Results of the week. Maybe for you to give another key to the apartment, where the funds are?

Part I. "Why did the war lasts? They are that you do not read newspapers? "

Seven feet under the bed

Once again, the Department of Defense has managed to excel in the Russian Federation government procurement for the needs of the military. At this time it is not even about Poleaxe with clubs in the truest sense of the word, but only just about furniture for the fleet. One would think that after all this is where you can mess things up such that, by the same military sailors were already on what can be relaxed to rest. It turned out that you can. To do this, it was enough just to take up the matter Eduardovich Anatoly Serdyukov — and utilitarian furniture from their own funds reincarnated as a subject for discussion and numerous inconsistencies.

The point is, what else, as defense minister in the government of Vladimir Putin, the emperor Serdyukov signed a paper on a contract with the British company Strongbox Marine Furniture, which was engaged in the supply of metal furniture for Her Majesty's Navy. How would all rank by rank — the company is harsh, the words "Her Majesty," she added even more solidity. The contracts are generally concluded even prepared to break a bottle of celebratory champagne on the first iron object of English furniture, but no such luck. Furniture for the Russian Navy stubbornly did not go. Had to go, because "uplocheno," but, you know, it is still not gone. Maybe the British allowed it under its own power, the fact remains unknown, but in Russian ports as "bunk" with bread and salt is not met, have not waited.

Not enough of that office, "Horn and co …" in other words Strongbox Marine Furniture has a very short duration time is declared null. And with the bankrupt, as you know, and bribes are smooth. Started thinking: it's just such a tragic confluence of events or else at least some business connected with public procurement, attached to a calloused hand of our Ministry of Defence ordered to live long.

Thought-thought, but in the meantime wondered affairs of the bankrupt "hospital bed" of the company decided to buy a company with a suspiciously similar title — Strongbox Accommodation Furniture Limited. And, too, as if there is nothing wrong — you need someone to collect the same for the Russian sailors furniture in Britain. And then it all went through some slippery slope.

It turned out that the new "Strongboks" is headed by a man totally'm not an English name — Ivanov. This was Eduard Ivanov Ivanov, who is also "moonlights as a part-time" in the company "Sea-encompassing system."

And then began to think of several in the other direction: they say, but what is it that the British assets of the company, which concluded with the Russian Ministry of Defense multi-million dollar contract, buys some Ivanov. Well, it would be good though Parker Johnson or something, but here Ivanov, who has, apparently, the fantasy does not matter: Strongbox Accommodation Furniture Limited instead Strongbox Marine Furniture.

All in all, everything turned out, not because they wanted to … Anatoly E., of course, wanted to make a better environment for combat service Russian sailors only with English furniture, but in fact to what these rotten English: and have not given our minister to make the dream a reality. But now thanks to fellow countryman Ivanov case, of course, will go. Yes! — Even at double or triple the cost, but unless there can be reproached Ministry that it lusted achieve the level of comfort in the euro Russian warships, despite the price.

Item the first: you can not blame! Point the second: who chided, that — fast-rr-ro memorize by heart the first item! — They'll come and check!

The bounty of their own

And now the question, what is called, on a charge. Try to think of how you can "facilitate" the coffers of the Ministry of Defense of Russia once a year worth about half a billion dollars (15 billion rubles), so much so, that such waste absolutely docks with Russian law and, moreover, all just went into the sand. Agree to find an adequate answer to this question is not easy. But these seemingly unfeasible and completely stupid puzzles our defense establishment, as it turns out, in recent years decided with dazzling ease. It appears exactly 15 billions of dollars each year go to the benefit of those soldiers who have already been withdrawn from the staff, but never got laid them home. More than fifty thousand Russian officers were specifically in such a situation where, for various reasons they were released from their positions, derived from the staff, but regulated square meters of floor space and has not delivered.

50 thousand people, which the Ministry of Defence because of its own funds as slowness pays almost just like that — typical payment, that they own the waiting list for housing all the same waited. On the other hand, is more similar to what is referred to — that means for you, you just keep silent in a rag …

If we consider that a square meter of housing in new buildings of the central part of Russia is about 32,000 rubles, you can simply calculate that the same Ministry of Defence for the year could be voiced by 15 billion to acquire approximately 470,000 square meters of high-quality homes. That's about 8,000 apartments with a total area of 55-60 sq.m.

It turns out that in the current criteria of the Ministry of Defence profitable than simply throw money into the pipe, if really tackle housing issues. And it is indeed, as paradoxically, but it is so in fact. Why bureaucrat to keep in mind all of this financial component, announce tenders for the construction of dwellings, which are built to take home, tell them so, are independent contractors, because you can just bring people from the staff and pay him the funds allocated from the state budget. Less headaches …

If this trend continues, it will soon be possible to wait for the emergence of a true army "zashtatnikov", which is itself the defense establishment and sponsors. Our home may be the only country in the world where the number of officers who retired from the staff with pay, will exceed the number of staff officers. At this rate, the queue for housing, made up of Russian troops, you can envelop all the frontiers of our country. Perhaps, in this particular department Anatoly Serdyukov and reach? ..

Apparently, soon the Ministry of Defence can borrow the Baltic experience, where people living in the area, such as Latvia and Latvian non-citizen passports called non-citizens. Exclusively in the Russian version of the defense will apply its own homegrown term — "nevoennosluzhaschie" or "neofitsery" … In general, the reform, as often happens, well ahead of common sense …

Knocked in profile

Honors and regular ours, a reformist Ministry — the Ministry of Education. The bureaucrats of the Ministry of Education completed the glorious work, started more with Andrei Fursenko — have introduced a new educational standard of appeal, which from now on will govern the life of the Russian school — now profile. People with leather satchels decided that the school week must be exactly one hour ahead of previous standards — this time, you need a third of mandatory exam (foreign language) — is two, and a very limited list of mandatory subjects for study in high school (mathematics, foreign language, literature and Russian language (one subject), physical culture and life safety) — that's three. According to the innovations in Russia after a while may seem young people who
have received a certificate, a certificate of completion of high school, but in general the last two years have not studied, for example, chemistry, biology, physics, and a number of other scientific disciplines. And may appear and such graduates who have two years of high school had no idea about the geography, social studies, and world culture.

Weirdly conceive what profile to choose, for example, a young man who would like to enroll in a military university. Chose physics to chemistry, forget about social studies and, accordingly, on the contrary — has chosen the humanities — forget about Ohm's law. It would seem that the situation smells like another dead end. En-no! Good heart of the new minister jumped all the same, and he apparently could not remain indifferent to what is happening. It was decided that if a guy or woman and want to teach physics, and, for example, separately Russian language and literature, it is possible one of these things … I just pay the grief that's really on the mind: you want to be, as they read, well-rounded — not worry! — Pay and Educational relaxed. And you do not want to pay, so you can not see for the integration of 2-sections.

But in the 11th grade of any of the graduates will be completely free of the base to take on the foreign language exam. And this is especially burning in small schools where one semidesyatipyatiletnyaya Marivanna due to lack of personnel required to cooperate as a teacher of Physical Education, arithmetic, and the German language. Moreover, its knowledge of the German language are often at the level of human knowledge, which once had to live in the areas occupied by the Germans … And here too the reform can only be done one way — to dismiss this Marivanna and dissolve the school to which it modifies its own age. The reform, as you know, ask the victims …

In connection with the adoption of a new standard of education, the Ministry of Education should be encouraged to enter and another innovation: in order to optimize costs and adjustments of teachers must be connected voedinyzhdy lessons. For example, the first lesson: russkoyazyko and mathematics. Here odinnadtsatiklassnik solve trigonometric equations, but writes on the blackboard all words (tan tan alpha plus two 2-alpha, etc.). Such a lesson will carry two teachers at once — the Ministry can save on payroll. Second lesson — the geo-physical education-biology. Kids jump over the goat, and in-flight work with contour maps …

Year 2012 — Russian education reform — a regular flight — all the steps retreated …

"Pickles" Ksenia Sobchak

During the week most discussed postal envelopes the country were envelopes Ksenia Sobchak. And they lured the attention of the Investigative Committee at first, and then the public is not too far away for its vibrant brands, and the fact that these envelopes were stored. And this is the contents of many impressed. At the leading of favorite shows on TV, Ms. Sobchak home in postal envelopes "were preserved" a million euros and 480 thousand rubles and dollars, respectively. These envelopes were seized by operatives after the search of the apartment Susie Anatolevny.

With all this hype about conscientious and back-breaking hard-earned money at all clear. Well, some canned tomatoes, cucumbers and other pickled watermelon, but Ksenia A. preparing a few other supplies for the winter. And no one would have to Ms Sobchak in the bins and not useful, lead it ever own another 50 years, "Dom-2", but apparently, she already Ksenia did not know how to jump off this prolonged its business. Quite simply did not come out — a place of execution delayed ago, and decided that's the main "houses" of the country to another method. I say, millionerka-opposition leader — "Down with the government! Give the re-election! "(This is for the public), and -" Well, you pull me out of this "House-2", all will go — at least "March of Millions", though to Bolotnaya (whisper it to investigators).

And investigators to unanswerable grief Susie Anatolevny not left. You'll see, it will take a month or two, and the "Dom-2" from the screens of the country still lost.
The truth is still, perhaps, and the stakes have to do "Who's Who?" — The sovereign authority or Bastrykina most recognizable "home" country. Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and they, and other missing …

And while some riders prance, others poured pótom and inspect the authenticity of banknotes Susie and the presence of at least some of them fingerprint Michael McFaul … will be found — just "Dom-2" may be left without Susie, not went out and brought, and the UK risks being without sovereign Bastrykina … Here's a she — a Russian roulette.

Part II. Again McFaul

McFaul says everything. Give only the time

Salting the U.S. in Russia, Michael McFaul, apparently refers to those members of the human species, which from their mistakes are not trained.

Speaking not long ago in the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, he said in the heat of lectures about "bribes". Russian Foreign Ministry made the suggestion to him, which he, poor fellow, retreated as much as 10 days, from May 28 to June 7. Stepping back, salting power went overseas to serve the New Economic School, where the public has apologized for what he uttered at the Higher School of Economics. Behavior, by the way, logical: now that crap piled in front of the economists, because economists before and apologize. And nothing before others and elsewhere. Students cash specialties now know that bad things diplomatic synonym of the noun "bribe" — a longish phrase "financial aid package."

On Wednesday this week salting America came to speak to the Moscow School of Political research. After a successful apology he relaxed, and even changed the British to the Russian.

And lurking in Washington issued next appreciative audience. And they blew them — in the era of the Web, then — by the "Twitter", "Facebook" and "LiveJournal".

In 1-x, Mr. McFaul said"State Department and the U.S. finance or provide a means of opposition." And singled out: "The opposition is — it's your business what you do — it's your business, not our business, and we are perfectly aware of this."

In-2, salting the U.S., which, you see, fed up with great questions of irritating the Russian public about where you can take a turn for the grant, to lay the blame at the color revolutions afoot in the capital's squares on the Bush administration, " Experience shows, I know that we are not keen on this here. It is our clear policy. Other administrations have done so. And it's true. Read your history, guys. You just need to find out the facts. "

B-3, a "clear policy" McFaul could prove "clear" the same argument: "In America, the change of administration means a change of foreign policy. Condoleezza Rice, she is also a doctor at Stanford Institute, could not be the creator of the "reset" since eight years before she was doing us a different external policy towards Russia. "

It's a bit more complicated than a detective game in a disgusting cop and a decent cop. Salting hinted that Republicans — bad and Democrats — are excellent. Not all Russian can understand it, but Obama is likely to appreciate the efforts of McFaul. Maybe even give a medal. Unless another "bad" — M
itt Romney — Obama roundness of the cabinet will squeeze out.

So, myself and Mr. salting, and his boss Obama's Washington — great men. In the current U.S. administration — everything is just great. And Hillary Clinton — is not Condoleezza Rice. A little obsessed with Syria and the Russian attack helicopters, that's all. In general, the Obama administration all adore Russia and want her successful reboot. Why, you ask, reboot? So that in order to get rid of the evil of "color" of the past, inspired by the "other external policy" pursued in the RF spec Bush.

However, to get rid of something comes out. And not only does not leave, but in recent years this "other policies", it must be admitted, is growing suspicious. Forget it — and it would certainly be a grantee or a member of the "non-governmental organizations." This recollection, that in speaking of reboots, America suggests a low-level formatting …

"Twitter" and "Facebook" instead of tanks and special forces

Over the past four years, South American taxpayers through the mediation of Congress and the U.S. administration izderzhali to support freedom in the web of 76 million dollars.

June 14 the official dealer of the U.S. State Department Victoria Nuland said briefing reporters: "We are implementing a long program that would help people in countries where access to the web of limited, find ways to connect to the net and realize that this is one of the basic freedoms. These applets concern including Syria. "

In 2012, Washington plans to finance izderzhat respective programs of 25 million dollars.

What after all is financed by America? And then neuzh-free on the Web without means would not be? Neuzh is the freedom to do something so that it should take for the money?

"Ways to connect to the net," lead to those countries where the United States behold the deficit of democracy, freedom, human rights and other American values. For example, in Egypt. 18 months back Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, saying the yearly speech on freedom of the web, said"Access to the web of — a basic human right. It should be free and open, the people themselves must decide what information to draw from there, and what information to share. Freedom of assembly, freedom of expression and the use of online networks, I would have described as the totality freedom of communication. U.S. supports and will promote this freedom everywhere, also calls on all countries to follow our example. " Egypt and would have lived under Mubarak, if not all-powerful South American Web. "Once there was reinstated access to the web, — said Clinton — all of Egypt immediately went online. People have agreed to act through an electric mail, the important role played by social networks — Facebook and Twitter ».

Stated wasting millions of dollars Americans to bypass restrictions imposed by some governments in the web, for example, in Syria, Iran, Vietnam, China, launching channels in the languages of those countries which want to connect to the "freedom of speech". Yet America is fighting in defense of the offended bloggers and various opposition activists oppressed by the government.

Lena Gladkov writes, that "since the arrival of Obama in white-washed house on" democracy "and" human rights "in Russia spent more than $ 200 million from the pockets of American taxpayers."

Funds, as they say, mastered. Please send more!

Tanks, artillery, missiles, submarines and special forces — very expensive, but so victims can be. A Web — and inexpensive, and severely. And modern. In Egypt, all went well, and now the State Department turns the case in Syria through "Twitter" and "Facebook" rebels with iPhones running through the fields of fights, shoot their atrocities and give them away for the bloody ruthlessness of the Assad regime. And then, suddenly, the State Department and will be taken seriously for Russia: Putin's dictatorship will fall down, and put in place dictator Navalny. Democratically elect. Either Udaltsov. And in the premiere to appoint him Ksenia Sobchak. You need only a little more right to organize the Web!

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