Results of the week. Im talking about the same thing can not think twice!

Part I. "In our case the main thing — it's realism"

"The vessel is in what emptiness? .."

Natalia Pereverzeva "My Our homeland — a beggar"

Let's think together: what is required to win the damsel in international beauty contest? Naturally, a great figure, longish legs, gorgeous hair, and large — cute appearance. Of course, from the standpoint of at least some understanding of healthy and something in the female beauty of Russian men — all of it is. But the jury of international competitions of Russian men are completely absent. And trust it to assess prettiness of women from different countries of the world to those individuals who are struggling with self-defined gender. Realizing this, the girls from among the contestants go, as they say, all the heartburn, that present themselves because of the lust of the jury. That is why emphasize his fine form at international beauty contests (and even intergalactic) level almost foolish virgins, here it is necessary to come up with something that can make a remembrance for those "undecided zhyuriteley through life."

And here's one of their participants, and specifically Natalia Pereverzeva representing Russia, invented something original. She decided to hit the Kursk's own insistence on the jury immediately — right off the bat. Responding to the opening question that leads her to be proud of their own state, Natalia said about the subsequent:

"I have always been proud of the state in which I live. I can not imagine myself without it. My country — that's all I have all the people I love, all that I dearly. My Our homeland — a colorful, warm, patched quilt, but it's so nice to get under it a winter evening, when the other side of the window sweeps the blizzard. "

At first all is well, figuratively, poetically. Well, is not that "patched blanket" could cause some mixed reviews. But to dismiss all kinds of rumors, kuryanochka slapped on these sayings, that even the worldly-wise and having heard rumors of sensation in his stomach by surprise.

"But my Our homeland — bored and suffering from a country torn to pieces savagely avaricious, dishonest, unbelieving people. My Our homeland — the largest artery from which a few "chosen" people pumped her wealth. My Our homeland — a beggar. My Our homeland can not assist the elderly and orphans. With her as a sinking ship, fleeing engineers, doctors and teachers — because they do not have much to live. My Our homeland — a never-ending war in the Caucasus. This fierce fraternal peoples who once read as the same language, and who are now forbid to teach the language to their own schools. "

Oh, and then it was about Pushkin, and about Plisetskaya, and books about music, just for the audience, all these words have been on duty in the background blasts just thunder. The whole world is out of the mouth of the Russian, God forgive me, krosotki, learned that she almost broke the contest "Miss Earth" from the clutches of the beggar clawed and drowning in the blood of the country, that Pereversev from poverty of their country owes enough sleep under a blanket covered with a patch, listening to Kursk to the incessant roar of cannon fire wafting from somewhere near Makhachkala …

So here's what you're like, Our homeland and thoughts after all the "confession" Pereverzeva, which, apparently, their dresses and swimsuits for competition blunt rusty needle stitched for in the State of Russian, an acute problem with the extraction of iron ore. God, she lives in this terrible country? — After thinking about foreign show viewers just to see how Mrs. Pereversev said his speech. But Natalya could have for effect to fall into a hungry fainted on stage, so that a personal example to prove that the citizens of the Russian Federation do not eat more often than three times a week and drink only clean water in the vast pagan prazdnichkom, vytaplivaya obscures it from Russia snow. She could show Kursk rubber galoshes, which had been hidden under a longish dress, sewn from prababushkinoy curtains, because in Russia not only have nothing to eat, and nothing to wear …

In general, the show Natalia Pereverzeva arranged classy, but a little is not finalized with actor effects. Now not expect that the native of the province will be awarded the nightingale wins in any international beauty contest, if again and again would like to utter speech.

All told, our great Miss, that's only the 1st she did not mention: how she managed in poor and war-torn country get free education, enroll in a university (Kursk), throw it up and transfer to the other (Moscow), the graduate institute to attend graduate school and immediately get into the world of fashion business, to start their own musical project, undress for «Playboy» — and further down the list. Warm, but well, patched blanket with Natalia Pereverzeva …

Bidzina Ivanishvili: I do not need Preserving the Russian …

Georgian Prime Minister makes demands Russian authorities

In the week decided to be their own political donors new Prime Minister of the democratic world (after the United States, of course) of the country — Georgia. Sovereign Ivanishvili almost ultimaticheskoy form presented his own version of the visit of. He's, you know, will come to us only when the official Russian authorities closed the embassy in South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Say, for you can not see, the Russians, the new ruler of the Georgian shower until such time as your management does not recognize the two above-mentioned parts of the Georgian republic country.

Russians after these words Ivanishvili, of course, had to get their handkerchiefs, and these handkerchiefs to wipe the tears of grief related to the fact that Bidzina G. did not enter into their Voronezh, Tyumen, Izhevsk, Moscow and the rest of the house. Apparently, many have been in a fit of inconsolable grief begin to tear itself to the hair and screaming: yes Let us Bidzina-light G. — we live without it disgusting and Syro …

But no one would cry, Russian Federation Embassy in the capital independent states (Abkhazia and South Ossetia) have remained in their original locations. But instead of weeping glanced closely at themselves as statements of the Georgian prime minister, and his immense biography. In this biography is a reasonably interesting fad: for 20 years the emperor Ivanishvili had a Russian passport that allowed Bidzina Grigorevichu lead a very active financial activities on Russian soil. And on the passport of the "Georgian dreamer" refused only in 2011 (after almost 3 years after the Tskhinvali and Sukhumi appeared Embassy of the Russian Federation).

The unusual thing is: some time shoes Ivanishvili Russian zemlitsu trampled, and his heart is no moral humiliation of having Russian diplomatic missions in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, with all this has not tested, and here, you know, all of a sudden turned over. Bidzina G. suddenly comprehended the fact that for 20 years he was wrong. Heart went to wash my shoes caked on Russian land and deliberately soils Georgian coat to show the property to the electorate, that he was in own board.

Georgian people, of course, met with applause Ivanishvili words: say, so these barbarians and need, let all eternity removed from the Georgian land on which the percentage of Georgians, I must say syzveka had the look of a s
tatistical error.

Ivanishvili declared himself satisfied that the Russian Federation has all the same there is fat chance to behold his sun-face: on the ground of some third country.

Maybe Ivanishvili just cunning? Maybe he does not want to go to Russia is not as unhappy with the presence of a couple of embassies, as well as fears that the Prosecutor General's office suddenly decides to check the transparency of its revenues at a time when its own finding in Pervoprestolnoj he did not cause negative emotions? After all, to be honest, hard for myself imaginable to 3 billion. bucks (this is the most conservative estimate), even a couple of 10-s years could make a conscientious and overwork. After all, as we know, no Ivanishvili "Facebook" invented, well, at dinners in the "Impexbank" Bidzina G. unlikely strenuously saved …

In general, Ivanishvili vain pumps. Apparently, he forgets that Gennady Onishchenko (we have such people) can change their mind with the resumption of deliveries of Georgian wines in Russia. And here is Bidzina Grigorevichu no third country will not help …

Reported on Form

Valentin Yudashkin said his project uniforms grossly misrepresented

After the Ministry of Defence have been collected "tops" and focused on the examination to ascertain the presence in their "putrefying bacteria", many have decided to comment on the work of this department — work shared in the same time. One of those who decided to dot the "e" after a couple of years of silence, became a big-name designer Valentin Yudashkin. One designer, who was called the father-creator of the modern form of Russian troops. And fashion designers began to cut a plain truth, without paying any attention to the not yet healed ministerial wounds.

Valentin Abramovich suddenly all said that to the form that now are Russian soldiers, officers and generals, he did not have anything to do. It turns out that the famous designer boldly framed. It was he who in 2007 proposed the Ministry elegant form of high-quality and expensive materials, and its utterly perverted, replacing everything from the filaments to heat insulator. Military uniforms cost several times cheaper than that proposed by Valentin Abramovich, and so it is responsible for the freezing fighter is not going to carry.

In response to criticism of "their" form Yudashkin decided justified and published in his "Twitter" that a draft version of which he offered to the Defense Ministry in 2007. According to the views of the couturier, these photos had to convince the Russian troops that he lusted them necessarily good. But even after revealing the essence of the matter shots accolades form Yudashkin not get it, but theses "suits for paintball" and "fisherman's equipment" could be met quite often.

But we will not question the capabilities of the famous Russian designer to excel in terms of the development of military uniforms for the Russian army. Let us come to the other: if the designer a few years back vyznat that the officers and men on the "Beauty" is not its form, why is he silent? Why allow the use of its global name as a label for that inferior duds that began to arrive at the clothing store?

Maybe, Yudashkin as serious politician of our time, all he knew, but was silent did not want to scare the big fish … And now that the "fish" broke into a variety of hand, I decided to post the truth about the replacement.

That the same will be? Neuzh Yudashkin that he would find his project had corrupted the military spices and naked hands sew up that developed in them on the occasion of a duffel bag? Or maybe force the offender to wind yarn onto spools kilometers? No! The designer is noble: no claims he is not going to bring the Defense Ministry, and suddenly declares that the victims themselves in the story does not believe, and personally to the ex-minister Serdyukov had no complaints. All in the spirit of recent anti-corruption campaign. Frustrated, humiliated, slandered, but overall, beautiful marquise, I'm fine, I'm fine …

Evasive deviants

Gaps in a new draft law on service by conscription

This week the Municipal Duma adopted in the first reading a bill that provides for a number of benefits for those who honestly served in the ranks of the Russian army. The same law imposes restrictions on the ability to succeed in state service for those who are from the army, to put it in everyday language, slopes. In other words, the law allows you to raise the prestige of military service and at the same time gives the deviators realize that their likely future bureaucratic covered a large copper crockery. Deviants upset? I would like to, but …

Why get upset and grieve when there are smart guys that can think and find ways out of this situation? Indeed, in many bureaucrats hunt!

Guys — representatives of the "legal" organizations, many of which feed on including in the "mowing" customers — here found a gap in the bill. Snow-white spot is expressed in the fact that there is still no clear definition of "shirker." Under deviationist on the legal level is a person who has received a summons to sign for that at the appointed time to come to the military commissariat, but there was not. According to this definition, it appears that the man who for obtaining agenda did not sign, is above suspicion. Well … If so, now many people who doze and behold the state officials themselves, but do not want to serve the motherland, there is a reason to declare a sudden attack of numbness in his hands at a time when the agenda for the receipt to be signed. Many may say that their sign was not taught in schools, and therefore do not understand what they interpret staff military offices.

In general, the bill is, of course, appropriate and timely, but it could end "as yesterday." Like yesterday? Yes way … Who wanted to go into the army, he went, and to whom this life satisfaction seems superfluous, and that without a receipt for receiving the agenda will be possible in the glorious cohort of Russian officials last generation.

By the way, it is a pity that in this case, the law does not have the back strength. And in fact on its effectiveness could be judged quite soon. It's how many men of the current municipal'd have to change jobs! Although there snag … Go and establishes that some of our MPs, councilors, mayors yes governors once shied away — at them in such a case for you is always there … spravochka

Part II. "Man was created to be happy, but happiness is not always intended for him"


In America going to end violence

In late November, the Supreme Tribunal of the United States can make to the configuration in the Defense of Marriage Act (Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA). Revision of the Act of 1996 defines marriage only as an alliance between the guy and lady. In the case of a positive (for same-sex couples, obviously) Considering South American homosexuals receive federal tax credits — the ones at the present time only apply to normal couples. Configuration is likely to affect all couples — and those that "married" in states where same-sex marriage legalized, and those with similar legalization — it close coming or not at all the case.

Nanette Miller, boss of department of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in the accounting firm «Marcum LLP», is glad the South American same-sex public statements to the effect that some "couples" will soon be able claim f
or refund or taxes they were forced to pay, or property which they lost — since 2009.

In the United States are allowed to enter the configuration in the tax returns within a period not later than three years after the court decision because gays and lesbians is recommended hurry. Their time is up to 15 April 2013.

Savings on tax benefits, contested in hindsight, probably will be for many a very significant: any pair of return of about 40-60 thousand dollars, especially if one of the "spouses" earns much more than their own partner (benefits-that will be considered by a single declaration "family"). Nanette Miller said that 10 thousand dollars a year — is fully present amount.

In addition, LGBT couples, and couples just like normal, will be able to inherit the estate of their own "spouses" without paying tax on the acquired heritage. At the moment, the law is not recognized gay and lesbian people are paying 35% tax on property inherited from their own "women" and "men." If DOMA is overwritten, those who previously paid the tax (up to 2009), will be able to return the funds.

In general, the year 2012 for American homosexuals — a time of change.

In May, President Barack Obama has publicly supported gay marriage, and in the summer gave an impassioned speech on gay prazdnichkom at the Pentagon. In November, the referenda in the states of Washington and Maryland to the majority of voters voted in favor of the legalization of same-sex marriages, and in most of Maine voted for the abolition of the constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. In addition, in Minnesota the majority of voters did not support a constitutional amendment that forbade marriages between members of the 1st floor.

Against the background of such real and future success of homosexuals in America came to life … pedophiles.

No, the activation of these disenfranchised individuals was not unexpected or accidental. The fact that psychiatrists have been reviewing pedophilia as a deviation — exactly as was previously revised homosexuality in the West has long been a deviation is not considered.

And if in the 1973 South American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the list of psychological disorders, in 2012 a group of psychiatrists in conjunction with the organization B4U-Act held Symposium, which was proposed a new definition of pedophilia.

B4U-Act provided a definition, according to which pedophiles would be called "the people who gravitate to the minors." By the way, the purpose of the organization — "to help psychiatrists find out more about attraction to minors and see the impact of stereotypes, stigma and fear."

Earlier, in 1998, South American Psychiatric Association released a report in which it was stated that "negative potential" of adult sex with children exaggerated, and at the same time it was reported that "the vast majority of guys and ladies says that there is no negative effects from the sexy sexy violence as a child. "

Pedophilia in the United States now has a formal (albeit vague) protection status given to it by the federal government. Law M. Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. on the prevention of hate crimes in the middle of the protected categories uses the term "sexual orientation" without explanation. Republicans, among which many followers of customary marriages, want to add an amendment to the law specifying that "pedophilia is not considered as orientation," but freedom-loving Democrats rejected the amendment. Rep. Alcee Hastings said:

"This law reflects our resolve to end violence based on prejudice and to guarantee that all Americans, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexy orientation, gender identity, or the limited capacity of all these" fily "and fetishes" isms "will not live in terror, whoever they may be. I urge my colleagues to vote for this legislation. "

Snow-white house law encouraged, agreeing with the words of Hastings. And here were voices from a mass of Canada. There are two psychologists in public declared pedophilia sexy attitude. The last doctor Montreal Institute Gidzhseghem Wang said:

"True pedophiles give exclusive preference for children, which is the same thing as to have a sexy attitude. You can not change the orientation of this sexy man. It is, but it may abstain. "

Will there be a "he" refrain, of course, another matter entirely. And the second question is not whether we will soon witness the legitimate marriages in Canada or the United States starichishek 80 years with kids 7 years?

Honorary doctor of psychology at the Tsar's Institute in Ontario Dr. Quincy with the employee still agree. The doctor says that in pedophile circles prefer the kids and that "there is no evidence that such a type preferences can be changed healing or something else."

Rang out, and other scientific voice. For example, a doctor and director of the Hawaii Institute of Pacific Centre of sex and society Milton Diamond said that child pornography can be beneficial to society, because "potential rapists use child porn as a substitute for sex with children."

On the website of the Institute of specific research of human sexuality are the "fundamental rights sexy", which contain, including "the right to engage in sexual acts or conduct at least some kind if they are not associated with disagreement, violence, pripiraniem, coercion or deception . " The organization states that there should be a "limited capacity due to age."

In California, Georgia and Iowa challenged laws to protect children from "sexually oriented" criminals. Pedophiles are protesting against an unjust law that forbids them to settle near schools or parks. Such a law, they say they are punishing them for life.

Free South American life is becoming freer. Twenty years or thirty, if the United States at that time exist somewhere in the New York park or near the Washington school can meet a gray-bearded gentlemen walking their beautiful girls and boys or treplyuschih them gently on the head. An old uncle of these very offended if someone calls their grandparents, and the children around them — their grandchildren …

Happy Breivik

Humanity in Norwegian

A couple of weeks back that a fighter against multiculturalism Anders Breivik complained in writing to the Department of Corrections Norway on the infringement of his rights administration bullpen Silt. According to the views of the prisoner, he served in the cabinet is not enough hot coffee to bread and put a little butter. He had to write a rubber handle, from which arthritis could befall. In order recovery chamber atmosphere he claimed to have in his bedroom apartments jailers found humidifiers. And he pressed the little handcuffs and did not like the view from the window.

Breivik's lawyer said that his client may lay hands on himself, if he will not change the handle and the coffee will serve centigrade temperature.

The prison administration hurried to meet the requirements of the unfortunate prisoner. He was given an extra shift some clothes and placed in a bedroom closet, replaced the rubber grip on the ordinary ballpoint. However, instead of humidifiers issued until the moisturizer. Also, suicide was a shelf for books. On the old days it will buy player for listening to CDs. Wishes to overtake the killer of 77 people, except the newest pen and handed him a new electronic typewriter.

Now the administration is considering whether to do a better job in the office of Breivik
lighting: it differently he will spoil the eyes by reading books.

Passport strategy

Senkaku took time residents of the rising sun, the Chinese will take care of the rest for

In his last rulers of the Middle Kingdom unique solution must be guided by the logic described in the subtitle. In another introduction of the new passports they can not explain.

The fact that the card is written in the documents of the PRC, including the disputed areas, which many consider to be their adjacent country. The Philippines and Vietnam have protested because of the new Chinese passports, which authorities have issued to their citizens. So much so, that the representatives of the PRC were officially handed over notes of protest.

Dissatisfaction with Chinese neighbors with scandal floated during the ASEAN Summit held in Cambodia. Its territorial claims in the South China Sea have also Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei.

On Passports shows Paracel Islands (Vietnam their disputes with China in the 1970s) and the Spratly Islands (part of their dispute Philippines). Interestingly, in the new passports are not marked the Senkaku Islands, because of which the Beijing argues with Tokyo.

Chinese 've added for themselves nothing less than, and about 90% of the South China Sea — 3.5 million square kilometers.

Vietnam and the Philippines announced design of new Chinese passports violation of its sovereignty. Who border services have to put in the passport stamps — right on the card. Is the action itself does not mean, though symbolically consistent with the territorial division proposed by Beijing?

At wit Chinese designers can not refuse. We would not be surprised if someone in the coming weeks in the PRC will be awarded for the development of a new passport.

Overjoyed their resourcefulness China told his neighbors that the new passports fully meet international standards. Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC uttered the cards in the documents are not oriented against any particular country.

This unblemished Chinese true. Maps are not targeted against any one country. They are oriented at once against all states. Apart from the U.S. ally Land of the Rising Sun.

Our homeland heartless

The inhabitants of her heart as cold as the Ukrainians, Belarusians, Kazakhs and Kyrgyz

The agency «Gallup» in 2009-2011. conducted a case study of sensory state residents more than 150 countries. The results were summed for a long time and have been posted Only November 21, 2012.

The study was based on telephone and face to face interviews with tyschey inhabitants of each country each year in the period from 2009 to 2011. Age of respondents: age 15 and older. The largest collection of error ranged from ± 0,4 percent. Fri to ± 3,8 percent. Fri

Respondents were asked, if they survived more or less than five positive and five negative emotions the previous day. Negative emotions include anger, stress, sadness, physical pain and anxiety. The list of positive feelings got satisfaction from a decent rest, a sense of respect, enjoyment, smile or laugh long, and enthusiasm to any occupation, for example, a scientist.

To identify the overall sensual coldness or "fervor" workers «Gallup» calculated the average percentage of the inhabitants of each country, who confirmed that they had experienced each of the 10 outlined above positive and negative emotions.

As it turned out, the negative emotions peculiar at first for the Near East and North Africa. When it is about the positive experiences, favorite is Latin America: places in the top of the list is occupied Panama, Paraguay, and Venezuela. The very first appear Philippines, visibly overcome all others: here 60% of the respondents feel a day over 10 positive and negative emotions.

But the Russian people, as shown by the results of the study, is as dark and cold as the Ukrainians or Belarusians, as the inhabitants of Singapore and the Georgians.

Here is the first 10-ka "heartless" states: 1) Singapore (36% of respondents experiencing a day with a dozen senses), and 2) Georgia (37%), and 3) Lithuania (37%), 4) Our homeland (38 %), 5), Madagascar (38%) 6) Ukraine (38%) 7) Belarus (38%) 8) Kazakhstan (38%) 9) Nepal (38%) 10) Kyrgyzstan (38%) .

This impressive coverage survey confirmed the fact of which still does not say anything on the website of «Gallup». The peoples of the USSR feel happy just combined. And to be completely happy they did not have no perestroika under Gorbachev and Yeltsin's reforms, and the association with Singapore, Madagascar and Nepal.

* "I'm talking about the same thing can not think twice!" — A phrase from the cartoon "38 parrots"

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