Results of the week. Salting nafig!

Results of the week.  Ambassador nafig!

The Old Man and the Baroness

Great walk on the Pancake week, Belarusian favorite entered the courage and made "poslemaslenichnye celebrations on all four sides of the" ambassadors of Poland and the European Union, enraged for evermore to the adoption of the next portion of sanctions by the European Union in the address of Belarus. Understand the nature of Alexander G. completely can draw a picture of his own imagination, as in his backyard burning is not only stuffed winter, and straw effigies of those European envoys (Leszek Sherepka and Maira Mora), which the President of Belarus has decided to send in their zabugore. But the Belarusian favorite and could not reflect that expels ambassadors to drop to that for which his country in general satisfied with the "dark" — to talking with frequent sobs in the address keeper of the most important European standards both in the EU and beyond, — Baroness Ashton. The words that the "snitch is not good!" Froze on his lips Alexander Lukashenko while evrobaronessa already order the return of all without discrimination diplomatically heads of EU institutions in Belarus under her mother's wing. And the ambassadors of the European Union, as expected, in single file, headed towards his own nurse, that really tell what terrible hardships they had endured, riding in the dark, "Mercedes" on the dusty roads of Belarus. Naturally, the decision of his own mistress glad not all: for example, the Ambassador of Slovenia in Minsk was very personal: excellent gas-heated Russian embassy, a new fridge "Minsk", the portrait on the background of "BelAZ" generous funding not only from Brussels, and in the form of grants from the Belarusian-Slovenian system transactions … In general, Slovenian salting reluctantly packed their bags … But what can you do here — Baroness angry and stomping their feet: if you want — or not, you have to serve … We see it in their ugly out there in Brussels — maybe bad air, maybe this age … In general, problems on the throat, and there is still a hot Lukashenko's hand was caught — well, and went to the usual British High Representative of the EU to act rashly.

And Alexander Lukashenko began to prepare for newcomer step of cooperation with its Western partners. One of these preliminary steps can be considered an offer by the Belarusian favorite, on later in 2013 in the Republic of Belarus of the world championship on track. So what? The solution is really balanced. Alexander G. will give all ambassadors for the greats, and they will be around to ride — even if they clicked from Brussels, they are far away will not leave — all in the mind, so to speak, everything — in the eyes of … Ah, yes Alexander G.! Head!

Difficulties of the Japanese-Russian translation

End of February — beginning of March. Thawing water. Beginning of flowering cherry all closer. Brave samurai descend from the mountains to heat their mortal bodies in the plains. Peacefully smokes "Fukushima" … In general, in the Land of the Rising Sun feel the breath of spring. And despite a further worsening of springtime in Japanese nationalists, samurai officials decided to try to experience the kind of rebirth. It resulted in a typical warming of relations with Russia. Gathered means pundits and politicians and wondered: how, they say, we marginally win over Moscow, and that at their March 4 there on the nose — anything, you know, maybe — and suddenly what we perepadet as the Southern Kurils … Pundits thought, thought and thought up. They came up with the idea is this: let's stop and call the Kurils "illegally occupied" and will read "occupied without legal basis" — temporarily, of course … Russian, they say, they'll Japanese still do not understand. As long as our characters, we just change the places, will translate into your own language, you see, and do believe that we are determined only peacefully, and that on which there ITURUP with Shikotonami we do not pretend. Russian translators, just in case, before a new transfer Kuril status, looked at the cards Maid in Japan, and have seen that the Southern Kurils as the Japanese were painted in their national colors, and have remained, because the translation in particular did not bother — after all that's obvious — even a dictionary with top shelf to get it was not necessary.

In general, the residents decided to land of the rising sun difficulties of translation used for euthanasia care Moscow and the likely growth area of the Land of the Rising Sun. But in Moscow, too, not all interpreters cooked in boiling water, so easy to bite the bait. Partnership in the South Kurils — a thing, of course, necessary, but remove from the islands very best tools for peaceful cooperation, which include air defense and military bases, do not. The people of the country of the rising sun are its characters and places to change back … Come then went to these kids Land of the Rising Sun home.

Eun-operation and other adventures Hillary

Finally the words "The Great Helmsman" found their own sacred meaning. And it came out last week in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. A new favorite of the North Korean people decided that a nuclear applets West can not just scare you, but this program there by the same West can also make good money. While not as "real" money, but in the form of South American food, but for today's North Korea — also not the last option. Young sun of civilization could be another North Korean, which nicely around his little finger "friends" of the Korean people in Washington. The fact is that Kim Jong-un, the Yankees offered a lucrative deal. You — we are eating more, and we directly and immediately cease to carry out tests of nuclear weapons. We're here, you know, every single day is a test tool, test … — for the day so the oncoming these nuclear warheads that evening — go to bed and sleep teeth to the wall. Hillary Clinton from that proposal, apparently, jumped for joy in his office and, perhaps, even more impressive pronounced sentence than the one it issued after the news of the death of Colonel Gaddafi. For the best view of Mrs. Clinton's response to the invitation of Kim Jong-un can recall an episode from the movie "Operation Y" (in our case, "Operation-un") when the hero Yuri Nikulin gratifying took the news about the proposed 300 rubles for "robbery" warehouse. However, then found a hero Yevgeny Morgunov, which exposed more inflated claims to the organizer. But the Yankees own "experienced" while apparently not found, and food goods are packed on hold and containers. It remains to wait for when the goods reach the coast of North Korea, and that then utter the Washington Kim. It starts with the majestic struggle of our time: the South American hamburger against thoughts of Comrade Kim Il Sung.

And Mrs. Clinton's story does not end there …

Here's to you, Hillary's grandmother, and St. George's day, — the global community of thoughts after Mrs. Secretary of State announced that the United States does not have a clue about what constitutes the opposition in Syria. In other words, preparing endless resolutions declared opposition forces, whether it is sensitive, no legitimate authority in the country. And here — here you are … Someone thought, maybe from Mrs. Clinton appeared in the hands of the wrong piece of paper, maybe it's a bad joke
or intrigues her tekstmeykera because by reading the text, and the very head of the Department of State showed some nervousness and concern. According to the jokes about our dear Leonid Ilyich, "Shaw has been written to me you're here …" Well, if this text gave birth to Hillary herself, then in general it is not clear what kind of policy regarding Syria, the Americans are going to carry on. Give the nod to the military support of the opposition, many members of which the State Department accuses of having links to "Al Qaeda" — this is a very inconsistent for the Yankees. Finish regarded as the Syrian opposition force — now also will look amazing once for the same opposition leaders who have become accustomed to roam under the Stars and Stripes.

Added intrigue to the same referendum held in Syria for the adoption of the modern constitution. Even the "democratic" opposition threaten the sample to those who come to the polls, have not met with success. The Syrians have shown that they are willing to change the usual and not continue the massacre, spoke out for the latest constitution of 89 percent of the vote.

Realizing that the situation is at a standstill, the "correct" the Syrian opposition has decided to disassociate themselves from the opposition "wrong." Someone hurry to forge blades screaming, and someone opened their "screaming" with triple force. And now the split is observed not only in the camp of the enemies of Syria Bashar al-Assad, and among those who called himself the "Friends of Syria." Who now support the apparently carefully ponder in Snow White House and State Department.

Realizing that this situation plays into his hands, the current president of Syria decided to fight back not only the military, and diplomatic blow. Inspired by the confusion in the camp of the enemy, the government army has taken control of the main opposition city of Homs. And after that, President Assad has decided that now is the UN can respond in kind, which has long been touted Syrian favorite from the Organization. Assad just do not let your right hand to the country sovereign Ban Ki-moon — Deputy Secretary General Valerie Amos. Your hands, he says, and without a lot of twists in the country. Ms. Amos, of course, outraged, frowned and adjusted her spectacles, but it did not help her, and the clerk had to the United Nations continues to express concern over the actions of the Syrian authorities and the humanitarian situation in the country, while in the comfort of your own office in New York.

It is not good Norwegians always something to prevent

In the week it turned out that the Norwegians living in the archipelago of Svalbard, does not walk on the coastal strip of Barentsburg Russian satellite station. That, you know, with the concrete foundation shoes hooked, then in the dark head against the metal trailer hit. Well, the truth, so you can fill as many cones … and the Norwegian side said that Our homeland must urgently to drive to the station a couple of bulldozers to level it (the station) with a rich charcoal Spitsbergen ground. We say, no permits for construction of this facility is not given, and therefore, be razlyubezny — all under demolition. Only here the Norwegian authorities Spitsbergen led by the governor forgets that Barentsburg subject of, and means specifically Our homeland can then build whatever they want. And if you want to Norwegian pedestrians to walk on the beach, you need to be a little careful and not bumping their heads on Russian persistent objects that are built on the Russian countryside. Well, if you really care and attention can not be, then let him walk the open areas of the archipelago — the Spitsbergen, it's not small enough to walk all alone in the counties Russian satellite station …

Almaz was not good at math …

The main issue of the Russian-Kyrgyz relations in the week was the question of what kind of evaluation of arithmetic was at school today Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev. Only a "bold unsatisfactory" may explain the exhibition with his hand account of the Russian Federation to pay for the lease of the military base in Kant. But if Almazbek Sharshenovich was deuce in arithmetic, then in general it is not clear how he became a favorite in Kyrgyzstan. Apparently, counting abilities — this is not the most important requirement for the modern Kyrgyz president …
Schetovodcheskaya activity Atambayev has led to what he said about the non-fulfillment of obligations Russian side of the cash and threatened to cover the general base in Kant, if Moscow would make a mockery of his country. But it is a mockery, it looks like he has made of himself. The requested funds Kyrgyzstan, of course, paid. But the mathematical possibilities Atambayev in Moscow attended and now, of course, will hire for Kyrgyz President decent tutors who will be able to explain the basics of Almazbek Sharshenovich arithmetic operations. After about a return due to it somehow forgets …

Cordiality in Georgian

Nail at least some weekly review, Misha Saakashvili, was unable to remain indifferent to the production of news and sonorous this week. He decided in the one-sided order to cancel the visa regime with the Russian Federation. Initially, he expects to own friendly inhabitants of the land of the North Caucasian republics of the Russian Federation, and then draws the colored picture of how all Russians feel themselves at home in Georgia. Wishes — let "Borjomi" with "Kindzmarauli" drinking wants — walks the streets of Batumi and watching the demolition of the monument to the fallen during World Lofty …

Our homeland, by the way, too, decided to respond to the initiative of its own davneshnego "friend" and said not only about the ability of private parties and cancel visa regime with Georgia, and the conditions for the restoration of relations diplomatically. It was then once again and burst Misha Nikolozovich. He spoke again, that about any of diplomatic relations and the speech is not going to lead, while Moscow again recognizes Abkhazia and South Ossetia as integral parts of its free and not to the extent of a democratic country. Say, that's a mug: Well, I just wish the Georgian products to market and to open the way to Russia to the same Georgian guest workers but entrepreneurs. A diplomatic affairs, and we do not need — ish what the Kremlin wanted: we then have, at a minimum, again open Russian Embassy in Tbilisi, besides electricity, water, gas for your diplomats to waste. No, not cheap! And overseas brothers will not support …

Azerbaijan planted "at Guba"

Hot week and has stood out in Azerbaijan. Ilham Aliyev seems to have survived a couple of sleepless nights watching the events taking place in the city of Guba. Local residents have decided to show the head of the administration of sponges is the place where what's what, after his offensive language at the address most of the local inhabitants. No sooner had the emperor Habibov to eat my words about the "corrupt people" back as a reincarnated … victims of the fire. His home residents sponges rapidly turned into ashes, that being said, knew beforehand the word — not a sparrow. At this popular anger has not been completed, and the guardians of law and order had to use force to disperse the raging hot Azeri men.

You can imagine for yourself what kind of stress experienced President Aliyev, vicious thing thought it was "Chumachechaya orange spring" in his house. Began to dial friends of the host countries of these "springs", but those sleepy do not understand what goes favorite of Azerbaijan. What Guba, who lip? .. In general, the sovereign Aliyev calmed down and even decided to thank friends for what they have thrown him the "orange" hedgehog. And so he decided to thank: or raised many times the rent for the Russian Federation
for the placement of the Gabala radar station, or even eliminate the object in its territory. It must be recognized that the Russian Federation regional counterparts Gabala radar yet, because gift Aliyev looks to the West is a very appetizing.

All the same, at some point, the Russian management, it seems, will have to use your own brain special on reciprocal moves to favorites Republics of the former USSR. It is majestic and awesome Gennady Onishchenko. But Onishchenko can easily find, for example, fruit flu in those pomegranates and other fruits of the Azerbaijani lands tenderloin that go to Russia in Baku. Then will Aliyev and Gabala, and Guba, and everything else …

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