Results of the week. Caviar is dark! Caviar reddish! Transatlantic caviar, eggplant! ..

Part I. Again, "to understand, to forgive …"

In contact with Mavrodi

During the week a couple of people, tell them so, with over active civilian position has once again decided to show that even though any of the intellectual in the glasses can be made lewd character of any reality show with guest "hlopalschikami" and "ulyulyukalschikami." First mate — Pavel Durov, who together with his deputies to manage the social network Vkontakte launched planes from the window of the St. Petersburg office with its own embedded in their five-thousand dollar bills. Second mate — Sergei Mavrodi blessed memory, who announced that the Russian government has provoked panic in his brand new project "MMM-2011", and now he (Mavrodi), they say, must (not by choice, of course) to stop payments to its investors.

Results of the week.  Black Caviar!  Caviar!  Caviar overseas, eggplant! ..

Both of these announcements rocked the Russian sector of the web, although, in fact, is heaving — for our country far no news. Take, for example, the same Paul Durov. Well, if a person has bothered to use only five thousand cuts in the corporate closet where no one can appreciate, why not arrange your own "hot to" flash mob, simply to show once again how he is doing better than those who strolls their feet on the St. Petersburg streets. And toothy grin Durov, which shimmered in the lumen of the open window, when he "shared" with the people that had made a conscientious and back-breaking labor, and the people behind it acquired smashing each other person in the blood, it was clear that the emperor decided to give us Durov with you and bread and circuses. Well, quite simply, what the hell, the Roman governor Durov first a …

Results of the week.  Black Caviar!  Caviar!  Caviar overseas, eggplant! ..

And Sergei Mavrodi history does not repeat? Those who trust their own "demigod" Leni GOLUBKOV citizens who want to "buy his wife's boots" and receive a 400% per annum. The same Panteleevich not under the jurisdiction Sergei, who in his life time to set up as many pyramids that any Cheops "nervously smoking" in his own Egypt. Now that's MMM-2012 in order to save the MMM-2011. It is easy to guess what will happen if it starts to crumble and this pyramid "structure". You will see the MMM-2013, then — MMM behalf of the Sochi Olympics in 2014 and the chain will not end until the genes sort of Leni Golubkova and admirers "of denominations of creativity" Pavel Durov roam Russia.

Timely recovery from excessive traction for travel

Last week at the Web site of "Military Review" is about the misadventures of Russian bikers in Iraq. Now relatives "travelers" and the adventures of the hunters themselves can breathe quietly, so the guys came back home after a few days in one of the most democratic dungeons of the world — an Iraqi jail. Recall that four Russians who wanted to "wash the wheels of bikes in the Persian Gulf", was arrested on charges of illegal crossing of the Iraqi border (in the words of the Iraqi side, at bikers were fake Iraqi visas).

Results of the week.  Black Caviar!  Caviar!  Caviar overseas, eggplant! ..

When the Russians came back home, some of them, Alexander Vardanyants, said he was not completely aware of why they came to do in the web of characters. According to him, the bikers, who were the protagonists of the story, quote, "not heroes and idiots."

And it is, indeed, to argue with Alexander here is difficult, as Iraq — it's all the same is not the Black Sea coast, where you can porevet own motor bikes rasshugivaya sunbathing on beaches. Apparently inspired by a journey guys popular phrase that in Baghdad everyone relaxed. It turned out that calm in the Iraqi capital is not quite what is expected of her Russian adventurers to the rear wheels of their own bikes. Peace of mind, it is about: delay relaxed, quiet stories are selected, beating too easy … But if I did not intervene on the Russian side, it could be our bikers and relaxed to sentence for spying — in the form of the death penalty.

Now plans for the future a few guys have changed. If a couple of weeks back, they were eager, having flown over Iraq, look later in Afghanistan, now, spreading from abrasions with measured strokes Iraqi custody order Zelenko, bikers are thinking more about the motorcycle with measured walks in the midst of the Russian Federation Mother native birches.

Not the ones today Lazari

Twelve years' strogacha "received the supplies Colonel Vladimir Lazar, who was involved in espionage in favor of the United States of America. Retired Colonel (now retired colonel last) charged that he passed raster topographic maps they appear on the hidden military facilities to representatives of U.S. intelligence.

Results of the week.  Black Caviar!  Caviar!  Caviar overseas, eggplant! ..

The work of the FSB on the Emperor Lazarus began after his 'pass', one of his colleagues on the transfer of information over the hill (this was in 2008). The person who said about the activities of Colonel Gennady Sipachev became the programmer, who had quite a strange hobby — collecting various kinds of geographical and topographical maps, including maps of military detention. Many of these cards he sold out to interested persons, among whom was Vladimir Lazar. "Collector", he felt a strong grip and a friendly Russian special services, has decided a long time and have not balk at the buyer's own, for which he was a "prized" serious four-year regime. Now for four years, Russians are not able to use the software, which is born Sipachev programmer, but in the four years he may have become acquainted with a very different "software product", written by "thug hair dryer." In connection with the embodiments of the Russian system of municipal secrets of the punishment is to be built for a separate box like Sipachev, Lazarus, Gniteev and others like them. The walls and comfortable bunks chambers of the box can be decorated with the Stars and Stripes, so the guys did not forget about their own "second home" …

So pack after this … After the Sipacheva to freedom, their appetite for collecting it obviously diminished. By the way, those who also considers himself a collector, it is necessary to give advice is right on this p
oint reconsider all of its brands, beer labels and, in particular, herbaria, because all of a sudden may find that the South American intelligence they are interested.

How sickle on the Poles …

June 12 a day of in the Warsaw a football match between the national teams of Poland and Russia. This meeting aims at increased attention is at the moment. Only here for the most part until the discussions are not about training teams and their abilities, and that will take place near the stadium. Russian football fans said they are going to arrange a small procession with flags of Russian Union in the arms and reddish-shirts and shirts USSR to support his beloved team.

Results of the week.  Black Caviar!  Caviar!  Caviar overseas, eggplant! ..

In Polish politicians such announcements have come down to Warsaw from Russia, if not caused shock, then the state of the knockdown. The fact is that in a short time the Polish authorities forbid the introduction of Russian symbolism on the ground of their own country. If all of a sudden the police on the streets at least some Polish town saw the man in the shirt with the image of a hammer and sickle, that person could have huge prepyadstviya with Polish law.

Poles once said that Russian fans better from that defile abandon what got quite a tough response from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with calls not connecting sports and politics that human rights must be observed, since Poland — an EU member. Well, in truth, for yourself — if, for example, a person not including serpasto molotkastoy-shirts with the inscription of the USSR, the remainder of the perestroika era, and nothing to wear … What's all the same to him now that there naked on the Warsaw pace — as well as not God forbid, for a gay pride parade will be …

In the end, the Polish side had to backtrack and declare that any opposition Russian fans will not be repaired. In general, catch our fellow citizens of the Polish "democrats" on their own hook — human rights, and everything like that. Apparently, now the Polish authorities to think about how to correctly answer the Russians. Completely may be considered one of the options — Polish fans dress in caftans times False Dmitry I. Only here, again, the Russians have their own trump card — for each Falsdmitry their Minin and Pozharsky there …

We will impose that the players themselves both teams will be on June 12 in the Polish stadium in the usual form …

Not filed, the old

Topics odezhki lasts and the subsequent material. Not so long ago, the Ministry of Defence has published the information that is ready to abandon the boots. The main enemies of the winter so that Russian soldiers were carrying on combat duty in the boots, made by Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. Initially, it was reported that the Minister just going to take a break when purchasing boots, because, in his own words, this production army warehouses full. But now it appeared that Anatoly E. general decided to put on this kind of shoes and a big fat cross. The fact is that, according to some professionals, the persecution of the boots started after someone decided that these shoes badly with the new style of Russian army.

Results of the week.  Black Caviar!  Caviar!  Caviar overseas, eggplant! ..

Boots — warm felt boots of woolly sheep's wool, pure white, black or gray color, the usual Russian winter footwear and modern Russian army of the 21st century. At least some cold feet, shod in boots, feel comfortable, dry and warm. Boots never "sit down" and does not deform the foot. Legs in boots do not sweat because wool fibers provide natural air circulation. Natural sheep wool absorbs great and evaporates water itself remaining dry. Widely known and healing effect felt footwear that perfectly warms the joints. Boots do not slip. On unreliable data, but deserves special attention, for extended wearing sheepskin boots of wool sexy potency tirelessly accumulates. Due to the depreciation of their properties in the felt comfortable to move over rough terrain with vegetation. Can be attributed to shortcomings of a narrow limitations of a weather — can be worn only during dry weather and wet they just get wet and long dry. In their awkward run.

Results of the week.  Black Caviar!  Caviar!  Caviar overseas, eggplant! ..

Only here a failure: it seems the minister of defense and the supporters of his views, zagovarivaya bans on such warm shoes, forgets that with the style of Russian army is not absolutely perfect harmony, for example, and pyatidesyatigradusnye Yakut frosts. And if most of Anatoly put Eduardovicha hour for combat duty, for example, a Siberian polygons in January and February, it is unlikely that he will recall the style and design operating time. No, no one argues that the appearance of the same boots can, as currently adopted read, some upgrade, but that's just not necessary to do so to the detriment of the health of military personnel. After all, what often happens is that the structural changes in terms of uniforms lead to the most that neither is weary consequences.

With regard to supplies of boots in army warehouses should lead another very perceptible expression that came from the General Staff. The source said that the provisions of this winter shoes or completed in 2013, or in 2014, "looking at how will wear." Particularly impressive last phrase. It turns out that military personnel may be required to trample all boots are the subsequent year, so that the Minister approve of "strategic" in store completely dried up. And people who have had the honor of serving in the Russian army could guess that the order "trample" the highest ranks will be understood directly and bluntly. Because if we suddenly learn that now and in the summer the men practiced the drill sergeant on the parade ground in the boots, you should not be surprised: the order to "destroy the boots as soon as possible" is made in the normal mode …

Part II. Give-and-take

Military band for the Syrian opposition

As soon as Angela Merkel unsuccessfully to speak to the teacher and the students in the school geography class, on which she had found in a contour map Berlin in Russia as Vladimir Putin, remembering «Guten Tag», «Vielen Dank», and, perhaps, «Drang nach Osten», immediately flew to Germany to an informal meeting. After all, as they say Germans: Wer zu spät kommt, den bestraft das Leben. I mean: who is late, and he punishes life.

ults of the week.  Black Caviar!  Caviar!  Caviar overseas, eggplant! ..

At lunch sovereign president, dressed in a black suit catastrophic (perhaps a symbol of farewell with the Republic of Komi, which Merkel has previously designated as the German Pointer area) and Frau Chancellor who has put his jacket colors of the Russian flag (perhaps remembering the glorious socialist past, the German Democratic Republic and the friendship of the peoples and competition in the Russian language, which she won), spoke off the record.

In general, after lunch accomplished a press conference, where and Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin gave all their furtive press. As it turned out, things between Russia and Germany so strong that Frau Merkel had every right to drop a line extensively pointer on the map, ignoring the border, visa and striped barrier.

"Let's live together" — not a topic which Vladimir Putin, like the length animated Cat Leopold could offer the German chancellor.

If Mr. Mitt Romney — militant youth overseas, which in today's year is going to be president of America — announced Russia geopolitical enemy number one for his own country, Angela Merkel, is any hesitation, said Russia's first friend. And our president agrees with her: for the first Western power, which he visited, was specifically Germany.

And the German chancellor, and our president — policy with the experience, and both know how true friendship the two countries not only verbally, and in fact.

Angela Merkel said the "cross-years", which will take place in 2012-2013 (Year of the Russian Federation in Germany and the Year of Germany in Russia). Germany, according to the Federal Chancellery in Russia will hold up thousands of events in more than 50 towns of Russia. The event is scheduled in the middle of a major exhibition "Russian Germans, and 1000 years of history, culture and art." Trade turnover between Russia and Germany, Angela Merkel pointed out in 2011 in comparison with 2010 increased by 29 percent. And Germany means to support Russia in the modernization of the industry.

Vladimir Putin added, In 2011 the trade turnover between Russia and Germany headed for a record high — almost 72 billion dollars. Our home will take care of the supply of gas not only in Germany, and throughout Europe, plugging "Nord Stream".

And Putin and Merkel agreed on the fact that friends against Syria Our homeland and Germany will not. The importance of a political solution and the inadmissibility of civilian war in Syria — that's what guided the two countries.

Full Russian-German consensus somewhat overshadowed meeting, passing in Sotk meters from the Reichstag parliament: it gathered enemies of Bashar al-Assad, discordant shouts out some freedom slogans. Perhaps the protesters did not like the fact that our homeland and Germany do not plan to topple Assad and organize a military intervention in Syria. But do not hold rallies lucky: after a few minutes of their voices drowned out by the military band performed the anthems 2-friendly countries.

Stick with 2-ends

In the U.S., as previously believed that our homeland, as well as the Soviet Union — a country with outrageous violations of human rights. Moreover, the logic of which the world is dancing — well, pure South American. The fact that major Russian human rights violators somehow very love visiting America. Specifically, such a conclusion can be drawn from the so-called "Magnitsky Act", a project that many in Washington are very willing to do by law.

Judge for yourself: Why differently prohibit violators of democratic freedoms of Russian origin, issuing a U.S. visa? It is unclear just forgotten in democratic America stranglers freedoms of totalitarian Russia. Would ride for themselves in Venezuela or there in China. And it is best — in North Korea. So it remains a mystery than the U.S. attracts Russian oppressors, bigots, KGB agents and executioners of all stripes and colors.

Results of the week.  Black Caviar!  Caviar!  Caviar overseas, eggplant! ..

No, the list of ruthless Russians who for any reason can not be appearing on the streets of American democracy, one hundred percent not ready yet. Michael McFaul, salting America in Russia, experience in making similar blacklists has not, and because the work is delayed. Especially that Mr. McFaul, day and night, working on a list of undesirable persons, not so long ago decided that only one people, associated with the late Magnitsky will be a little — well, yes, because it is a general law, which has geopolitical force — and in the list, efforts have begun Senator Cardin, to include more about fifty or sixty poor people taking part in the final and ultimate suffocation disenfranchised Russian people. One can imagine that Mr. McFaul, because so long working on a list that simultaneously learns and in fact whether one or the other citizen-pravodushitel likes to visit the United States. Again, because the will to laugh at the U.S. Ambassador in Russia than he makes a mistake or write and pronounce something wrong. What fun will that be, when it turned out that McFaul had forbidden to enter the United States to some enemy civilian rights and freedoms, and the enemy to enter and there is not going to. Him and in his own country very well. Not a lot of that at the Russian motherland will announce it here as real and even almost hit by pripirany American patriot — and in the end it has a chance to rise in politics and make a brilliant career. And making career, he once and for all residues strangle rights in Russia, even from their textbooks povycherkivaet. Is it for this fight and McFaul Cardin?

I'm not sure what exactly keep track the flight of thought Mr. McFaul, but it seems that not only South American ambassador, and the Mystery of the fact that — that in the Senate, the State Department — talk about the implementation of the anti-Soviet instead of withering away of the Jackson — Vanik anti-Russian Magnitsky Act (on the principle that only have something against the Russian Federation), you need to think about the same, which is intensely thinks for a moment the most important in the Mr. America — Obama. And he had just against Magnitsky Act — and does not want to sign it. U.S. President even believes his provocative. But here's eminent Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman, known including its own intransigence in the Syrian issue, think that Obama is not right.

But the U.S. president is right: nothing, not counting the new round of cool war, the adoption of this act does not promise. Thinking better Gentlemen South American lawmakers and ambassadors (who are for the reboot) that, but what is the stranglers those freedoms, which are not so few in Russia, that the list of all complemented and supplemented, pulls in your America?

Yes, almost forgot. Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Yuri Ushakov not so long ago said at a press briefing"If it is passed a new anti-Russian" Magnitsky Act ", this law will claim any return of our efforts."

These responses are predictable. Just like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation with some long answers with his statements on the reports of the M
unicipal Department of the United States on human rights in the world, the administration may respond to its black list Magnitsky list. And the first person non grata in Russia will probably Mr. Michael McFaul. Sew his subversive activities for the benefit of overseas patrons will not make Russian prosecutors to work.

But … it will be very sorry. "Spicy ambassador" is very comfortable to press. Journalists are used to this simple-Mr, which in the language of exactly the same thing on your mind.

So that Breivik was not boring

In the press write, that the Norwegian authorities announced their decision to hire a terrorist Breivik temporary buddies and friends, I mean the inmates. Norway — the country developed and poor. Though there from time to time and fighting over portions of gratuitous shawarma and cup compote and are on strike because wages rose by 4 percent, not 8, by inmates killer funds from the Norwegians enough.

Results of the week.  Black Caviar!  Caviar!  Caviar overseas, eggplant! ..

Perhaps the authorities are convinced that Breivik will be put, and forever. Therefore, it is meant to hire him and fellow comrades and imprison them in the same cell with him — for hire means, obviously, for who will climb into the camera to Breivik free. These people will be entertained by the ill-fated killer discussions, play chess with him, and even floorball (the latter, for sure, will still take place outside of the camera, or the camera Breivik will have to allocate an area with gym).

The government of Norway fear that other inmates with ordinary Breivik plant can not: he fell swoop forward them to their terrorist faith. And if not direct, it will take a hostage.

Norwegians would Breivik planted in the "alone", but to fail myagenkie laws that democratic countries do not allow for a long time to keep a prisoner in solitary confinement.

I have a suspicion that it is not a game of chess Breivik will play with pay fellow inmates. And do not floorball. His beloved game — «World of Warcraft». One year of his life he has ordained that only played in the «WoW», ate and slept. And later invented their attacks.

The Polish version of the second world war from Barack Obama

May 29, Barack Obama gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom twelve men, and among them — Jan Karski (posthumously). Member of the Polish resistance Kars deliberately leaked to a Nazi concentration camp to find out how the Nazis treated with the prisoners, and then talk about it to Franklin Roosevelt. The courage of this man, of course, deserves the highest merit.

Results of the week.  Black Caviar!  Caviar!  Caviar overseas, eggplant! ..

But here is a failure: pronouncing the ceremony speech, Obama referred to the Nazi concentration camp is not, and "Polish". A scandal broke out, the Poles did not approve of the story since the second world war, it is not proposed by Obama, not some nameless copywriter, in time of crisis for America moonlighting on making presidential speeches.

Grozny minister of foreign affairs of Poland Radoslaw Sikorski did not pick up expressions and right said, that the ceremony was "marred by ignorance and incompetence."

Then, Obama has, for sure, looked into the history books and understand that Poles concentration camps was not satisfied (though who knows what's written in these American books), and this nasty thing more Germans hunted. Obama consulted with the textbook and wrote a letter to President Komorowski of Poland, where saw, that "Polish death camps just not there." It is instead an apology.

Stipulated in historical American president is not the first time. Well, it is not his thing — history, and everything here. And about the concentration camps, even Obama was wrong twice.

Even as a presidential candidate, Mr. Obama said voters that his uncle had extricated Auschwitz. It also turned out that my uncle was here and elsewhere, and fought with the Nazis Obama's great-uncle — is released, however, not Auschwitz and Buchenwald.

Obama, who believes that in the U.S. 57 states, not 50 (god knows what land he attributed to the United States — can, Mexico, and can, Quebec) — worthy successor of Bill Clinton to be confused with Montenegro and Macedonia, of course, the Bush Jr., who could not find Iraq on a map of the world with which America was at war. Bush believed that Iraq, like Afghanistan — it's in Africa. What can we talk about the incorrectness of such geographical Bush as the entanglement of Slovenia with Slovakia and Austria with Australia and APEC with OPEC.

But back to Barack Obama. Need to pay tribute to this man, count and alleging that the Congress that the car invented in the United States. (G. Ford, apparently). Let's be fair: not only Obama was wrong and prescribe — "made the reservation" and him.

In April 2008, when Mr. Obama was listed as early as possible candidates for the presidency, on a yearly meeting of journalists one of the managing agency "Associated Press" Dean Singleton, not in the least embarrassed, referred to "Obama" is not someone else, but the terrorist Osama bin Laden. Obama was able to make slips of the tongue with a joke and said, laughing, that he himself is surprised how often it is confused with bin Laden, and that is quite surprising, as he is, Obama continues to fight for the presidency.

If even one of the managers of the big news agencies are not distinguished from Osama Obama, what we talk about ordinary voters! Because the big question for anyone in the 2008 election Americans voted: for Barack Obama or Osama bin Laden.

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