Results of the week. Preserving the pince-nez, Kish, at the moment to begin! ..

Results of the week.  Take care of pince-nez, Kisa, is about to begin! ..

The Greeks portrayed Merkel in a Nazi uniform

Greeks are moving through crisis River

The word "Eureka" does not want to resound in the Greek parliament. How would all know what to do in order to free the Athens from defaulting, but Archimedes own, able to put these measures into practice without any particular problems, Greece has not yet found. Of course, the role of Archimedes is not drawn and today Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papadimos. No — Not that he did not have a private bath, where you can indulge in reasoning about saving the Greek economy. Bath, then it is natural to eat, but that's thoughts in light Papadimos in it for some reason does not appear. Obmelchali Greeks — there is nothing to say.

That's why last week and continued to boil passions surrounding the Greek debt. The fact that the Greek desire and ability of the Greek did not have long match — time to see how the inside of Greece itself, and the rest of the EU. In other words, the Greeks take the credit, of course, welcome, great eat, dress desire to drive expensive cars want, but somehow all these whims implemented without the German, French and Dutch euro the Greeks did not go. They, you know, other Europeans they say: let's you generally refuse from its own parliament, will be in the direct flexibility of Brussels, tighten the belt on their own coats out more tighter, and we have for you, you see, will give $ 130 billion. euro, that you are "Molotov cocktails" throw finished and healed better than before. And if, say, do not wish to accept our terms of Brussels, go-ka you to their own sacred Mount Olympus and ask for help from those people. The Greeks, of course, once again rebelled and burned a couple of hundred cars and restaurants in the streets of Athens, but they do not feel better off. To cool the ardor of hot Greek boys, they were reminded what happens to countries after the default. At the same time reminded by Russian example. But ordinary Greeks, it seems to be even more inspired to act decisively, because they could see that our own homeland after the 1998 default and without the EU manages to gain momentum. Unless there can be only the Greeks to explain that the Russian Federation has such substance as a gas-oil, which generally lives in joy …

Tango together around the Falklands

February 11. Argentines, peacefully bathing in the waters of the Atlantic near the Falkland Islands, the British suddenly saw a nuclear submarine, swimming next to which was not in their plans. I had to quickly get (who — breaststroke, who — crawl, who — butterfly, who — as best he can) to the native Argentine coast, so catch complain to the UN for these imperial maneuvers London.

Argentine Minister of Foreign Affairs Hector Timerman hastened to accuse Her Majesty that she would work with the sovereign Cameron did not say anything to him personally, or anyone else of his friends on Argentine Cabinet about the course of the submarine and the presence on board of ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. The English do not have to listen humbly claims Buenos Aires and said, let it be clear Timerman, England for 30 years plied the Atlantic Ocean near the Falkland Islands and will plow them even as many years as it please Her Majesty, Her Majesty for specifically and only Her Majesty has a legitimate right to have to wash the sides of their own nuclear submarines in these salty waters.

But to help the Argentines themselves suddenly came to South American actor and director Sean Penn. He bluntly accused London in its proper colonialism and saw that long ago time to pass the Falkland Islands under the protection of Buenos Aires and officially call them the Malvinas. All the bad luck that Mr. Penn has forgotten to ask themselves the inhabitants of the islands, under whose protectorate they want to be. But the inhabitants of the Falklands have repeatedly declared that they somehow quieter under the warm wing British and world view of the people according to the canons of democratic Britain used to consider … However, if the world will be a little different, then this case Crown Falklanders can assist self-determination. In London, own Churov always enough … Well, Mr. Penn's best to start with the conviction of its own native white houses in its more colonial policy.

Until then doobogaschaetsya Iran

Brand new South American proverb says, "You have enriched, then we go to you." But last week, the prestigious topic on the accusation of Iran of developing nuclear weapons acquired a slightly different color scheme. South American and German friends of a democratic Iran strongly favored a diplomatic resolution of the Iranian problem. Sam Leon Panetta suddenly talking about diplomacy, that somehow does not fit with his official position. Although, in principle, we have long suspected that such mandatory South American authorities as the State Department and the Pentagon are fully friend replace each other. If Mrs. Clinton suddenly very orgiastic, we have to do it Panetta diplomatic duties. If Panetta is losing a sense of reality, it is Mrs. Clinton, in turn, rushing to the rescue. So live …

But if the U.S. is on a diplomatic solution to the Iranian difficulties, it turns out that Washington is believed to Iranian Ambassador to Moscow Reza Sajjadi. The amazing confidence … that on February 16 strongly reassured all the Yankees and other excessively fearful Tehran nuclear weapons, saying the programm have them there in Iran purely peaceful, and that all of it is focused only on the satisfaction of the country's electricity. What are we now, and nothing can be poobogaschat relaxed — and was willing to break away from the language of the ambassador, but he and the salting, not Zhirinovsky any, that from his lips do not over-pluck …

It is true some excessive peacefulness States turned into excessive zeal of Tel Aviv to solve the "Iranian issue" on its own. In their own experience in this regard, and more … Here are torn Jewish Griffins on innocent Iranian sheep, that shear wool. Only here at sherstushkoy these lambs will probably what Israel is going to hurt look and even dangerous …

"Poison" Assad

Stood out hot week in Syria, well, around her — too. Feb. 12 filing with the U.S. and the Arab League, it was decided to hold the first meeting of the "Friends of Syria". According to the proposal of camp, a meeting should be held in Tunis on February 24. Among the friends of Syria had time to add all those who want to be friends with bearded men with guns on the shoulder and greenish bandage on his head and stubbornly unwilling to be friends with Assad. In what format will be held this meeting, is not specified, but the general fraternization democratically minded companions guaranteed. The program perspective: cheerful cries, grins, two-time kisses, champagne mixed with "Allah akbar!" … By the way, was invited to China and …

In addition, the Arab League had to be noted and remembered another proposal — to introduce foreign peacekeepers to Syria. Create the world will have to Qataris, Saudis and other advocates of democratic peace in foreign territories. Such a proposal the head of the Arab League could react Russian Foreign Minister
Sergei Lavrov. He diplomatically without unnecessary ornate said to my friends, that in order to mess things of the world to be among the first guests to this landmark mission. And if the Arab League is going to start to keep the peace in Syria, Lavrov was even more of course: "The peacekeeping mission, or how this goal is called in the language of the UN — a peacekeeping mission — at first must have a world that will be supported."

After a couple of days of the Russian Federation decided to retaliate information blow, to show that in the middle of the Syrian opposition antipiar technologists have a creative one. Creatives found itself in the middle of officers defectors. Some Abdul Razek managed not only to desert the army of Syria, and here to give an interview on "Al-Arabiya". The astonishing agility! Razek in colors described how the army uses against Assad's nothing as innocent people deadly nerve gas. Naturally, the "progressive" population of the earth, and had previously been self-Assad for those who walk in the streets of Damascus and contorted with rage face flask of poison in his hand and a quiver of poisoned arrows, but the words just to finish Razek image of Syrian President to those who have not yet had time to review all the South American action film. But this disclosure regime by Strekachev gave, so to speak, an officer is not over. Abdul Razek said that this horrible gas supplied by Russian, and instructions on using the given Iranians. Such a mixture of both Syria-Iran-Russia-Putin or Assad-Ahmadinejad looks for each of the individual democratized as a sign of the Apocalypse. Because the world regretted Abdul Razek, who somehow just inhaled gas, and enrolled him in the ideological fighters for freedom and, of course, democracy in Syria.

Fig Libyan justice

First week of the new Libyan authorities themselves have suffered a sudden a diplomatic defeat. And it has caused them such a government as Niger. Libya wanted to get to accomplish humane justice son of Colonel Gaddafi — Saadi, but the authorities of Niger suddenly pulled out of the pocket fig, which of course have prepared well in advance. Certainly, in the world, no one thought to fluctuate, the Libyan tribunal — the highest world court of justice, but this Niger mixed the cards … While Libyans wondered how to take revenge on their neighbors, Saadi Gaddafi continued to broadcast from the country of Niger on the future of the revolution or counter-revolution, which should almost from the moment a Minute to begin in Tripoli, Benghazi, Breguet and beyond — across Libya. That little cool the ardor of the broadcaster, the Niger government decided to take away the younger Gadhafi mobile phone … And now, as we know, no mobile phones, all sorts of Facebook and Twitter or for you to communicate with your friends, or organize the revolution — boring, well, death.

Heavy language for Latvia

Last Saturday in Latvia held a referendum on the likely giving the Russian language the status of municipality. Preliminary results of the subsequent — about 23% — "yes" — almost 77% — "no". Someone expecting a different result? Latvia — is generally a striking example of "sovereign democracy" on our planet right now. Some people here still in the early 90's came up with the usual and coupled with the fact light for the whole Square Latvia idea — if you want to always win elections and referendums do the right — deprive the votes of all those who might vote against you. Agree decision congenial! After that, more than 30% of Latvia's population lost their right to vote, adopting the status of "Negroes" or non-citizens. In this regard, the Latvians can offer even more lethal version — to recognize those non-citizens who are in this time called for the Russian language. Then democracy will be even easier to manage and more fun. Russian "regime" in comparison with the Latvian democracy rests in general …

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