Results of the week. Excellent sets out an infection! Train, Kitty!

Results of the week.  Good sets out an infection!  Learn, Pussycat!

Range of enemies, but there is one salvation …

Before the coming of the surveyed week South American voters could not determine a single candidate from the Republicans, who will stand up to Barack Obama in the upcoming presidential election. And that day X, appear to come. What else can unite South American society, if not the fact that Russia has publicly announce the first and main opponent of the United States? Such a trend is rapidly "saddled" candidate Mitt Romney, who became almost national hero. All, as they say, and do-it: you call Russian opponent «number one», and will be for you a huge South American happiness.

These words of the Russian Federation that emerged from the mouth of a Republican Romney became a typical answer to Barack Obama, who at nevyklyuchennom microphone quietly Dmitry Medvedev after the presidential elections in the United States will maintain "a more flexible policy with respect to the issue of missile defense." Romney quickly grabbed this gaffe Obama, saying that he leads the Yankees by the nose by flirting with the enemy number 1.

After such statements Mitt Romney have supported even by his competitors in the inner race. Mr. Santorum as general said he would be happy if Romney will invite him to discover the vice presidency. Romney was inspired after the words of the Russian Federation and our old friend, and, concurrently, a hot patron of the Russian people — John McCain. He cited three reason for which the U.S. Russia on the other as the enemy number 1 can not be taken: in-1's, Our homeland supports the policy of North Korea (probably long since McCain has not updated their political library, and disable it from the Web for non-payment of a periodic traffic), in-2, Our homeland assistance to Syria (and should, according to the logic of McCain, to help weight bearded with green bands on their forehead and "Stinger" shoulder), in-3, our homeland, and this the worst thing for McCain chose, as he puts it, perpetual president. Of course, Romney is almost breathed into the aging John McCain's new-to-date pulse just presented the idea to start his tenure at this flawed world, and that in fact on some tweets about Vladimir Putin will not go too far …

But let's not put words Romney and McCain obstruction, as announcements of the week give us realize that in fact everything is explainable. It turns out that the authorities neighborhood of Columbia, located in the U.S. capital, Washington decided to plant 10 marijuana plantations … therapeutic, natural order. It is reported that even at this point in the implementation of the gifts of Washington's "garden" can look forward to numerous unhealthy inhabitants of the capital of the United States, which, no doubt, can be attributed, at least 2 persons — Romney and McCain. With all of this director of the 1st of the wellness centers of the United States Steve Deandzhelo wishes that the authorities went even further: unhealthy allowed to independently grow marijuana in their own beds and window sills, so again not to apply for breech therapeutic grass. Based on the words of the Emperor Deandzhelo can imagine that on the balcony with Romney and McCain on the windowsill already Colosio explaining their behavior lechuschee agent. Maybe soon the tourists in the United States specifically for this feature will recognize the party apartments in which these reside pochetaemye politicians. But if you suddenly Romney also wins the election, the therapeutic plantations will be planted in addition to the snow-white House. You can discover draw a picture of how barefoot Romney of early afternoon Washington runs on hemp dew, so nadergat for himself pharmaceutical leaves and then beat with its main enemy in the world Sony Playstation …

Against the background of the clinical exacerbation of the political struggle in the United States a certain kind of disease is transmitted and the United States Ambassador in Russia Michael McFaul. And this ailment can be called delusions of persecution. Sovereign McFaul even managed to Washington to complain about the fact that, wherever he even think to go after him already follow militant Russian journalists. Salting says his phones are tapped painstakingly, and electric-mail can be seen — in short, no to you, you know, his personal life. With all this, Mr. McFaul said that he supposedly respects the rights of journalists to ask a variety of questions, but here's wiretapping, tapping, surveillance and other causes he not a good response. Complaints McFaul in Washington have adopted and are even asked the Russian authorities to "deal with this issue," as a complete surveillance of the South American ambassador in Moscow.

Maybe, disease McFaul middle of the night when every sound has jumped from its own embassy bed and starts rummaging under the bed in search of bugs wiretapping of Russian journalists, then runs over to the wardrobe and tries uniforms in the middle of the embassy of moth balls and find the hiding of FSB agents.

And here there is a reasonable question: McFaul or to have already reached the plants with the Washington plantation, salted or in front of them wants to get, recalling painful for him to stay cool Moscow. Maybe in the future electric letter from Michael McFaul Russian journalists, who according to him fumble in the diplomatic post, will find the message of the content of "Washington, DC, is what? .."

Results of the week.  Good sets out an infection!  Learn, Pussycat!

"Dry" as a gift

During the week of the Lithuanian authorities have accused Moscow, a little much, in the illegal crossing of its military hardware state border of the Republic of Lithuania. Deputy Minister, or to put the Lithuanian terminology, Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania sovereign Ignatavičius said that the battle of the Su-27 Russian Air Force as much as 12 km deep into the air space of the Baltic countries, and only later returned to the area of the Kaliningrad region. Said, of course, in a trembling voice, and with the b-and-a-alshim Baltic indignation …

You can imagine for yourself what happened to the Lithuanian military, which on the radar screens suddenly beheld not the usual NATO warplane, and the most that neither is Russian fighter, relaxed coming to town Vištytis vast blue skies in independent Lithuania. And while the unit commander had to run to the reddish button labeled "Russian attacks" and say where you want to, Su-27 has waved its tail and disappeared into the misty expanses of the western Russian region.

Naturally, in Vilnius loaf that these Russian again forgotten that Lithuania for 8 years as a member of the friendly military unit in the world — NATO. But apparently, the Emperor Ignatavičius and all other Lithuanian leaders simply failed to appreciate the gift of the Russian Federation to the very Vosmiletov membership that Vilnius was going to celebrate on March 29.

You'll see, the ten-year anniversary of the Moscow membership to the same "Russian Knights" from "Swifts" will send a release in the
form of colored ribbons on the Russian tricolor fraternal Vilnius. By the way, it is possible and above the 2 other Baltic capitals to do the same courtesy room — especially during the procession of SS veterans and their young followers. These gifts will check on the Russian strength of the patriotic spirit of the famous fighters of the Latvian Legion and their Estonian colleagues.

Results of the week.  Good sets out an infection!  Learn, Pussycat!

Saakashvili in search of the Abkhaz nuclear bomb

The Georgian president on day or suddenly found the terrain of the planet Earth is still at least two places that could spread nuclear weapon. Under this "dark" places Misha Saakashvili understands Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Here it does not extend the power of light, and means here, he said, could be the most terrible things to happen and run programs from dirty nuclear aimed at the destruction of all progressive people of the earth. Where exactly considered nuclear facilities, President Saakashvili, Georgia remains a major lurking may be that on the beaches Bichvinta, and, perhaps, in the wilds of South Ossetian vineyards …

But fearing for the safety posed by such terrible danger as the Abkhaz nuclear bomb, the Georgian president decided to do some informal armed units on the border with Abkhazia. In all possible, soldiers of these units will have to be naked hands to intercept nuclear warheads that Saakashvili could see in their own beloved South American binoculars, which occurs on the lens symbol of nuclear danger in the moment when the glass is sent to the State, friendly Russia.

Apparently, in the mind of Misha Saakashvili can not keep the fact that Abkhazia and South Ossetia is the fourth year are are independent states. And the way to the "discovery" of the nuclear programs in their local area — this is another attempt of the Georgian president to draw attention to the plight of Georgia, in what is certainly to blame for the brutal Our homeland, and not himself.

Following the rules of the genre, most recently from Misha Saakashvili can not wait statements that Sukhumi or Tskhinvali by Russian soldiers cloned people, burn Muslim books, ladies and drink the blood of babies and generally conduct secret negotiations with the Martians on the enslavement of Georgia's first, and then the U.S. and the world …

Results of the week.  Good sets out an infection!  Learn, Pussycat!

My yours do not understand …

Turkey refuses to recognize Israel, Israel can not recognize Turkey's actions. During the week of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan added hot peppers to deal with Israel, saying that Turkey supports the development of Iran's nuclear applets. He said that only fools can create to use peaceful nuclear threat to the world's population.

These words obviously could not go unnoticed in Israel and Tel Aviv decided to find his own answer Erdogan's statements. And the answer was found pretty quickly: Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon, Israel invited to "explanatory conversations" Turkish Ambassador Ahmet Selikola. With all of this, as noted by a number of media Selikolu was offered a small sofa, but Ayalon was sitting on the highest chair, almost towering over a table on which there was only one flag — the flag of Israel.

Typical psychological attack on the Turkish diplomatic representative amplified to the same fact that the cabinet from the wall at him in silent reproach watched Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with the same reproach as watching a portrait of Karl Marx on Misha Pugovkina hero in the movie "It can not be … . "

To enhance the effect of the sovereign Ayalon could be invited to sit on a throne, with both sides which focuses on the Turkish's pages with large fans and Selikola land on the mat with the image of the face of Erdogan at the door to continue to know how to be friends with Iran.

What now remains is to wait for a response from Erdogan which able to find a rather weak position of Israel. This may be as good as new "Freedom Flotilla" to the shores of Gaza, as well as the publication of new maps, on which Israel will be displayed within the boundaries of 1947.

Results of the week.  Good sets out an infection!  Learn, Pussycat!

If NIRS, while Sha

Perhaps the main foreign policy event of the week was the summit of the 5 countries with rapidly developing economies — the BRICS. The main results of the summit were the following: development of a common position on the solution of the situation in Syria and Iran, as the transition to currency lending in the state. Of course, that such statements are made in New Delhi, could not throw flegmantichnymi those who are committed to a particular Western model of development of the world to the ongoing democratization in various parts of the globe. Official Washington is, of course, welcomed the Delhi agreement, but coupled with the fact stated that they (the agreement) will not become an obstacle to the beginning of the likely U.S. actions against Iran. With all of this, many U.S. politicians and economists have stated that education in itself is a very feeble BRICS due to take in the Russia. Say, if you're made of BRICS NIRS, or simply BIS, the U.S. would then be accurately supported the agreement in New Delhi. The basis of his own words that Our homeland is not worthy to be a member of the organization's South American economists and policy behold the fact that in Russia almost everything is permeated with corruption. Well, of course, gentlemen economists. In South Africa, then, for example, everything in this plan just amazing, and certainly worthy of the Russian Federation to Pretoria to carry the banner of a developing economy …

In response to this by the Yankees can recommend also exclude from its own composition of a number of states where the situation is not fundamentally as to the economy, and human rights: the death penalty, we have the crackdown on peaceful demonstrations, the facts of the use of firearms in schools, foster torture babies, new debts to banks. In this context, the term "United" from the full name of the South American country will have to clean up, leaving only the Sha … There will be such a new figure of speech, "President Sha", will alter the municipal flag and ask for help to the Turks and the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun, which can rapidly reprint the political map of the world.

Results of the week.  Good sets out an infection!  Learn, Pussycat!

Nedolechili …

Once again, the disti
nguished head of Roscosmos sovereign Popovkin. It would appear that his position is, by definition, should read about his quest to bring gallakticheskuyu branch on the leading position in the world, but it may seem to anyone, but not to Vladimir Popovkin. Gallaktichesky General said that Russian authorities infinitely many allocate funds from the municipal budget to finance gallakticheskoy industry, which in the current economic criteria simply unacceptable. In his personal calculations turned out that our home finances its branch gallakticheskuyu even better in the year to the rate of GDP than does the United States. On this basis, Popovkin spoke about the fact that if this funding will continue, we will lose Russia as once lost Russian Alliance, "inundated" by the views of the general, in "Star Wars" with the United States. The only problem, which should be decided by Russian Space Agency, shall be for the one according to which our native land will be kept in the top three leaders gallakticheskih …

Analyzing the words of Vladimir Popovkin, unwittingly come to the conclusion that the recent hospitalization obviously badly affected the main gallakticheskom bureaucrat our country. Apparently, the head of the agency really experiencing "serious fatigue", as stated by doctors. As an alternative, you can explain how his words about the fact that the time for us to forget about the primacy in space. Following the "space" logic Vladimir Alexandrovich, and you can safely turn away from these plans in other sectors, Why spend money for the defense — we have the same no opponents for what to shell out for sports — well, just think, the 11th at the Olympic Games, for which spent on education and health care — kids themselves through the Web will find out about everything, and can be treated and traditional means.

And in this general did not braked. He said they needed the most painstaking way to check the need for a new project "Phobos-Grunt". Say, what was burning in 2000, can not be burning in 2018. With all this Popovkin, in fact the case, accused the Russian academic universities in the monetary intrigued matter, saying that instead of writing a master's and doctoral work there better be really engaged in the development of the universe. How, Vladimir Popovkin, has seized the development, if sees the need for cuts in funding the industry, remains a mystery. Maybe he rents a garage for scientists in South Butovo, where they themselves out of old car mufflers and tattered stamped discs will collect gallaktichesky probe in order to it to surf the universe. But then Vladimir Alexandrovich will have to show how it is done by example? .. Save much time, you should also start with yourself and.

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