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Part I. "Azazello asked not to worry …"

Sun Country Kuril

Sakura branch bends to shoulder,
Rice field in the wind rustles.
As gorgeous on the banks of the Russian Kuril Islands …

This week will be continued majestic Japanese saga that seems to be perfectly Land of the Rising Sun to get hold of four Russian islands belonging to the Kuril Islands. In Tokyo, there was a meeting of deputy foreign ministers of Russia and the rising sun, which had to prepare the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda at the end of the year in Moscow. With all of this once again the Japanese side stated that it has every reason to continue banquet conversation on the topic of the transfer of the Russian Federation Iturup, Shikotan and Habomai Kunashir in the bosom of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Which points directly to a future meeting of Russian president and the Japanese prime minister prepared the foreign ministers of employees 2-states, not yet reported, but each time it is about the ability to transfer the Kuril Islands to our neighbors, the samurai soul begin to rankle some vague doubts. What if the same Yoshihiko Noda has hidden oriental mantras, which are able to assure our naive politicians in the fact that the return of the islands under the warm wing of the Japanese — this is the right step and friendly … And suddenly Yoshihiko Noda will be able to stand on the mat for judo counterattacks against Vladimir Putin will hold their crown "Tai-otoshi" or "O-soto-gari"?

In such a situation it is necessary to hope that in the arsenal of the Russian president has his trump card that it will cover any items agreements that do not meet standards of integrity of the Russian state. And if there is no such trump cards? If Vladimir Putin during this period of time, still managed to pick up a hand full of sixes to be bits of Japanese marked cards? Yes, it's serious … I do not hunt to think that after the debt relief to the poorest countries of the world in the amount of 10 billion dollars Tip us with you in general possess the universal virtue, and we shall bestow on him also "poor" Japanese significantly propped "Fukushima".

And to the thirsty "northern territories" shoguns had no reason to hold their crown grips and does not lay before us a set of carefully selected trumps, you just need to spend a pre-emptive maneuver. And what kind of maneuver in today's current political realities? That's right — a referendum. You can even create an issue for such a referendum on the Kuril Islands, "Kuriles, if you want to permanently stop the Kuril Islands and pass them Tokyo?" And two answers: "No, I do not want" and "Yes, I do not want …" Well, and later show residents of the country of the rising sun is our trump card — say, here's to you our referendum — get and sign. We are very sorry we can, even willing to make concessions, but the Russian people — the source of power, and so — "zvinyayte, boys."

Calculator summed …

On the week, the head of the Duma Defense Committee Vladimir Komoedov got its own pocket calculator and decided to produce estimates of the level of funding Russian army. It would seem that after the announced funding for the modernization stunning Russian defense sector and assume nothing — everything is clear: funds are considerable, thank you all, everyone is happy …

But Vladimir Petrovic, representing the Communist Party faction in the State Duma of the 6th convocation, decided to double-check everything to do with the volume of financing itself. And it all worked out for the most part not with the prefix "re-", and almost incomprehensible Kurguzov "under-". Maybe the calculator at the deputy Komoyedov was faulty, or maybe he just worked on the basis of a communist party program that does not take into account all the funds allocated from the state budget. In the end, according to the figures will be displayed on the scoreboard, it was found that after a little gleam of time in the military will be a shortage of petroleum products for the needs of engineering and insecurity is a huge number of troops with the newest form of the claim for "haute couture".

In general, some unimpressive calculations came at the deputy Komoyedov. Another thing, the calculations of the Ministry of Defence: there's always got away with amazingly accurate, with all this agency, Anatoly Serdyukov even prevents errors: it is said to allocate in 2013 on a new outfit 12,680,000,000 rubles — stand out. It is said to provide all military uniforms 30-35 thousand rubles per set — will provide. And it is not bad luck, that by dividing the first number by the second, is only 35-40% probability of personnel newest form. Well, who, in fact, was that going to be easy … For those who do not get the newest forms can just wait — take a walk in an old year or two, and where necessary, zaplatochku sew, a needle to "walk." And why would the army of professionals, sorry, outsourcing hired. Suppose, too, will be engaged in business …

And if a zaplatochkami and expectation problems occur, you can simply save on beer and get the latest form without the help of others, that the troops do not look deprived snow-white sheep … In general, the Defense Ministry's traditional scheme: first place — always a Anatoly Eduardovicha and it all fits together, second paragraph — if not convergent, then look up to with-with-with-ease, — see item first. And it's the main rule of Vladimir Komoyedov himself to be perfectly familiar. So that the Defense Ministry should urgently give Vladimir Petrovich on dipped prazdnichek new nominal calculator that will not drive the man in the weird thoughts …

Shprotnogo influenza virus for NATO

We do not have long to get used to what we call the main enemies of the West, and therefore came in the week reports from Brussels that our motherland together with China and Iran is a major kiberprotivnikom NATO, in principle, are not enough who amazed. NATO is worried that Russian kiberspetsialisty will be able to break the smooth working of the alliance of computer systems and apply those blow to the security of the "peace" office.

To further attract the attention of those who donate money donations to fund NATO, Brussels and decided to spend the typical kiberucheniya. The plan Atlanticist, some cyber criminals (guess which country) have made cyber attack on the fraternal alliance of the country Estonia and Hungary. By the way, since Estonia's own entry into NATO became a state in which practiced a variety of possible enemy attack. At Tallinn, Narva, Tartu and other Estonian town with an enviable regularity "attacks" gate of rather poor Estonian citizens, according to the plan, the creators of the scenario of the exercise should be shoulder to shoulder with the citizens of other NATO reflect anger.

This time was shamelessly gate of dangerous and one hundred percent paralyzed vital functions in the Baltic republic betrothed. Hackers infected the terrible virus (apparently from a sample of "250 gold incurable virus from a Russian hacker") anything and everything: from home laptop Estonian president to a game console Minister of Defence of the Republic. These kibernagletsy, scripted, staged well, Estonia's real horror is disrupting communication systems "peacefully" flying in the blue sky Baltic NATO military transport workers. Even wrecked freighter suffered apparently fell on strategic Estonian sprat production facility for the n
eeds of NATO.

After such a turn of events the union could not stay away and hissing slogans like "You've been at the Estonian sprats answer", decided to strike at intruders back, including military means. Apparently, the soldiers alliance decided to knock on one of the Russian rural schools, a sixth grader from Bob Zyukin could start a dangerous flu virus shprotnogo, he landed a NATO military transport plane … Great else that our education system is firmly protected from even the anti-encroachment by NATO …

In general, it is amusing live our NATO partners — do not say anything. After such can only recommend a sovereign Kaspersky send newsletter by NATO countries with a proposal to buy its anti-virus package, and then, apparently, Estonian and Hungarian antivirusniki or long since not been renewed, or pass through it all in a row. And what about these countries will be up to them if dopletutsya besides eminent Iranian virus programs from!. Yes, every self-respecting Hungarian, Estonian, and then say: mother, my parents back …

Finalize ratfilem

This week, one of the main weapons of the Russian Federation has become a big-name newsmakers "Izhmash". Only now with the announcement of the plant, which produces automatic, sniper, and other small gun, came for the most part, to put it mildly, not entirely positive. The scandal erupted around the fact that the workers of the 1st Workshop of NGOs "Izhmash" decided to hold a meeting directly on the ground the company, which was directed against the almost incomprehensible lowering of wages during the period.

Union representatives say that the staff 103rd department received a month of work on five thousand rubles salary, which is more than 2 times lower than the average salary for all workshops arms factory. For obvious reasons, even declared average salary of 11-12 thousand rubles on such a massive enterprise looks foolish, but if it also cut back at times, the smell of desire to receive a cash "bonus" in the accounts distort the bolt of the products they produce …

But the management company has decided to financially justify to hurt the plant workers and the public. It turns out that most workers 103rd shop "Izhmash" also should rejoice that they have paid anything at all. Checking the properties of the products, which are often carried out at the Izhevsk plant, suddenly found that the quality of products specifically in the 103-m shop is low, besides the monthly plan is made by only 40%.

In this case, simply amazing how it managed to work just to sabotage the whole shop strategically fundamental creation, while employees of other departments and the plan complied with, and the quality did not disappoint … maybe in the 103-m shop work only neobstrelyannye beardless youths who trunk of the stock can not always tell … Maybe for each unit of work done by shooting that apply anecdotal note "to modify a file" … But if so, then where does the management itself looked NGO "Izhmash", why not immediately tsehoviki announced that it was time to put pressure to implement the plan and forward already, after all, focus on the quality of the product: do not bend the stems for fun …

One gets the impression that management was drawn to the end to say: let them marry punched out, and we'll take them, but wages at the end of the month and urezhem — let them know! .. But it could be, and then wait a year, and in the end to announce that employees worked 103rd shop is very bad, and so the general wage is not worthy.

No 5000 rubles — this is, of course, for many arms factory … So, maybe, the management on this amount at least for a couple of months to land. After all, if the marriage and the failure of the plan were to be, and in this Directorate povinet no less.

Kites against the "Swifts"

During the week, it became clear that the commander of the aerobatic team "Swifts" Lt. Col. Valery Morozov was dismissed from military service. This was stated by Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov country. Reason for leaving Pankov was formulated in the following way: Colonel Morozova fired for wrongful acts incompatible with the rank of Russian officer. What acts directly, we can only guess …

This formulation is not allowed Colonel Morozov receive all payments due to the dismissed officer.

Recall that the identity of Valery Morozov appeared in connection with more than a weird thing about the extortion of money from military personnel who are on the stage of dismissal from the armed forces, in exchange for what they are able to not appear in the service. In addition, the scandal touched such a man as Alexei Novikov, from which Morozov Tipo sought as much as 5 thousand rubles for the fact that he used the symbolism of "Swifts" on distributed products.

In general, neither the Defense Ministry, nor from the Military Prosecutor's Office had not received information about what are the motives of dismissal served as a prerequisite class pilot of the Air Force of Russia. And if the information does not come, it turns out that now at least some reckless slander (after recycling, apparently, is not confirmed, and if confirmed, it is certainly not presented in proper form) may be a precursor release at least some officers, and of not only an officer of their own posts.

Well it turns out that now to any officer, even in the midst of brothers-in-arms and take a steam bath can not go. Suddenly, later accused of seducing younger officers and extorting money on a bottle of foam … And there Go and establishes that the finding of several naked men in the bath is not a fact of abuse of some by others — liberal laws, what can be done about here …

Now Valery Morozov's going to challenge the decision of the superior control in court, but here again plagued by vague doubts that we will make the tribunal's landmark decision. Vaughn referee in Bryansk has at one point, a decision on the governor took … oh, and not just, apparently, it (the arbitrator) will now need to work in tandem with the tight fit of the executive authority of the town famous partisans, as the detached arbiter Nikolai Denin the will of the People again began Governor of the region …

Part II. "And yet she spins!"

Chief of the discipline

"Plebeians" against Parteigenosse

There are such a special British English minister, whose position is called the "whip". Soviet-style — party organizer. And if we approach the issue from a moral point of view, — the brain, honor, conscience, and along with the discipline of the Party. In this case — the Tories, commanded by Mr. Cameron.

This week, the British Parteigenosse Andrew Mitchell's former party organizer. "Ex", as they say in the West. Fat point in his career … he put himself.

A month back, Mr. Mitchell decided to take a bike through the main entrance of the residence of the Prime Minister, but the police did not let him and sent to the gate for pedestrians. Spoiled the party organizer, surprised that he objected and even sent somewhere, covered the detention order obscenities, cursed their plebeians (translation: cattle) and vpribavok commanded them to know their place.

After listening to the abominations of the Minister responsible for the discipline humiliated Sergeant, did not "wrap around" and filed a report on their specific authorities. Freedom of speech in the UK is available, and a report from the head of the table pereporhnul in the media.

First, Mitchell rejected the accusations of abuse unprintable. Later he changed his strategy and admitted that yes, he owns this indecent words: "I t
hought you guys should help us …» («I thought you guys were supposed to f … ing help us»). Samooblichivshis in materkom, Parteigenosse apologized to the police, but admitted that the police had called representatives of the "plebs".

The English press has and more than an exotic version of Mitchell's appeal to police, witnesses who were not only the protection of the order, and the tourists, "You should know better … its a place you do not members of the government … you … plebs." Each dot means another "factor" Parteigenosse thrown into a bona fide person senior police sergeant.

Confess Mitchell throughout the descent, the police would not initiate proceedings. Party organizer own timidity cost him a warm place in the Cabinet.

It took over the Police Federation of England. Mitchell did not believe it, and took the side humiliated and insulted. A whole month for Parteigenosse pressed through the press, and eventually he had to resign.

"I was saying that no matter who was right or povinet in this case, I can not over how to carry out their duties — in the explanatory note said Mitchell. — I also do not believe in good faith to subject my family, and colleagues nasty and humiliating public flogging. "

Cameron is his own boss chief of discipline, said that "political damage" that he caused very large, and so he asks for the resignation.

British Tory-party organizers, around us plebs who see one, even the Prime Minister is not required, but is requested. Not many things to hurt and plonked they equate not sent to the "facts" of police and of themselves, lovers. And that for myself, the lag was not lonely, immediately credited to the affected family and colleagues in the Cabinet. In a longish list of victims of complaints Sergeant lacking only the queen.

Cricket is everyone know your own hearth

Turkish Prime Minister said the offset center of the world and decided to otreformirovat UN

This week it became clear that Turkey can not stand by while someone decides the fate of the world. Sovereign Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking at the Global Forum Istanbul, made two bold futuristic statement.

In 1-x, the Turkish prime minister has called for reform of the United Nations. Looks like there has long kept a peace with the chain dogs. And it is true: according to the views of Erdogan, the UN is not able to resolve the crisis in Syria. And quite naturally, who in the organization muddies the water:

"The reform of the UN is needed, and should solve this dilemma. Now what happens is that they say five permanent members of UN Security Council. A situation in which they decide the fate of the world. "

A little bit awkward: Syria borders Turkey, and the veto on decisions of the Security Council imposes, say, China. Our native land there either.

Erdogan also said:

"Despite all our efforts, the UN intervened in the human drama in Syria, which lasts for 20 months and it has led to the death of 30 thousand people. More than 250 thousand people have left the country. "

That's quite embarrassing: for 250,000 of these in Turkey has moved more than 100 thousand.

However, the Turkish prime minister failed to mention that the inconveniences arising from decisions like the UN Security Council, and on the arrival of refugees — they are man-made nature. Moreover, the hands of this "character" suspiciously resemble the hands of the Mr. Erdogan. Do not help the slave prime minister of Turkey in partnership with Saudi Arabia and Qatar Islamist "opposition" in Syria refugees in Turkey would be a lot less. Maybe it just would not be the exception rather than the other bandits tyschonki-wishing for fifty bucks a month to kindle in the border areas pockets of democracy.

In-2, razobizhenny Erdogan, who was with his anti-Syrian aspirations somehow ignored in NATO and Washington, said at the Istanbul forum that in today's world, countries of the West are no longer the sole focus.

We do not look at anything else, as a historical phenomenon of another Navel of the Earth the applicant for ownership of the world axis. Give this navel will, he will invade Syria — part of the combined column UN and NATO — and in the Security Council to veto the veto. What do you want? Earlier, U.S. hegemony was, but later found out all about sixteen trillion of debt and the fact that virtually all of their creation relocated to China. In the global economy, and at the same time and in geopolitics, with Comrade Medvedev BRICS countries have risen. And now BRICS, as the creator of acronyms said Mr. O'Neill, fade, and the gains on MIST. A shaped as letters "T" — is not even Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. It — Turkey.

So know your place plebs former centers of the world.

An English minister, detailed above, is also on the days of swagger, rolls out his chest and turned to the cops as a "redneck" a reference to the essential difference between him and them. Cricket is everyone know your own hearth. But it so happened that his place vyznat minister.

That sovereign Erdogan, sometimes calling for the West in the form of a NATO coalition to help Syrian democracy (at one point zapamyatyvaya of the newly formed umbilical cord — despite the apparent shift in the center of the world in the direction of the Turkic peoples), risks to figure out what role Turkey is removed world bosses, their gilded classrooms is not going to leave …

Baghdad, Washington can not decree

Sow democracy — government of the people shook

Iraq decided to purchase a RF weapons and military equipment to 4200000000. bucks. 10 days to reverse Iraq's Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki visited Moscow, and the media found out that we are talking about several contracts naikrupneyshie of which — contracts for the supply of 30 (or 36) attack helicopters Mi-28NE and 42 (or 48) ZRPK 96K6 "Armour-C1." The Yankees did not like Iraq's cooperation with Russia, because the new contracts may bring Russia on 2nd place in the list of suppliers of arms to Iraq. The first U.S. remains: that of their 467 contracts valued at 12.3 billion. bucks.

Some analysts have decided that the Iraqi prime minister finds a tool which is cheaper, others were of the view that Iraq shows the shady bosses of white houses its independence, saying such makarom Obama and his dreamed: "Come on, goodbye."

A couple of days later, al-Maliki has clarified the situation. He said that Washington will not be able to block Baghdad signed an agreement for the purchase of Russian weapons:

"Whether it's buying an implement or oil or policy advice, we are on these issues with no one to advise. Our foreign policy is, that come from their own interests. "

To the point. Unbecoming, Comrade Prime Minister, to build a policy based on the interests of another country. Gorbachev in the late 1980s tried a similar "two-way" approach to the cause of democracy — and where is the Soviet Union? And in Iraq, too naprobovalis. Ate of American democracy the most do not fool around.

Washington in the person of Vice-President and head of the Pentagon gave Iraq to realize that this is somehow not human: rearm his army without the consent of the Ministry of Defense.

But would Americans, spreading all around their "values" do not blame yourself here?

Baghdad has decided to step up military and trade cooperation with Moscow after the head of the international affairs committee of the U.S. Senate John Kerry said that the need to end the supply of U.S. arms to Iraq — Baghdad because of the failure to intercept Iranian plane carrying military supplies bound for Syria.

Kerry blundered: put the "values" ahead of profits. And profit is about to leave for Russia. The Obama administration is making a very bad business, which is why the South American "oil" today are solidly for Romney and give it to millions and millions of campaign.

The Iraqi prime minister also expressed entirely clear:

"For example, we have good relations with America, and with Iran, although they among themselves, as you know, the contradictions. When purchasing an instrument, we believe the number of those needs that we have. Everyone knows that we pursue a policy of open and do not wish that Iraq was transformed into someone else's turf. "

The Yankees, of course, for "fiefdom" sad, but will have to swallow the bitter pill, and "drop in the international arena» (© «Red Heat") — as well.

In general, as long as the transaction is not approved by the Iraqi parliament, and thence assessors does not rejoice in Russian weapons. Other members of parliament believe that, armed to the teeth, al-Maliki will ignite the flame of the internal conflict in Iraq, just make friends with Iran, Syria, and will complicate the affairs of the country with Turkey.

How to behave as a multi-purpose al-Maliki, time will tell, but one thing is clear to all 100: zakolosilas in Iraq is not the democracy waiting to shake South American farmers.

"Our people can not live in bunkers …"

South American dictatorship as an episode of the past

On the days of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on their relatives and beloved United States to continue to support democracy in the Middle East. Outbreaks of violence in different countries do not have to suspend democratization, she said. According to the head of the State Department, Washington's attitude to the young democracies in countries emerging from the "Arab Spring" should not swap after the "acts of violence committed by extremists small numbers."

She acknowledged that the increased impact of the Islamists in the Middle East and North Africa (Libya, Tunisia and Egypt) is a challenge to South American interests. And to answer this very challenge (well, just by Toynbee), the United States should pursue a more active policy in the region:

"For the United States support the transition to democracy is not idealism, but a strategic necessity. We will never be able to prevent every act of terrorism or achieve absolute security. Our people can not live in bunkers and with all this ok to do my job. "

"Normally do your job" — which means to produce oil strategy. In the Middle East where there is profit in energy resources. In the same Libya. Only here with democracy there one big disadvantage. That will destroy the Ambassador, the tortured Shaaban, the city of Bani Walid zakapriznichal — so that even the mustard it will not take. There are, however, the option to make of Yugoslavia, Libya, starting with Cyrenaica, but there is a need to allocate a regular budget. And with budgets — green fuel revolution — the white houses became tight. The Fed has already paint and paper ends …

Hearing the call Hillary out of your own bunker Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the UN. Echoing the harsh secretary of state at the meeting of the Security Council on Syria, she said that America will not wait for the decision of all the members of the Security Council to be on the "right side of history":

"In the conditions of increasing levels of violence and ruthlessness of the United States will not wait for all the members of the Council in order to be on the right side of history. Together with our allies we support the opposition in its quest for an integrated and democratic reforms. We continue to put pressure on the regime, and we are passionate about the growing humanitarian needs in the region. "

And Rice cited the president's own words: The future will not belong to dictators.

Excuse me, but to distinguish the dictator or terrorist from the usual Democrat in the U.S. no one is capable of.

Muammar Gaddafi. Saddam Hussein. Bashar al-Assad. Alexander Lukashenko. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Hugo Chavez. Either here, these comrades: Ayman al-Zawahiri and Osama bin Laden. Which one of them alive, who is dead? For the average person it's the Yankees, in which there appear the same but Barack Hussein Obama.

In the U.S., 88% of young Yanks can not find Afghanistan on a map, 75% — Iran and Israel, and 63% — Iraq, a quarter of the population is not aware of the fact that the country is independent from England, and 41% said the leading economic power in the world China. In America, the lead "their investigation" — and do not want to know that Ambassador C. Stevens killed in Benghazi guy named Ahmed Abu Hatalla when "mode" Gaddafi isolated from society in the slammer. Inconvenient for America and the fact that «Human Rights Watch» announced the confirmation of atrocities the Libyan "revolutionaries" have tortured and killed Gaddafi and 66 of his supporters in Sirte. Victoria Nuland said only that it is a suspected war sins. She had forgotten about the contented "wow" your own boss Hillary that she reacted to the news of the death of Gaddafi. In the end, quite nasty for white houses became nedavneshnee news that are independent South American researchers have equated attack drones in Pakistan to acts of terrorism.

Cognition and memory are inconvenient for the "American values" for their discount.

As for the future, then Susan Rice Law: South American dictatorship has remained in the past. John Bolton, Mitt Romney adviser on foreign policy, and said, "we are doing much worse …"

Advice and love


Human rights and freedoms in the United States have taken another step forward. On Thursday, the Appellate Tribunal in New York ruled: the definition of marriage as a union between a lady and a guy contrary to the U.S. Constitution. If this decision confirms the Supreme Tribunal, the homosexuals will be able to celebrate a resounding victory in the heavyweight promoting in their country of American values.

The plaintiff, 83-year-old Edith Windsor, argued that the law discriminates against same-sex marriages, thus violating the U.S. Constitution. Two of the three members of the jury have decided that the way it is: the concept of marriage should include classic and homosexual unions.

If the Tribunal would be a plaintiff, who said as if his alliance with a goat or a horse, too, must give equal rights with ordinary marriage, that he will answer these judges? And if those who freely interprets the Constitution, will drop to the light necrophilia?

In general, Mrs. (hmm, or Mr.) Windsor did not go so far. She went on to sue because of funds. Her sexual partner, with whom she mingled legitimate marriage in Toronto, died in 2009 after many years of struggle with multiple sclerosis and left "spouse" legacy for which Edith Windsor had to pay more than 300,000 dollars of income tax.

Now, if the decision of the appeal court approves the Supreme Tribunal, the plaintiff not only get back the money,
and will open the latest series of longish film about South American freedom.

* "Means something we have! Our mind is not enough! "- A phrase from the cartoon" Three from Buttermilk. "

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