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Part I. "Why should our Russian people to hide the face?"

Segal will help us

It is believed that if the wagon train by a frowning face was Steven Seagal, the passengers face real danger. So says the proverb.

This week Steven Seagal was not on the car, and the offices Drug Control Service, where he met with the head of the anti-drug agency Viktor Ivanov. One of the major film-fighters with international crime and "bad guys" of all stripes decided to share my thoughts on the negative role of the anesthesia community.

It is worth recalling that Seagal — it's not just the South American big-name actor, but he at the same time to the same representative of the authorities of the 1st of the American states. In the past year, Steven Seagal has decided to test himself in the role of first assistant sheriff in Hudspeth County Texas (near the border with Mexico), and then checked his forces as the most sheriff. Apparently, the desire for the establishment of justice since acting school did not leave Segal, who, incidentally, has Russian roots. He decided to test himself not as a cinematic superhero, but as a real representative of the law. But it turned out that turning to stuffing hundreds of "bad guys" in Hollywood action movies is even easier than fight them on the Mexican border into reality. The fact that the Hudspeth — the so-called burning point of the South American style. Across the border counties of Texas in the United States not only call in hundreds of illegal immigrants, yes and has arranged drug trafficking from Mexico.

Specifically, after the realization that life is much more difficult to resist the drug dealers than in the movies, Seagal and decided to pick up this dilemma in Moscow. Viktor Ivanov invited Seagal to take part in a conference of law enforcement agencies to combat drug trafficking, which will take place in the future in the Russian capital. Seagal has accepted the invitation and said that the United States is now occupied by the implicit first place in the consumption of drugs, which obviously plays a destabilizing role. Segal himself, he said, is trying to find ways to solve the problem of drug trafficking of cocaine not only on the location U.S., and try to lower the traffic to Europe and Russia.

If the problem of drug in the U.S. is so very hurt actor-Buddhist-sheriff Steven Seagal, the Stars and Stripes, "kingdom", it seems, really is not all right. With all this problem of cocaine, which can not even beat man-mountain Segal, perfectly explains the behavior of the U.S. government, as those who are in this power is aspired. If you look at the main slogans of the Congress of the Republican Party, which was held in Tampa, the first is unclear where these people come from such maniacal desire as desire to represent Russia enemy number one, "rein in Moscow," Russian missile defense systems to impose, make a list of "banned" and even "put pressure on the Kremlin" by other means. But when we recall the words of Steven Seagal and cocaine dilemma U.S. (head of a drug in the world), then everything falls into place. People who hitherto could not allow myself to get rid of the rhetoric of the 30-year-old, apparently, a Mexican product does not let go. In this case, Viktor Ivanov, along with Russian Ministry of Health could give advice to Steven Segal invite "neotpuskayuschego" American politicians in Russia on healing. We can assist and Romney and McCain, and all the other victims of the Latin American product that awakens the violent political fantasies …

The new bestseller from Misha Saakashvili

On the week, the media of Georgia decided to rekindle the fading enthusiasm of the world community to the situation in the Caucasian country. And in Georgia in recent years has passed, if the local authority (for example, at least, she refers to herself) I wish that it sent a note somewhere in the European Union or the United States, there is an urgent need to find an episode in what is sure to mention "Russian aggression."

At this time, particularly since it happened. August 28 information came from Tbilisi, the Georgian special units of the Interior Ministry, with the support from the air moved toward the border with Russia (in the area of the village Lapankuri). The reason for such extension was that the Tipo from Dagestan in the Georgian countryside invaded perfectly suited up and armed men. These people, again Tipo, were taken hostage by the inhabitants of the village itself Lapankuri. How to Tbilisi realized that the villagers were taken hostage? The question really interesting … The fact that several residents of the village indicated the other day suddenly disappeared. Where have they gone, as if no one knows. For a very unusual logic is the disappearance of the Georgian authorities have linked the illegal crossing of the border unknown group. On this occasion, even made the Georgian president, who said that Georgian special forces killed 11 militants who came to Georgia "from the north" (translated from saakashvilskogo language — "of Russia"), and he Saakashvili even know what these People came and abducted civilians of Georgian people. According to him, these people are used as a "blind tool of provocation" against the peaceful Georgia.

According to official figures, Tbilisi, the Georgian Interior Ministry unit near Lapankuri killed 11 militants and six surrounded in the woods. With all of this Georgian loss was 3 killed, in a number of whom was the head coach of Georgia Sambo Major Chokheli and 5 wounded. It would seem that all is classified: the Kremlin "unleashed" on the friendly Georgian president Dagestani militants, saboteurs, who were killed by the Georgian special forces with minimal losses. But there is this little discrepancy officialdom. For some reason in the midst of a special operation inhabitants Telavi region (in which the operation was carried out and) wandered through the woods and found the inhabitants of the village lost Lapankuri … And while riot police surrounded and destroyed 11 6 militants 'hostage' suddenly been found. According to the candidate from the town of Telavi (opposition party "Georgian Dream") Gela Samkharauli, five villagers were found in the forest by local residents, after the five recently in an unknown direction taken by the Georgian police car … Neuzh that militants crossed the Georgian border do not walk, and repainted in the colors of the Georgian Interior Ministry car? .. Where, then, looked sharp-eyed Georgian border guards? ..

Samkharauli after finding people "taken hostage Dagestani militants" were not even allowed to talk to the "liberated." After that, local residents said that the whole story with Dagestani terrorists — another provocation Saakashvili himself, who gave the most realistic play, sacrificing his life ghostly standards representatives of Georgian special forces.

Indeed, the Georgian special operation is more like a bad detective story, in which "saboteurs" come from the territory of the Russian Federation, and for some reason, grab a few inhabitants of the Georgian village. If this were the saboteurs, then since when is their objective was not the destruction of infrastructure and the bombing of government buildings, and the seizure of peaceful villagers? .. Some very obscure diversion …

But it is clear why this was directed by Detective. On September 1, was scheduled congress "Uniform state of motion" under the chairmanship of Misha Saakashvili. O
pinion polls talk about the fact that the top and "United National Movement", and Saakashvili himself is now lower than that of the opposition parties and their minions. Of course, the event was useful for heating rating — "Russian threat", which Saakashvili and his men had been "successfully handled".

Now there are in the Georgian press photo president shaking hands wounded Special Forces and with the Congress decided to hold off a little, so that people prochuyal what heroic act did Misha Nikolozovich, again defended his own feeding people from the "northern barbarians."

Unformatted characters

September 1 — is not only a day of knowledge, but also a day when the law comes into force on the protection of kids from harmful disk imaging. It would seem that such a law is correct, and its entry into force in Russia is ripe, but it looks like from the kinks in this case does not go back.

First storm of controversy over the observance of the law revolved around the beloved absolute majority of the people of the Russian Federation animated film "Just you wait!" Shaped as letters Under the new law, the cartoon is only suitable for 18 + status that asks him to show on TV in the time interval 23:00 up to 4 hours in the morning … It turns out that even in the "Good night, kids' cartoon kids can not behold. And all because the wolf in almost all series of smoke, which, as you can see, falls under the item "information that might cause in children the desire to use drugs, intoxicating substances and tobacco products." Smokers (and not always tobacco) children in the hallways and doorways, you know, do not fall, but the wolf on display — falls. Homeless people on the benches at the stations do not fall, and "Oh, wait!" Falls … So maybe start to put things in order not to wolf in the tele?

First, representatives of Russian TV channels have decided to cut smoking scenes from "Well, wait a minute," but later recalled that Russian animation adore drag and other characters, while not all entirely negative, as the wolf or the old woman Shapoklyak. To the smokers are completely peaceful captain Vrungel and pet all the pioneers of the crocodile Gena. Smoke and Cossacks of the famous cartoon series. If all these "forbidden scene" cut, something that still remains in general then? ..

To get out of the difficult situation, offered to equate these cartoons to animated classics, which under the new law should not be covered. But with all this is unclear what exactly is considered a classic and is located where the boundary between the classic and the neklassikoy. For example, the movie "Seventeen Moments of Spring," which, of course, teaches the younger generation of patriotism — a classic. But there Shtirlits, you know, smoking, and Dr. Pleischner generally thrown out the window. Well, if it comes to that, our legislators fully with you may decide that not all modern kids right usvoyut why this Russian citizen Isaev takes the form of standartenfuehrer SS …

"The Diamond Arm" — also a classic. But what to do with Simon Semyonitch Gorbunkova who gets drunk "in the wood" in the "weeping willow", breaks glass, and all that's coming to him, and with it, because it is connected with the police. Yes, here at the corruption component in the Ministry of Internal Affairs smell, and not only harmful content for the modern superfluous impressionable child!

And speaking cartoon hedgehogs, bears, horses and other animals, is, in general, can bring the kids to madness, which is also quite unacceptable for our healthy society, rather than start from bukovkoy law.

In general, have the same "Seventeen Moments of Spring" re-shoot in a new way about the following format: Colonel Isaev walks on offices in the Third Reich Russian form, so that today's kids know exactly who in the film Russian spy. Instead of an ordinary cigarette, he gets out of the pocket of the electric cigarette with the words "Made in the USSR. To your health! "Or chewing gum" Peasant-zdorovyachok. " Dr. Pleischner in one series pretends that takes poison, but essentially swallows the capsule of the product against the flu and quite healthy (without a fever and runny nose) jumping out of the window, where he was rescued by Bruce Willis, discreetly hiding near a window in a helicopter "Chinook" … In general, all living and well — no one even swore in ecstasy. One way that the law did not violate the …

Ukrainian "green"

Ukrainian police soon will be the greenest in the world police. So that their cars were not in the end pollute the Interior Ministry of Ukraine has decided to replant their employees on the "green machine". No greenish in color, and the level of emissions. Now, every self-respecting Ukrainian police will move around the town and pursue the criminals on the car «Toyota Prius» with hybrid power plants. It is reported that Ukraine is a Japanese manufacturer makes a huge discount, and any brand new patrol car will cost the Ministry of Internal Affairs "only" 28.5 thousand dollars (about 890 thousand rubles) … And these machines will purchase 1,200 units for a total of more than 34 million dollars.

Now Ukrainian law enforcement agencies will be able to reduce the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere of Ukrainian as 70%. This may be due to the fact that the car can move not only on gasoline, and electricity, with electricity when driving the maximum speed police "missiles" will be as much as 50 km / h! However, and this pleasure will be short — only a couple of miles later again it's time to cross over to petrol.

In addition to these "options", the new Ukrainian police cars at traffic lights will turn off the engines themselves. You can imagine for yourself how to catch up with the offender, the hybrid "Toyota", "rushing" at a rate of as much as 50 km / h, besides stalls at traffic lights to save fuel …

Oh! .. After such, can only adopt the Georgian experience and put the glass — no, not the police stations and garages to law enforcement do not try to drain the fuel. The only way to beat our practice of renaming …

Part II. "Remember, never betray the truth. Betray the truth "

Bimbo ancient French politics

In Syria, there are no "transitional government", but France is ready to admit it. In Syria, there is no buffer zones, but France already knows how to protect them

Hundred days ago with a small reversal in France was replaced by the president, but not a change of policy.

In the past year, some democratic French journalist named BAL, a supporter of the philosophy of bomb attacks, supporter of the "opposition" in the world, starting with the Yugoslav, and a fan of the buffer and no-fly zones, almost by fiat recommend sole companion Monsieur Sarkozy to recognize the new government of Libya . The President has heeded the advice of a friend, forgetting even share geopolitical news with his minister of foreign affairs (the one vyznat about this from the morning papers, and they say, a cup of coffee varieties "Arabica" on the Oriental rug dropped).

In the year today, at the end of August, the new French president, Monsieur Hollande made resounding statement, addressed to the Syrian opposition to the proposal to make the transitional government — and here announced
its readiness to admit. He said this, it is clear from the face of the country: "France asks the Syrian opposition to the transitional government, presentable, which would be the legal representative of modern Syria. We recognize the government of modern Syria, as it is created. "

Neuzh that Monsieur Bernard-Henri Levy, abbreviated BAL, give instructions and Hollande? No, their friendship until the palace is heard … Or Hollande recommends Burhan Latrine, a Syrian sociologist with the Paris residence permit, the last favorite of SNA?

While it is clear only that Francois Hollande, who by the South American journalist Kurt Nimmo nickname "Bilderberg puppets" shared its plans regarding the recognition of a non-existent transitional government of Syria to the democratic intelligence: the CIA and MI6.

Taking into account the experience of its predecessor, is also in a hurry to become the first in the whole, Hollande is not insulted his own minister of foreign affairs.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who Hollande directly for the CIA and MI6 said about his own progressive democratic plans for Syria, was given the opportunity to take the initiative. The Minister of Foreign Affairs pushed it to what said, that buffer zones on the borders of Syria will need air cover. He added that the buffer zone should be protected from threats and from the air, therefore it is necessary near the place and air defense systems.

Not on another, Hollande and Fabius yearn for colonial times! Therefore, the slide in the balconies inspirational speeches. But to realize the imperialist habits they will be hard: in-1's, the idea of "protection" buffer zones in Syria will not approve the legitimate president of the country B. Assad, in-2, the Syrian "opposition" is so fragmented that it does not dare even dream about his sole command, not to mention the government (which hinted Hollande South American bureaucrats).

If that recognize Hollande and Fabius in Syria is the "Al-Qaeda". It is the only well-organized force that is not hampered with the nomination of candidates for the posts of ministers and the Syrian president, as the formation of a democratic jihad program in which French interests may be taken into account ahead of U.S. interests.

Korean truth in Japanese textbooks

About the disputed islands

August 28, it became clear that the South Koreans finally found the confirmation of the rights to the island, because of which they have not so long ago, a dispute broke out with the Japanese, who have decided to stand up for the truth in the International Court of Justice. Oh, on my head said residents of the country of the rising sun on this court …

Background was. August 19 The Republic of Korea established on one of the 2-Dokdo (Takeshima, Liancourt), which are claimed by Japan and the monument: stone height of 1.2 m, on the face of which the inscription "Dokdo" and on the back — "The Republic of Korea." At the ceremony to install the stone Minister of Government Administration and Security Myung Hyun Kyu said: "Monument to Dokdo, which expresses the will of the people, will become the emblem of Korean sovereignty and eagerness to defend the island."

When I heard about this thing, and the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun uttered Koreans: let's make out the question of the ownership of the islands in the International Court. The Koreans refused to plead. In their opinion, to sue over the island — is like a guest otsuzhivat your home. RK said the Land of the Rising Sun refused, finding raised the question "is not worthy of attention."

Living in the country of the rising sun offended and going to go to the tribunal, being convinced that there is not award the island to Koreans, so there is no island in the past are no rights.

But the Koreans knew where to find the law. And the most that neither is "absolute."

Confirm that the island — Korean, Koreans found a… In Japanese textbooks. In 5 different textbooks and 2-geographical atlases late XIX — early XX centuries, the Ministry of Education approved the Land of the Rising Sun, explicitly states that the islands Liancourt — the territory of Korea. Written with a pen — do not cut down with an ax!

As Mursi became a critic of Bahraini regime

The usefulness of censorship

In Iran can truly translate the speech of foreign politicians.

Mohammed Mursi, the Egyptian president, during a visit to Tehran at the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement delivered a speech in which, among the rest said repressive regime of Assad in Syria: "The revolution in Egypt was the start of the Arab spring, after the revolution happened in Tunisia and then in Libya and Yemen, and now threatens the revolution oppressive Syrian regime."

It Mursi was broadcast on Iranian television. Experienced translator instead of Syria took the idea of Egyptian President … to Bahrain. And said — about the Bahraini regime. And in the "adapted" for Iran as it Mursi sold on Iranian media.

That's sovereign Egyptian President, without knowing it, said it right. Iran sends fighter to help Assad and against oppression Shiite protests in Bahrain. So let Mursi will guide the Arab Spring in Bahrain!

Related translated censorship — a good example of how much can be achieved only substitution of the 1st word. Just imagine how fast the Iranian media carried the news that Egypt has officially supported the Shiites in Bahrain, and at the same time sympathetic to the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria … but fun to imagine how Romney's Mormon banging his shoe on the podium of the Republican, said the South American geopolitical enemy number one … Qatar.

How to punish America

Burn the holy book, mochis on dead bodies, let bribes, illegal trade lead the weapon, kidnap and kill people — in the U.S. it's all come down to you from the hands

This week it became clear that the Pentagon, in the end immediately prior to the investigation, decided to punish those six fighter that burned in Afghanistan is 50, not 100 copies of the Koran. The verdict of the military department of America was predictable: the Pentagon announced that the Muslim holy book the soldiers burned unintentionally and by mistake. Because the military disciplinary punished. The representative of the U.S. Department of Defense refused publicly clarify what specific disciplinary action will be subject to delinquent Marines. In the press expressed the hypothesis that this may or may decrease in rank, or a fine or reprimand.

At the Pentagon, and promised to punish the three other fighter — also marines who were sealed on the infamous video defecate on the bodies of dead Taliban. Urinating on the bodies of the victims, the Americans 'island': lusted corpses "have a nice day." Their actions Marines called "golden shower".

These brave guys Pentagon also ordered disciplinary action — and also did not say what it is.

Of course, the South American soldiery may shout spalivat Muslim holy book or cast on the bodie
s of the dead, promoting its own heinous act through the photos and the Web. In the form of punishment famous fighters that advocates for democracy throughout the Arab world, can get all week, "lips" or, in the worst case, reduction in rank (which they will achieve increased urination followed). In general, even such punishment may prove an empty statement: after all, the Pentagon will lie — often take.

It has long been clear that America sees every Arab terrorist and every person professing Islam — a deadly enemy. The very word "Islamist" — already has a direct and insulting and accusing sense.

Lt. Col. Matthew A. Dooley, teacher Joint Forces Staff College (Military Academy, where officers are trained mid-level) served as earlier in Bosnia, Iraq, Kuwait, which has a huge number of awards in July 2011 submitted listeners curious presentation. The private lectures colonel insisted that the defeat of the Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina United States as necessary to use the "historical precedents of Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki." Dooley believes that the "moderate Islam" is not. "This barbaric ideology can not endure more" — as he said in his presentation, spread them on the Web. Mr. Dooley absolutely irreconcilable with Islam. In his own presentation, he said"They hate everything you stand, and will never be able to live with you, if you are not impressed by them." He added that in this war America will be free to ignore the provisions establishing the rules for the armed conflicts of the Geneva Convention as "lost relevance."

Later, in April 2012, there was a scandal about a peaceful and this presentation, and generally anti-Islamic lectures South American military staff teacher. But Dooley was not fired. In response to a complaint to the Pentagon 1st of the listeners and the noise in the media it only barred from lectures, he as before works the institute (in what capacity is not reported).

During the scandal revealed something else. It turns out that the anti-Muslim instructional materials contained in special training courses FBI. (Maybe knowing it, Mr. Lieutenant Colonel and was so fearless in military pedagogy).

General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, after the scandal made at a press conference a short statement: "It was just not acceptable, such provisions are inconsistent with our values and vpribavok not meet the academic aspects. It was not a debate … the liberal idea, but something unacceptable and irresponsible from an academic point of view. " And the FBI was told of the decision exchange some "too-Islamic educational programs."

It seems that all of this — empty declarations. After all, the anti-Islamic policy of the U.S. and is still referred to as "training courses", or burning of the Koran. She forgives the citizens of the U.S. and murder of Muslims.

In late August, the most human tribunal in the world — the District Tribunal of North Carolina — has written another fine personal "security" of the company «Blackwater», which trades in illegal gun trafficking, kidnapping, owl millions in bribes to bureaucrats and courage for the sake of peaceful inhabitants were shot. The victims of the arbitrariness of employees of the company, you need to specify, were not the Yankees, and the Iraqis.

September 16, 2007 staff «Blackwater» shot in the Baghdad area on Nisur car rushing for Iraqi civilians. It killed 17 people, including babies, and 20 — were wounded. In Iraq, the "guards" kill was comfortable: they, like diplomats enjoy immunity in the United States occupied areas. Reason for the shooting? He was not there. No one arranged the attack. In America, the killer did not suffer any punishment, the referee decided, that five shooters, has pleaded not guilty enough to fire out of the office. Brave men poshumeli little South American in Iraq — well they now sit in jail?

In the press have got information that these very brave man not only killed, but also the engaged kidnappings, sabotaged and ferrying people to the bullpen secret — but not by choice, but by a special mission by the CIA. In Iraq, these former military and special agents, contract guards, doing puzzles security tuples American diplomats. So Makar, the company has major customers with a bigger budget and an impressive "roof." Who here remembers the separation of branches of the U.S. government?

Authorized Foreign Ministry on issues of human rights, democracy and the supreme law in the days of Konstantin Dolgov said about Myagenko judgments against the "Blackwater" followed by: "… Despite the shocking experience with the company« Blackwater », the military and the U.S. State Department continues to intensively engage the services of contractors, namely to carry out the" dirty work "in areas of armed conflict. Such "outsourcing" municipal functions personal firms enables the U.S. government to avoid accountability for violations of international humanitarian law. " K. Dolgov, added: "It« Blackwater »- striking example of impunity employees personal security companies for gross violations of human rights standards. This situation is the result of inconsistent and selective actions of the American government, ignoring the rights of Iraqis who have been victims of personal crimes employees of security firms. "

So that the "case" was the right decision, and the company could obtain a license for further work in Iraq, "Blackwater" offered to anyone from the Iraqi Ministry of Interior bribe of one million dollars. By the way, the cooperation with the State Department's office lasted for two more years — until a new scandal.

The company, which at that time because of the constant scandals have had time to change the three names: "Blackwater", "Xe Services" and "Academy", caught the illegal gun trade with Afghanistan and illegal military training in Sudan and Thailand. The company managed to pay off the justice system, paying State Department 42 million dollars of "compensation."

On this week's "Academy" replied the District Court of North Carolina at once in three cases: the history of the Iraqi Interior Ministry said the bribe, on the illegal flow of weapons into Afghanistan and Iraq, on the armourer "cooperation" with Canada, Sweden, Denmark and the Sudan — without a license out of the State Department.

Large company again fined — Seven and a half million. But the large right? .. After all, one of the only legitimate activities of a "security company" receives income up to three hundred million dollars a year. In addition, the South American Justice Department, closing the deal, one hundred percent finished a very active investigation of the office.

Yes, the most important thing: humanist referee asked the American "guards" promise to continue to behave differently. And they have promised. Maybe even swore on the Bible. Do not forget to cross your fingers.

Of course, people who kill Iraqis — as in America adopted a priori all Muslims as terrorists — and here selling tool Iraqis will behave differently. For example, at the State Department will buy a couple licenses to trade and hunt …

* "Sing better than that-nibudt modern, overall …" — a phrase from the movie "Ivan
Vasilyevich Changes Occupation".

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