Results of the week. Dang come on! Let Dang!

Results of the week.  Dang come on!  Let Dang!

Turkic Matrix Morpheus from Atambayev

Let us try to solve another mystery from the President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev: what is common between Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Aksakov Kuprin and Turgenev? People who are poorly versed in the logic of the Kyrgyz favorite, the first time it is unlikely to give the correct answer atambaevskoy perspective. Turns out, the thing Turkic origin … According to the disk imaging, has come down to us from the President of Kyrgyzstan, on the ground, stretching from Siberia to the Black Sea coast, the Turks at all times the upbuilding of the country, just for the contrast referred to them each time in different ways. Wanted: did the Golden Horde, have wanted — the Russian Empire, and wanted — and the Russian Alliance. Just some Turkic Matrix authored Kyrgyz favorite, well, that's all.

Of course, the sovereign Atambayev which as laid out in the spirit of all Turkic secrets at a meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, the favorite, you can only praise about his knowledge of the roots of the majestic Russian writers and world history and geography. Turkic roots really were and Turgenev, and Kuprina, but then, guided by the logic of Almazbek Sharshenovich, a Turkic writers can actually be attributed at least some of the now living as writers and of the recognized classics of Russian past centuries. Take, for example, Sergei Yesenin. Well, let them he was born in the province of Ryazan Russian family farmers. So in fact it is the same in 1921, traveled to Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara. All — down the drain — lit Sergei Alexandrovich in the secret lists Almazbek Sharshenovich.

Vladimir Mayakovsky, who was born in the village of Baghdadi in Georgia, too, can organize according Atambayev equated with the Turks. Why? Yes, because Georgia is bordered by Azerbaijan, and there at all, according to opinion, the President of Kyrgyzstan, particularly the Turkic roots, and means that Mayakovsky — one of the innumerable army.

Why are there writers — take at least some of us, and the emperor Atambayev will reveal to us our origin lurking …

But what are Atambayev useful such weird and zigzag reasoning? The fact that the Kyrgyz president Ilham Aliyev hinted about the historical community of people in order to get hold of investments to Azerbaijan. Almazbek Sharshenovich reminded the president of Azerbaijan, which he singled out billions of dollars in money almost everybody, "from Georgia to Europe." So, they say, why not allocate a small milliardik and fellow Kyrgyz …

In this regard, we can not exclude that the Kyrgyz president can to "wake Turkic community and patriotism" to overtake a number of other states. You'll see, the favorite one of them in fact will be impressed by the open Atambayev global Turkism and list your own zakat to one of the Kyrgyz banks.

Results of the week.  Dang come on!  Let Dang!

Reminder service from Ahmed

First week of London received information that must be seen to interested Russian public. No — this time it's not another blog entry orthodox Englishman Boris Berezovsky calls to the Russians about the need to vorachivatsya Christian canon. Now London threw a firecracker us the latest information in the form of revelations assassinate Ahmed Zakayev. In fairness, it must be said that we here in Russia has become much podzabyvat who this gentleman. But representatives of the British counter-intelligence (MI5) we were reminded that Akhmed Zakayev — this is a little much, Prime Minister of independent republic of Ichkeria, well, or, at least, he said so himself counterintelligence Albion, presenting its proper crust. But you see, at this point in any underpass available ksivu beautiful with colorful stamps. You want — whether the chairman of Ichkeria government want — Ambassador Tilimilitryamdii, but if you want — and the true in-exile of the Queen of the English, so be Zakayev gray beard …

Naturally, the British began to wonder who decided to make an attempt at such a fascinating personality. In practice, on the very first minute of the reasoning of giant, in someone's idea of an enlightened mind: probably povinet Ramzan Kadyrov. The logic in all this seems to have been followed: first in MI5 rushed to find on a map of the world independent Ichkeria, but not found a while Zakayev had to explain that Ichkeria — this is where currently located Russian subject of the Federation — the Chechen Republic, whose president is Ramzan Kadyrov. Well, if so, then there is nothing to think further — Kadyrov assassination and organized …

After these deductions, the staff of MI5 has already been settled back in their own leather chairs and lit up with relief, but later, when cigarette smoke is dispelled, realized that the thing they are not disclosed to the end. After all, there must have been and performer. Porylis in its own file cabinet, where indicated, all those who once arrived in London from Russia. Steel compare and believe. A — Abramovich — a wet it will not work … B — Berezovsky — this, too, is unlikely (he practiced the other direction) … A — Luzhkov — doubtful … W — Chichvarkin — not immediately … and suddenly came across a man who has been living since 2003 English Islands and is listed under the code naming E1. Apparently, the British secret service have little chess, since E1 sort should stand lord of white and native of Chechnya, in 2003, settled in the UK, call the master, besides pure white, to put it mildly, is not reasonable. Well, good to still E2-E4 or "your horse bit, sir," then it is understandable, but the E1 … In general, we do not understand their logic.

But is it would be interesting to know the British that a Chechen man in London decided to have settled another Chechen. Journalists had to sweat much before the attempt to lay out materials on Zakayev in their own articles to heat the public. It was decided to call a friend of Ahmed Zakayev Halidovich actress Vanessa Redgrave. Agree, the phrase "attempted another actress Redgrave" can for the British look much more impressive than any attempt on the prime minister there unrecognized unrecognized government of the breakaway republic, which now burns means British taxpayers. To enhance the effect, tried by the same authority in Britain. They stated that the attack on the Chechen general English can be seen not as a threat by other state security.

In the end, the subjects of the Crown, again heard the words of the Russian criminal track with Ichkerian accent, just in case a tighter closed the shutters and continued to look the beloved series.

In the Chechen Republic on the attempt to Akhmed Zakayev said that Zakayev was never perceived a powerful man, and after his own flight to London in general has lost touch with life. If so, then attempt to Akhmed Zakayev is profitable only two subjects: the Tsar Zakayev, a reminder of the fact of its existence, as the British MI5, which was able to report in the disclosure as "audacious" crimes as soon as possible, hitting the world promptness own work.

In conclusion of this part should be recalled that the emperor Zakayev in London was "elected" he
ad of the government of Ichkeria means of telephone voting members who once were part of Ichkeria Parliament. Apparently, the emperor Zakayev is preparing for new elections, which can pass through the adoption of SMS-messages with the text "E1" on a small number registered on the documents MI5.

Results of the week.  Dang come on!  Let Dang!

25 years of the deal, which was not

April 5 in the United States was a verdict in the case of Russian businessman Viktor Bout. The verdict of the court should hold Booth 25 years behind bars. Such a solution might look quite ambivalent. On the one hand, the referee gave Sheindlin Viktor Bout short period provided for in Article, on the other hand — the punishment does not fit into the framework of the legal system. Wines Booth, on the views of the prosecution, was the fact that the entrepreneur Tipo tried to implement a tool to Colombian terrorists, as are representatives of U.S. intelligence. As a proof of guilt of Victor Bout and then spun audiotape, where he says that the rocket is ready to implement "surface-to-air." And that, in the views of the South American justice justifies link Bout with international terrorists. In the end, no one no guns Booth did not sell, that did not prevent him to condemn so long. Do not forget that Bout was arrested not even on the ground the U.S., and in Thai Hotel Sofitel (oh, those with the title of hotels Sofitel …), and only later was transferred to the United States.

It turns out that for at least the kind of person, to communicate that flies the phrase "ground-to-air will take" may come "black sheep" with South American numbers.

In connection with this, my friends, I will make for yourself a small caveat: if a door for you to suddenly call and presented the Colombian terrorists, but from the Colombian poncho will look through at least one of the letters F, B or I and the Stars and Stripes , it is best to ask them a couple of leading questions before you decide to cooperate. They say that the usual question: "The capital of Colombia -?" Can cause confusion in the South American intelligence agencies …

Results of the week.  Dang come on!  Let Dang!

For the agenda with nezapyatannoy conscience

The occasion for the discussion given in the week Russian lawmakers who decided to involve the young people of draft age to undergo military service. Incentives can be described as traditional Knuth-gingerbread system, which on the one hand will aggressively (criminal) to punish those who did not reach their feet to the recruiting office to get the agenda, on the other hand encourage those who truly gave their own duty to the Motherland. Promotion may be followed: for the young man on the period of service in the army will be saved jobs, but those who do not pass the service, waiting for almost a hopeless future — no respect for you or municipal civil service jobs.

Naturally such a bill, and precisely such amendments to the existing law, have caused a lot of controversy in the middle of the legislators themselves. Well this is what it is, citizens will turn out, as the amendment will have legal force, so just have to clean up their homes with their own half of the deputies themselves. And there's a whole army of heads of regions, municipalities, rural communities, many of which at the time showed no desire to serve the Fatherland. Yes, so can get to that in Russia is simply some in leadership positions … They put Well, apparently, will have to sit in another place.

And our golden youth, which has up to half a dozen higher education in the brother obviously does not want to pester military offices. They will be there too lazy to even get on their own "Infinity" or daddy "Lexus".

If so, it is already quite soon the majority of its members may announce such a bill have to test the safety of life itself in the Russian Federation.

You can dare to forecast the situation which formed in Russia, if the bill is passed. Of course, will go up dramatically the number unable to serve in the Russian army for health reasons. Doctors will fix the rapid growth of such terrible diseases as caries recruits, myopia, curvature of the spine, and a host of other ailments that simply can not allow young people to walk in the ranks. Of course, our home can be reincarnated again in the most highly cultivated civilization in the world, because the number of graduate students, at least, in the middle of the male population will grow at times, and graduate schools will be required to build on several floors up, and then take the basement and the basement.

There are, however, and another outlet for those who, well, can not allow itself to normal year to serve in the armed forces of the Russian Federation, and "cut" with all this is going, so that later not to deprive yourself of a cushy job in one of the ministries. Exit this — all interested parties to make their their military unit — Closed Joint Stock Company "Mazhory in uniform", where you can perfectly serve. In this part you can get a special "major military enlistment" for special invitations or flyers. In part must necessarily be held "party" and "after party", get a glamorous fashion wiki. Next to a portrait of Supreme Commander will hang 3D-portrait of Sergei Zverev. Soldiers jackets will be made from organza, instead of tunics and pants obscure Soldiers will wear ordinary cardigans and skinny jeans, low-slung. To preserve the traditions of army soldiers majeure will be once a week to attend a bath, where change their g-strings, so feel fighting brotherhood …

In general, expectations of legislators, certainly not bad, but taking into account the current realities, the deputies apparently have a hard time in the fight for the promotion of military service.

Results of the week.  Dang come on!  Let Dang!

Warming Belt

Since that time, as Russian soldiers dressed in the latest form, it was weird way to increase the number of cases catarrhal diseases conscript soldier during the cooler seasons. With all of this in the Main Military Prosecutor's Office began to suspect, and whether this form of fixed standards and requirements. After making all the necessary research, it appears that new girl uniforms absolutely meets all statutory canons. In these results, frankly, did not have to hesitate. After all, if the Office of Sergei Fridinsky recognize any deficiencies in the "fashion accessories" by renowned designer, is likely to disguise the Russian army military prosecutors would have to be at your expense. But if the results are Sergei Fridinsky a hundred percent satisfied, then the question arises, why do feel cold and sick soldiers?

On this occasion, the Ministry of Defence and the PRT, which is also in today's reality not surprisingly, came to the same views. At first, from the Department of resource support to the Armed
Forces tossed about what happens to men just "different perceptions of the cold." Say, on the street -25 Celsius, but it is necessary to take on a military prototype — errant cold snap — 35 degrees — a light crisp frost, -45 — to the absolute zero of temperature is still very far away, and so — nothing to complain about here. Not forgotten to mention in the Defense Ministry and what time about cost pereobmundirovanie Russian troops, that on such information GWP sobering. And the morning after, it must be said, came out.

In the week the chief military prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky said that all the failures fighter due to the fact that they were simply incorrect giving them military ammunition. It turns out ZYAB enlisted ranks as not only where it is necessary, wear belt, and the fathers-commanders did not even give a hint where to wear a soldier's beltaboutust. Before something, you know, all over his jerkin worn and designed by Valentin Yudashkin's belt-tightening is necessary … no, not at the neck, and under top of the clothes. Well, finally the revolutionary trends prestigious and got to our limited army. Maybe soon we learn that the jacket itself from Yudashkin must be worn inside out or backwards, and combat boots so that the left was dressed to the right leg and the right — to the left. You'll see, will affect the fighters sogrevayusche.

Fridinskiy states that already have gained from GWP tylovikov, spetsuchebnika release that explains neputnym Russian soldiers and officers, as is necessary in order to wear the latest military form: which side should be sewn on buttons, to fasten a hat and a belt turn into soldiers, so it was warmer …

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