Results of the week. I have an idea and I think it

Part I. "Slow down you need, not the head!"

9 days in May, or the Ministry of rest

Once on the Minister of Labour Russian Federation Maxim Topilina collapsed presidential angry about "doing nothing" (in terms of contribution to the realization of the promises Labor government benchmark May 7, 2012), the emperor decided to Topilin urgently to excel — so to say, the path of understanding and redemption. With all of this, so to atone for the full program there, Ministry of Labor decided to go through people. How is different? It turned out that the Ministry of Labor found the root of all evil, which prevented this ministry to find the right approach to their own work. The fact is that in Russia, as you can see, just not enough days off, that Maxim Topilin associates offer urgently corrected.

To appease the average Russian citizen, was proposed not only to throw in the rest winter vacation in the volume of the previous 10 days (from December 30 to January 8), but also to please us with you whole nine days of public holidays in May. The concept of "9 Days" niskolechko not confuse the Ministry, and it is therefore proposed to give everyone a rest on May Day as much as 5 days, plus on the day of Victory — 4 more long day or May. Just as it turned out, we did in terms of output and prazdnichkom lag behind some states. And this gap is an urgent need to fix the world. And how we can catch up and overtake under some shrewd management — talk too much, because we do not feed bread, but give catch damned decadent West.

It is, of course, the aspirations of the Ministry of Labour are clear: people need to relax. Winter — ice skates and skis, a cordial conversation with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, wiping snow and non-stop carols, well, do not drink vodka as 10 days, in truth, the Russians will be … And in the spring — only holiday option for the whole rest of the country: planting radish, potato festivals, gatherings around flowerbeds, upgrading palisades and other commonly Russian amusements.

However, the question is, and who is, in fact, would walk the 10 +9 days? Obviously not the military, not employees of medical institutions, not representatives of business, not the police, railway stations, airports, subways, not the drivers of public transport, not the media, not farmers (in May, at least), not meteorologists. Even school teachers in the same May does not have a rest — exam on the nose … In general, these "not" you can enumerate a very long time. But then who will osculate Snow Maiden in December-January and zealous hands to plant potatoes and onions in May? Older people? So they like and so on retirement.

It turns out that all the closer and closer we come to the main heroes of this great holiday — our dear and beloved by all the bureaucrats. Of course, who does not like the ministers with deputies, a rest in the country and engage in planting crops! They are something, heart, you should definitely take a break from overwork, return strength to a month with little to go back to the great vacation … just not the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of rest for some … In this regard, the famous motto of the Russian era, apparently, Now it will look like this: "Peace! Rest! May! "

Rainbow warrior

While in the old Europe takes active promotion of families with 2 dads or 2-axis, and then by 3 moms in Russia is an uncompromising war against vice. It would seem that shocking that people try to resist the spread of homosexuality in the country and other manifestations of non-standard relationships between particular individuals? Yes, indeed, at first glance — nothing. But that's only occasionally fighting acts of war or remind clowning with obvious attempts to direct the attention of the individuals, or live broadcasts of the psychiatrist's office.

On the week came the news regarding how extremely vigilant comrades have seen on the packaging of milk products in a well-known symbols of the Russian Federation, promotes homosexuality. After the occurrence of the first publications in the press on the subject of society's enthusiasm for production even increased. People with their own distinctive look curiously decided that after all is the gayest shows on packages of milk may be that two extra happy milkman, or several at once milkmaids … But people spinning boxes and so and so, but she found nothing objectionable. Then the "most knowledgeable" people explained: the so-called sign of the LGBT community — a rainbow … Hmmm …

Specifically it as propaganda of homosexual love and allocated sovereign Anatoly Artyukh, which, apparently, in the event of an ordinary rainbow in the sky to urgently draw the curtains tightly and hiding under the covers, so as not to become a victim of evil. Sovereign Artyukh is an activist organization "People's Council". Apparently, the work of this organization tough task, and therefore its employees, themselves, find excuses to excel on the "people's cathedral" field.

The situation around the rainbow on the packages of dairy products reminiscent of an old anecdote.

Man comes to a psychiatrist.
— Doctor, I'm everywhere gay caricatures. Wherever you look — some gay men everywhere.
— Well, well, curious. And I will show you a few pictures, and you will say that they are seeing.

Reaches under the table "Hunters at Rest."
— What do you see here?
— Gay!
— How to — gay?
— And that three men are so close to each other sat down!

Psychiatrist gets sheet, which shows a dark square.
— And here you see?
— Again gay!
— But why?
— So they turned off the light, that his Zapyataev thing to do!
— Yes, sir, hard case. And I, well, I suppose, is also gay?
— Naturally!
— Why?
— Well, Well how do you have such drawings?

Apparently, the Emperor Artyukh an urgent need to have a befitting psychological help, and then never know, the blue spruce with a chainsaw will go well and the staff of a health center named "Blue gave" also can not be good …

Stepped on the throat of his song

As you know, the meteorological services were not always within their own forecasts. But now many Russians, a new version of the definition of temperature criterion on the other side of the window. However, this possibility is only for those who live far from a military unit. Determine the temperature will be followed by this: if a parade ground is heard "I fighter off!" Or "Katyusha", then — in the cold -5 Celsius and above, if the men grimly cut squares on the parade ground in silence, blowing steam from his nostrils, means must be warmed — the temperature fell below minus 5.

About to prohibit soldiers perform drill songs are in degrees-cold, took care of the Central Military Area Command. There is a concern … Only those who have passed military service a little earlier, well remember what was forbidden to sing at a temperature below -20 Celsius, but somewhere on these general prohibitions spat with the highest bell tower and yelled "Invincible and Legendary" even at minus 30 .

But at the moment the other army, the laws of other commanders were an order of magnitude more caring, and so, perhaps, will soon be a new order if the temperature is just below zero, it is not something that sing in the show of marching, and even make war impossible. If -5, now and then, "Hurrah!" At the time of the attack did not ye
ll plenty …

Here it is: a fighter sat down with a machine gun in a foxhole, shooting at the designated commander of the enemy, and the temperature gauge on a personal eye squints. As the column goes under zero, so everything — good-bye, gun! Automatic behind his back, hands in pockets, and — get out of the trench. The main thing with all of this — that the opponent is stuck to the same rules, and what is not, God forbid, his underpants and warm woolen scarf is: will, well, continue the war …

Vano helps the boss

After a hot scandal involving the torture of prisoners in Georgia's bullpen, Tbilisi, said that all of these videos — a provocation of the opposition. Say, or it was all orchestrated by the hand of partisan brain opponent existing authorities — Ivanishvili, or employees of the Georgian prisons have come under his own pressure. To somehow redeem the other day of the parliamentary elections scheduled for the first day of October, the current Georgian authorities decided to strike back at the opposition.

Namely, the Prime Minister of Georgia sovereign Merabishvili accused the opposition is that they stand up for … joining Russia. Now in Georgia, which seeks by all means look and feel of the West, and to be in a tight embrace of NATO, such a charge is akin to the most important-preglavnoy treason. Interior Minister said that the politicians who advocated the accession of Georgia to the Russian Federation is fundamentally wrong, because after such a poor Georgia will join Russian province.

Of course, these words led many priklnnyh Misha Saakashvili, the Georgian people shake fists in the opposition, yelling that she is preparing a new round of Russian occupation of Georgia and everything like that. But then it turned out that none of the numbers of Georgian opposition to join the Russian Federation did not read. It was about the normalization of relations and partnerships with the Russian Federation that was once buried the "brilliant" idea of Misha Saakashvili to launch military action against South Ossetia and Russian peacekeepers. Apparently, for the actions of the Georgian authorities of the word "normalization of relations" equal to "unite". And if so, what can be regarded as being in Georgia have long been among the American territories, as Saakashvili in this area of skin crawls out, so that all 'normalize' …

It turns out that the emperor is not alien Merabishvili information warfare techniques, which are often based on traditional misinformation. But Interior Minister, apparently not aware that such techniques can play very often, and against them that they decided to use it.

In general, the first in October is around the corner, and hence, the war for Georgia voters will only escalate. Already at this point Bidzina Ivanishvili said that Saakashvili could go on completely rigged. Maybe them with humanitarian assistance in the form of our Churov in a balloon to send? ..

— You mind? — He does not mind!

Lukashenko TsIKnul opposition

And while successfully otdemokratizirovannaya once only Georgia prepares for parliamentary elections in Belarus have already announced their results. Alexander Lukashenko said that the elections were "so democratic, that the mosquito nose will not undermine." But as they say, the mosquito, and then — the OSCE … This organization has long been characterized by a great love of the Belarusian authorities, and we must admit, Alexander G. tells her rare reciprocate. Lukashenka himself, commenting on the fact that the elections in Belarus were boring, states that specifically boring election — is happiness for the government and the people.

Naturally, representatives of the OSCE does not share the ideas of the Belarusian favorite, who led a political force won a landslide victory in elections to the Parliament of the Republic. The words of the OSCE delegation that the elections in Belarus were neither free nor democratic, because it looked as if recorded them before the start of the election itself: you know, like a broken record gives crackling and hissing sound — something like this and with the OSCE. Well, what else could we expect from this organization? Neuzh then someone thought that will come to some kind of weird gentlemen in frock coats from Europe and utter, "Oh! I am! I am! Vibory proshli just felikolepno! I am! I am! We'll go and rasskashim fsem! "Naive …

This organization, like the Belarusian Central Election Commission, is also a hunt, their kids there too, and so elections were held in Belarus. Old Man with CEC considered as the OSCE — so everyone was in their own world, in short, everything as it should be in the normal modern world where multilateralism, and nedoformivshayasya a little bit, but … If there besides their own "swamp" will keep on "control walks, "then the victory will be complete in general. How to keep them, Alexander G. better than we know. Here Udaltsov with Navalny even the fountain would not run back …

Brothel and a funeral home — the best of Greek vkladyvatelnye

For the near future, millions of pages of scribbled on the decline in the euro area. It seems to be a million first page nothing to something, but … In the week perceptible message came from Greece, where he stayed to find a way out of the crisis that has paralyzed almost all spheres of srednestasticheskih Greeks. Post informed about how the Greeks decided to lure investment in the development of certain types of programs.

Once it became clear that the economic crisis hit in Hellas, including the Sport, the owners of football clubs decided not to ask for money from the banks and energy companies (after all, will be refused), and other institutions. And, I must say, these institutions, which at all times distinguished inflated margins were quickly found. They were the funeral and public house. But really, investors are more than suitable — penny (more precisely — euro cent) of them there is always too much, because the number of people willing to use "strawberry" in Greece, even in response to the crisis is not reduced. And an organization that helps to adequately move into another world, and not have to read: Greeks, should be considered, too, are mortal …

So here, now on t-shirts 2-Greek football teams "flaunts" a very unique advertising. For players from the club "Paleopirgo" dark shirts are sewn with large crosses and the title of the local funeral home, and the players from the team of Larissa town on his chest (and could be on a different site) will sparkle … logo brothel.

It is not clear, perhaps, the players of Greek clubs now and wages will receive in kind: some coffins, and someone … well, you realize.

Part II. Praise of Folly

And Baba Yaga — against!

HRC adopted a Russian draft resolution on human rights, but America and the European Union did not approve

This week, the UN Council on Human Rights adopted a Russian draft resolution entitled "Promotion of human rights and main freedoms through a profound understanding of the common values of humanity." In the co-authors of the document there are over sixty countries, including their entire teams: the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League.

In addition to the adherents of the resolution on the ballot revealed and opponents.

No need to be a rocket scientist 7, so guess who voted against the "traditional values of humankind."

those who are such do not approve, were the EU countries and the U.S.. Moscow has already deplored, that the U.S. and the EU did not support the decision by the HRC resolution, which was adopted by an absolute majority.

What did such seditious Western assessors found in the Russian humanitarian doctrine? After all, the only declared by resolution of the awareness and respect traditional values, contributing to the promotion and protection of human rights and freedoms of its principal. In those claiming betrothed values were listed family, community and educational institutions. In the end, States were urged to strengthen the role of family, community and educational institutions.

As noted Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, "although open to dialogue and cooperation attitude of, accounting constructive proposals to a number of countries, voted against the project, namely, the United States and the European Union." The department identified: "The negative attitude of these countries, their unwillingness to work on the text and made-up arguments against the draft resolution were regrettable."

It is understandable why the EU and the U.S. voted against the doctrine, built on common values approach. Western gentlemen under the "rights" and "freedom" to understand completely what advances on the international market values of our homeland. In Moscow, despite the efforts of global human rights, juvenile lawyers, human, HIV-defense, detonation, disabled people and forest protection organizations, hitherto regarded a normal family, that somewhere in London or Washington has long been at the center put the interests of " minorities "who want to feel like the same person with the same rights as those who believe that the family — a husband, wife and kids, not two or three, I'm sorry, queers, literally dealing with platonic love (Plato adored guys).

In Britain, the foreign kids, including the Russian, who arrived in the country to train, often fall on rassredotachivaniyu in gay families, where they can be trained as "tolerance" and "non-traditional values." Gay parade in London to celebrate this year's fortieth anniversary, and on July 6, the Secretariat of the British Cabinet ministers raised the rainbow flag. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, one of podderzhateley gomoparadov in London, so makarom supported the British and international sexual minorities. More significantly — and non-traditional couples in Britain will prevail in a few years thence advanced ministers promised to equalize gay to heterosexual couples.

As for America, which is in front of the whole planet, the one President Barack Obama publicly endorsed same-sex marriage. In America, in almost all the states of lesbians and gays entirely legitimate signature in the registry office, and even get married in the church. In the middle of June to the Americas was held a day of same-sex love, and at the end of June, the Pentagon held a first in the history of this terrible event in honor of the department of military gay, where performances were noted Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. And the CIA conducted prazdnichkom gay and quite often, so that the military previously concealed envy agents.

That is why the U.S. and EU countries opposed to "traditional values of humankind." Washington and Brussels — it buggers Say "no" to heterosexuals.

These brave FBI agents

Remote investigation

Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was ordered to go to Libya (directly — in Benghazi), and to investigate the mysterious case with the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other employees of the Consulate General. Service people from the FBI had raised their hands to the bare heads and cried out, "Yes, Mr. General," but here his hands dropped and generally looked down, looking not polished shoe socks, not the reflection of their own faces in a gloomy orderly polished floor.

— What kind of garbage, my friends? — Asked the soldiers efbeerovsky General.

— No, sir, Mr. General, do not go to Benghazi — hesitantly said one of the possible zaslantsev, without looking up. — It's that … in Libya, so be it, we'll go, but somewhere in Tripoli. And in Benghazi — no, no. There's our kill.

The general had sent agents to the guardhouse and challenged others. Those 5 minutes later also got a ticket to the "lip". Making sure that none of the agents, perfectly conscious of their rights — and specifically, no general has no right to send fighters to perish without the consent of the preparatory fighter — is not going to fly to Benghazi, the general called first refused, sent them a bonus, paid for medals and add. insurance and ordered to fly to Tripoli.

In addition to the apartments "luxury" and, as usual, the 2-10-s girls in number, fearless FBI uttered for yourself conditions: for nothing not to visit city of Benghazi, in other words, the scene did not call witnesses, Libyans in the South American Embassy in Tripoli (suddenly yavyatsya witnesses with a gun and do away with this and the embassy), and of interrogations carried out not in the embassy (the walls of diplomatic missions cause the Yankees now unusual phobia) and in cars parked nearby, where there will be a lot of interviewing and interrogated. It is also in order to Libyans in the crush was awkward to pull out a grenade launcher.

If vpribavok noted that the Libyans did not want to talk to South American agents, that can be summarized as: the effect on the right track.

Dumb and Dumber

"Ninety percent," Carlyle and Spencer

English Prime Minister David Cameron in the old days had to answer the common question of South American TV host David Letterman. Last asked First of who wrote the patriotic song "Rule, Britannia!" and what is "Magna Carta."

Mr. Cameron was trained in popular education: Eton and Oxford. But he did not know who wrote the patriotic song. Transfer to the British «magna carta» («the great charter"), this man also could not. Can not cope with the test, Cameron said: "You catch me! Now my career is over. "

In general, near W. Bush, who could not show on the world map of Iraq, and Australia to be confused with Austria, Slovakia with Slovenia, and APEC with OPEC, or Bill Clinton, who considered Macedonia, Montenegro, or Obama, believed in the fact that the car invented in the United States and 57 states in America, or Angela Merkel, at one point to look for Berlin in Russia, Cameron wins in a certain way. What a long time in the past are the days when Britain 'rules the seas. "

Today, America is trying to rule the seas. First, in September at the Congress of the Democratic Party of the USA pushed patriotic speech retired Admiral John Natman. Weight screaming: "U.S.! USA! ", And behind the back of the speaker on a wide screen picture on display with warships, designed to show naval might of America. All anything, but at the end of the speech is one smart man, show traces of a jubilant mass, explained to the admiral that, say, a radar-that the ships are not ours, names written in Cyrillic on the sides, and of great flags resemble Andreev. In general, these Black Sea Fleet ships, not South American.

Western politicians to provoke various kinds of nonsense is masterful. This, for example, trades in the Canadian duo of comedians "Masked Avengers": Marc-Antoine Audette and Sebastien Tryudel. This week gay guys played none other than UN Secretary General Ban
Ki-moon. One comedian called him on the phone on behalf of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Joker has apologized to Ban Ki-moon, saying, that fails to arrive on passing the New York convention UN General Assembly: the fact that he was busy laying their own hair with superglue.

They say Ban Ki-moon denounced comedians.

But Sarah Palin, who in 2008 was a female candidate for vice president of the U.S. Republican Party, to the end of the conversation with a representative of funny duo had not realized that her act out — despite the direct hints.

During the conversation, Audette issued themselves as French President Nicolas Sarkozy and said to look out for the pre-election struggle in America, it helps adviser to the U.S. Johnny Hallyday. Palin replied that familiar with it and knows about it. And in fact referred to Holliday — French rock musician and actor.

Odette referred to the Prime Minister of Canada, "Steve Kars", but Palin did not see even that.

In the end, the comedian gave Palin that his wife — Carla Bruni — has composed a song for her. And voiced its title: «Du rouge a levres sur une cochonne» («Pig in lipstick", France.).

In the end of the conversation comedian pretending to be successfully Sarkozy said that he liked the documentary film about Palin, called «Nailin 'Paylin». Female candidate for vice-president on it said, "Wow, thank you very much, yes." But «Nailin 'Paylin» — is a porn film, starring that "plays" on the outside similar to Sarah Palin actress.

The bait of "Avengers in the mask" across Elizabeth II, Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy, Mick Jagger, Bill Gates and other prominent personalities.

In France one aristocratic family was calculated for their stupidity seriously.

48-year-old Thierry Tilly for a couple of 65-year-old Jacques Gonzalez for 10 years fooled family of French aristocrats, pulling them out of a total of 4.5 million euros difficulties. Generous family of de Vedrine had to realize everything, including not only the ancestral castle, and even wedding rings and silver forks to pay the man, allegedly defending their persecution immediately Masons, Rosicrucians, Jews and pedophiles. Rogue de Vedrine assured that they are missing the descendants of the society "The global balance." Tilly gave himself as a representative of the old order, fighting against the forces of evil, and for super-agent … NATO. At the same time Monsieur Tilly was a confidant of presidents of all States in the least what matters. Accomplice as Tilly — Gonzalez — according to legend, ran the secretive grandees, which also protect the family. For bolschoy solidity Gonzalez himself as a cousin of Spanish King Juan Carlos.

Thierry Tilly so intimidated members of the French family intrigues Freemasons and pedophiles, leading the hunt for the treasures of the Knights Templar that aristocrats completely disabling brain.

Both accomplice were caught when the 62-year-old Christine — the wife of Charles-Henri de Vedrine — escaped from prison in a separate room (relatives believe that she knows the account number at the bank, which holds the hidden treasures of the Knights Templar, and tortured her), and complained to the police …

The current week are not stupid crowns a long history with the "kidnappers drain" and the small pearl of physics, issued a worthy successor of George W. Bush Mitt Romney.

Mr. presidential candidate for the Republican troubled by the fact that the aircraft … no vents.

Romney recalled the case with his own wife, Ann. The aircraft in which she flew, came on, and the pilot made a critical landing. No one was hurt, but Mitt Romney given Comment: "When the fire in the aircraft, you can not leave it, and besides, you can not let outside air into the cabin, as the windows do not open. I do not understand why they do not open. This is a large discrepancy, it is very dangerous. "

The laws of physics do not trevozhut Romney, he is concerned about the safety of air passengers, including care and as a presidential candidate. Completely may be that Mr. Romney, having become president, will move through Congress decree under which the South American aircraft will be equipped panes. Thanks to them, each passenger at any moment will be able to relish a breath, and when ignited to release through the wide-open window of the smoke out. However, the smoke there's fire, and "breathe" passengers do not have time. Or they will burn like a cigarette, or less if you're lucky, fall from a height of 10 km — from that collapse the fuselage. In short, vote for Romney — he not only will raise the economy, and make the South American aircraft reliable!

Following in the footsteps of another Republican, George W. Bush, M. Romney succeeded in turmoil. Speaking in August in Des Moines (Iowa), a presidential candidate — incidentally, expressing compassion — confused Sikhs with the sheiks, "We are honored by a moment of silence in memory of people who died in the temple sheikhs. It was a real disaster for many, many reasons. " Here again, Romney "misspoke", saying that "the sheiks — these are some of the friendliest people that just may be."

We often ask questions for yourself: why silly people rule the world? Why do silly people — and suddenly millions of state? Why silly people sitting in the deputy chair, teach us the life of the TV and pass laws?

A half-century ago reversed Herbert Spencer, referring to Carlyle, clearly and lucidly explained to, what was going on (see "Representative government and what it is useful" in the book "Experiments scientific, political and philosophical", Minsk: Modern writer, 1998).

"The theory goes — we read in Spencer — that if citizens particularly interested in the fact that I may not bad government, to give political rights, they would see in the wisest and best rulers. <…> Listen to the interview on the farmers market and tell me how many it hears the mind, which is necessary in order to assess the mind in another person? Read the spectacular Speeches made at the polling meetings, and you will appreciate the true intellectual development of those who can draw such speeches. <…> Carlyle stated: "… if nine out of 10 people are obvious morons, which is the usual proportion, how can you expect that these 10 people, putting your balls in the ballot box, will be served for the voice necessarily wise? .."

Those who wonder what in the United States eight years ruled George W. Bush in November and that Americans can choose for president Mitt Romney (who, for all his "reservations", was able to earn $ 230 million), forgets about the "quantitative excellent "90% of the public wrote Carlyle and Spencer, Lucian which in ancient times was called" thick-skinned people "and Jack London in the" Valley of the Moon "took to the" two-dollar heads. " These "two-dollar head" and decide the fate of the country by their vote, and even the world. After all, Mitt Romney or Bush, or others like them, they say to the voters (the essence of buyers) one language.

Our Chekhov in the address ninety percent expressed cautious of Jack London, but also put it: "We should not humiliate people — this is important — he wrote. — It is better to tell the man, "my angel" rather than let it "snap" … — And Chekhov graduated idea — although the man … more like a fool than an angel "(From a letter to his uncle, ME Chekhov, January 18, 1887 year., p
. by: AP Chekhov The Complete Letters of 12 volumes. T. 2. Nauka, Moscow, 1975. S. 19).

As for the business and the millions, the mind is just a hindrance. Economists confirm the "Woe from Wit": "… Of particular the brakes on such factors as the case, the luck (" being in the right place at the right time "). <…> … Intelligent capabilities have had on the amount of individual income less impact "(see: Financial Theory / Ed. Ed. Vidyapin VI, A. Dobrynin, GP Zhuravlevoj, LS Tarasevich. Moscow: INFRA-M, 2000. pp. 596-597).

Here's to you and answers the question of why Americans can elect on November 6, Mitt Romney secured (approximately 46% of the electorate at the moment ready to vote for him, according to the polls). How would Romney defends the interests of a narrow handful of multimillionaires, far from the middle class, and from the poor is separated just parsecs. Also in America — a crisis. Where does 46%? And that half of those 90%.

The other half of the 90% will vote for Obama — just as this part of the electorate does not want the United States to become even worse.

What will the other 10 percent — do not vote, spoil the ballot, have fun at the "meetings" candidate A. Zombie — is not essential. Choice — for ninety percent. Themselves elections in that case fits the title of a Hollywood movie, "Dumb and Dumber."

While trying to think 10%, 90% try to succeed — and not surprisingly, that one of them out CEOs, the leaders of parties, senators, governors, presidents. Of the 10% loving wisdom, how about an old Greek Plato dreamed, the rulers of the countries do not go out. After all, the people they do not usvoyut.

* "I have an idea and I think it" — a phrase from the cartoon "Thirty-eight parrots."

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