Results of the week. Either something is wrong, or one of the 2-hoo!

Part I. "Little raskardash"

Bryansk judicial alchemy

We all know that the Russian Federation has two capitals — Moscow (capital of the official), St. Petersburg (the capital of the north). On Friday, in our country there was also another contender for the title of the capital town — Bryansk. After the decision of the Bryansk regional court this glorious city can just get the status of a magic capital of our country. The fact is that the town came an event that in the light of the Russian democratic political reality seems nonsense. Acting Governor Nikolai Denin, who kept the sacred idol in the form of a brown member of the party "United Russia", the most blasphemously was removed from the election race referee Shkobenevoy, which is likely, the idol Denin weird way did not work. Maybe the referee Galina Shkobeneva has even more sacred amulet strength unless crust United Russia, but much much more …

Recall that the claim in the Bryansk Regional Tribunal was filed candidate for governor of the Communist Party Vadim Potomskim. He accused the head of its own political rival of falsifying signatures and the use of administrative resources in its collection. It would seem that such spells communist candidate a priori could not spell damage the stability of the party ticket of the ruling party member, but the member did was hit by the said Galina Shkobenevoy. She decided that the subscription lists are really the place to be numerous violations, and of the administrative resources of Denin was also inconclusive.

And even though its own verdict Bryansk Regional Tribunal has already endured a Friday evening, when the political (well, no matter what other) lives in the country goes into the calming track, but witchcraft slander Shkobenevoy could not go unnoticed. Nikolai Denin here called higher power, who are custodians of the sacred party membership are in the capital city of Moscow, to make the magic of the court against the decision of the Bryansk. As the higher powers were political council of the party "United Russia" and even the magic department of our country (allegedly Dmitry Medvedev) — CEC. In the end, the mother party, which is a fledgling Nikolai Denin, the CEC also decided to defend the right to candidacy current Governor of the Bryansk region in the Supreme Court.

In general, it is really out of alchemy and sorcery. Well, judge for yourself when it is the most crystal unblemished Russian courts handed down verdicts like? Neuzh a tribunal Bryansk uses some illegal potion brewed in tightly closed room to later use it to offset the impact of party crusts, tokens, and the rest of the special permit?

If, moreover, the Supreme Tribunal recognizes the correctness of the judge Shkobenevoy, then this lady just can incriminate in chernoknizhnichestve and bring the whole people anathema … Well, it is in this case we are not talking about the famous "FWIW." If you go, then Galina Shkobeneva immediately be reclassified to the rank of a good fairy.

"I hosyu zeleto …"

PACE session, which was held in Strasbourg, there was a strong focus Romanian politicians to the Russian Federation. At the "Military Review" has already covered the subject matter, as has been concerned about the state of human rights in Russia speaker Giorgi Frunda. But Frunda was not the only Romanian, who had claims against Russia. Decided to go even further sovereign Romanian senator Badea. He called on Moscow to return to Bucharest treasures that once Romania has asked the Russian Empire keep in their own bins during the 1st World War. Russian authorities since a petition against the Romanian side accepted, but only after the end of the 1 st World Bucharest decided originally to thank Russia for its assistance: it took so occupied Bessarabia, which at that time for more than 100 years was considered for Russia. This angered the coming to power of Vladimir Lenin, and so when the Romanians zolotishko demanded his back — he showed appropriate gesture and said, that Bucharest initially returned Bessarabia. In general, the situation has come to a standstill, which was exacerbated by the same fact that the Romanian troops in the 2nd world together with the Wehrmacht fought wars against the Soviet Union. What is then the return of Romanian gold from Russia … It is not enough, in 1947, on the very Romania was imposed indemnity of 300 million dollars. No, not that I did not quite Romanians returned — a generous portion of the gold Nikita Khrushchev transferred to Bucharest, but that in the case of the "treasures of the Romanian nation," it was decided to put a bullet because the volumes of Romanian debt to the Soviet Union and, therefore, superior to Russia all imaginable and unimaginable limits.

But here Viorel Badyu and its ideological ally Tudor Pantaru this event is not confused: return, you know, gold, and that's that! However, in the Russian Foreign Ministry does not sit born yesterday. The representative of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation with honed the diplomatic language show and Bader, and Pantaru and others eager for gold Romanian politicians around the same figure, which he resigned in 1918 from his fingers Vladimir Ilyich along with the rest of the control of the proletarian Russia …

In general, an initiative of the sovereign Badi PACE session rejected, even though all the same hinted of, that it must necessarily return all the countries of PACE, which must be something. Except that a person who hinted debts of, stubbornly forgets about the debts of their own countries to Russia. If we consider what volumes of Russian aid came in the so-called socialist countries, then we ourselves fit to expose the complete collection of all accounts for our "partners" on the other side of the border with the EU.

And in general, love to take all the gold, and somehow did not return. And what is our homeland in this respect worse? .. Romanians would store their precious metals with cuts in their own BEAC box office, and then there would have to be sovereign Bad valokordin after PACE swallow.

The army in the garden

Took shape in the week a new round of controversy that has been associated with the ongoing Prionezhsky region of Karelia in the military doctrines of the Western Military Area. It would seem that nothing improper in the conduct of Russian military exercises on Russian same area can not be, but just to do if Russian territory though, but still private …

Recall that in September, the inhabitant of the Karelian town of Shuya saw briskly marching through the streets of the village people in the form of Russian troops. As if this was a local inhabitant should be glad for the beauty of order and bearing of men, but only for the soul of Vladimir Ustinov (and specifically mentioned was the name of a citizen) was cheerlessly. The fact that the soldiers were marching not only on the streets of his native village, and on his fields. It would be nice pomarshirovali and went on a special testing ground, which should be carried out and various exercises. But not here … it was about 4 thousand soldiers and officers decided to stay specifically on farmland farmer Ustinov, organizing their training ground here: enclosing the area by truck, pit latrines dug, set up a tent and having adjusted APCs … In general, during the exercises, according to Ustinov himself, these same four thousand troops managed to completely trample tenderloin peat layer and kill the entire c
ollection, which is planned to collect the farmer. But instead of agricultural crops, Vladimir Ustinov had to pick up trash and fertilizer entirely different kind — from the ground, which is in the accessories.

Well, in general, the scandal could not go particularly far away, because who else we will have to listen to ordinary landowner, but only poured oil into the fire of the head region of Karelia Prionezhski Mrs. Cecilia. Namely, Chechil said it was exactly she gave permission military units to carry out exercises in the countryside farm Ustinov … So that is how wide the possibility of regional chapters in Karelia, they can effortlessly manage the property at least some person living on the territory of the republic. But here's the question: why not give Svetlana Chechil good the Ministry of Defence to hold exercises in your own personal backyard, in your own kitchen fighters would soups yes porridge cooked in his own bedroom sheltered would be more tired of the exercise department fighter and garage would provide for the repair of armored vehicles …

Now Mrs. Chechil decided to defend himself, but a very unusual way: it stated that the doctrine — the case of state significance, and Ustinov nothing special for Prionezhski district did not … Is that still, clear allusion to the farmer Ustinov missed opportunity to "negotiate" with timely implementation of which the soldiers marched past to his private land?

On the days of the tribunal ruled on the illegality of the authorities in respect of private property Ustinov. And this decision chapter Prionezhski district also wishes to appeal. Apparently, Ms. Chechil can not realize that she — a bureaucrat, head of the district, not Pillar noblewoman and mistress of all, without exception, on the ground parcels entrusted to her country, whatever she wanted …

Distribution of elephants and gifts

After visiting Russian President of Tajikistan, the president of this Central Asian republic received from Vladimir Putin immediately a few gifts. The first gift to the 60-year anniversary of Emomali Rahmon has a sniper rifle, and gift number two steel assurances Vladimir Putin that our homeland is ready to shelter in their own areas of new migrant workers from Tajikistan. After all, how much more space, not stacked tiles as wall unplastered, well, "Olimpstroy" now just unfold the full program there. So the second was a gift should please Emomali much larger than the first, perhaps, and he did.

How did this sudden justified brotherly love Vladimir Putin to the sovereign Rahmon? The fact that the Tajik president has decided to not only extend the term of Russian military base on the territory of Tajikistan for 49 years, and give it the most realistic diplomatic status. Now the military, which at the 201st RMB are serving, will be outside the jurisdiction of the Tajik.

In general, both presidents were generous with gifts — specifically, such a conclusion is imposed. And in fact there is nothing, and can not be helped: we wish to have an outpost in Central Asia, means we will be preparing to receive visitors from Tajikistan in large quantities. Soon the train festively dressed Dushanbe-Moscow and Moscow-Khujand, hung with colorful balloons and ribbons, still more will be pulled in the direction of the capital, which the accession country to the south-west has become a truly elastic. This Moscow-stretch. It is now becoming clear logic of the authorities when they decided to increment area terrain capital city: it turns out, were just expecting new labor migrants from Tajikistan, who will need to fit in some places.

Now, in addition recognizable metropolitan areas (Taganskii, Presnenskiy, Mitino Cheratnovo or Sviblovo), maybe there will be new geographic names: Rakhmonov Monadboevo and Tursunzadoevo.

Careful, the doors are locked! Follow the station — Saidbuhronuddinovo. Next lovely ladies voice duplicates text in Tajik. What do you want — to go on reciprocal concessions …

"We drove the bears on a bicycle …"

Another progressive proposal about how to fight with a lot of accidents on Russian roads, Russian lawmakers have endured. At this time the distinguished representative of the Federation Council Mrs. Zabolotnaya representing the Committee on Social Policy. Tatyana took the initiative to conduct a traffic police check not only the cars and bikes, but still … bicycles. With all of this senator is confident that the production bike on account of the traffic police can somehow reduce the number of deaths on the roads.

If the initiative of Senator Primorye will be perceived positively, every Russian must be great to get a unique registration number. It is not entirely clear whether plans Tatiana Zadorozhnaja establish registration plates on the tricycle, which are also what-no, but ts, driven by the power of children's muscle.

Even more difficult question may appear with a tandem bicycle, because in the case of what the inspector may ask the wrong (head-he is able to sit behind the back) …

In general, the initiative of the Federation Council senator fully determined, and therefore should not be surprised if you visit the circus you suddenly see a bear, pedaling is great with a numbered series of "EKX" …

Part II. "Spies there are spies …"

100 40 kilos of explosives

What causes candor on the Web

Nowadays, Web helps the police. The terrorist went today such that he could not keep his mouth shut. Prerequisites to two: a possible killer hunt to scare their own opponents and become famous even before the black case — and why he's on the Web knows about his own plans, and to-do often leads, and to be sympathetic to other terrorists publicly acknowledged, and even letters to Vuzovsky superiors wrote — with the dangers, obviously. And never occurred to him, simple-minded, he has long been on the police hook.

A Spanish boy '21-old inhabitant of the town of Palma de Mallorca, decided this week to end the hateful students and give back to society in general for almost all deadly insults which it is, accursed, he was dealt. The name of this young man does not call the police — in the interests of the investigation.

5 months of patient police watched and watched the angry student. In the end, he was arrested when he purchased neither more nor less, and 40 100 pounds of explosives — in order to lift into the air the whole Balearic Institute. Order and buy bombokomponentov student did the same over the Web, where previously wrote about his own enormous sympathy for the outstanding Yankees Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. These guys in 1999 destroyed the school, "Columbine" 12 people and wounded 23. The Spaniard chose not to simply do what they did, and move into the first ranks of the heroes of the terrorists, surpassing even the famous Breivik.

On the acquisition of hazardous constituents consistency vengeful student and tied vigilant Spanish police. It happened on October 3. In the light weight to the premise with 140 kilos of substances necessary for the production of explosives, was all that is needed — from ammonium nitrate to the test tube.

According to investigators, members of which often read comic books instead of a blog network of young chemist, a guy well versed in hazardous ingredients. Several bombs containing shrapnel, he was going to sort through high school and then to power. When
you activate the bomb, he could have died, but his hatred for the students, teachers and society was so great that he was ready for what is right and die.

We arrested seized diary, on the pages of which the young Spaniard wrote about hatred of society and led plans for the dispensation of the massacre.

Incidentally, the first hater planning their own classmates just shoot. This is the police, it became clear from the diary. Young chemist found a variety of methods to obtain firearm — and illegal, and legitimate, but it did not work out. Traders instrument avoided a student at each step of treplyuschegosya own blood massive plans and legitimate license to the trunk was not given. That's why he decided to make a bomb.

Need to see, just unscrew those screws that have more or less, but cemented Western society. Yes lad would take to solve the difficulties of the usual peaceful way — with the abuser to leave the corner and nakostylyat him or get slaps from it — but no, it is necessary to lay 100 40 kilos of explosives in the institute. Even myself is not bad. Society, whose members lose the instinct of self-preservation, is doomed. Comrade Buchanan is right: the West will not survive until the end of this century.

Russian with a gun

From student to suicide one step

More than a month is a Canadian clinic Russian Denis Telyakov, language school ESL student in the province of Alberta. August 18 Russians arrested by the police, accusing him of the dangers classmate. According to Lena Romanova, sister of Dennis, a prerequisite for the arrest of his brother was just a bad joke in the address management ESL schools and 1st of students. With the latter, Denis had a "love triangle": like the Canadian student from Russia, which was partial and Denis. Telyakov gruffly replied classmate and headmistress decided that these words are a real danger. Denis said that, the police did not open, so that in the history of snow-white spot appears. Denis himself as annoying though it may sound, can not say anything, and the headmistress and classmate, apparently, do not want to.

The fact that the chamber preparatory detention isolator Calgary Remand Centre, while 24-year-old Dennis was asleep on his head decided to dance a two cellmate. Perhaps they did not like that Denis was coughing in his sleep. One of the bullies already admitted that the Russian student was beaten up just like that, without preconditions. Now both Canadian villains threaten to 15 years jail.

And Denis can now only move his fingers and toes, open and close his eyes. He breathes through a tube, and can not tear his head off the pillow. British language that he was going to improve in Canada, he completely forgot.

If thugs of the camera is more or less clear, with a fellow student — no. Maybe spring is straightened conflict, sending a guy in the bullpen towards disaster, because of the traditional Russophobic move his opponent. Canadian Denis threatened: "I will write to you Russian terrorist, and you've got a gun." The headmistress, who caught a scrap of conversation must have accepted the "gun" for the truth, and love her Canadian did not object. Where Russian, and there guns and bombs. All Russian on deflotu armed, all the bandit and terrorist hatching plans aimed at accession to the Russian Union of Canada. That is why the police and did not report to the public that there were for "threatening statements," the headmistress with a Canadian student is appropriate to remain silent, and the prosecutor's office, not finding a joke Denis personal offense, here takes the charges against him.

The kid-Canadian, invented the gun from "Russian terrorist" is in no hurry to come up with a Kalashnikov rifle, a loaded magazine pouch, a kilo of TNT and detonators in the wardrobe in the Russian girls, which he loves. Even the portrait of Anna Chapman on the wall in her room, not pushes it to the right idea …

Texas Network of Russian spies

Score one for Mitt Romney

This week in Houston (Texas) alert the FBI immediately took eight Russian spies. All these clever men and the girls were true, the Yankees. In general, for eight and found four Russian passport.

"Russian spies" from 2008 to 2012., According to the FBI, the U.S. Department of Justice shared, engaged in what is delivered in Russian microelectronic chips for traffic lights. Russian savvy smart enough chips of American traffic lights to put on these things, which in Russia are used to induce anti-submarine warfare systems and a lot of why. Here's to you and microelectronics "dual use", which is from the United States over the hill can not be exported. Buy it at every corner in the United States is possible, but export is strictly prohibited.

Ah well exposed valiant FBI Russian Texas network under the title «Arc Electronics», headed by Comrade Fishchenko (which now shines from about 12 to 75 years old bullpen).

In 1-x, spies immediately became clear that if Russian interests in the Americas traffic lights means something is unclean.

In-2, on the website of the metropolitan office «Apex System», which collaborated with fellow Fishchenko, indecent efbeerovtsy spotted two figures: one was an aircraft carrier, and the other in general — a rocket. No such images on the Web site is not, but the South American agents say that Russian them "removed".

B-3, Fishchenko already bad as like something snatched from the U.S. authorities. He said the South American Tipo authorities that did not serve in the army in Russia, and in actual fact — served, and not just in the construction battalion, and in the Russian military intelligence — in Berlin in 1980.

Fourth, in the sticky hands of agents got pismishko in Cyrillic, in which Russian efesbeshniki plain text to someone complained Fishchenko and his companions arrested today in complete, that here the serving of a / h 35533, which are associated with ZAO "Arsenal" and the Company is already associated with firms fellow Fishchenko appeared technical problems due to poor quality of American chips, and should be, he says, these chips to send more.

Well, by such evidence did Americans could not pass. And the chief, and employees «Arc Electronics» instantly changed the status from suspect to accused. With the South American laws is simple.

One only "USA Patriot Act" of 2001 provides a variety of agents from the government's ability to implement a wide range of options: follow the bad citizens to have access to their personal records, monitor financial transactions, close the account, to get into files with educational, medical and general what information you want, listen to telephone discussions, and read the electric post and the message "Skype" (which has long been bought with giblets and "Microsoft"). In this act of terrorists can enter the demonstrators at least some sense — from pacifists to the defense of ecology and animals, not to mention the traffic lights spies.

And that does not just climb files, watch and listen, and legitimately separated from the society of spies and terrorists, in 2011, the United States entered into force yet another legislative document — Empowering Act of National Defence. It transmits various kinds of anti-state case in experienced hands, for example, members of the army or the intelligence services, and completely removes the legal affairs function, ie, can be detained for life at least some rights, including the South American citizen. To imprison a person in jail, according to the law should only South American government's assertion that those here and those comrades — they are terrorists. Russia's better, we are 64 teeth in the mouth, and all sharpened ratfilem.

The FBI and prosecutors filed a major acknow
ledgment: that the Russian spies tried to hide military applications in microelectronics. To receive this confirmation, agents, of course, used the democratic South American laws giving them the right to meddle in the lives of "objects" in the most do not fool around. In the dialog released efbeerovtsami 2-defendants Posobilova and Savina, efbeerovtsam did not like that first alerted the second, that, say, by the introduction of electronic certificates were fishing boats, and not the court, which may appear as part of anti-submarine warfare.

The head of the FBI Houston Stephen L. Morris (he whole two years investigating a case of espionage) Russian friend of America does not believe. Mr. Morris says, "While some countries are going to use our technology to produce economic benefits, many countries, militant belonging to the United States, seek to strengthen their defense capabilities and to modernize their weapons systems at the expense of the American taxpayer."

Participants in the case face charges of conspiring to illegally export technology in the laundering of funds, and another of obstruction of justice. And that is no longer impeded, the very first of them appeared before the high-spirited South American federal tribunal Posobilova companion, not only handcuffed, and chained to a chair at the waist and ankles. In the end, that really approve new cool war of old values, the press made a recognizable expert on Russia, Doctor of Military Institute of the U.S. Army special State Security Stephen Blank. He said that the Russian company that cooperated Fishchenko has business with the Russian military and spetsagentstvami. Blank believes that illegal efforts to obtain chip technology from the United States and more than everything and more than covered, and so is the last 12 years. In his view, it is an integral part of the policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin concerning applets to upgrade weapons.

But the main evidence of Russian espionage was comparing the Yankees accounting records office Fishchenko and budget expenses of, passing through the Ministry of Defense. An analysis of how black and snow-white in the newspaper "Washington Post", referring to the pochetaemoe agency "Associated Press," revealed "striking similarity between fluctuations in gross income« Arc »and defense spending in the Russian Federation over the past few years." So according to court documents in the case of Russian spies.

And at the same time the unfortunate naturalized Yankee, which for convenience, you can declare Russian affairs, attributed the samples received from the American people the simple data on U.S. nuclear weapons and about U.S. policy toward Iran. Yet somehow our businessmen were interested in information about the leaders of the CIA and Congress.

Oh, do not dig there! .. They collected information about the CIA, and they gathered information about the FBI.

Our Foreign Ministry has promised to take a hard life spies, which shines half a century bullpen, and at best, half a month (this is the secretary).

In the meantime, as they say, Mitt Romney had a big success in the first round of the presidential debate with Barack Obama — such that the incumbent even dropped in the ranking. "Spies there are spies," and because Romney warned, enemy number one known — Constance Bonacieux Our homeland. Obama says it all about the "reset" with Russia, and at the Congress of the Democratic Party have been some reason the screen shown in bolshennom Black Sea Fleet ships, symbolizing, in the views of Democrats, the South American sea power. There obviously something does not add up …

We say — Obama mean — Putin

The case of Roosevelt and Brezhnev lives and overpowers

Not only with a massive fleet and traffic light South American spies punctured comrade Obama. The failure of it in the fact that not so long ago was discovered following fact: in the idols of the U.S. president not only Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Vladimir Putin. How so? After all, the latter — a staunch supporter of totalitarianism that the journalist was confirmed by Kim Ziegfeld whole collection Fri: a) vyshvyrivaniem of thought Mr. Gudkov b) violation of the rights and freedoms of Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister, and c) the final strangling the Web in Russia, d) undemocratic external policy that carefully maintains the President of the Russian Federation, for example, giving a puppy is not English or German premiere of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Hugo Chavez, and the elections in Belarus are calling "free and fair". Not a lot of Comrade Putin drove from its own barbaric country internationalist United States Agency for Development (USAID).

But Vladimir Putin is far from America, but Obama …

We, well-read Western propaganda, wondered what exactly Putin and his authoritarian followers and eliminated the "Radio" Liberty "Stealther methods depriving it of licenses for frequencies — and, it appears, did it right out of the white houses Comrade Obama!

"What Obama has done in response? — Writes the journalist. — He designed outdo Putin and closed the "Radio" Liberty ", which literally served as the voice of America in Russia."

So Obama and earnest — an agent of the Kremlin? After all, he, in the views of the American journalist, "deprived the 10's of thousands of radio listeners in Moscow alone access at least to some vague hint of the truth. Russian democracy advocates were deeply shocked and condemned shall be conducted by Obama's policy of appeasement, saying that he threw not only their trust, and South American values. "

But it's not all that made the traitor Obama, on the way of authoritarianism and stifling freedoms subsequent direct and inflexible course of its own elder brother, the ideologue of Putin: "But Obama, meanwhile, has gone even further. After Hillary Clinton, he promised Putin to continue to fight vigorously against all of Western economic sanctions related to the human rights situation in Russia, and even interfere with how future attempts to take such measures. "

And you voice — and 40 EuroPRO 5,000,000 dollars for the Syrian opposition! Obama gives these millions and builds a European missile defense shield for …

Comrade Obama had reached the point total of the capital condition. Previously, he quietly worshiping one's own idol — Franklin Roosevelt, who was in America at the time it was the local Brezhnev, a lover of the concentration camps and the man who, like Leonid Ilyich, sat on the throne until his death, too, considering himself something of a king. Now reddish Rounded corner office hangs a portrait of Vladimir Putin. The President of the Russian Federation, Comrade Obama is taking correspondence lessons of totalitarianism, hoping to stifle the working-age population of the U.S. in the grip of crisis management Gulag. Nepoprostu Department of Homeland Security of America buys hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition and special equipment in Guantanamo until now swarming executioners tseerushniki, and "Order of the food supply", adopted March 16, 2012, may, at any moment to take effect — and pass under the sole control of the President of all energy sources, all civilian traffic and introduce conscription in all purposes …

Fatter, all fixed. The process is irreversible

South American Spieshpey

If Comrade Obama will meet someday put under the gun recruits — in full accordance with the "Order" dated March 16 — then it will have only one discrepancy. But to solve it it fails.

Not so long ago in the United States released a report titled "too fat to fight." Military experts write that the number of fat men of military age in America is growing at an appalli
ng rate. Today's date ozhirelyh Yankees in age from 17 to 24 years has exceeded 25%, and undermines the Pentagon's plans.

In the case of a serious conflict, including domestic, will mobilize just some. Because obesity is rejected three-quarters of potential recruits. Others do not pass the draft board because of past trouble with the law. Those very few who still allowed to repay the motherland, will be required to practice yoga or fitness, to throw off 20-30 pounds overweight — is to squeeze in hebchik.

Not enough of these fighters are at risk: after all, excess weight leads to an increase in the number of non-combat injuries and losses. And on their additional medical care Pentagon spends billions of dollars each year — is at the moment.

They say, Michelle, the wife of Barack Obama, tried to train military fatties wits instead of donuts and munch lettuce, but they did not listen to her, rightly pointing out, "You say, there Barack silencers gallons of honey beer, cheeseburgers and pork ribs have a snack, and for us, means you can not? "

In the end, when the United States will happen socialist revolution, skinny and hungry will go into opposition against which Obama will be able to put a few battalions oplyvshih polutoratsentnerovyh warriors. We do not undertake to imagine how these fighters for democracy do march, pushing each other, slipping on cheeseburgers and puddles of Coca-Cola, breaking legs, hands and hearts grow cold forcing financiers from the Pentagon in charge of embezzlement of medical care …

Bombs for democracy

Do you think that Syria? You are wrong!

While Romney gaining ground in the Russian spy scandal, which have become so welcome Obama (davneshny agent of the Kremlin and Putin pal, according to rumors), acting president of the United States has decided to increase the rating of several other ways. Vlezshi have at one point in Libya without Congressional authorization, Obama is going there again zhahnut bombs.

The Republicans seem to be completely pecked him. They say, and little to fight terrorism, and ambassadors to kill him, and the "Arab Spring" encouraged for good reason — there is in fact solid "Muslim brothers" who take money from America to bring about the destruction Yankees — and all this is not to mention the suspicious friendship with Russia, which is aware of the mind can not even McFaul.

In short, Obama has decided to make a strategic move of the knight, in other words "drones." He decided this Oct. 2, the decision was hidden, known only in the highest circles of the CIA and the two or three uncles from the Pentagon. But freedom of speech in America is such that on the same day fellow Eric Schmitt and David D. Kirkpatrick from the "New York Times" told the world about the hidden mission of the CIA and the Defense Ministry in brotherly Libyan ripe for a full and final democratization.

Obama is about to fatally punish those militants who were involved in a deadly attack on a diplomatic goal in Benghazi. Once the Libyan government does not want to punish anyone, then he will punish Obama. Joint Operations Command is already motivated packets containing detailed information about the suspects (top secret, the suspects — group "Ansar al-Sharia"). While decisions on the order is not accepted, but generally implies that the Pentagon, in collaboration with the CIA organized strikes and will make a special raid — similar to what was done to destroy bin Laden.

Unmanned spy planes were already flying over the eastern Libyan soil.

The Libyan people will naturally oppose U.S. bombing, but what was the Libyan people to overthrow and kill Gaddafi? What we have — do not store, lost — we cry.

* "Or something happened, or one of the 2-hoo!" — A phrase from the cartoon "The investigation lead balls."

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