Results of the week. Maybe he introvert with the manners of the informal leader

Part I. "If the lady with such external data is fighting for the truth, it is probably not married"

Sign of the cross on the new …

To the public celebration of the anniversary of the Baptism of Russia on a pastoral visit to Ukraine Patriarch Kirill arrived. And Ukraine, it must be said, has met the rector of the Russian Orthodox Church because it was the style in the near future. In Kiev airport waiting for Cyril "vociferous" notorious activist movement FEMEN, on Teles which contained the inscription, in at least some potential to become a democratic country characterized as outright (in the literal sense of the word) a call to violence. "Vociferous" women expressed not only in its "form number 2", and that she screamed shrilly words "Be gone out! 'Voice was echoing in FEMENshi: apparently, not one egg lady had time to drink before a meeting with the main priest ROC …

In all this history with naked breasts and obviously extremist appeals struck not so much arrogance and rudeness of representatives of such organizations as FEMEN, which itself is made up of the former, or, or are now involved priestesses far not worship as the incident hit those eager to show off her breasts women's fundamental event.

This time it turned out that I will draw out his mortal body has been accredited by Mademoiselle meeting of the Patriarch at the airport Borispol as a journalist from Kharkov. In this case, if all the other journalists were accredited to the areas that have been identified by the Protocol and security, here FEMEN-girl with startling swiftness soldiers not only managed to jump out in front of Cyril, but also pop out, tearing off the fact that intended to cover the shame. However, in this case, if there is nothing to cover up, then read about.

Yes, activist swiftly turned into a roll of strong men of protection, but the fact is waved her breasts already held that the FEMEN-girl required.

Of course, that such acts are designated organizations can not only be carried out on voluntary basis and only be based only on the maiden diligence. There is this group of fellow ladies floor, except Anne favorite Hutsol, and more than respectable patrons who are using "tricks martyshechih" Women are going to solve the puzzles. Well, what? The idea of the ordinary and clear: you want that on your activity directed attention, so order a few girls at Hutsol, undress them at least to the waist, give into the hands of posters with slogans such as "We are against GMO" or "Let the women of money." If Hutsol would read that when you use them came out, it seems, can be extended, which is what happens today … Well, if the "zametut", and then we can shout about the new political prisoners in Ukraine. What's there in the Ukraine, where we in Russia's own lack of those who want to light their primary and secondary sexual characteristics — in exchange for a penny popularity.

In this regard, we can say who Baptism of Russia at the time though was held, but apparently did not understand it all before. The example of the FEMEN to the obvious proof. And if so, then we can arrange his campaign, in conjunction with the deeds of Prince Vladimir: Gather the girls FEMEN, even for money criteria Mrs. Hutsol, but with her in the river (and it is possible to Kolyma and visual senses) christen one more time — that the monitoring baptism it just does not hurt … Well, generally when gaze at these FEMEN comes to mind is the idea: the abolition of the Inquisition in old Europe obviously rushed …

Arrive suddenly a magician …

Perhaps Vladimir Churov has the potential for becoming the most extravagant chairman of the CEC on our planet flawed. Before he had time to try all of their orders, as in the mind of the bureaucrat was born the idea to reincarnate, it would seem, staff visit the Youth Forum "Seliger-2012" in the real show. Chairman of the role of the hero of the 1st of memorable novels of Jules Verne arrived at Seliger in the gondola reddish balloon, which landed in a particular vicinity of the camp, broken at the youth forum. Not in vain Dmitry Medvedev at the time referred to Vladimir E. wizard.

Touchdown, to tell the truth, more like a water landing because the pilots got it wrong, and the ball ended up in a small swamp. Although such a course of events can also be uglyadet some forethought on the part of Vladimir E.: perhaps this chairman of the CEC wanted to say that any "swamp" the opposition he could easily kill its own gondola …

By the way, the organizers of the Summer Olympic Games in London, the most that neither is a cheeky way stole the idea from our spectacular touchdowns Churov. In London, however, landed not on the balloon and parachute, and chairman of the Central Election Commission, and one that is similar to the old lady, the queen. But the theft of our home-grown mental accessories is available. Therefore, Vladimir E. may still have these prim and foggy sue a couple of hundred thousand pounds for the modernization of the electoral system of the Russian Federation.

At a meeting with the "Seliger" youth Vladimir Churov was in the form of a man who struck his own candor. If all the participants are not convinced that came down from heaven and is the chairman of the CEC, it was possible to think that it has been stylishly read in the 90s, a man similar to the chairman. Painfully bold expression allowed himself to joyful grizzled beard … Namely, Vladimir E. suddenly for many confessed that while all the participants come from youth, he (the chairman) in this most childhood falls. In addition, he said that "young people should know how horseradish sandwich smeared power." These words, in principle, almost all the actions of Vladimir E. explain, and so many pressing issues to Churov, who already was hung on the lips of "disloyal" youth who have fallen away. All that had the opposition after such churovskogo revelation, so it is reasonable gifts — t-shirt with the inscription "Wishmaster" and the snow-white ribbon. But the chairman refused to ribbons by comparing it to use contraception. Apparently, a lot of experience allows the election of Vladimir E. make such comparisons …

I remember everything and regular expression from the Chairman of the Central Election Commission, in which he compared the electoral system with a nuclear missile shield during the war. However, for all that are present at the interview not know, is going to make Vladimir E. starts already at the moment, or until its "nuclear" potential is shrouded …

We so want to see NATO in us ha …

Having attended virtually powerless position of NATO aircraft over the Baltic bright sky, the chief of the Air Staff sovereign Estonia Jaak Tarien subsequent progressive proposal put forward. He said it was wrong to sow democracy aircraft to patrol the skies just 3 otdemokratizirovannyh much of the Baltic countries, and the need to offer them also do training bombing …

Tarien said the pilots, you know, can not yet vsepolnotsenno of friction over the Baltic. Apparently, slightly dispersed own swallows — and Estonia have already ended, zahochut something to throw — and then under the wing of Poland, Finland find themselves. Well, the Finns, they are clear, hot men: have something to thro
w in the back … What can we read about the Poles, the older generation which until now, seeing planes without stars on the wings can rapidly into the shed for the Berdan rifle to run … In general, any of you, you know, space — only fly to be quiet, but the corresponding sound coming out of the mouth, denotes that the bomb dropped …

Proposal Jaak Tariena looks over the burning. Just imagine: that's boiled in a NATO pilot at heart, prepyadstviya at work, at home spouse soup too salty, and it sits in its own bomber and went straight to Estonia — metnet couple of bombs, you see, and the heart-his miserable calm down. However, for all that Estonian citizens will need to go to the constantly and tall look. Estonia, a small country it is there — and bombing — something sonorous and scale, so can anyone in the garden cabbage mash, anyone catch the satellite dish, and anyone in the neck by shrapnel and strike a …

Birds of a feather do not always understands

Last week, in the "Results" we mentioned about how the Russian border guards were detained Chinese fishermen, swim in our territorial waters. This week the Norwegian Coast Guard has detained a Russian fishing schooner "Melkart-2." Well, Holy smoke, will deliver the reader — that our fishermen fish in their own territorial waters is not enough? What they do to the Norwegians, then climbed? But here it is necessary to make a fundamental clarification: Russian fishermen are at the root of Chinese fishermen are different. If the Chinese were detained for what they are in the territorial waters of the Russian Federation tons of seafood caught, the fishermen in the Russian zone of responsibility of the Norwegian … tons of fish thrown overboard. But then it becomes clear why so his hackles Norwegian Coast Guard? Them that do not need the extra fish? .. It turns out that Norwegian law to throw fish overboard is strictly prohibited.

And perhaps our just decided to share this Makar Norwegians its reserves … We have something a lot of these supplies, so we can allow ourselves to slowly swim to the territorial waters of another country and as a humanitarian aid drop them a couple of tons of herring — even though local Fishermen rejoice, and that in fact vorachivatsya with empty nets them with no hands: at home with the wife and kids rolling pins on the benches.

Maybe our "Robin Hoods" so often did, feeding "obezryblennye" countries of Europe, but this time the virtues of our fishermen are not realized and escorted "Melkart-2" in the Norwegian port of Hammerfest.

Oh, those Europeans! No they can not realize the breadth of our Russian soul. We have them all with open heart, and they — … One word — the Scandinavians … feral people, as one might say notorious ambassador …

Frozen for the benefit of

While in Russia Ksenia Sobchak is trying to return to one and a half million euros, which were amassed, of course, back-breaking labor, the Georgian authorities also decided to walk on his opposition, which is called, proven methods. Our homeland, she naturally barbarous country, as expressed by Misha Saakashvili, but, nevertheless, some produce Misha Nikolozovich take Moscow does not shun.

For example, in the days of the arrest was made by the famous Georgian footballer Kakha Kaladze, who is a member of the opposition group "Georgian Dream". It is a dream, maybe Georgian, but apparently dreaming about something else entirely incumbent Georgian leader …

That's why the Georgian Prosecutor's Office decided to "put into the cold," the funds that were available in the bank accounts footballer Kaladze. A means to say a lot. Even Ksenia Sobchak, as they say, nervously smoking after the announcement of the amounts which have deprived Kaladze.

According to some data, in the near future Kaladze received about six million dollars as a contractual payment game in the Italian football league. During the non-long-time Kaladze debited about a million bucks, and that intrigued the Georgian Prosecutor's Office. Say, where is a modern-day Georgia can izderzhat a million greenish funds if President Saakashvili has made available all of the major products for the Georgians … Even a bribe traffic cop for incorrect parking you do not, everything around the glass: Misha Nikolozovich sees zarugaet …

If Kaladze decided to go on a binge of light Georgian life, then these funds he could buy about 70,000 bottles of "Khvanchkara." Apparently, that athlete is not drunk, humane and Georgian prosecutor's office has decided to withdraw his money.

So we say, the Georgian Prosecutor's Office is fighting with the Georgian opposition. Yes there is … It's all heresy and provocation! Just as people in uniform for its own citizens are baked, so skinny that their health is not happened.

Part II. Welcome to Wonderland

Crackers instead of water

Today, almost everyone is doing in China. Almost all are doing there: from "BMW" to children's toys. But some things still made in the so-called advanced countries. For example, television announcements are made in America, the Americans themselves. Moreover, this information product in their characteristics such that even suitable for export.

As part of the anti-Syrian information warfare, which are spreading not old days and bounds, advanced South American propagandists and advertisers on the outstanding political days are offered Market News postmodern novelty: broadcast on behalf of the Syrian satellite broadcasters. By implementing the project so awesome broadcast its creators came up thoroughly, and dress for the consumer fraud with the sign of the property.

Information fraud scheme western impressive turning telly viewer sees the familiar logos municipal TV channels and looks like a true Syrian television. The channels are indistinguishable from the real, as the transfer program from its proper gear. But when it comes time news broadcast starts heresy — that the government's "regime" has fallen, Assad is flying to Moscow and the opposition celebrated in Damascus or Homs victory.

Fortunately, the security forces in Syria do not sleep, and the other day a television provocation, July 22, Syrians warned Ministry of disk imaging, "television frequencies will be used to broadcast false messages such as Tipo coup occurred in the country, the split or the overthrow of government."

The provocation was carried out in collaboration with the West brotherly Arab countries. The leading role of the television to "public channels" performed work on Western and Arab channels Syrian journalists have also abducted staff Syrian media, which had come under pressure.

In addition to television, the organizers of the anti-Syrian campaign foraged and video. To understand the issue should look at this one little clip with a simple and straightforward plot. Subject to first look disastrous.

But, if you look closely, you can see: dead comrade, who laments over his employee in the shooting, fully myself … alive. Maybe it's fortunate for pechalyaschegosya friend — to find their own teammate alive. But most likely, second-rate director for the production of third-hired actors. Sponsors of the State Department expert on Hollywood stingy: frail Pentagon budget to hire a star Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise are not allowed.

On the web site "The Syrian Documents" (In English. Arabic and lang., Has existed since November 1, 2011), you can find out almost everything about provocations carried out by the West against the Syrian people.

For example, here is told that the West in their own news reports on the planned use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government against civilian persons. But not Bashar al-Assad, and dealers on Wall Street means export of chemical war in different countries, from Libya to Turkey, and were able to import chemical weapons and Syria — not forgetting to teach the rebels to use it.

The opponents of the Syrian people will approach at least some cause for intervention. If a representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Jihad Maqdisi makes a statement that Syria under all circumstances will not use chemical weapon against the Syrians, in the West, this explanation immediately interpreted and presented to the American mass munching cheeseburgers and zhireyuschey at the TV screens as a declaration of war throughout ipritnoy democratic world — from Israel to the shores of the Atlantic.

Western news agencies, as well clowns and actors prepodnosyaschih "news" from the fake satellite channels, you need to take appropriate manner.

Alice in Wonderland, Carroll's heroine, feel thirsty, was taken aback when the Queen offered her a biscuit. The U.S. State Department offers worldwide the same piece of bread — and, apparently, has fully heartily, as well as the Queen.

Demonstrating the announcement on behalf of the Syrian municipal TV stations from all over the West's own sales of the soul explains silly autocrats and despots who do not understand anything in the freedom of speech, what should be a truly democratic channels.

When shooting video clips with living corpses, the opponents of Assad give unenlightened viewers realize that they are mired in heresy, so that they themselves believe in it. The struggle for power and terrorist earnings on their death was the usual method of existence, and for the continuation of the approval in the future, all of which means bad.

Developing the theme of chemical war that is about to unleash an aggressor Assad, who decided to start a practice in the application of mustard gas on his people, whitewashed house has condemned the terrorist attack in Damascus on July 18th, the endorsing terrorism. Sergey Lavrov voiced by the representative to the United Nations Susan Rice, who called the attack said evidence that the Security Council should not be more rigmarole with the adoption of the resolution on Syria, and then given own commentary: "In other words, in Russian speaking, this meant: we will continue to support such terrorist acts, until the Security Council will do what we want. This is a general strshnaya position. "

Do not take a piece of bread for water, comrades!

Advertising Film and pistols

If people in Syria understand what was happening, then in America cinema screens already stepped into a reality. In this sense, the United States ran out for that fight.

As it turned out this week, the redhead Colorado shooter James Holmes, who imagines himself the Joker, Batman's enemy, and laid the bursts and single shots in the cinema hall of the town of Aurora 12 people and wounding about sixty, to attend the mass execution of a psychiatrist, special on schizophrenia. This became clear when the young killer lawyers have filed the appropriate documents to the court, the Sentennialla, where the case is heard.

Brightly here that Mr. Holmes before the introduction of firearms carefully painted the scenario of future acts, accompanied by pictures of the text, and mailed a notebook with writings psychiatrist from the Institute of Colorado (the university killer has recently graduated with a degree neuroscience).

But, as in the States all the secret, not counting the massive police eavesdropping of telephone discussions, analysis of chat messages "Skype", seeing through the camera "prestupmysli" Orwellian, video tracking of cars on the roads (God forbid, any offender on the car will run away from jail), fully identify the enemies of the people of South American CIA, FBI and NSA, and a constant search of Arab terrorists and the Russian mafia in Manhattan, the psychiatrist had no right to violate the privacy of their own relations with the client-patient. Lawyers Mr. Holmes now reached the point that the accused … the charge. The police, in their opinion, has violated the confidentiality, why suffer the constitutional rights of the defendant.

The future neuroscientist, quiet guy, diligent, smiling, as it turned out, has long been considered by Dr. Lynne Fenton in patients. Hardly anyone, except perhaps the Yankees seriously considered as kinoubiytsa, dyed her hair a reddish color of the Joker, can be sane person, but is notable here is not "normal" is Holmes, and the fact that his psychiatrist, doctor's wife Lynne Fenton, too was particularly outstanding.

Specialist in schizophrenia, who teaches at the medical faculty of the Institute of Colorado and part-time students working part time on the subject to psychological ailments, seven years back had "strogacha" from the state government. The premise was reprimanded for unauthorized prescription drugs for your own sake, members of his own family and one slave.

Being treated with this woman doctor, Holmes may have been a carrier of a mania, which lead to his automatic rifle, pistol, "Glock", shotguns and tear gas grenades. One only ammo Colorado shooter ordered via the Web about 6 thousand pieces. By the end of the institute quite Moved out of phase, it is popular hated Batman, the Joker has entered into an image, put on body armor and a gas mask and opened fire in a movie theater.

One of the witnesses of the disaster recalls"Everything ran to the door. I jumped over a chair, slipped on someone's blood and fell on the lady. I was toying with her, is that we need to run, but later I saw that she was dead. And then I ran past the man whose neck was gushing out blood. It was a nightmare. "

It's not that different, the session is "The Dark Knight" has merged with reality.

Americans preach all over the world and its values are people the light of truth. But their Bible — Hollywood, religion — psychiatry, and the method of suggestion of faith — a shotgun.

And when the impressive start to the values advanced monotonous mutter something like, "Assad must go," we must realize what three whales holds the South American turtle …

Concluding the episode "Summary of the week," I can not pass without going through the three facts that emerged in America after the shooting in a movie theater.

Perdition and injured in the
"Aurora" served as a prerequisite to a surge of enthusiasm far not the most successful (by the views of many American critics) movie about Batman. The media have messages that "The Dark Knight Rises" can completely set the record at the box office. In cinemas of the country — long queues for tickets.

With advertising, the client made a psychiatrist Holmes, people in the United States reached out not only in theaters, and in weapon shops. Implementation of firearms in Colorado markedly rose for the last days: during day or three, from Friday to Sunday of last week, 2,887 people were in spetsmagaziny to buy guns (25% more than the average for 2012 and 43% more than the same period the week before the crash). In Seattle, Washington, in the last days are the number of applications for licenses to carry guns nestled increased two-fold. In Florida alone over the past weekend owners of pistols were 2,386 persons (14% more than the same period of the previous week). In Oregon, similar implementations have shown growth of 11% in California arms trade volume grew by 10%. And the FBI has data showing that in June and July, citizens are usually less often only become a tool.

Eventually, Another fact. A movie about Batman went to the premiere in Mexico — Guadalajara and in the cinema during the session started the fire. Forced the evacuation of 800 people. Spectators so imbued kinoatmosferoy that, as in the case of Holmes, far did not immediately realized what they are dealing with: a film or a reality. If cinema managers were not asked people to leave the room, the audience would probably be burned or suffocated in the smoke.

Not a movie, but a sort of global tragedy.

Greek portrait of Angela Merkel

Greek magazine «Crash» Cover freshest numbers portrayed Chancellor of Germany as a prisoner of Guantanamo Bay bullpen: in an orange robe and handcuffs. The magazine calls to send Angela Merkel before a tribunal — for the genocide of the Greeks.

Apart from the pictures on the cover, is dedicated to Frau Merkel and the text on the pages of the magazine. Publisher «Crash» Giorgos Trangas blames German Chancellor sins against humanity and offers to send Ms. Merkel's International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague. Well, there is, apparently, is the publisher — a smooth road to Guantanamo.

Sue and landed in a prison cell Greek journalist longs not just Angela Merkel and the German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble. Candidates for international criminals are also the head of the International Finance Fund Christine Lagarde, head of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso and the President of the Euro Council, Herman Van Rompuy.

Trangas writes: "Merkel and her friends do not believe in the value of human life and personal dignity." The Chancellor, in the views of the journalist turned Greece into "modern concentration camp", in which the Greeks found themselves "new Jews," isolated "like lepers."

Jaunty feather Greek workers have repeatedly portrayed Merkel as a blood-sucking vampire, as a tamer with a whip, forcing the Greek elderly people jump into a burning ring, after all, in a Nazi uniform with a swastika.

The Greeks in their own eye logs do not smell. If so where the Nazis so right under the noses of the scribblers-writers. The Greek Parliament is not so lousy with neo-Nazis, but by seven per cent consists of these.

As found This week, the newly elected member of parliament became the Nazi party-punk band «Pogrom» Artemis Mattaipulos, passed in the legislature of the country's nationalist party "Golden Dawn." This emperor was already the second parliamentarian pertaining to the Greek nation-rock scene. The first was George Germenis, who was elected to parliament in May, and then re-elected in June (in the election crisis in Greece will soon take place every month. Wonder Germans recommend Greeks realize the Acropolis to pay off creditors).

What is it all the same for Mattaipulos such?

In one of his own songs, he called to burn down parliament — one of which has now become a deputy. His band "Mayhem" is not smuschyaetsya sing songs in which, politically correct words, expressed hostility toward the Jews. In Greece, according to the views of punk-deputy, should be read only in Greek, and the other — death. On this occasion, he composed the song "Speak Greek or die."

If the European Union — in the face of hard-working German — forgive the Greeks, who in historical times were different davneshnie ability to give bad pots of great cunning in trade and pirate of the sea, all of their debts and even gave a grant aid in Athens and then to gossip about Angela Merkel. Then later wrote off the debts, then help is given very little …

Severyanka under the southern flag

In 2008, many people in America, including journalists from "Associated Press" confused presidential candidate Barack Obama with Osama bin Laden (so it is not very clear who they chose for president). In March 2012, on the Kuwaiti Grand Prix organizers instead of shooting sports anthem of Kazakhstan by mistake included parody of his controversial movie "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan." On the "Euro-2012" during the newscast at halftime Our homeland — Poland on display positioned USSR flag instead of Russian. July 17, 2012 German TV channel ARD person instead of the Hungarian Nazi Chatara showed picture of the Jewish human rights activist Simon Wiesenthal Center.

On 26 July, in media reports about the recent geopolitical turmoil, now — Olympic.

The scoreboard of the stadium "Hampden Park" in Glasgow next to the names of football players DPRK appeared flag of South Korea. Outraged representatives of North Korea went resent the locker room, but the organizers, who had gone to the locker room right behind the athletes were able to persuade those back. The game started with a delay of 1 hour 5 minutes.

By the way, an insult to a sense of public pride did not prevent Koreans beat Latina "dry" — 2:0. As it appears, replace the flag added SEVERYANKA sports rage — and assist them win.

Interestingly, less than a week before the mishap British Olympic organizers made with assurance, in which just ensured that the Games will not play hymns incorrect or improper lifting flags. Master of Ceremonies Nikki Halifax assured the world: "All those who are involved in these activities, understand the importance of the proper use of flags and anthems and are genuine professionals." Work with flags, anthems and other ceremonial trappings at the Olympics produce, according to her, seasoned spices in the field of protocol, experts in matters of selection of music and the visual range, znamenonostsy Army, Air Force and Navy.

Or spices decided not to break tradition by entanglement, or "true professionals" were fake, penetrated to the Olympics on bolshennomu cronyism, or all of these znamenonostsy need assistance ophthalmologist … The notion that the members of the organizing committee flawed vision, held British chain of optical shops «Specsavers». In
their own advertising, on pure Korean advising members of the Olympic Organizing Committee to check in «Specsavers» vision, entrepreneurial company already uses both flags, north and south.

"Maybe he introvert with the manners of the informal leader" — a phrase from the movie "The most attractive and appealing."

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