that for a time a Georgian drone can overcome up to 1280 km. When taking into account the fact that the distance from the east to the west of Georgia is less than 550 km, the drone Saakashvili may accidentally fly into and adjacent areas … Because most Georgian president, who will manage the newest toy with the remote in his own office, you need to be careful to recommend to click on the "Full forward ", according to another is possible to obtain, and another" peace enforcement ".

On the development of unmanned Georgian favorite decided not to stop. According to him, Georgia soon "gather" for a whole anti-missile system. To this end, according to Saakashvili, the Georgian employees of factories will need to work just fine. If we follow the logic of the Georgian favorite, the previous time the Georgian workers or worked poorly, or not at all, because of the puzzles presented to them by South American military industrialists, to collect
anti-missile system in any way they could. Apparently now all over the country sovereign Saakashvili issued the call: strengthen the collection of scrap metal for the needs of the Georgian missile industry. Mladsheklassnikov, wiping the tears will roll to a collection point Chermet their little old great hostess will carry teapots and illegal signs occupying power — sickles and hammers: Everything for the front, everything for victory …

You can already now be represented as plowing sky Georgian drones will fly around the stockade Georgian missile surrounding Tbilisi residence Misha Saakashvili. Meanwhile, Emperor himself president will stand at a huge table with a map spread out on it, and the demonic laughter draw reddish marker arrows pointing to Tskhinvali and Sukhumi.

And then, you never know, and a private Georgian gallakticheskaya programm. After all, if Kim Jong-un took up the case, then why not go to the same method Misha Nikolozovich. It may be just around the corner is the first Georgian missile launch vehicle "Assa" satellite "Bright Michael-001" on board who came roaring sweep over Abkhazia, dispersed peacefully pack of scurrying Georgian drone.
Dreams are realized? ..

Results of the week.  April flying in dreams and reality

Keep your eyes open, watching!

In the UN Security Council decided to send to Syria a few 10 s so called non-military envoys. Such a project has become a typical symbiosis offers Russian and American delegations in the Security Council, as special representative of the Arab League and the United Nations, Kofi Annan. For what did the observers will be watching?

According to the views of the Security Council, these people will have to monitor the cease-fire by both sides of the conflict. If the fire is really stopped, the representatives of the Syrian opposition and Bashar al-Assad sit down at the negotiating table, and if the fighting has been extended, then the observers to be sent in reinforcements, so that there was even better.

The idea, of course, to cancel and focus it on the civilized resolution of the conflict yavna. Only here there is a Syrian issue such aspect as the role of a military conflict is not only the government forces and the opposition, and those who act in this country as mercenaries and linked to global terrorist organizations.

Because if the sides and end up consuming, the comrades in the dark greenish and bandages on the face of the rapidly restore the "status quo" by gunfire and grenade launcher rounds, forcing the world talk about the fact that Assad again breaks the truce was outlined.

Quite clear in general are going to act as observers in these criteria. Neuzh they will approach people with MANPADS on the shoulder and ask them the documents to clarify which specific party now had violated the truce. Apparently, this is represented in the Security Council about this Makar: "Good day! I — watching! State your full name and title, so I did pometochku in their own journal for the report, "A:" Assalam Valleykum, sire The UN observer! I — International terrorist Abdullah, I do not care less who then wish to remove from his post, I'm just here to earn money and for the moment let's wish for the people in the form of a couple of bursts from his own machine, and then there is also detach 5 pieces limonok … "Watching," Aha! So we write the opposition now truce broke 4 times. Now I'll run from government troops ask, what are they going to say … "

In general, the observation in Syria — business, of course, necessary, but that's just unlikely terrorist Abdullah will be so eloquent …

Results of the week.  April flying in dreams and reality

Flight EGEshnoy thoughts

In the week to "Military Review" was rising on the topic that the security of the Russian Federation is composed not only of the number of nuclear warheads and the level of salaries of servicemen, and the properties of secondary education in the country. In this connection, will not be superfluous to refer to the kind of innovation that await graduates (and there are about 900 thousand people) Russian school at the time of One state examinations (CSE).

How to convince the experts that make up the material for the final exam in those or other subjects, they decided they needed to go the path of "less theory — more practice." Say, in the majority of Russian kids can not on their own examination of the ordinary puzzle to solve on the arithmetic of the amount of water in the vessels of different diameter, but can do it in real life. In this regard, one would expect that all the exam rooms and adjacent areas will be equipped with "practical means": pools, in which A is poured out of the pipe, and the pipe is poured in … the railway ways by which go in different directions passenger and freight trains at different rates, working models of the solar system. In general, all that will be able to assist our students to solve problems on a practical level, not to spoil the paper and crush his head.

But experts have decided not to strain yourself with such measures overhead, because most likely we will soon see USE in the form of a comic book, where graduates will be able to obtain a practical level, the correct answer or even to paint it …

Expects examinees innovation in the USE and the Russian language. Experts they say that now would be knitted to count the number of words written in the book or essay. Apparently, the student who "dashed off a" more and get a higher rating. If this is the logic controlled, the Leo Tolstoy "War and Peace" modern auditors would put a solid top five, but Turgenev for his short stories from "Sketches" is unlikely to have collected points for the matriculation … Well, the creators of the modern Japanese haiku Russian schools do not have enough light that …

With all of this compilers USE in Russian language and literature argue that students should move away from the monologue in his own writings, and use the dialog form. Because the graduate to receive the highest ratings will have to choose for yourself some virtual interlocutor and to correspond with him. Apparently, the creators of this approach for a long time looked transmission Julia Vysotsky "eat at home", in which she constantly speaks to someone and is not concerned about the fact that she is usually no one answers.

In general, education reform in place, as you can see, it is not necessary. The Ministry of sovereign Fursenko working at full speed, and soon the streets of the Russian Federation will add people who are wanting to be heard, talk to themselves, and in order to find out how many will be 0.5 + 0.5, in practice, have a drink in the entrance of 2 bottles beer and a trembling hand vcherkivayut data in the agreed cell.

Results of the week.  April flying in dreams and reality

Reduced ends meet

Last week, the Russians have been exhausted income information servants of the people — Russian officials. As she has exhausted every made himself his own conclusion. And even take other people's money — it nepriznatelnoe, but once bureaucrats themselves have decided to cut financial plain truth, that the subject can be fully relate to the outcome of the outgoing week.

According to the posted data, the subsequent trend emerges: virtually all municipal men in 2011 were not able to earn what they have been able to get in the year 2010. The most "poor" Russian Federal Ministers were: deputy Igor Sechin, with an income of 3 million 92 thousand rubles, Health Minister Tatyana Golikova with my 2 tyschami 976 million rubles, Justice Minister Konovalov with an income of 3 million 13 thousand, economy minister of economy Naibullina to 3170000 rubles., Minister of Communications Igor Shchegolev 2 tyschami 892 million rubles. But there is a list of the Minister, which earned even less — is none other Defense Minister Serdyukov, sir.

However, catchy that many federal ministers members of their families earn far more than they are. Here, for example, the wife of the same sovereign Serdyukov during the year earned almost seven times the amount of income exceeding wife. Not enough of Julia V. Serdyukov earns according to data posted more than Russian President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin, taken together.

The situation is similar in the family NABIULLINA where the spouse of the Minister of Economic Development is working, judging by total income is 4 times better than his own wife. Wife of the Minister Sechin also has a higher-paying job than the husband, because the declaration filed, which shows that its income three times the income of Igor. The same is happening in the family of Dmitry Kozak.

Against this background, isolated two "ministerial family." In 1-x, KHLOPONIN where the head of the family in the year earned by the sweat of almost half a billion rubles. In-2, Shuvalov, in which only one spouse has managed to bring into the house of 365 million rubles per year, while having all this 7 cars, among which apart from a Jaguar and Mercedes cars listed … VAZ-2101. Neuzh that Mrs. Shuvalov, that provide for the family, long winter nights "bombs" on their own "pennies" on the city streets …

In this regard, Olga Shuvalovoj hunt or give non-binding advice: Olga, well, take you to myself for a co-worker Svetlana Medvedev — in fact it is a pity the lady — she's 3 accounts only 27 rubles. Driver's license in her like a — means can taksovat together, but somehow unfair goes — for 27 rubles it because even in the subway "face control" does not take place, as a spouse because every day on lipstick will not ask …

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