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Part I. "Look, do not bury themselves!"

The Ministry of missed the mark by 400 million

Ministry of Education is experimenting with numerical methods

In the wake of the anti-corruption euphoria in Russia was to dig a glorified office Sergei Stepashin — Accounting Chamber. Following the announcements in the press that the funds tyrili in the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Regional Development and implementation of the GLONASS project, decided to take the pencil and the Ministry of Education, which is now headed by Dmitry Livanov. Recall that in this post Livanov replaced Andrei Fursenko, for a number of years engaged in back-breaking labor to transform the Russian education system into a profitable preparation exceptional geeks (judging by the weight of school bags classmate with universal textbooks).

After verification of the sovereign authorities Livanov were missing 400 million rubles for 3 years. First, on a moderate in comparison to the amount of GLONASS and the Ministry of Defense and did not want to pay attention … I do not quite see, where could these "penny" spent in Minobre may be that the extra globes or portraits of Maria Sklodowska-Curie … but later became more carefully to figure out and it turned out that this amount can be pasted portraits of ladies all Russian scientific schools and universities, not only from within, and outside, and in several layers. But wealth pasted portraits and globes check is not established, and therefore had to have counted millions of translating into the category of funds that are spent inappropriately.

About how much money went, told the auditor of the Audit Chamber Sergei Agaptsov. He said that of the 400 million only 6.8 million have been spent effectively, and all the others just did not hit the target … Apparently, one of the representatives of the Ministry of Education does not suffer monetary marksmanship, and therefore funds earmarked for scholarships for students, the purchase of new educational materials and equipment for schools, proparhali by appropriate bank accounts of educational institutions and settled in someone's pockets. Well, as they say, who does not happen, there is a bobble bobble — give more, maybe will drop more precisely …. There was no malice in that entire floors of dormitories several Russian institutions of secondary and higher professional education is not provided to students, migrant workers and crews for a modest fee, of course, was not. After all, our homeland — the country is friendly, and should not abandon their own guests. Apparently, there was no corrupt intent and that continued to be listed on the balance of the body universities have long been demolished, to the contents of the state budget funds were allocated. Structure just in imagination, and imagination is necessary to financially feed.

Overall, 400 million is gone, but the bureaucrats in Minobre continue to hold their posts, well, with criminal cases, too, something does not add up. How else, if one of the expressions of the deputy-edinorosa Kostunova, in our country, even the most stupid member smarter than the average citizen. Because only and must rely on our soldiers bureaucratic divisions, which your brain surpass all the intellectual potentials of — from Kaliningrad to Chukotka, taken together …

Jobs for ex-minister

About how not to grow together, Anatoly Serdyukov, "Russian Technologies"

In the week bombshell has made information according to which the ex-Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov Tipo crosses on the latest work in the municipal corporation "Russian Technologies" as a consultant. Who could directly advise the ex-minister in the department with multi-billion project, has not been reported, but the majority of Russians who see the fate of Anatolia Eduardovicha after presentation of the facts, or three, or chetyrehmilliardnoy corruption in the Ministry of Defense, there was a feeling that once again makes a point to know such a thing as "unsinkable." But people do not have time to run for validolom and resources from a sudden stomach upset, as the company "Russian Technologies" came the news that the emperor, in consultation with the Office Serdyukov's no need …

And here the question arises: is the emperor Chemezov (Director General of "Russian Technologies") did not hire his own former head opponent for the state defense order, or the same information about the latest work of the ex-minister — the usual newspaper "duck"? It seems that there may be, but to make the transition through the barricades SDO Anatoly Eduardovich failed.

But failure is dashing start! Given that we have the ministers on the margins of bureaucratic test site received very rarely, and then the emperor Serdyukov we recently behold in any ministry or department. Yes, take at least the same Ministry of Education and Science. After all, according to the preceding material, there is an obvious vacancy consultant more apt direction of federal funds. And who, if not Anatoly Eduardovich such advice to give. And do not send Motherland in the Ministry of Education, so do not be gone ex-minister and to "Olimpstroj", and "RUSNANO", well and generally never lost — who would doubt it …

Do not cut the cable, man! ..

Astronautics held on Mytishchi

"Hello, this is PCO?" And in response — silence … "PCO! Do you hear me? "- Cried Russian module Internatsionalnaya Gallakticheskoy Stations, flying over the latitudes of. "Aha! I hear … I hear … "- answered the workers in Mytishchi dorezaya fiber optic cable on the ground Mytishinskiy ATS.

Specifically, such a conversation could take place during the week, taking into account the situation with the sudden dismantling of one of the suburban facilities existing cable Central Mission Control.

From the MCC said that some workers "blockheads" pokromsal cable, allowing this very DVGA transmit signals Russian section of the ISS, and civilian satellites. Workers began to make excuses: they say, we're quite innocent. This is our engineers 'blockheads' forgotten to put on some extraordinary cable labeling … Apparently, the entire length of the cable should accommodate inscription reddish paint "Cable not touch! MCC will come — will swear … "And indeed MCC swore loudly … so loudly that I could hear and Russian sector of the ISS and even civilian satellites, if not for the lack of a suitable environment for the transmission of sound waves.

In the end, the workers began to remove his blunders. After a few hours of work cable has been restored, and the crew of international gallakticheskoy station, who all this time was forced to listen to from Houston "Tirli-tirli-tirli-there …" and finally heard again: "Earth in a window …"

They say that now those same workers who are engaged in work activity in the company of "Rostelecom", conduct additional training activities on the cables and wires. One of such kinds of actions is the ability to rapidly change the removed by mistake sector cable Mission Control Center tools at hand: polutoralitrovye plastic bottle, tape, paper clips and chewing gum to remove not see any MCC or the ISS.

As said, the astronauts and cosmonauts to the ISS, the lack of communication with Earth for them is not at all abnormal situations. Such options they repeatedly work out in preparation for the gallakticheskim flights. And if so, then working in Mytishchi do not understand why this is so MCC into a fuss

Wine and masks

In the contest "Best Russian weapon" overpowered Gennady Onishchenko

The Russians have grown accustomed to activity of the 1st of a shock kinds Russian arms — head sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko. In this work Gennady G. is often more effective than the introduction of a whole army of diplomats and even members of the military profession. One has only to one of the Partner States to declare invalid the policy of, as the chief sanitary doctor does own a crushing blow in the form of a sudden finding sticks Koch, microspores, fungi and other pathogens in zabugornyh legs, cheeses, wines, mineral waters and sprats, banning importation of the aforesaid goods in Russia. Beats Gennady G. spends a point, and if it allows "carpet bombing" sanitary standards, then there is, as they say, the situation starts from the category of "Mom, do not fret!"

Last week, Gennady Onishchenko has permitted himself to relax slightly. First point of relaxation expressed willingness to let the guards sanitation in Russia the same macabre Georgian wines, which are demonically laughing Misha Saakashvili once ran a specially sticks incurable diseases and soluble genetically modified foods in the dusts …

Apparently, both the prime minister (who is now, in fact, is the main post in Georgia) atonement sovereign Ivanishvili of Georgian wines began to creep out without the help of others, "Saakashvili sticks", and GMOs are in retreat.

Another relaxing Gennady Onishchenko was that he decided to really get in touch with romance, and nothing that the court late fall. Onishchenko said that he has people wearing on the streets and in public transport, honey mask, cause not the least respect than those in ancient reciting by heart "The Tale of Igor's Campaign" or the complete works of Shakespeare (for not vouch for the accuracy of quotations) . The chief sanitary doctor explained that the only intellectually developed person is capable of, not paying attention to foreign eyes, wearing anti-flu mask, taking care of their own health and the health of others. If voiced speech Gennady Onishchenko, compared with the statements of the deputy Kostunova about the level of the average Russian, it turns out that the most intellectually developed person in Russia — is a member of honey mask …

As a rough sense of the chief sanitary doctor experienced in this case, when sees before him a member of the Lower House of the Parliament of the Russian Federation in a snow-white mask of influenza destination — it's difficult to imagine being. Shakespeare and not standing next to … At least, "Ramayana" in the original language …

Let us recall that some time ago, Onishchenko said that honey masks make our ladies mysterious and beautiful. Say, you look at the ladies in the honey masks, and you see languishing eyes …

In this regard, one can imagine that for the visual senses Gennady Onishchenko has his own wife once a day to meet him from work in medical masks of different colors: a flirtation — the mask number one, proof of mental baggage — number two …

It is said not to plant!

In Brussels pristrunyali Ivanishvili

In the meantime, Gennady Onishchenko, is in mid-stride on the road in order to give Russia the Georgian wine, a sudden blow below the belt was Bidzina Ivanishvili. The new head of the Georgian Cabinet went to private first zabugorny visit — to Brussels for a meeting with the management of the North Atlantic Alliance. Sovereign Ivanishvili even the fact of his own visit to try to highlight what course of foreign policy chooses his native Georgia, but the meeting of the new Georgian favorite, came out to say the least cold.

Prime Minister malehankih but proud of the Caucasian country was waiting to meet him almost run out in tears with emotion NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and kiss tightly — on the European habit. But Rasmussen is not only not run out, and out-somehow gloomy. And after the secretary-general began his speech, Ivanishvili, probably, in general, wanted back in Georgia. In my head it all mixed up: Brussels sprouts, "Manneken Pis", Rogozin poplar near the headquarters of NATO … The fact is that even before the visit to Brussels Ivanishvili senior military openly talk about the fact that Ivanishvili is not to their liking, because zealously took the "planting" of politicians, priklnnyh Saakashvili. The investigation is conducted in respect of Bacho Akhalaia, Zurab Shamatava, ZHoru Kalandadze. At gunpoint the latest in power are the other former political and military leaders of Georgia.

In his own speech, Rasmussen also clearly hinted Ivanishvili that the repressive activity of the new Georgian prime minister wary public (the NATO, obviously).

To Ivanishvili did not fall under the strictures of the selected platform for him, all the same Rasmussen has permitted himself to soften a little pressure on the new favorite of Georgia. NATO Secretary-General stated that all the criticism expressed only be based on the best motives. How else? No matter what activity the alliance specifically on these motivations and based …

In general, Ivanishvili has received the first click from the West, which shows what Georgia wants to build its "democratic partners" — devoted and instantly responsive to the "concerns". Georgian law for the western powers — only just zilch, which can be and not to pay attention. The main thing — the interests of the Great Brother …

Russia will save the full name change?

To learn how to become Kazan Tatarstan Republic can and Chechnya — Mountain province

It has become a tradition of the modern Russian solution to a complex problem by some bureaucrats and active public men is seen in the renaming of these problems. Do not have time to abate the noise about the suggested renaming of internal migrants in Mogren (mobile people of the Russian Federation), was announced as the new idea of renaming. At this time, the ideologue of renaming the rector of Dagestan Institute of Economics and Politics sovereign Dibirov.

In his view, to solve the problem of inequality and ethnic conflict of nationalities, should be creative and just change the name of the so-called state of republics, the deletion of most of these titles naming nationalities. Changed the title — and, you know, all the rhinestones and then began to live together …

Catchy that Abdul Nasir Dibirov bypassed rename actually Dagestan (Dagi — the title nation that once resided in the old Assyrian), but managed to come up with names of many other republics of Russia. For example, in his version, Tatarstan Kazan to become the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria — Prielbrusskoy, Bashkortostan — Ufa.

The same idea is supported by State Duma deputy from the "United Russia" Vakhaev. He has renamed the Republic of Chechnya in the Mountain Province.

No, certainly, national prepyadstviya must decide, and to equalize the ethnic groups living in the area of state republics — the idea is sound. But still plagued by doubts that the renaming of Mari El in Yoshkarolinskuyu parish, and Buryatia — Ulanudinsky edge in all Russian difficulties related to international relations, not otvazhutsya. But the budget for only one reprinting cards may become poor very much. Perhaps it is in this task and is someone …

Part II. "The best way to do some good kids — to make them happy"

The pre-election war

Netanyahu and Barak chop wood — Palestinian chips fly

In the standard of public conscience forced to announce:
let us all die if our salvation depends
Only from a
tortured child — and not to take this salvation.

November 11 President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas government confirmed the intention of the current month to the UN for recognition of Palestinian statehood. At the same time, he denied rumors of transferring this step at a later date. The Palestinians, Abbas said, faced the "pressure and threats" and therefore decided not to save it in the long box.

November 14, on Wednesday, the Israeli military launched Operation "Pillar of Cloud" against Hamas in Gaza. "Israel four day or suffered attacks by Palestinian militants, promising not to retaliate if the bombing of Gaza will end …" — writes resource

At the end of a critical meeting of November 15, the UN Security Council passed no resolution on the conflict between the Gaza Strip and Israel. "With the help of the military operation, Israel is trying to shift attention from Palestinian efforts at self-determination" — said observer of Palestine Riyad Mansour.

There is also a perception that Israel started a small victorious war election. More precisely, it began to Netanyahu and Barak.

On Thursday in Gaza fired two missiles. One flew to Tel Aviv and got into a residential suburb of Rishon-le-Zion, the second fell into the sea. In Tel Aviv was declared air-raid warning — for the first time in 20 years.

From Wednesday until November 16 to Israel were fired about 300 rockets (data media in different ways). Some of them, but not all, of intercepted system "Iron Dome." One rocket hit an apartment house in the town of Kiryat Malachi, killing two ladies and a man.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, angered shelling of Tel Aviv, ordered to call for military service 30,000 reservists.

Apart from the mobilization of reservists in Israel, on the orders of Barack to the border with Gaza transferred Airborne division and brigade Gilat, the battalions that have experience of fighting in Gaza in 2000-2005.

"The shelling of Tel Aviv lead to an escalation of the conflict, and those responsible for it have to pay" — said Ehud Barak.

A Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said subsequently: "We do not forgive the blood of our favorites. Revenge will not force myself to expect! "

Another statement was followed by the "Organization of Islamic Cooperation," uniting 57 states. Israeli air attack was called it "an attack on all Muslims."

The European Jewish Alliance (EJU) campaigns urging European favorites to suspend terrorist activities of Hamas and support Israel. Tomer Orne, CEO EJU, said"We call on the EU Member States and the favorites of the members of the Euro Parliament strive to get real information and support Israel in its fight for the world against terror. Hamas is arming Gaza — instead of giving her education and hope for the future. This must stop. European Jewry is enough to sustain Europe's double standards in relation to reality in the Middle East. It is time to stop Hamas and its terrorist regime. "

In another reacted to the conflict Egypt. On Friday, the Palestinian enclave for three hours came the Egyptian prime minister Hisham Qandil. His goal, he made no secret he provided emotional support Hamas militants. He said, that Cairo will spare no effort to ensure that suspend the "Israeli aggression" in the Gaza Strip, and said that "you can not gloss over this tragedy,"

Egyptian support for Hamas was completely predictable. Last month the organization «Israel Project» interviewed public opinion in Egypt. 74% of respondents were in favor of a break Camp David contract with Israel — three times more than in the 2009 survey. And 87% of Egyptians would be 'happy' if their country has started up an atomic bomb (three years back, only 41% of respondents supported its nuclear project).

The Israeli military operation "Cloud Pillar" led the death of Ahmed Jabari: Hamas commander was killed as a result of air strikes.

But the kids were killed. In the middle of their 11-month-old Omar, the son of Jihad Misharaui — an employee of the "Arab life" Bi-bi-si. " Benjamin Netanyahu said, that Israel will do everything in his power to avoid losing the midst of peaceful inhabitants. According to the prime minister, Hamas fighters have their rocket launchers and mortars into residential areas, from which firing on Israel.

Total of Israeli airstrikes died 19 Palestinians 7 militants and 12 civilians, among them — six kids and a pregnant woman.

Finnish stormtroopers had another special operation

The kids again in the country

Three weeks back Social Survey of Finland at one point returned Russia's Anastasia Zavgorodnev all her kids. "Anastasia Zavgorodnyaya to this day does not believe that she returned the children" — these are the titles were in the press.

"They came to the decision that we will be better at home — happy Anastasia. — Said that workers will visit us. We are very excited about this change! We do not know what influenced the decision, why they did so suddenly changed their … "

Well — why, we all met Anastasia. After all, meetings were held in Finland, Russian representative took the side of the Russians, worked defenders and journalists, seething in several languages Web.

If the return of four babies turned out to Zavgorodnev suddenness, it is much more sudden … became their new exemption. The employees of the Finnish love to play in merciless games with the children and their parents. It's so entertaining: pick up later give back to pick up later. And — at one point, storm. There is, you know, special forces, and there sotssluzhbisty. Special squads sotsnaznacheniya.

Recall, the reason for the "primary" seizures kids mom and father was that Zavgorodnev daughter, Veronica, at school told that her dad … slapped. Sotssluzhbisty held a short meeting at which it was customary to take home Zavgorodnev storm. Opponents of slaps and cuffs broke into the house to Zavgorodnev father immediately handcuffed, three babies were sent to an orphanage and Anastasia baby with breast stuffed into a detention center. After 10 days it took away and the child.

Later, my mother and father made happy return of their children.

But on November 15, the Finnish social welfare authorities have again taken Zavgorodnev all kids, but its very delayed. Now storming the Soviet militia, and the attack was not home Zavgorodnev, and the apartment of her friend.

"The police stormed the apartment of her friend, where she was with the children. Anastasia herself arrested, "- reads Finnish human rights activist Johan Backman.

One gets the impression that the Finnish municipal employees — whether sotssluzhbisty or the police — it is sometimes necessary to go to assault and take away someone's children.

The thing is that Zavgorodnyaya visited not long ago in Russian representation in Helsinki, where it claimed the sending families with babies in Russia, but had not received aid. She had to leave
his own house, from which sotssluzhbisty seized Russian passport of family members, including Russian, and a computer. November 7, spokeswoman internationality of public movement "Russian mother" Rimma Salonen said, "Anastasia Zavgorodnyaya … on the phone has received a notice from the Social Survey of Finland that her family four kids can no longer live with their parents and family members are subject to immediate removal from the family of nations."

Representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry contacted the Finnish social services, and they assured them: goals rob Russians have their kids there.

It was untainted truth.

Kids taken away by the police.

And to Zavgorodnyaya no longer tottered on the consulates, the Finnish authorities are going to plant her in a psychiatric hospital, "that it is absolutely silent." So wonders Beckman friend — one of those indigenous people who interfere with the Finnish government to build a government prescribed by the old Greeks of Plato.

House of Tolerance

Wilting flowers of life

Patrick Buchanan knowingly gave Western civilization reprieve until the end of the XXI century. West rot even earlier. Not only from falling birth rates, but from its artificial termination. Uh, wait a minute. Why is this it over? Because of the crisis, or what? Expensive to raise kids? Yes, not cheap, but not because of it. To beget and raise kids, it takes two people: he and she. And no, sorry, he said. Either she and her. But for the biology of the West — is no longer an argument. Here now pray to a god of tolerance. In our opinion — tolerance. Previously read: brothel, well, now all of the West — one large house of tolerance.

In November, the EU began to open a discussion methods, which could be limited to kids in reading books, which are shown in the "traditional family" consisting of a father, mother and children. For example, a mother bringing up kids, and my dad walks to work: in the office or the factory. Having read such harmful literature, distorting the right eyes on modern life, the kids from a young age may get the wrong information about how the world works.

The European Commission has decided to remove this gap in the education of children — and of days has published the first report. In this document, prepared by the Committee on the Rights of the European Commission Ladies (sit there and ladies), right reported: Books of the so-called golden fund of children's literature that Europeans read to their children, form the wrong approach to life.

After reading the "wrong" book, where the hero dad works and mom heroine washes the dishes, the child creates a distorted view of life that the ladies of place in the kitchen, not in the office.

Evrochinovnitsy, which themselves are rarely in the kitchen, they decided that the society should immediately correct the terrible situation.

Schools should introduce courses where children will explain that boys and girls are today, and can make a career without regard to gender. Pupils will be offered the right to read literature. What is not specified, but "Peter Pan" is not appropriate.

The initiative evrokomissarsh preceded the invasion of the Latvian genders ladies race. Not so long ago in Latvia was published book for kids on gender equality. It must be said, the Latvians came to be creative, starting with … preschoolers.

Allowance offers best girls in the time to become a little boy, and vice versa. The stories in the children's book with a catchy enticing cover are wonderful names: "The day when Karlis was Carlin" and "The Day the Ruta was Richard."

Girlfriend take on football, it plays in the iron machines. Apparently, her name is masculine naming.

The boy in the morning tinkering with Barbie and kindergarten-Karlis Carlin invited to play in the "Mothers and Daughters": in the game, he will be "big sister."

On the title page of the book for preschoolers indicated: "Designed by order of the Minister of well-being to bring the debate on the role and gender equality in kindergarten."

Acted against the book more than 50 public organizations in the country. But Ilse Vinkele, Welfare Minister, said it was time to smash stereotypes.

The text of the book was translated from Danish, from afar it means to the Council of Ministers of the northern states, saving on budget spending. But it is famous for Scandinavia free gaze on family matters … And many Latvians somehow not hunt to the boys, who in three years led to believe that you can be girls, this perception of the world moved on the current path …

The creators of "allowances" to come down to the fact that at the end of the story characters to opt out of their own names and were called Uno and Duo. These characters are inspired by the neuter for dads and moms from Latvia thoughts tolerant European "parents" of the same-sex partners, which is called the "parent's number one" and "parent number two." My father and mother — this is for Europe is very old …

In Estonia are popular — until the middle of more kids than adults in the middle — books Andrus Kivirähk. The title of his latest creation — "Turd and spring." Its the main characters: Romantic Turd, Sausage, Heck of a pot-jacket fool Yaytsenesuschie socks …

"In children's books usually they say about cute bears, fun and frisky leverets mice. In a brand new children's collection Andrus Kivirähk "Spring and Turd" similar glorious little animals do not. Instead of this the reader will meet with a romantic piece of shit, tanned sausage, Strshnoy cud with Papineau Sox, who are hatching an egg with a bad jacket and spoon-pirate, and a host of other weird creatures that road before in a children's book has been ordered. "

According to the creator's idea, Poo marry Dandelion. To clarify: Poo (Kakashi) on the specifics of the Estonian language — masculine, and therefore marry "Oduvanochke."

Kivirähk has long trades children's literature — more than 10 ka years. Known for his book "The Giraffe", the main character is — girlfriend Kay and her friend — a worm Tynis. Speaking, of course. This worm lives in it, in other words devchenke — well, and says to her, to the best of its skrashivaya sad loneliness.

And let the Estonians would have consumed their own hearts, excrement and yaytsenesuschie socks — but the book Kirivyahka find strong demand among Russian enterprising publishers. Both books have been translated into Russian …

Germany has released a children's book, lavishly illustrated comic about "family" consisting of a 2-"Dad"-buggers. Spouse divorced with his wife, went to live with a gay friend, and to visit them comes his son, who finally figured out what "true love": one of the last pictures that boy kiss with another little boy, and the boy's mother on their tolerance looks. The moral of the story is this:

"Homosexuality — all just another form of love. And love — the most beautiful method to be happy. "

At the same Germany so-called teachers of the organization "Dissens" conduct with children "Contest prejudice." The purpose of the Ge
rman teachers — to show that men and ladies differ even less than is commonly believed. Flare up, for example, the debate over whether girls go to the bathroom standing up. Official puzzles organization, "the destruction of identity teenager", "training of his criticism of their own sex" and the formation of it is the "other boys" and "boys do not."

The Swedish kindergarten "Egalite" kids inspire All the same idea of gender equality: the words "boy" and "girl" was not pronounced, the personal pronoun «hon» or «han» are not prohibited, but are blocked neutral word «hen».

A "progressive" Swedish "Fabulous Publishing" publishes books, which in kindergartens substitute intolerant edition of "Snow White" and "Thumbelina." Instead of writing about kids slip-male giraffes who dream to have a baby, and about the princess, who rejects all suitors, and eventually fell in love … a lady.

In Norway, could be sentenced is not a rapist, but rather sacrifice a pedophile, to the payment of monetary compensation. In 2009, the district tribunal of Agder sentenced eight-girlfriend to pay court costs libertine.

63-year-old rapist was given 5 months bullpen — for the vicious acts against girls — but to reimburse claims he was acquitted. Aggravating circumstance in a tolerant Norway, the home of Breivik, was not even the fact that at the time of the violence devchenke was just 7 years old and that she had an unhealthy heart.

"The district tribunal set amount of costs to 2.000 euros, and in the decision in black and pure white, that an eight-year devchenka must pay this amount own their own child molester."

By putrid Europe and Australia joined. In accordance with the latest applets Australian Department of Education, named "Noble School", from this point the teacher will read the children that heterosexuality — this is not the norm. Bureaucrats from education explained to, that "heterosexism" — the evil, and it will help to overcome the brand-new program that provides for the same time fight against "homophobia" and "transphobia". Teachers should see to it that the kids did not use the expression that one way or another connected with the idea of advantages heterosexuals.

For the realization of a tolerant applets allocated 250 thousand dollars, and it already operates in 12 public schools.

The founder of applets "Noble School" in 2010 made the last Minister of Education Verity Furst, and then offer to find the support of the new Minister Adrian Piccoli. "Noble School" sets the lessons personal and physical development of kids since the seventh grade (12-13 years) in order to "give them an idea of the variety of sexy appeal and sexy behavior."

Patrick Buchanan devotes Western civilization still 80 years old. He's wrong. With these children's program notes, books and preaching "another form of love" Western nations have already become extinct within a generation.

* "Closed! Storage of horns temporarily suspended "- a phrase from the movie" The Golden Calf "

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