Results of the week. I spoke to him was: taverns and women bring to tsugundera!

Part I. "It does happen, it will soon pass …"

Almost got burned on the green

UK in search of articles for the ex-Minister Serdyukov

Finally, the investigators were able to pick up TFR GVSU option for a possible charge of Anatoly Serdyukov. Wondered what could …

Picked up a long time. Already even the Anatolia Eduardovicha several times for questioning as a witness summoned, but the ex-minister of ours — the flint. That is silent without a lawyer, the lawyer is silent — in general, do not just approach it. They decided to use a different strategy and approach to the figure, not giving into the teeth, with the rear. They say: what you Anatoly E., think about such an object as Astrakhan recreation "Rye" in the Volga delta? If, they say, have forgotten, because "Rye" — a base that belongs Puzikova Valeria, the wife of your sister's home …

Began to remember Anatoly E., well, the picture began to take shape in his mind. Wonders: is not it or is it "Rye", which prior to my arrival at the Defense Ministry were only zigzag back roads, and later all of a sudden began to lead a good asphalt transportation arteries at the cost of 18 million rubles … I do not, or is the "Rye", where the coming of military they send soldiers, conscripts, that those engaged magnanimous deed of landscape design, rolling square kilometers of new lawn, and planting trees — free, of course … And it is not, or is the "Rye", where in 2011 rested themselves Dmitry Anatolyevich and Vladimir Vladimirovich, in snow-white pants and dark glasses udivshie fish over the side of beautiful boats.

Investigators means, and they say: the right idea, Anatoly E.. Only here Dmitry Anatolyevich with Vladimir sexually fish there and back, went up to the house, but a relative of yours has desired to continue to use your official capacity as a direct retrieval of personal outs …

And here too there was a contagious laugh lawyer Anatoly Serdyukov — Sovereign Padua. Laughed batiste handkerchief and wiping his tears are shown in the corners of my eyes from laughing, Henry P. said, and what did you, kind sir, my client is suspect? .. Neuzh something that he is personally Fit fighter on the rolling green lawn? Neuzh something that paved the way and that causes damage to the Ministry of Defence budget? Yes, all your accusations eggs not worth a damn, for the road at the moment belongs to the military authorities, and it can realize it and wish to recover the costs, and the men — the fighters? Maybe they were fighting in general spetstrenirovkam, rolling in the grass and camouflaged by the terrain seated in the base of trees.

Investigators head scratching, thought, well, strengthened in the faith that Anatoly Pavlovich with Henry E. — grated rolls, which lawns and seedlings can not take. And if you do not take the ex-minister, decided to get even the least big personalities — like Ryabykh Nicholas, who was accused of signing agreements with some obscure company "BIS" at a time when Ryabykh HOZU senior position in the Ministry of Defence has not worked … Of course, because Ryabykh have no Padua … And so perfectly silent, as Anatoly E., he can not …


Petition for orphans in Russia is a new ministry?

Degree of incandescence in the discussion of so-called "antimagnitskogo law" in Russia is not reduced. Someone is openly critical of taking a decision on the law in the sense that prohibit adoption Tipo Russian citizens of South American kids — a real sacrilege. Someone said on the contrary, that sacrilege — it sbagrivat limit for Russian orphans, the belief that the problem is solved. In general, the passions are boiling, opponents ready to battle one another, and even face each other rastsarapyvat — for a speedy confirmation of self-righteousness.

But the law is passed, and crush the spear on this occasion and one, and the other is useless. But it is too late to speak in terms of the number of received media disk imaging on the ability of the creation in Russia of a ministry that will deal with caring for orphans and children left without parental care. This idea has reportedly been put forward by the authorized force in the Presidency for Children's Rights Pavel Astakhov.

No, child care — is, of course, the main thing. As they say, children — is everything. But that's only confuses the fact that for the care of "our everything" requires only the creation of the ministry or other similar institution.

Many will ask: what, in fact, there is such a vague too? .. But somehow at the very mention of the ability to perpetrate another department who will be responsible to solve the problem of that or other, immediately comes to mind the idea that where the office is, there is his manager, there half a dozen of his deputies, with a half dozen deputies 10 — ka advisers, deputy special representatives with alternates and advisers advisors … But it all together referred to as the new economical costs, and not the fact that they will go only to the care of Russian orphans.

Zapyataev similar suspicions and insinuations of the creator of the course, and did not appear would be if all the available ministries and departments of the country ran like clockwork and not shaken at times by corruption scandals, cases of misuse of funds and intrigue smaller.

And so, never know, will appear in a certain country "OboronSirotServis" palace in personal control which over time will take so suddenly show up next to the boxes "bryulikami 'newly gained conscientious and back-breaking labor for excessive care of orphans. And then what? Sergei Shoigu, Tone? Naturally, Shoigu — option. But he is still busy on another front.

Georgian special services with the lens shaved

The new "achievements" of Georgian democracy

In the week one of the centers of attention in the post-Soviet space again became Georgia. Then the big sexy scandal erupted in what have been implicated high-ranking bureaucrats and intelligence agencies. As it turned out, particularly the parliamentary elections in Georgia, where a victory, as you know, celebrating "Georgian Dream" Bidzina Ivanishvili, intelligence agencies have been working, speak out so that specific character. On the instructions of the head of the department of military officers sovereign Legis Kardava in the country was held typical monitoring sexy representatives of minorities. It turned out that these same minorities are found on the slopes of the Caucasus mountains. Entertainment them were shot on the camera, then the materials are provided "heroes" for personal reference. Like, my friends, if you do not want, that in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and beyond — everywhere know that you are experiencing hot feelings for members of their own sex, then please — help our grief — to work on us and Misha Nikolozovich at the same time. No, you do not properly understand … so do some work like you used to, but just try to meet with prominent people from the opposition camp (at that time the opposition — approx. Creator), and only then be able to go on his own path: to love these people full program there … And we are your strong male love zasnimem on video, and of the people-is "jammed" your face will show — the pins of the first inclined policies of the camp Ivanishvili.

And freshly baked special agents of the Georgian special services rushed to reconcile himself with pleasure … Contact begun, so what! .. Some Georgian television showed even the most secure of them live, zapamyatyvaya display icons 18 + …

But now, when the founders of the lyrical meetings on illegal apartments are specified, Misha Saakashvili is again under attack. P
oor, poor Misha Nikolozovich. Well, just the whole blame on him now fall down … That war, the torture in prison, now that's generally up to the gay scandal has come. More significantly, and generally "bunga-bunga" Berlusconi, a la the banks' Aragva and Hens "vskroyutsya …

Of course, quite upset, acting president of Georgia has decided to sweeten the bitter pill of the opposition and his own favorite work-worn hand of the president of the signed document on a large amnesty. In Georgia, waiting to see what will come out to freedom, only those who at one time spoke out against the policy of Saakashvili, but Misha Nikolozovich, as they say, to heap more and criminals freed by staging a remake of the cool summer 53rd: hot winter 13th.

After such a step and decided to bury him. Yes, yes. Specifically so. In Zugdidi, several thousand people have built a coffin, in which the president spent (yet symbolically) to another world: the place where heaven and prosperity — in general, to resign. For the fact that Saakashvili has unleashed its own post early in Georgia have signed a million people. That's the love of the people to the main Democrat and liberator … How it all began: the crystal unblemished police, Georgia-NATO Bhai-Bhai, tangerines non-GMO and other joys …

Moldovan passion for flags

New Restrictions on flags and heraldic symbols of the official Chisinau

Last attempts of the Moldovan authorities to eliminate the country's history. A ban on the introduction of Russian symbolism in the form of a hammer and sickle Chisinau was not enough, and so it was decided to conceive a ban on the use of heraldic and their similar signs and objects that were not registered Ministry of Justice. With all of this descent was not quite clear what exactly are going to prohibit independent Moldovan authorities. But later, in a number of local publications publications appeared views Moldovan opposition politicians who explained the nature of the initiative. It turns out that the Chisinau "barrel roll" on the flag of victory (even without the hammer and sickle), also on the red-and-blue flag with the emblem of the old Moldavian principality. As you can see, the authorities did not like the fact that in almost all the towns of these flags are used to perform those or other special occasions.

Prohibit the introduction of flags or does not prohibit — is, of course, the case of Moldovan politicians. They want to ban something that is not written in the Ministry of Justice of the country — in principle, please. Well country on the path of independence … But only if Kishinev going taboo reddish flag and its own old heraldic symbol, then it should be shared and many more which prohibit, for example, flags of the United States or China. Not enough that both flags are hardly had time to register with the Moldovan Ministry of Justice, but to all other Chinese flag is very much rich reddish color …

Official Chisinau, perhaps, in its municipal flag as a reddish color would rebuked, but here, you know, neighbors, Romanians can not support, and of Ukraine vpribavok ponder that Moldovans stealing her flag and flipped vertically to hide the "character of piracy" .

But there may still be unclear situation with Angola to draw. How would react the Moldovan authorities to Angolan pinion and machetes that all kind downright provoke democratic Moldovan politicians to form a clear graphical likeness of the hammer and sickle … Here Angolans in general or to Moldova to not start, or if you so desire to plunge into the Dniester, let your own flag in order to cause …

Love our Motherland — your mom

Three skins from the 1st deputy

Another impressive initiative offers one of the most active members of the State Duma Sergei Zheleznyak convocation today. He, along with several other members of the parliamentary faction "United Russia" has decided to attend to the moral views of contemporary Russian media. Concern is that now is a particularly sensitive one person can record the presence in the media or any other means of disk imaging neprelichnyh words and here we turn to Roscomnadzor who perceive all measures to shtrafanut media for foul language.

With all of this the fine stipulated the following: If a mother is deigned citizen (as in the bill), then he has to pay 2-3 thousand, if not refrain from expressing strong officer, he will have to pay from 5 to 20 thousand rubles (apparently regardless on the strength of witty), and swearing like a trooper ring face legal, so here Zheleznyaka deputy group offers a fine of 20 to 200 thousand rubles. And as the mother of entities! .. As they foul language, their mother's leg through the arm … Editor, where are your scissors? Sorry, broke …

The law, of course, focused on the protection of Russians from amoralki — do not say anything. But that's not entirely clear on what basis will be determined by the amount of the fine, and as Roscomnadzor will catch the citizen who entered, for example, on the website and the media in the comments deigned to write a "how it all here like" or "laid flourishes" live radio …

Of course, that it will have to take additional measures. Namely, initially worth touching Materiel: delimit words on slabomatershinnye, srednematershinnye and especially matershina. And this, in turn, will need to open a special committee of the Duma, which will be special dictionaries profanity, specifying the amount of penalty for the use of the media or any other term. Desired to speak out on the pages of the publication in terms of where you want to send the interlocutor, the creator or the other person, so be prepared to immediately couple of thousand … And if suddenly you are in the moment of writing Matyukov at runtime, it is ready to 20 thousand. Well, quite bad deal if you wilt three-story expressed for and on behalf of a legal entity (for example, the excavator plant or factory farming). Then the deputy Zhelezniak with Roscomnadzor with three skins in general you will remove …

Part II. "When the lame logic, the brain loses its sense of balance"

Peel the lady should be on the face, chest and tummy


"Domostroj", teaches Russian hostesses to the accuracy, frugality, order and cleanliness in the house (just before the "izmyto and scraped and wiped out" and to be in the house was "like voiti in Paradise"), reminiscent of her husband's formidable debt that arose from the owner immediately, as the wife of shied away from the sacred obligation to conduct a house. A spouse should be able to not only "wife nakazyvati every razsuzheniem", but rather than this "is not listening and does not heed, and not boittsa", and apply a more sensitive measure of punishment, if "razsuzhenie."

That spouse's relaxed, "Domostroj" recommends spouse take pletochkoy and otstegat little wife as it should — behind closed doors, not in front of the servants. Quilting, you need to teach her mouth. Giving his wife's ear or eye "Domostroj" is not recommended: it's spouse may be blind or deaf. Kicking and smash his fist on the heart the same is not recommended. No need to beat his wife with his staff or chop anything steel. As for the whip, then you need to peel it carefully, "sense and Bolney and creepy and healthy." Before you start to peel, you need to take off his shirt with his wife. Flog whip should not for that horrible, just horrible in case of disobedience or neglect.

Slightly different scenario education wives developed modern Islamic creators living in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Mohamed Kamal Mustafa, the writer of labor "Women in Islam", for example, believes that the lady is bet
ter to peel rod — not very thick, because the attacks have to bring her to "not physical, but spiritual suffering." Of course, the spiritual re-spouse will be the faster, more precisely prove blows inflicted by her caregiver. What are we? And the fact that the creator of the book encourages spouses to "strike the sensitive parts of the body: face, chest, belly, head, and so on."

If we imagine that Mr. Mohamed Kamal Mustafa, threatening those ladies, breasts, tummy, "and so on" rod (well, not a piece of rebar), there is a page in some "Facebook", you can imagine that in his Friends, readers ladies do not belong.

There are, in general, and much softer outlook of women's forms of punishment. Dr. Ghazi Al-Saud-Shimari claims that the peel lady's face is not worth it. Here are other places — is yes. Only blows should be not strong.

George W. Bush, as governor of Texas, adopted a law in accordance with which the offender should orally or in writing, notify the victim of further crime, with more than 24 hours before it occurs. The warning was necessary to describe venturing sin, and on another tribunal recognizes that there were aggravating the incident.

Dr. al-Shimari, in full agreement with the excellent legal constructs Mr. Bush believes that the spouse has to warn his wife about the number of strokes that she is about to receive.

This special Arabic advises in other cases (perhaps especially Myagenko) beat his wife with a toothbrush. Progressive scholar disapproves of wife beating glassware, for example, plates or bottles of water. We do not recommend it and strike with a knife.

And here is another specialist teacher. Someone George Bousquet, the creator of the book "Sex Etiquette in Islam", said that by beating the ladies … the main thing is not to cripple yourself. Ladies, you know, there are various. The writer advises, "skinny woman … peel cane, full — open palm, and strong — a fist."

As for walking sticks and fists are not convinced employees of TV channel "Al Jazeera", the leading weekly applets "Sharia and Life". They believe that physical violence in general education only for the lady who "perceives this process is normal." If the spouse is unizhaema corporal punishment, then peel it should not be.

That's how it is. And who "perceives this process is normal?" Masochist?

Then the other went to the creator of the book "On the management ladies in Islam" Asha Hassan. This fellow talked to him, for what and when to peel spouse. Physical method of education is appropriate in cases where the spouse refuses to smarten up before meeting her husband, treats religious commitments, leaving the house without permission, and does not want to meet the needs of sexy wife.

All of these teachers — with rods, sticks and fists — completely rule out the fact that the orthodox, dealing blow after blow to his wife, he may be so far removed from the sample, that lady just right to give him back. Teapot, vase, or at least the same toothbrush. In the hands of "strong" ladies she can transform into a severe gun. And if the wife is in the other hand for the safety net will iron or poker …

Norwegians are becoming a minority in the state of Norway

And the Finns are going to learn the Russian language

If a terrible trend that found on the days of the Norwegian scientists to continue in the coming years, then by 2021 in Oslo schools pupils who speak Norwegian, will in an unenviable position.

Over the last 5 years the number of schools where the Norwegian boys and girls were in the minority, has increased from 40 to 58. At the turn of the XXI century, 31% of pupils in Oslo were those who at the time was defined as "minorities" — those for whom the Norwegian language is not. A decade later, their share had risen to 40%. There are schools in Norway, where the "newcomers" are 80-90 percent of the students. In Oslo 16 schools where more than 75 percent of students — the "minority", and 6 schools, where the fraction of even exceeds 90%.

The actual majority of the population, according to the views of the Norwegian observers in the country at the moment are immigrants under the age of 18 years.

Another problem — in Finland. Previously, there were studied intensively in Swedish schools to talk with the Norwegians and Swedes, now residents of the province of Eastern Finland find it necessary to learn Russian. Finns lively trade with Russian, drink Russian vodka, they say with Russian tourists themselves well and go on tour, and why — for what they Swedish? In addition, Swedish will soon be obsolete: "Swedes" and "Norwegians" in 2021 will speak Arabic.

Yet the president Sauli Niinistö says that "it is not necessary to oppose the Swedish and Russian. In the interest of our young people to offer a maximum capacity for success. " However, as claims Finnish edition «Iltalehti», according to a new survey, about 90% of the population in Eastern Finland is in favor of substitute school lessons learned Swedish to Russian language. The Finns, especially those who are younger, have smell, where the birthplace of real success …

Greek resourcefulness did not disappoint

About how Berlin Athens owes

If the Latvians, Estonians and Lithuanians — huge fans of the Nazis liberators, the currency traded compensation for "okkupantke" of the Russian Federation, the Greek stuff is made of different stuff. Means they are today demanded just the Germans. Say, attacked, invaded, destroyed infrastructure, failures caused, olives our eating, drinking wine, oranges snacked, our ladies used — and now we have an economic crisis due, so start paying. No, your past, millions of us do not motivate. Let's billion!

The reason for the crisis that began in Greece in 2008, is specifically in the actions of the Nazis, said hard-working producers of olive oil. After all, the Germans out of the country a gold in store, and vpribavok forced local authorities to give them a great debt. As can be seen, if Germany is now thriving, it must lean his wealth plundered Greece, where people do not have enough money for petrol for the "Molotov cocktails."

Formidable member of the Greek Council of State on German reparations Aristomenis Siggelakis got up and announced, that Berlin has to pay Athens 108 billion euros for the destroyed during the second world war infrastructure. Germans still owed to the Greeks 54 billion euros for the occupation. And not counting interest. Siggelakis have not had time to count them. Member of the Board gave to understand what lies ahead — additional claim for compensation for the destruction of archaeological treasures Germans. And after all this, it's time for a personal reckoning with the victims of Nazi atrocities. In short, Greece will not be anyone who would be deprived of bounty announced by fellow Siggelakisom.

To the Germans quickly paid, the Greeks began a campaign to humiliate officials of Germany. Businessman Dimitris Triadis plying between Germany and Greece, but prefers to live in Germany, at the airport in Athens found open wi-fi network that bears the title of «F … Angela Merkel». Wi-Fi network was available free of charge throughout the Athens airport.

Earlier Triadis thought that the Greeks are grateful to Germany for their financial support. "Among my friends there is not the 1st, who would not or could not tolerate our Chancellor of Germany," — says he zapamyatyvaya that lives on two homelands: Germany and Greece, and without specifying whic
h of the 2-states inhabited by his friends.

The Germans, as you know, the chancellor and earnest love. But here's the Greeks Angela Merkel on the covers of other magazines dressed in a Nazi uniform.

As for fellow Siggelakisa, he could recommend to the Germans, who are just about to expropriate the Yankees and the French part of their gold supplies, transport it directly to Greece.

A smoke, comrade?

About cannabis plantations in the streets of Pyongyang

In North Korea, all of cannabis smoke. For methamphetamines in this closed country can be shot, but the hemp ("un tampe"), there is growing along roads and even on the streets of Pyongyang.

Samokrutochku of marijuana can often be seen in the blackened teeth valiant soldiers of the Korean Peoples Army. There, it is preferred to ordinary tobacco. In particular vserasprostraneno smoking marijuana, according to rumors, the missile troops.

Ordinary citizens of the same country to smoke grass, wanting to distract from the serious work, people. It is clear: if a person buys a bottle of Russian vodka or "ink", the North Korean, vorachivayas through the streets of Pyongyang from the factory, do not forgets to pick "a bunch." Incidentally, the Russian has to pay for a half-liter, and the Koreans are often a product for free.

But folding cigarette, Korean as careful. God forbid, inadvertently Scuro portrait of the leader or his father. May recoil from the mortar.

South American lobbying got to school

And Obama will make impeachment

Steve Stockman, a congressman from Texas, said on the days of the U.S. president makes "anti-constitutional and shameless attack on the fundamental principles of the republic," and for this he, Stockman, he initiates the function of impeachment.

Mr. Stockman — one of those over whom hovering shadow of the U.S. National Rifle Association, the head lobbyist guns in America. By the way, this powerful, influential and very rich organization plans for Saturday "Day of votes weapons."

NSA sponsors often almost half of Congress, preferring the "hawks" of Republican. For example, during last year's election campaign for the purpose it was spent over 20 million dollars. Under its "roof" live and thrive various "social" organization. NSA has a consulate in almost all states of the country. One of the activists — Alex Jones with an opposition website, where he bosses handful of amateur journalists alarmists, chamber choir singing the praises of a gun, then the Second Amendment.

The organizers of the "Day of votes Arms" We wish that the Americans have this day bought as many handguns, rifles and ammunition.

Intensely fronting the campaign on "disarmament" of Obama and Biden, the people of NSA, who consider themselves a sort of "good men with guns", after the brutal, very much looks like a paranoid, December appearances on leading television channels in January went to the people.

Not so long ago, in the states of Ohio and Texas were free 3-day course of shooting training for teachers. Their organizers uttered, that the purpose of employment — to prevent disasters like the one that occurred on December 14 in Connecticut. On courses run by the Association of firearms Ohio, enrolled more than 900 teachers and other school employees. And in Texas, four hundred places for teachers was not enough, and the organizers had to expand the program from.

Equipping teachers, NSA took up the children. She has developed and released an app for iOS, which task — to teach a child shooting firearms. Children will be able to practice shooting at targets motionless and move around with pistols, "Beretta", "Browning", "Colt", rifles, M16, AWM, SVD, MK11 and, of course, a Kalashnikov. At the same time, this free utility advertises NSA activities.

In an online store «App Store», to sell the program to the iPhone and iPad, the app got rating 4, in other words in the program not found "questionable content", and a toy kids can play at the age of four years.

So Makar, NSA very seriously fussing about who will enforce its interests in the near future.

In the meantime, the association is armed inviolable second amendment to the constitution, in educational institutions of America continues to "speak" firearm. A little more than a week in the U.S. there were several violent incidents, and accidents.

January 10 a 16-year-old pupil opened fire shotgun in a school campus Taft. Two were injured, one student with serious injuries from the shot went to the clinic in perpetuity. School staff managed to persuade the offender to surrender to police.

On the same day it became clear the incident to the school of Alabama. There, police arrested 13-year-old child in a bag that the lesson of physical culture were found a loaded gun and a knife. The boy explained to the police that he had been at school izymatelstvam and therefore brought the gun.

15 January two people were killed as a result of the shooting, which took place in the evening at the local institution in Hazard, Kentucky. One person was injured.

On the same shooting occurred Tuesday at a college in St. Louis (Missouri). Institute student entered the building, wounding one of the first employees of the institution, and later shot to his chest. The victim and the offender himself in serious condition were taken to the clinic.

Finally, on January 17 in a first grader's portfolio one of the schools of New York City adults found a loaded pistol. The gun was confiscated, and the boy sent to the police for soul-saving conversation. School in Queens, which is visited by seven-year-offender has been temporarily closed.

This child probably already played with a toy from the NSA.

What will now be in America, where on the one hand Obama favors arms trade restrictions and other lobbyists cleared propaganda, it is difficult to imagine. Alarmists in full scribbling stateechki gloomy about the future civilian war and secession of Texas, lobbyists, stuffing their own stores 'Glock' own beloved repeated slogan: "Fires are not a gun, shot a man," and class-conscious citizens of the United States at the age of 7 to 20 years are going " samooboronyatsya "or avenge the insult by Papkin shotguns and Mommy's" Zig Sauer "or AR-15.

In any case, if you start talking at once three hundred million U.S. barrels lying in anticipation of day or «X» in the houses and flats, of the "leader" will horns and legs. He would kill himself. With the second amendment.

* "I told him, read: taverns and women bring to tsugundera" — Hunchback of speech from the movie "The venue can not be changed"

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