Results of the week. Flight of the normal … I fall …

Part I. The rescue of drowning — the handiwork of drowning?

FArion to Lviv chariot

In the week came news of conspicuous Ukrainian town of Lviv. Ira fArion, member of the Regional Council of "Freedom" party, positioning itself as a party of the nationalist right-wing has done everything to one unemployed in Ukraine has increased. It would seem that the city should promote the employment of members of their own urban residents, but, apparently, not the case with Ms. fArion.

This lady a few weeks back decided to take a ride on one of Lviv's minibuses. But earlier or she had no idea that the very horse taxi does not fit with the nationalist policies of her party, or on the day it was observed, speak out so that the peak of women's difficulties. In general, Ira D. had the indescribable nightmare when I heard that in the Lviv minibus plays Russian music. Initially Deputatka wanted to jump out of the car on the go, so as not to hear the little feet of the driver is not the accelerator, clutch and brake, and Ukrainian movu, but apparently, the velocity was very high, and Ira D. decided to still stay inside.

As reported Deputatka herself, she said to the driver, so he turned off the Russian music because its sound is breaking the law, "the security during the movement lack of musical accompaniment," but the driver clearly explained to Mrs. fArion, where, and under what criteria he beheld local laws.

Such Ira D. could not tolerate. By some miracle, their ears and eyes shut, she reached a suitable stop jumped out of the bus and there only was able to make hefty provided a breath untainted and not drugged moskalskoy propaganda of the Lviv air.

After that fArion said "where necessary", and after a while the driver was fired. Calling the driver "creature", Deputatka added that it will be with anyone who decided to ignore the Ukrainian language. In other words, Ira Dmitrievne before the law, in principle, the case-it was not, but it was only in the Russian-language song you are playing during her stay in Lviv.

A few years back the deputy fArion visited one of the local pre-school, where the popular explained to the children that they do not have the right to call themselves Mashami, Petyami Lizami and because it is a purely "moskalskie 'names. Need to be called only Petrykami, Natalochka and Mikhailik, and on another "go to Muscovy."

It as hard to live in this world itself fArion, which is not only popular in the name of the Russian Federation, but by the same middle name, sounding in unison with the name of Russian Prime Minister. In this regard, the city of Lviv passport office should immediately make a decision to rename itself fArion that she does not disgrace his name honor and dignity of the independent Ukraine. And in addition, the deputy should send the parcel with a gift on the occasion of her forthcoming appearance in Lviv buses. In the parcel pack cotton ear swabs (an anti-Russian listening to music), and points on the inside of the glass are glued to the image of activists UPA — perhaps, feel better Dmitrievne Ira …

Who are the judges …

Libyan judges pondered how to proceed with an appeal against the Russians to appeal the sentence, sentenced to various terms of imprisonment (right up unlimited) on charges of aiding the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. According to the views of prosecutors, aiding lay in the fact that the Russian military equipment repaired Tipo Gaddafi's army, which was later used "against the Libyan people." Now the arbitrators become excessively democratic Libya will make a decision about what will be on with the prisoners.

In the meantime, the judge breaking open their democratic head, and the Russians in the prison, as it is necessary to sit do not give. According to Russian consular officers, their (inmates) are used in road construction and repair of cars already for the new Libyan regime. Apparently, the decision of the Libyan court is directly depending on what the result will be achieved after the auto repair. If the Russians are repairing cars is fine, expect leniency new Libyan authorities are unlikely to have, but if the "podshamanit carburetor" of prisoners does not, then, you see, and send the Russians to freedom.

But if read seriously, "the rescue of drowning" is now in the hands of the Russian authorities. If a relative newcomer to the Libyan regime, which is clear who is seated on his chair myagenkie, failing to show, and then on the front of these odemokratizirovannye fighters for the rights and freedoms of man and citizen will use any ability to find more free rabsily for solving internal problems of Libya. If the rigidity of the Moscow show, then, you see, and things will appeal to more lively.

Man Merkel again rescue the European Union?

Days are held at the next summit of the European Union, which was in the main devoted to the issue of overcoming the financial crisis that hit the old Europe. Now EU leaders decided that to cope with the crisis would help them monetary alliance. It will be created with the active participation of the Euro Central Bank, which will conduct strict monitoring of all European banks. In other words, the ECB will be able to interfere in the activities of state banks and "suggest" how they needed to work, so that the wolves were fed and the sheep were left intact. It seems to be a modern and well-that criteria, but only for that to such a system to work, European banks to be useful "only" 106.5 billion euros. Experts report that, as this amount at the disposal of the banks will be (all together and looked at Angela Merkel, who must have been nervously scratching fingernails table), so immediately recapitalize the banks hold, and begin to live again, Europe is better than ever.

Plans to European debtors into everyday language, we can say that the Greeks, Spaniards, Italians and others like them again wishes to obtain, for example, from a generous German 10s billion, only now without a rigid criterion. You say, Angela, do not worry — just give us more money in the debt without mnogoprotsentnyh own tricks, and our banks too, be sure means now just take advantage of tribute manner. And maybe, Mrs Merkel would have ventured at once to get out of his own pocket the next billion, but remembered that this morning it was a bit of football bundesmashina Italians, and after all Italian politicians, led by Mario Monti, others argue for a more accommodating German. And now the chancellor will have to think about how to do so, that the euro in another hole to fall, and "italyashki not very happy," football and economic success …

Uzbekistan's membership

On the week, Uzbek authorities have said that once again suspend its membership in the CSTO. The solution for most of it was quite sudden, as by the CSTO Charter application for the suspension to articulate at least six months before the beginning of the suspension itself.

Recall that Uzbekistan has already "divorced" from the Collective Security Treaty Organization and was in the process of suspension of relations with the Organization of the Collective Security Contract from 1999 to 2006. Readers may ask: why exactly did the 2006 Tashkent again felt a sudden craving for CSTO and decided to have forgotten about their differences? The answer here common: the f
act that in May 2005 Islam Karimov had to gulp drink far more than one vial korvalola gained momentum because of the protest movement and rebellion in Andijan. Sovereign Uzbek president, knowing that corvalol not help, gave the order to shoot with automatic weapons protesters who opposed the court, organized against the 23-bed entrepreneurs. Mess used by terrorist organizations who wish to "surreptitiously" to solve their problems. After that, Islam Karimov himself suddenly realized that it was time again to join the close-knit family, entitled Collective Security Treaty Organization, to save under a leather presidency.

But as the years go by, the past is erased from memory, and, apparently, and it was erased from the memory of elderly Karimov. At the heart of the Uzbek favorite resorbed permanent scars Andijan absolutely out of the body corvalol and other adopted in 2005, in large doses antidemonstratsionnye medicines and sovereign Karimov decided to re-think about what he — a regional favorite, and there is no "odekabe-shmodekabe "it is not necessary.

But in the case of "what if something happens" Islam Karimov decided not to break with the organization, but just once again to stop it in its membership. Position, I must say, very comfortable: in joint activities while on district countries are generally quiet so smoothly participate do not need to spend money on summits and meetings, too, do not need (we do, say, to a halt …). But how to roast the bird peck Islam Abduganievich to a known place, so he will remember that you need to join again to a saving union.

In general, it is time to Uzbek President somehow indicate that, say, Islam, you're wrong, well, tightly close the gate behind him.

Part II. Enmity, contempt and poverty

Marketing pause

There is a country — Turkey. Above it is the sky. Heaven, by the way, is, and over many other countries. For example, over Syria.

But the Turkish pilots, and their strategic chiefs believe that the sky over Turkey, even more than the uninitiated it may seem. For example, part of the sky over Syria — also the Turkish sky. In the latter case — international. In other words, one in which everyone can fly who want to. Or who will give orders. And ordered to be noted in this very "international" sky-fighters in Turkey scouts. The point is, what exactly and specifically Turkish reconnaissance pilots for some reason off course, eventually falling into the very different sky.

One such Turkish spy — RF-4E «Phantom II» — a quarter of an hour circling in the Syrian sky, mistaking it for an international, then was safely brought down one of the trunks of defense, broke into pieces and drowned in Syrian waters that Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan may personally trained pilots scouts, too, at first announced international. Spitfire sovereign Erdogan little by little he came to international call international areas of Syria.

To cool down after nesosedskogo act Syrians, the prime minister waited a few days after the incident, and then he said the international community about the aggressive and despicable act of Syrian air defenses. Erdogan said"Unarmed reconnaissance aircraft was shot down in international skies. You should not take our rational response as a sign of helplessness. Our anger will be as angry, what heart was our friendship. "

Knowing full professor abilities and capabilities Turkish military pilots, sir Erdogan yet saw, yeah, the plane was in the air space of Syria, but in fact he was not there for long and, of course, all the fault of error. Well, it was a flight-training.

Having made such a statement, Erdogan did what I would have done at least some adekvatnomyslyaschy politician in his place: lamented the ruthless best friend Damascus Damascus — Moscow. Prime Minister scored a suitable room on the telephone, and he was connected with his friend Putin. Russian and Turkish sides wisely agreed on the fact that the accident incident should be investigated, and not just investigated and painstakingly.

Realizing that from the Russian president's nothing more to achieve, Turkey to implement righteous anger turned to NATO. There she heard of benevolence, nodded, frowned at the address of Syria, and the Secretary General of NATO, Mr. Rasmussen issued Pearl rhetoric: "This action is unacceptable and we strongly condemn it. I expect that such an incident will not be repeated again. If something happens, we will see, to consult and discuss what needs to be done. "

Ankara had to get out of a meeting with 28 NATO member countries empty-handed.

But the anger is anger, and a promise is a promise. Turkey has decided to take revenge on Syria because it is now accepted, if not in the East, in the West. At first parrot sanctions, and then opened an information edge.

In a flight of fancy Turks flew even further, if "Phantom" a loser. In developing the anti-Syrian campaign to press the Turkish creative experts at immediately decided to take the bull by the horns.

After meeting with other members of Turkey's NATO ended in bold zero in the local media, referring to the report of the National Intelligence Organization of Turkey, there reported that, of the Syrian army deserted nothing less than 100 thousand people. And all this mass of deserters joined the ranks of cohesive Free Syrian Army (FSA). Carried away writing propagandists also wrote that 60% of the territory of Syria came under control of the opposition.

Do not be surprised if in the subsequent week, the Turkish creative people write that Bashar Assad has voluntarily surrendered to the rebels and handed the keys to the warehouse with chemical weapon personally Burhan latrine.

The Turks could learn from America's propaganda. Te-to-track and can systematically undermine their own political concoction of tender souls …

Turkey is eager not believe propaganda and child. Accept on faith "news" about the hundreds of thousands of deserters only those comrades who seriously believe that the fraternal Mongolia now — Part of the Russian Federation.

And more. Let me call a cynic, but the Syrian response to the Earth's celestial invasion of Turkey served as good publicity Russian air defense systems. Erdogan and Davutoglu Lord, let us make excessive noise in the media for his performances, many contributed to the glorification of the Russian guns — and along the western horror in front of him. Horror, right, after which, and almost all had seen in the life of the emperor Rasmussen far not the most peaceful people in the world trembled at the knees.

In the press hinted, that the fighter was shot down by something Russian, were armed with Syria — and listed: here for you and the "Book" and the "Pechora" and the Shell "… Flown, buy it, as they say, a product for every taste and budget.

Per se plane landed under fire Iranian-made weapons, but it turned out after "commercial break."

Attorney General-switchman

South American Attorney General Eric Holder, concurrently holding the office of the Attorney General, on the day or recognized guilty of contempt of Congress. Resolution of this adopted Chamber of Representatives. "For" 255 votes were cast "against" — only 67. Congressional Republicans believe that Mr. Holder, representing the executive branch, the legi
slative branch has offended. "Insult" consisted in the refusal to give Congress documents about failed a couple of years back covert operations «Fast and Furious» («Fast and Furious"), whose purpose was to prevent smuggling guns to Mexico.

In the process of naming an operation conducted in 2006-2011., South American agents had supplied small arms weapons to Mexico, then to learn his ways of smuggling. Total agents have been sold more than 2,000 units of guns, some of which could not be returned. The scandal erupted after it was revealed: Sold gun shoots at the hands of the criminals on the ground in Mexico. In 2010, two trunks of these parties were found at the murder scene of South American border guard Brian Terry.

The agent operation was terminated, and the next year, similar operations were prohibited by law. Moreover, the ban came from the Holder. Attorney General accused of contempt said, that the scheme of operations developed and began manufacturing under the administration of George W. Bush, and he, Holder, learn more, put an end to it.

Charged with contempt in fact — artificial and politically motivated. Because personally, Mr. Holder does not offend Congress. In all povinet U.S. President Barack Obama. This is exactly it — by the way, for the first time in his presidency — ordered to lock the hidden documents in a safe Justice (it legitimate benefit of South American presidents: he has the right to refuse summons to testify or provide documents). Because, not having the ability to be angry with the other own "ideological" enemy of Barack Obama, Republican lawmakers, hoping to reduce the pre-election ratings Democrat Obama, who is a little bit ahead of Republican Romney opposed Holder.

Over hundreds of congressmen representing the Democratic Party, boycotted the vote on the accusation prosecutor. In general, seventeen iudushek supported Republicans.

Incidentally, the charges of contempt — criminal. Decision with respect to the Minister of Justice will accept Attorney for the District of Columbia, in other words, Holder's subordinate. Now Attorney Ronald Mechen will decide the fate of his own head.

So Makar, Mr. Holder has formally proved guilty is that the president did not read the documents given to congressmen and hid them in a safe deposit box. Substantially the same is his fault that the scandal with documents profitable Republicans: Points will be taken away from the Democrats and the Republicans will add that advocates in Congress are real South American values. Never mind that the operation began with the gun George W. Bush — a Republican.

Apply three bucks!

A week back, on Sunday, on the website of the election of Barack Obama appeared appeal to voters. There sadly noted that Mitt Romney may collect more money for his campaign than Barack Obama.

In the text said"For the first time in the modern history of America incumbent will collect less money for his campaign, according to some estimates, the ratio will be 1 to 3."

Not enough, the Republicans are wasting millions on television attack on Democrat Obama: just the last 10 days of June they planned to spend on the alleged non-noble goal of 20 million dollars, in other words, two million in a day! Voters are asked to think of it, how many Republicans izderzhut the attacks in the last week of October.

In the letter reported"We do not have billionaires writing checks for 10 million dollars, and at the moment we can not change the laws allowing to steal personal money democracy. We have more than 2-million ordinary people who donate an average of 51 bucks. Every day, starting with this one, and ending November, we can fight with a huge cash The advantage of our opponent and his supporters over by ordinary people. "

"Thief of democracy," Mr. Romney is projected to gather and spend beyond a campaign of about 1.2 billion. bucks. As for Obama, he is unlikely to score more than 750 million dollars — exactly as he collected in 2008, finding the way, a record.

In connection with these dire predictions, campaign headquarters asked Democratic voters to donate at least for 3 bucks for the election campaign of Barack Obama.

In the meantime, Mr. Obama is obliged to trade T-shirts (25 bucks apiece, Explains the high price so written on the birth certificate of the fabric of the President) and beg for serials stars.

Not so long ago he ate, Sarah Jessica Parker, star television series "Sex and the City bolshennom." To eat about Obama, it was necessary to pay an entrance fee $ 40,000. Previously, Hollywood has bestowed Obama: reception and a raffle at George Clooney brought the president of America 15 million bucks.

Also, Barack Obama, known for its warm attitude to same-sex couples, delivered a speech at the celebration of the day or gay and lesbian pride, held last week at the Pentagon. But the dividends that statement to him to no avail. While there was no sound of large donations from fans of the rainbow of colors, and the repairing of the secured admission by lottery. Or LGBT, which Defense Secretary Leon Panetta thanks for devotional homeland smuschyayutsya married Obama, or expect from the president that his personal opinion on the legalization of same-sex marriage will make it into law. The law, which will quickly realize the world society, one in America can be attributed to sexual minorities.

* In the title applied replica commander of the 2nd Squadron Titarenko from the movie "Go to fight some old people."

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