Results of the week. Khasavov: I gather odds and ends … its time to tear Kokhta

Lawyer, tired Housing

In the week one of the most sonorous events was interviewed lawyer Dagirov Hasavova, which showed the REN-TV. Russian and Turkmen part-time lawyer suddenly swerved too far for many of the canons of Russian legal system and called for legalization in Russia the so-called Sharia courts. Say, in the Caucasus sharia in one form or another, and so there is, it remains only to fix it all at the legislative level. In this case, the lawyer stressed that the Caucasus process obviously should not be limited. He said the need to spread Sharia law throughout Russia, and more — over the limit, in order to make some semblance of the Arab caliphate — in this case, the cross-border association of all Muslims that will live by their own laws.

Results of the week.  Khasavov: I gather odds and ends ...  it's time to tear Kokhta

The more questions received at the address Dagir own Khasavov, the increasing euphony he manifested. As the saying goes, Ostap suffered … In one of his own phrases lawyer got to the point that he began to threaten the sinking of the Russian capital in the blood, if Sharia courts do not become legitimate.

That still could happen to such a respected Dagirov Ziyavdinovichem, which to this day represents the majority of people who know his traditional Russian lawyer with no hint of a severe slope in the original direction of jurisprudence? Maybe it's all about Lena Proklova … After all it was she so cleverly got rid of his own former partner Gennady Malakhov, just the same law-abiding lawyer sucked into their program from the notorious "housing." Sovereign Khasavov was required to pester officials' offices, protecting the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens under the watchful eye of Proklova. Dagir Ziyavdinovich involved in cases of leaking roofs, cracked load-bearing walls, poorly washes away the waste products of broken toilets and batteries. Yes, after such cases patience will snap at least some — and it is a hot Caucasian lawyer, too exhausted.

A man broke … Well, what else can still come to mind upset the nervous system of a lawyer after all these meetings with Lena Proklova, defrauded real estate investors and owners of apartments with broken intercom — perhaps only two thoughts: first — the idea of suicide, which the lawyer as Khasavov Orthodox lawyer immediately dismissed from himself, and the second — of course, the introduction of Sharia law almost everywhere.

It is also great that Dagir Ziyavdinovich Tribunal did not accept the Shariah directly on the transfer of Lena Proklova — but, then, do whatever rating of the transfer was! ..

After the interview Ren-TV sovereign Khasavov apparently realized that said a lot of excess. What awaits those in Russia who used to read a lot of unnecessary? That's right: the perfect option — it is an urgent flight over the limit. And the lawyer Khasavov also realized he needed to take the hands and feet to get lost somewhere in the vast multicultural Schengen. After all, there, as we know, freedom of speech: the voice of all that you do, do not scold NATO …

Because maybe the last time we still hear about the development of English or French Caliphate led by a desperate Russian neuvvyazkami housing lawyer Hasavova. But, perhaps, the most perceptible interview Dagirov Ziyavdinovicha was the only way to get rid of the chains ZHILKOMHOZ. Here, and not as you say — excellent though a nuclear war has not announced …

If you're not afraid of anybody, do you mean the worst

Western experts seem to move through a couple of times frames Pyongyang military parade almost unanimously decided that certain standards of military equipment, which showed the citizens of North Korea and around the world, were fakes. For example, a ballistic missile. German experts at some unusual ways even able to estimate the thickness of plating of North Korean ICBMs and have seen its non-compliance with German guests as they stumbled to a subsequent idea all the missiles — ordinary dummy. This was necessary so that the trained eye of the western spice to using multiple frames to be able to evaluate, so speak out, "anatomy" rocket.

Results of the week.  Khasavov: I gather odds and ends ...  it's time to tear Kokhta

But there are these big-eyed experts owning the possibility of x-ray vision, discovered America. Even if the North Koreans are the true ICBMs, then they will carry on their anniversary parade? Maybe the Germans were waiting for Kim Jong-un will give the order to withdraw their missiles on edge, absolutely ready for launch, and even sit astride one of them, and besides will defiantly keep your not burdened by the heavy hand of the work of a large reddish button …

Even if it were mock-ups, but in fact any person adekvatnomyslyaschy a peremptory sphere does not dare to enter into the city, attended by hundreds of thousands of people as spectators, intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads real. Whatever level of security in the country was, at all such risk can not be justified. Let us not forget that while the North Koreans and the planned launches of something is not all right, and the West wants besides unscheduled launch from the central square of Pyongyang behold, that is …

Well, the North Koreans have taken these huge longish blanks — so what? As they say, who are they to judge this. The most important thing in the future: it was too all these cries of western professionals are like a self-congratulatory: say, but he can not be that the DPRK missiles were true. Almost like in the famous advertisement: "Dad, they are true?" — "I think so, son. Eat your burgers in an underground bunker quietly … "

By the way, in the week revealed something else concerning North Korea's nuclear programs from. It turned out that the Russian General Staff decided to accept that the part of not only the DPRK, and from Iran, all the same there is a nuclear threat. This danger saw no one else but freshly baked (actually undercover) Hero of the Russian Federation — General Makarov. Apparently, at the Zhukovsky Pyongyang parade acted far more impressive than the western professionals. Maybe Army General was referring to the fact that now no one in the world can not tell exactly where a North Korean ICBM after the fall of yet another start-up. And suddenly, at the building of the General Staff is the blank and collapse … Who knows? No personal guarantees for General Makarov did not give anybody in the state, especially not in the state after May 7 of this year …

Police in the glass

Sudden found a product for export at the Georgian politicians. This is not a fruit, not the wine, and not even an exclusive tie hangers. Export product with a note: «Made in Georgia» (and a postscript to wake up — ex-Georgian SSR) has now become famous all over the world transparent structure of departments of internal affairs. The readiness to enter into operation at a facility specifically said not so long ago, the Lithuanian authorities, who are impressed by the achievements of Misha Saakashvili to reform the Interior Ministry.

Results of the week.  Khasavov: I gather odds and ends ...  it's time to tear Kokhta

Interior Minister, head of the Georgian Interior Ministry, said that in Vilnius will be a Tbilisi square, adorned with glass building and become police officers. But this train can be used as a real brand. Well, there is the same in almost every major city in its own Chinatown. What is there to behold? Carved and painted dragons, Chinese lanterns, people in the state of Chinese clothes. A Merabishvili can spread Georgian quarters that will be different from the others by a transparent structure of the local "police department."

Certainly, our homeland, too, can purchase for yourself Georgian know-how. Imagine: a transparent building, in which, I'm sorry, transparent "monkey" … Well, once everything is transparent, you must also do the toilets and transparent, transparent purses police chief …
And after all this, it turns out, is not far away fantasy. On the days of the Minister Nurgaliyev, of course, no mention of "innovator transparency" Misha Saakashvili also said that it is time to make the walls of the glass at the police station. Look at us, it will be approximately the Makar: briber is the office of the chief of traffic police, trying to stretch the envelope, and both of them on the side of the glass is already knocking vigilant held mime old woman: Do not you dare, say, condone the spread of corruption. And yet in this case, may requalify save the police? Well, even a small envelope will not take? If you try, you get something you can! There is one way out, which Russian inspectors will calm: it's cute children's painting on glass, which tell about the heavy and unsafe working employees of the MVD. And the police are happy and the kids are happy … And then the hunters draw-nibudt is on the glass walls of the police station, I do not know how to Georgia and Lithuania, and we definitely find plenty.

Do not panic! ..

Not complete the case with the 2012 state defense order, sir Serdyukov is already building plans hulk in 2013. According to him, it will take a few weeks, as the GOZ-2013 is outlined and will be systematically implemented. By the end of October, as said the head of the defense department, everything will be signed, and is only available from the manufacturer ready military equipment. With all this, Anatoly Serdyukov says that GOZ-2012 "will be peaceful." Apparently, the word "easy" — it is precisely the term for the state defense order for the current year. As you know, sentences 100% of contracts began to move further and further still with illumine the past year. Quite to the Defense Ministry and the manufacturer has been proposed date of April 15, 2012. But April is already completed, and the "peace of mind" sovereign Serdyukov, as before, does not hold. Well, just do not Serdyukov, and a python Kaa: Do not jump-sh-sh-sh-ite, Englis-with-with-with-you will sing with his GOZom …

Results of the week.  Khasavov: I gather odds and ends ...  it's time to tear Kokhta

Now you can personally imagine for yourself what does the phrase "calm like a tank."

And if you managed the unusual mathematics Ministry of Defence, the word must be on the outcome of the signing of contracts for the 2013 state defense order in October 2012 so feel free to translate: in October 2012 the whole country will figure out how cheapskate producing again try to rob the thread Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, and the means time to move. Only here the fact that he Anatoly Serdyukov can go to scrap the defense in a couple of weeks, and department changes hands. Let us hope that in these most other hands not be passed to calm sovereign Serdyukov. Or all the same again "horses in midstream does not change …" No, the stallion in the soap definitely need to give the poor thing a rest, that authority is not turned into the Augean stables.

The history of the company itself for malehankih

The Moldovan authorities have decided to introduce a canceled again in 2006, the course "History of Romanians" in the nation's schools. And it is in this situation, when the Romanians in Moldova is home to about 2.2%. Not even the fact that the population, but just Moldovans, Romanians called themselves, in the Republic of Moldova 2.2%. The decision of the Moldovan authorities reacted violently representatives of Gagauzia and the Dnestr Moldavian Republic. In their opinion, the course "History of Romanians" instead of the course so called "Integrated History" will promote the latest confrontation between the people of Moldova. But these words are not impressed Chisinau, and the bill is already being prepared.

Results of the week.  Khasavov: I gather odds and ends ...  it's time to tear Kokhta

Of course, that Bucharest had put his hairy hand and to the educational process in Moldova and the Moldovan authorities in the current economic climate with the Romanian "proposal" was hard to disagree. This once again proves that the mandatory offices in Chisinau sits policies that literally depend on Bucharest. And how else to explain it more stubborn desire to teach specifically the "History of Romanians" with all the polls.

Although, of course, there will be citizens, confident in the fact that it was a deeply personal decision of the Moldovan Cabinet, because Moldovans — it's almost the same as the Romanians, but not in the European Union. But if so, then how did the decision dictated? If the control logic Moldovan officials, it turns out that in Russia should be taught, for example, the history of the Roma or Yakut history, because it is also the national minorities. Then it's time to run across Germany has long been a study in the schools history of the Turks, and France — the history of the Arabs.

Moreover, it may be, and by the Romanians for the symmetry to introduce a course "History of Moldovans", that "every man the earrings sister" was …

Well, again, there is no reason not to drink

On the days of the United States received a message that the country's authorities forbid their employees special services consume alcoholic beverages, also bring foreigners in hotel rooms and in general to visit places with a "slippery" reputation. To such "horrific" measures South American authorities went after the famous scandal with Colombian prostitutes, among whom even have seen those on whom visible trace of the Kremlin …

Results of the week.  Khasavov: I gather odds and ends ...  it's time to tear Kokhta

And in fact, we must admit such bans in the United States earlier for special agents really was not. And the average Yankees always used to synchronize their actions with the law: so guys, about booze and hookers in the statute did not — let's go to the numbering! Now formidable South American law should explain the popular South American special unscrupulous agents that drinking and hanging out with the ladies of easy virtue — is not perfect, and there are very, very bad! At this time, the president feels uncomfortable, and the means to tie with booze.

What's all the same now expect of of American agents — non-drinking-Negulyaev, faithful men of their own beloved American hot wives? Apparently, we lost! Although no! You can always find a way out: the South American prohibition does not say anything about drugs and smoking blends … It turns out that for the special agent in the U.S. is not yet lost. And that means welcome to special agents of the United States can be like, "Welcome to the South American agents, son! With him is what? "

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