Results of the week. East — a delicate

Part I. "We have a longish hands"

Tremble, insinuator! ..

Friday, the 13th. Specifically, in this day, the Municipal Duma, elected, as we all remember, not without prirekany from reputable percent of Russians, closed its first session, which was also the ending, to say the least, diverse. Not that the approaching date that relate to people with a baker's dozen, not the proximity of the long-awaited vacation, no, maybe, the capital of heat, which was transformed into a downpour of strongest and true flood, led deputies to work in emergency mode and naprinimat such laws upon which Some danced in euphoric satisfied, others became Kolupaev nail countertop, others with clicks "pax!" locked in their own cellars opposition.

Results of the week.  East - a delicate

In addition to the law on NGOs, diversified reaction caused the bill to return libel laws of the Administrative Code of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation with the possibility of punishment in the form of severe insinuatoram (ppm) of fines. Many MPs who voted against the bill, said that there comes a brand new era of "tightening the screws", the era of "hello, authoritarianism" and so forth like that.

Not entirely clear, or a certain percentage of our legislators itself suffers from a weakness, I'm sorry, slander, on its own next opponents, or is that just such a trend — do not agree.

Traditionally, the nearest of all the available time in her voice again declared himself to our old friend Ludmila Alexeeva. At first, she expressed to the effect that, quote, "United cowardly and ridiculous", and later decided to have its own opposition by United Russia move to an expression that its venerable Metropolitan Helsinki Group generally agreed to renounce foreign grants. That's the case … Now Lyudmila Mikhailovna on the dining table, apparently remain: if the bread, the oil-free, if the tea — a sugar-free, if the legs, then no … Bush.

Of course, that after these words the opposition deserved artist of Russia with South American passport, United Russia, if there were fearful and funny, it even became brave and confident. Say, if our bills CONTRIBUTE twist in the steering wheel itself the great-grandmother of the Russian protest Ludmila Alexeeva, we are now in general hoo …

In general, the great-grandmother coped with, and in fact could, as befits people younger children in timurovski transfer it across the road (across the Atlantic), and assist to bring her shopping bags (well, back-breaking labor acquired on the same zabugornye grants for excessively advocacy).

Now not expect that the Russian courts will discharge the same as at the time, overwhelmed with cases of defamation, after all, there is a real possibility the opposition avenge edinorosskoy army for the adopted laws. Now comes a Boris Nemtsov, a home for himself and his neighbor, a United Russia Boris, you have the whole back snow white. Ha ha … Well, let April 1 at the yard … But Boris keep silent, not even hohotnet niskolechko and later will go to the apartment for himself and rolled statement: that the insinuation with the introduction of the service provision. And bang, joker, United Russia, the state budget already counts two million rubles, as Boris Nemtsov back could prove to be not just a snow-white, but also fluffy …

The service is not a burden

In Russia, the last race of thoughts on how to eradicate hazing in the armed forces. How would already have reduced service life of up to 12 months, as it were, and the military prosecutor's office ordered followers neustavschiny in the Russian army to punish harder, but, you know, hazing as a tireless weed continues to rustle up a vast Russian army. Certainly, no longer as the ear, as it was even 15-20 years back, but still.

Results of the week.  East - a delicate

Finding ways to deal with bullying in the army decided to celebrate even the people who are now in the army are most relevant. They were the Ural businessmen, namely collective Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant, who decided to send the army recruits (factory workers), in the words of the journalist of "Izvestia", "turn-key".

Collect means recruits at the assembly plant workers Fri, shoes, clothes, put in passenger transport and to deliver to the gates of the coming of the military, where recruits with open arms officers already waiting, ready to forge new military personnel to the country.

Judging by the plans, which announced the Chelyabinsk businessmen, soldiers, factory workers will feel in this same military unit as a home. At the weekend, if not very busy work in defense of the Fatherland, can go home after dinner can take their cell phones and talk about the beauty of military life. And at that time, the plant workers employers are looking at how to recruits in a military unit are: Does fed, watered whether to blow away dust from their ironed over the weekend days of hands zealous mothers uniforms to wash them floors and toilets special on outsourcing and stuff like that.

How would exult need for such an approach to the organization of military service. But here, sorry for the modest outlook, painfully recalls such an approach does not serve in the Russian army, and some greenhouse, from which come out great vegetables are benign.

Hunt to believe that the creator has gone too far in their own delusions, but still a little worm of some doubts about the greenhouse criterion of military service does not leave the apple of emotion from the proposed method.

Due to the fact that now many are willing to look for an option to deal with bullying (from the Minister of Defence to the Directorate pipe mills), costs, and to offer its own version.

This option is: recruits take anywhere from home generally is not necessary. To him he should come to the unit commander, in a festive atmosphere to take the oath and give the young soldier machine that mom fighter, brushing with pride of his son with tears of emotion eye should carefully wrapped in a towel and place it on the bottom shelf linen closet, writing a snow-white paint on the door "SHHO", I mean storage cabinet gun. Once a week, a fighter himself should visit a bath (sauna can be can be VIP-sauna), and each day has to wait for the machine, razvozyaschey soldiers' breakfasts, lunches and dinners (sushi rolls) directly to the home, to somehow survive all the hardships of military service. Well, if you come to the gate of the Russian land, the fighter has to get the machine out of the closet, to take a position hidden under the bed and his head in his hands, lie still without wiggling — perhaps by pass … During this time, my mother and father a soldier must prepare his own daze dembelsky album and a dress uniform, so that at the end of the 100-day's rest fighter was able to walk through the streets of the town and looking at their badges, considering how well the army he served. All — demobilization! Educating men and the wife took! And no hazing for you.

And were the gifts? ..

In the week working visit of Vladimir Putin to Ukraine. It was planned that Putin and Yanukovych w
ill discuss gas issues accidents, the possibility of Ukraine joining the Customs alliance, which already includes the addition of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Vladimir Putin's trip widely seen as support for specific policy on the part of Viktor Yanukovych Russian president. As part of meetings failed to agree on the mutual visits of municipal favorites 2-states in the current and subsequent years.

Results of the week.  East - a delicate

It would seem like a trip trip. Met, talked, discussed all known issues, but no aspect has not done. Eager for sensational media (especially, of course, opposition) after a meeting between Putin and Yanukovich in Yalta once said that Russian President gave Ukraine a bit if not all of the Kerch Strait. Like, oh he's so-and-so — succumbed to the pressure and decided to Ukrainians with his master's shoulder to give Kiev a whole Tuzla.

Russian opposition had to be noted, to say the typical headlines in newspapers and online publications. Here are some of them: "Putin gave Ukraine the whole Kerch Strait", "Putin is now bestows Tuzla Ukraine, and the Kuril Islands in Japan tomorrow." In general, said about the "gift" of Putin managed to almost everyone.

But when readers came to official information, it turned out that no delimitation and there was no paperwork had not been signed at Yalta, no lavish gifts to the address of Kiev (such as: the Kerch Strait or gas at 100 dollars for a thousand cubic meters), too, so no one and did not record.

After such a specific disk imaging opposition, including Kiev and salting in handy another sensation. And it quickly found the head of Emergency Situations of Ukraine sovereign Balogh. He criticized the Russian president for the fact that he was late for a meeting with Ukrainian favorite, drove in the first biker camp, and later have a handshake with Viktor Yanukovych. Viktor Balogh said that it was "shocked friendly Ukrainians." Apparently, the Emperor himself so expected arrival Minister Vladimir Putin that he ate all the bread-and-salt, smoked one pack of cigarettes or, nakidal butts on the reddish carpet, burned it in seventeen places, which led to an emergency situation in Ukraine.

For sure it is not clear whether the Ukrainian government decided to take revenge Vladimir Vladimirovich for lateness or refusal of an invitation to join the alliance Ukrainian Customs favorite still prepared in advance. In general, the presidential press service said that no agreement on this issue was reached.

Apparently, quite disappointed with the result of Putin's visit to Ukraine, active Emergencies Minister referred to the outcome of the meeting between the presidents of "fat-free". This formulation gives food for thought about the fact that he was counting Balog, a minimum of 3.2% fat from the agreements Putin and Yanukovych, but eventually got the zeros … Indeed, the situation is for the Minister for more than an emergency …

Saakashvili arrest satellite dishes

While the Russian Municipal Duma tries to fight the bad information from the Web and the armies on the ground navetchikov Russian Federation decided to go too far the Georgian authorities. Parliament one of the most successful democratized countries of the world the United States decided to arrest … satellite dishes, which in the near future, according to the views of legislators, many appeared on Georgian homes of ordinary people. The deputies decided that a normal citizen of Georgia not to use satellite dishes, for good word of Misha Saakashvili can hear and behold the most blissful, with major Georgian TV channels.

Results of the week.  East - a delicate

It is said that the satellite dishes in Georgia were arrested, and their owners to impose fines after prosecutors saw that these antennas are almost out of their own work-worn hands of ordinary Georgians gave the chief enemy of Misha Nikolozovich — Bidzina Ivanishvili. Where Ivanishvili, according to the Georgian authorities developed, there longish hand of, paw FSB, Putin-Medvedev's threat and all in the same spirit …

You can imagine for yourself how an ordinary house in the Georgian citizen knock bailiffs who noticed lurking for drying underwear owner of a satellite dish, and they say: your antenna arrested. That's freedom of speech in the Georgian … And we have something in the address of their own legislators say …

If everyone in Georgia will continue on the same path, it may soon begin arrests of toilets and water heaters Russian production, and broadcast on Channel via Satellite authorities will impose a non-synchronous transfer from the Misha Saakashvili commentaries events taking place in the country, "the aggressor."

Here will want to now the average Georgian citizen or eat Lobio chakhokhbili of his own beloved dishes — and what establishes that it is not a satellite … why not expect that the recent riders of the Apocalypse from Misha Saakashvili will be poking through the cellars of Georgian homes in order to find the radio tuned on the Russian frequency (based on "Radio" Villa ", for example). And if you went out and brought, then arrange on the central square of Tbilisi bonfire of the dishes, receivers, and water heaters that have to discover the fingerprints of Bidzina Ivanishvili.

Part II. Eyes on America!

The trio from the East

Future output of the main forces of the United States in Afghanistan has spawned some of the cash out at once in the three former Russian republics of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. To diplomatically indicate willingness to friendship with America, these three countries in the narrow eastern style hinted of, that her time has gone. Three Capitals gave Moscow to realize that she was going to lose in a strategic struggle.

Results of the week.  East - a delicate

Tajiks decided, that staying in their areas 201st Russian military base should once a year to bring their coffers a cool $ 250 million dollars. And not just 250 million, and "not less than". (At the moment our home base enjoys in exchange for the delivery of military equipment to Tajikistan). In Dushanbe, also believe that the 49-year lease for the base of — a lot. Enough for 10, but we'll see.

Tajiks seem to have put the question bluntly: either to settle their locality Americans (after all, Tajikistan borders Afghanistan), or our homeland will pay immense means for placing 201st base. Yes, immense: in fact for the lease of a larger and sverhtehnologichny base in Sevastopol Ukraine receives of the Russian Federation 89 million bucks.

Dushanbe, but not 100% sure, and even by 10%, which the Americans are going to explore untapped Tajikistan. The fact that Americans themselves have not yet decided. Therefore is negotiatin
g with Moscow, Dushanbe base lease, which should end in the first quarter of 2012, and has not ended. The eastern side of the talks stalling, waiting for transit solutions America.

First, in June 2012, it became clear that NATO cargo transit will go through the countries of Central Asia. The Alliance has entered into agreements with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan on the use of their territories for the export of military technology and equipment from Afghanistan. This is said NATO Secretary-General himself. Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that the alliance will receive a "new abilities and a reliable transportation network."

Tajikistan in the transit list were not, but were Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

In contrast to the thinking of Tajikistan, which States not yet cherished, Uzbekistan operates more openly. Geopolitical swing "back and forth" has long become accustomed to the authorities of the pendulum and can be predictable: a closer look to America and the West, followed by Russia.

As it became clear that the Pentagon in the foreseeable future will be useful bases in Central Asia, Uzbekistan quickly began to improve democracy and began to gain momentum human rights.

Tashkent on June 28 sent a note to the CSTO Secretariat to suspend its own role in the activities of the organization betrothed. This is the second Uzbeks out of the CSTO, which could be predicted in the autumn of 2011, when Hillary Clinton, having met with Elyor Ganiev — Uzbek Minister of Foreign Affairs — unambiguously said, that Uzbekistan today "is showing signs of improvement in the human rights and greater political freedoms," and Appropriations Committee of the U.S. Senate approved a law that allowed America to give Uzbekistan funds for the purchase of military equipment.

In such a situation, when the lure of America and a number of its democratic friends, Our homeland is not a lot of exciting.

This week, the media reported that the Eastern trade with Russia was opened and Kyrgyz. The lease term test base of the Russian Navy anti-submarine weapons, 338-th node connection of the Russian Navy and seismic Fri special control service of the Defense Ministry is based in 2014. Not tomorrow, of course, but on the eve of U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, which will happen at the end of the same in 2014, it is already possible to dictate the terms of the new Russian Federation.

These same new condition outlined on the day or the head of the Defense Ministry of Kyrgyzstan Taalaibek Omuraliev: "Inflation in the yard grow by leaps and bounds, everything becomes more expensive. Based on this, we asked the Russian side to raise the rent in the procedure of allocation of cash. "

The position of the ordinary and clear: you would pay a lot, and cash.

According to an old agreements from 1993-1994,., Moscow is not obliged to pay for the agreement "live" means. Instead of the rent of the Defense Ministry pledged to prepare military professionals to provide Kyrgyzstan and Kyrgyz army equipment. In general, since 2008, these commitments by the Russian side not performed. But in March 2012, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has reported on repayment of debt to Kyrgyzstan in 15.5 million dollars.

Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan as before pulling. "Cash" — it sounds good, but Bishkek as a lazy student-achiever who is standing at the blackboard and the teacher fearful, hunted all the time to hear a hint. But America does not give a hint to hurry, wanting Losers torment.

That's why Omuraliev and did not say how many of the Russian Federation will have to pay for the lease of military facilities. "Manas" — "Manas", and when opened not long ago, transit through Pakistan, the Yankees are, of what (more precisely, from whom) to choose.

All three of the Russian Federation in the CSTO allies have forgotten that if they chose to allies and benefactors in America, and it is, dear, someone chooses. For example, Tajikistan can remain with nothing. If Dushanbe and is useful for Washington, it is unlikely that the U.S. privechali Tajik masons 2nd class and mowing lawns in the same way as does our friendly mother homeland.

"And we call ourselves born in a human?"

3-4 Minutka — and half the world lay a nuclear mushroom. One has only harsh South American president to give the order. Moreover, long-term thinking in a "button" will not give the president: the deadline reflection on the fate of the world's population — 13 minutes. After a couple of minutes after the head of the South American country will give the order, standing on alert missiles with nuclear warheads will flock to their targets.

Results of the week.  East - a delicate

Newly elected presidents have been informed about the "13 minute rule" surprised and came into a nightmare. They thought that a similar — simply unimaginable. "And we call ourselves born in a human?" — So commented at the time, "thirteen minutes," John F. Kennedy.

Follower of global nuclear disarmament Barack Obama came to power, did not change the apocalyptic rule. In "Washington Post" wrote: what if a rocket flew case? And if she was put villains? And suddenly — a bad relationship with the satellite?

Imagine just how Leon Panetta, Martin Dempsey or agitated whisper to the president, the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009: "Mr. Obama, you have three minutes … Fifteen minutes … 40 seconds … 5 frolic think, man Barack! Push is this damned button! Destroy Moscow! Beijing! Damascus! California! California? .. Hell, Lieutenant again contour map in the computer entered! "

Now, two decades after the war, cool, third U.S. strategic forces, including virtually all land-based missiles and some sea-based, are in a state of readiness.

Why America with a friendly president led so brutal rule? That retired General James Cartwright, former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, urged to rethink this rule. For example, you could extend the time for making the decision to start nuclear missiles. General and suggested range: 24-72 hours.

But Obama, who as president of the country in the coming weeks to sign a military annotated with the "rule of 13 minutes," probably will not change anything. General Robert Kehler, commander of U.S. strategic forces, considers, you can not shoot missiles from combat duty.

In "Washington Post", of course, you know why America does not change its own rules and terrible brain releases the missiles off alert: after all, our home does the same. While that China does not hold missiles on alert … America is our home, and that as before behold the each other as strategic enemies, keep on alert over 1,800 missiles with nuclear warheads.

As for Obama, he will keep and sign annotation simply because the fall in the U.S. — the election. Change the "13 minute rule" cause a surge of discontent president and another resounding statement of Mitt Romney and the entire Republican Party that our homeland — the geo
political enemy number one, and that Obama is secretly cooperating with the Kremlin may be that at his home in the closet, except the skeleton, even the shape of a KGB agent is. Mr. President will lose rating, and Mitt Romney will come to power in America. And the latter will reduce the 13 minutes to 1 minute.

So no need to think as if Comrade Obama — the president is not friendly …

Made in China

In America, the South American to purchase a product is not easy. Only 15% of the things sold in the United States, made in most of these United States, and 85% manufactured somewhere else. This state of affairs stems from the open economy that in a democratic and cosmopolitan state, burning hatred of the "Iron Curtain", always sung.

Results of the week.  East - a delicate

But this week, the gentlemen of the Congress for some reason did not like the dress uniform for the state Olympic team was sewn in China. "The National Olympic Committee should be shameful. I think they need to gather all this form, put it in one big pile, burn it and start over, "- said journalists Sen. Gary Reed.

Mr. G. Reid moved his brains would have read before. Fold the form in the pile, burn, and then again to order Chinese? Definitely a favorite of the Democratic majority in the Senate and with bad logic, and rhetoric. It's bad at it, and with the knowledge of the foundations of the world economy. It seems that he also does not know, and that Olympic form for American athletes, developed by the same design company «Ralph Lauren», and the previously sewn in China. Orders were located in the PRC so as to sew it half the price. Not smuschyaetsya as, for example, The Ministry of Defence of Australia ordering shoes for their own army in China. And it's nothing that the military parade boots unstuck and falling apart.

Of course, knowing that in the U.S. there were one designers, designers and policy, and Russia's apparel industry is close to collapse, Mr. Reid, and immediately to save the honor of the national team, and textile creation in the country, proposed"Let them speak at least in some T-shirts, but manufactured in the United States." In these t-shirts athletes could, His views on Reed, make the hand sign: the United States.

Certainly, a similar man-made garment will provide American athletes from the crowd of athletes, dressed in Chinese clothes. Although likely to obodrantsev painted T-shirts with markers will not allow either to the opening ceremony, nor to compete.

But where to find South American odezhku in America? This senator did not elaborate. He looked at a house on your own tags shorts, socks or shirts. Perhaps they are similar tag on the front clothes Olympic team. Mr. Reed also has to attend to and the question of where the markers are made that athletes will display on T-shirts hieroglyph holy abbreviation: USA

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