Results of the week. So what is it all the same for the peoples creativity?

Part I. "I am plagued by vague doubts …"

Explosive craving to smoke

On October 9, sadly eminent Donguzskaya landfill near Orenburg again roared and blazed. Tons of shells soared into the air, spreading debris in a radius of several kilometers. Flying glass houses, along with wood frames, tormented facades of buildings in villages located close to the landfill for disposal of munitions. The injured was the only person — Lieutenant Titov, commander of rigging company, the personnel that make arrangements for loading and unloading shells. Survive Alexei Titov, as he reports, assist tank filled with water. Frame after Titov he brought all the non-dangerous fighter in place, it only remained on the dangerous distance from the fire and explosions.

As one of the main reasons for the WZO Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation on ORENBURZHYE referred breach of security — namely, smoking. According to the views of representatives of the Military Investigation Division, a fire or explosion as much as 4 thousand tons of ammunition led the apparent bad habit. And after such speculation, as a wave of a magic wand with a confession was Kasatkin soldier, who immediately "confessed." Oh, there are still honest rank and file in our country! .. Kasatkin was so conscientious that even said that being in a particular vicinity of ammunition, smoking not only he, and his co-worker once — some red. According to the ordinary faithful Kasatkina, he threw only nezatushenny butt (apparently, specifically in a box of shells), and red thrown in about the same place suddenly extinguished cigarette. Started the fire, explosions went … What was going on, Kasatkin or did not say or that information has not been disclosed, but in the end everything is going to the fact that Lieutenant Titov all rescued, but for some reason he did not have time to get out with an unsafe area.

If so, then the lieutenant Titova can already though at the moment submit to state merit and ordinary Kasatkina fascinated smoking near shells, subjected to the most fierce punishment, but only as long as this one does not. The fact is that far too many inconsistencies in this story. Disconnect first associated with where generally looked fathers commanders at the time, when Kasatkin and red smoke, sitting on crates of ammunition? Disconnect the second: why governance army division did not take care of such simple normal as having a fire truck in the loading and unloading of ammunition? Discrepancy third: why governance that part up to now (after a string of accidents) uses conscripts for recycling activities, although these activities should only be conducted by Prof. military?

In the end, one can imagine that the "hero" lieutenant Titov will unlikely, but to punish him to the full extent may, together with a "heavy smoker", but a bona fide person of ordinary crystal Kasatkin. After all, would not this also read crystal honest fighter that bosses are not provided for common safety standards at the site, the fact that smoking is on the "Donguz" — it everyday not just in the middle of the ordinary, and in the middle of the officers, that a lack of training this same ratings and careless attitude to solving such prepyadstviya senior officers can compose epic. And now that the oldest (by title) of all possible culprits would be specifically lieutenant Titov, fluctuate in fact not necessary. Well, the truth, unless there are of us are guilty of what or colonels and generals? Of course not. They know that in case of shortage of "goods" in stock, can always be found KASATKIN and Krasnov, in which there is an ineradicable craving for smoking. Bach — and it does not matter what kind of shortage dispelled in Orenburg clean the air …

Gay desantura

Russian liberal media continue to be horrified by the treacherous attack of 2-10-s man, hiding their faces with masks of honey on a metropolitan institution as a gay club. With all of this in the middle of the designated type of media, apparently, is a hidden "socialist competition" in terms of who will give the greatest number of casualties at the hands of aggression against the freedom-loving and drugdrugolyubivyh representatives are not fully male. Namely, the radio station "Echo of Moscow", as it should be-propagated sound and leads to resonance echo, calculated the four. Journalists are a number of other stations, channels and publications have seen even more victims in the middle of the gay crowd of the capital club, from 6 to 10.

It was in the last week. In the citadel of the capital LGBT movement, when there was celebrated holy men with sexy kinky prazdnichek Coming-out, people broke into cheers with the "Fray ordered?" Apparently, these comrades have decided to own way assist those who are united in the organization of the fabulous gay pride festival. True, gathered some reason have not experienced the joy of sudden visit new club customers, which, incidentally, was captured on surveillance cameras. The faces of "partying" was not smiles, some urgently in handy in the "powder room" to powder the nose, but before the "powder room" did not have time to run all …

In general, prazdnichek noted in a big way on this one would finish the story, but the story of the most unexpected way will be continued.

On the days of one of the candidates for mayor in become the most politically active cities in Russia (Khimki) Mitvol said that his office was attacked. "Gifts to the studio" brought people with baseball bats who "cleaned up" in the office, leaving a torn and crumpled agitmaterialov Mitvol furniture. Supporters Mitvol, once famous for its uncompromising fight against sexual minorities, say the attack made specifically representatives of most of these sexual minorities. If so, it turns out that Moscow's gay — it is not even the priests almost incomprehensible love of worship and also an army in what is its flying squadrons (God forgive me, gay desantura) make up lips with red lipstick, put on caps on head, pick up a bit on, pulled strings and — let's go to Mitvol in Khimki … And that's what! At this rate, will start in Moscow gay own sacred prazdnichek bathe in fountains and make a tattoo on the lower part of the arm "for LGBT people, bro!"

"Open your face …"

The representative of the Duma Committee on Media deputy Vadim Dengin the week was one of the most talked about people on the Web. With what kind of attention suddenly manifested an online community to ordinary Member of the Liberal Democratic Party? The fact that the sovereign Dengin together with other like-minded people suggested that registration in social networks only on the basis of passport data. Longed to join to socialize with classmates or colleagues — to enter the series, number and all other attributes. Such a measure, by the views of the liberal Democrat Dengin can assist law enforcement agencies to fight the spread of child porn, innuendo and other illegal publications on the Web. Lawmaker sure it MVD and FSB will be able to more effectively detect those who are engaged in illegal activity on the Internet.

The initiative, on first glance, a very good one. When the phrase "anti-child pornography" and the hunt to reap his career Vadim parliamentary arm. But there is one aspect. We've also drawn up a business, and in full accordance with the law in the provision of personal documents. Only now it turns out later that the plant varnishes and paints, which for two years does not pay taxes, has been
decorated by Ivan Tsutskin, the homeless in the area of Kazan railway station. A realtor's office, which managed to "put on shoes" more than a dozen people on the Russian real estate fraud, running CEO Abdulloeva Ferdowsi, who laid the passport for 500 rubles per one specializing in activities such institutions in the country and deported to his native Russian Federal Migration Service of Tajikistan on the one of the suburban buildings …

In this regard, it is to expect that the FSB, who are going to calculate navetchikov and distributors of child porn on the Web, little will have time to count the appropriate accounts designed for the homeless, illegal immigrants and has long departed comrades. So who hurt adjusted acc beyond the reach of the deputy Dengin and Russian law enforcement agencies?

Given that every day are popular Russian social network visited by 50 million users from different countries of the world, we can safely talk about the fact that the FSB will have to expand. Because if the initiative Liberal Democrat Dengin will be supported, the Federal Security Service will be required to spend battalions "zabrivat" employees. Imagine: Skyscraper FSB in Moscow alone, for the last fifty floors which sit "men in black" and carefully inspect the multi-million dollar accounts of Russian social networks, searching for illegal messages …

In general, Zuckerberg with his deputy Facebook'om Dengin only thanks to pronounce. There's something for nothing and your passport is not nat …

"Plus I, the pros have a …"

The adage that he praises, so no praise in the week had found his proof in the Capital Municipality. As is clear, the municipality uses the Internet portal "Our Town," which ordinary citizens can use to voice their suggestions for improving urban governance, criticize, praise and officials for their good work. In the words of the mayor of Moscow, such portal is designed to make the best possible link between officialdom and the inhabitants of the capital, and so the "Our Town" and should be developed further.

But the presence of "Our City" all of a sudden has led to a curious history. Some members of city councils, of course, and not waiting for people's Huge praise for his work, we decided to use the portal as intended. To do this, the bureaucrats control Tsaritsyno, Perov, gratifying and a number of other municipalities of the capital have decided to praise themselves. Namely, the Deputy Mayor Lyudmila Rakov said that thanks to the technical abilities of City Hall has found that with the same computers, standing in the offices of management, mailed each other laudable comments about the "well-established work." With all of this comments were sent on behalf of Muscovites who excessively pleased with the work of city officials.

Well, what? After all, the representatives of management — they are people too, they also hunt obvious plain affection, praise and encouragement in the form of positive comments. And that in fact and in truth, the townspeople — Well they are nepriznatelnye. They are here, you know, struggling with traffic jams, cars right on the playgrounds in the courts of Marshall, in doorways indecent words sleeve clobbered, and even they do not strike a string of gratitude. Here's bureaucrats for themselves and scribbling about the subsequent "Thank you Boris Borisovich for our happy childhood and for a huge puddle in the yard, in which all the kids can swim under the age of 6 years …"

Apparently, at the end of the year in the Moscow mayor's office are counted positive "of comments" on the basis of what personally Sergei Sobyanin issue premium. Here are the guys and exercise is someone who perekommentiruet. And yet, or will be, if for writing reviews will have to register with passports … But then the representatives of the capital management will give a hot hi deputy Dengin and zaminusuyut it at all …

Defense calls "och.umeltsev"

Sudden days are announced on the contest Anatoly Serdyukov. The Russian Defense Ministry said that the Russian people in the middle of searches for talent, the ability to propose research projects for, no more and no less, solving problems of national defense. Until December 8, mostly military establishment of the country accepting applications for projects related to the exploration, camouflage, electronic warfare, life support and other military-technical areas.

It is reported that at this point at least some literate person can offer their defense department production as it once was with Misha Kalashnikov.

The challenge now is to wait for that, the Russian Federation will be held on a typical casting project of the Ministry. This is, of course, will help countless opportunities to show their talents.

But here again, these languages are bad they say that the Ministry itself, which allocate more funds for projects in the field of defense industry dried up creative potentials. And so Anatoly Serdyukov decided to go to people: look, some of the special mountain village all the same will give advice on how to solve technical problems with deep modernization "Admiral Gorshkov", which can not begin to surf the world's oceans under Indian raspevnym title "Vikramaditya". It is not in vain that the Minister of Defense says that hopes to behold "Admiral Gorshkov" next summer at the sea surface. Recall that the works are accepted until December 8 — the time before the summer should be enough …

Maybe someone from the Urals village will throw an idea on how to fight the U.S. European missile defense system, using polutoralitrovye plastic bottle, roll of duct tape and a needle gypsy. Then no slander us exactly the American administration will be terrible …

Part II. "The more people learn, the more I appreciate my dog"

Tula load

About 12 boxes were not included in Damascus

Evening, October 10, A320 airliner airlines «Syrian Air», peacefully flying out of "Vnukovo" in the international airport of Damascus, was forced to land in Ankara. And the crew and passengers of the previously parrot two F-16 fighters belonging to the Turkish Air Force.

Turks decided that the airliner transporting military cargo, created for the army of Bashar al-Assad. Prime Minister of Turkey with an iron notes in the voice accused Russia of supplying Syria weapons (according to other sources, and even in the supply of military equipment manufactured by one of the Russian military-industrial complex organizations), but with acknowledgments decided not to hurry.

Aircraft planted, and Turkish bloodhounds were actively digging in the luggage compartment, periodically reminding the homeless in the trash bins. What they expected to find there? Upgraded Russian tanks? "Pinocchio"? Missiles with nuclear warheads and a special carrying case for President al-Assad?

While detectives were working, passengers whiled away the night on the plane. From time to time they are released to stretch their legs on the airfield. Quickly.

In total searches Russian ammunition in the plane of the Turks took eight hours. It was found 12 boxes of contents that Turkey has not spread. Boxes confiscated, the plane was released.

Then Turkey launched an information campaign. Russian Ambassador to Ankara Vladimir Ivanovsky was summoned to the Foreign Ministry of Turkey and began to seek clarification from him. And he could clarify if he had just vyznat from the Turks of "prohibited goods"?

Moscow responded also claimed that Ankara clarification. In the Russian
Foreign Ministry protested the way in Ankara were treated with 17 Russians, airline passengers: people kept in the plane 8 hours without food. In addition to the Russian embassy learned about what happened … from the press.

Syrian airline has decided to file a complaint about the conduct of the Turkish side in the International Aeronautical Federation and human rights organizations, and the news agency SANA with his usual clarity said, citing an unnamed Russian source, the Kremlin-de does not require the use of passenger aircraft for delivery of military cargo. Russia continues to make its commitments on military contracts with Damascus, entered into prior to the adoption of UN Security Council sanctions.

Hot comrades from the Syrian Foreign Ministry went even further: to the public accused the prime minister of Turkey in heresy. The statement says that the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan "continues to lie in order to justify his government's aggressive attitude towards Syria." The Foreign Ministry highlighted that all cargo aircraft have the proper documents and did not contain weapons or any other illegal products.

But Erdogan's sovereign bloodhounds rummaging in the boot for good reason. Reporters from the "Kommersant" get to the truth: it appears, on board «Syrian Air» was twelve boxes of technical elements for radar air defense systems. The shipment did not seek spetsoformlenie because it does not constitute a threat to the crew or to the aircraft and its transport does not violate international law.

Incident in Ankara is interested in the same Russian FSB — for their own reasons. There are going to start checking on the fact leakage disk imaging on transportation. Our "feds" believe that the Turkish authorities with a large modicum of probability knew was on board the equipment as a different "would not take that risk," forced landing a civilian airliner.

This enthusiasm to show what has happened in faraway America. The fact that the Russian policy on the supply of equipment to Syria "dual use" morally bankrupt, said U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland. Along the way, she noted that the Turks gave Washington Ran out information about the cargo on board the aircraft. However, the press secretary of the State Department did not share this information with reporters. But Washington had to admit that Moscow did not formally violated any prohibition on shipments to Syria. But for a democratic America badly the very fact that Moscow was noted again in aiding and abetting "the war machine of the Assad regime."

October 12, Vladimir Putin held an operational meeting of the Security Council, after which advocated Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. He said that the ship was carrying "Electrical equipment for radar, dual-use equipment, but not forbidden by any international conventions." At the same time comrade Lavrov denied RT Erdogan's statement that the Tipo plane was carrying ammunition and Russian production created for the Ministry of Defense of Syria. "No guns on board the hijacked aircraft was not and could not be, — explained to the minister. — There was a cargo that a legal Russian supplier to forward the legitimate client legitimate way. " And now, according to the minister, "the provider will seek recovery of cargo, which is his property."

The source of the newspaper "Kommersant" said the plane was carrying goods Tula Instrument Design Bureau. And on the civilian plane was carrying it so, experts say that the probes deliver the goods to Syria by sea ordinary run into open resistance to the international community.

It remains to add that the same company now covers the Russian Federation and the possibility of air freight.

On top of the Turks left hint of, that, say, your pipeline "South Stream" in our maritime economic zone will not work, we changed our minds. Or, perhaps, Erdogan may put the question bluntly: if you are behind Assad, then you are against its economy, but if you roll up assistance to Assad, we will stay with you some good trading partners — and, not so long ago uttered comrades Putin and Davutoglu 5 years will achieve annual turnover of 100 billion dollars, and for such funds is in fact fighting for.

This is a very Stealther strategy. Experts point out that the probable fall of Bashar al-Assad and establishing a Sunni regime in Syria, loyal to the Turks, Saudis and Qataris are also fraternal America, immediately will draw rainbow prospect of building overland oil and gas pipelines from the Gulf to Europe directly. Some slumber sees like a Russian "Gazprom" arises of strongest global competitor. No need to be 7 rocket scientist to realize how happy turn of events from that of Western democracies will be fed directly from Gazkom Qatar.

There is only one "but": Assad's army is still necessary to win. If Syria will survive, Turkish searchlights burst like a soap bubble. Meanwhile, near the Turkish border is formed by the Kurdish army, which Assad has given the green light …

Winner of the European Union

Tools "dynamite king" continues to go as intended

Alfred Nobel did not want to go down in history as the "dynamite king" and the enemy of all life, who earned millions in the blood. That is why the award and organized his own name, particularly prestigious of which are now considered the peace prize.

Honored with this award, for example, Mr. Misha Gorbachev — the man who launched in the USSR "perestroika" in the end which was very quickly destroyed all that was under construction the people who survived World War I, the bourgeois and the socialist revolution, then plainclothes war, collectivization , industrialization, camps, in the end, dignified Russian and post-war reconstruction. "Scoops" were open awe look to the West, dreaming of jeans, Coca-Cola and pale green money.

Peace Prize was given and Barack Obama. U.S. President received it in 2009, fighting for the world converge at 2-foreign countries — Iraq and Afghanistan. Later, he, contrary to the will of Congress, continued the work of democracy in Libya. Well, in general the "Arab Spring", they say, the owner of white houses have taken to heart the Islamist own.

It's amazing that a million bucks is not received by the committee members of dynamite George W. Bush (rumored he was nominated, but that nomination kept secret for 50 years.)

The climax of the perverted understanding of what the world is on the planet, and at the same time and world, was the awarding of 12 October 2012. Approximately $ 1.2 million dollars was … no, not God Venedictov with "Echo of Moscow" and not even a prominent human rights activist Lyudmila Alexeeva (where the Nobel committee could throw money on the 85th anniversary), — do not merit went to the man (God who is it?) and … In short, the Nobel Committee gave the award does not face the physical, but the European Union.

Well, what? Than this is the European Union worse Gorbachev or Obama? Is the EU tackled the Yugoslavia when it took savage hordes of peacekeepers and bombers with cluster bombs? Is not Europe, shaking the hand of brotherly America rejoiced noisily killing of Gaddafi in Libya? Is not France, a member of the EU, stands up today for the fact that the "world community" was a blow to Syria, ending with the "regime" of Bashar al-Assad? And who pokes his nose in Mali? And is not that the EU police fired rubber bullets on unarmed demonstrators, and all are multi-million dollar strikes, and in Greece — and the general? Is not the eurozone plunged into the deepest crisis mire that excited even Barack Obama, an expert in municipa
l debt knows? Do economists and analysts do not write about the collapse of the European Union is fully real, if only for the ears of the swamp did not take out my mother in Germany, who dreams of a "fifth Reich", according to some observers?

Apparently, it's time to reward the EU. Maybe the Nobel committee members are very detached from life, and believe that $ 1.2 million posodeystvuyut overcome the crisis. Perhaps they believe that "the fifth Reich" — a concept only peaceful, without the MP-40, MG-42 and other similar stuff. Or administrators of the Nobel Foundation in Oslo decided to reward the EU because it is already considered the formation of a common currency historical? Do not give me the prize now, tomorrow will be too late: the EU one memory remains — in the form of chapters in textbooks.

My father dreamed of dynamite premium blood on their own behalf — including blood own younger brother, who was killed by the explosion at the plant in 1864. But on a magical drama continues to accrue to the peace prize to those who played the role of explosive on the planet Earth …

Fabricated terrorist

About how FBI agents trying to persuade American Muslims to undermine what-nibudt

This week it became clear that the nineteen-year boy named Adel Daoud, the occupant of Chicago, who, according to the South American investigation was going to undermine packed with explosives «Jeep Cherokee» at a city bar, has pleaded not guilty and claimed that he was not a terrorist.

Efbeerovtsy Daoud was arrested one month back. Under the cover, they came to contact with the suspect, pretending to be extremists who wish to once and for all put an end to the accursed America. "Extremists" had to pass Daud explosive device actuated via a mobile phone. The bomb in the car was inert. Daoud took when he brought an explosive device into action.

But Dowd at the trial has torn the charges of terrorism, and his stubborn lawyer insists that the FBI special operation was deliberately staged.

No tears away tears away, and you can sit in jail for life. Not for nothing is disguised as bearded extremists agents, more than half a tightly contacted with Dawood (and why so long?) Squandered taxpayers' money generous, but now they are wasting the court system.

The FBI operation was one of those that can detect "potential jihadists." It is common practice in today's democratic America.

Daoud was the usual "potential jihadist" — want a victim and a relatively easy target for the FBI. While for a Muslim watched it turned out that he was reading a magazine «Inspire» (online edition of jihad), watching educational videos, participate in online jihadist forums where condemned the policy of the United States. And if such a thing, it decided to "recruit".

In general, it is not very well give in to provocations agency. More precisely speaking, they do not yield. America did not want to blow up, and everything here. Daoud tried to recruit the very little over 6 times in 7 months. Finally, in May via Web efbeerovtsy could persuade Daoud.

The court has no evidence that the "extremist" was able to take advantage of explosives, not to mention the production of home-made bombs. He did not try to make or obtain any weapon. Itself for itself Dowd was very far from being a danger America. He was persuaded to become a terrorist enemy of democracy. Many of these "enemies" artificially nurtured by FBI agents already sits in the American bullpen, getting time for 20-30 years. (A later U.S. citizens wonder: why is it that in our country are not so few prisoners — already more than 6 million).

His critics argue agents: say, we are given the opportunity to step back from its extremist murderous plans. But in-1's, plans something — not his, but, in-2, do not forget that perform a "terrorist act" efbeerovtsy persuaded his victim as much as seven months.

Sobbing father Adel Ahmed Daoud, said in court that his son has always been a good kid.

19-year-old lawyer of the accused, Thomas Anthony Durkin, said that there was a case of capture. "It was not his idea. This idea with the explosion — thought the government …. He was just a young boy. He had just graduated from high school … It's indescribable naive. "

South American justice brutally crushes ice rink Muslims inside the country, but encourages Islamist revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East. Western analysts, and together with them, and the South American congressmen, for all this name-calling on President Obama to … also "naive."

The difference between Obama and the young Dawood that if trusting the U.S. president, Fukuyama-wing idealist, hitherto believed in the triumph of democracy around the world, the schoolboy, who turned in the dock, once and forever learned what "American values."

Forbidden fruit is sweet

Protest secret agent

On the night of October 13 (ie, from Friday to Saturday — a favorite of all drinkers) Miami police detained a U.S. agent Hidden Service (USSS) Aaron Francis Engler. Intoxicated in the insole agent, provide security in the town of Barack Obama found the lying on a street corner near a nightclub.

Mr. hidden signs of life are not filed, and the cops decided he loaded the whiskey to the very waterline.

Not so easy was a patrol to deliver a special agent to the site. When peace officers began his search, employee USSS, flashing his enormous eyes bloodshot bull, drove one of the troopers in the jaw.

Stroll rumors that Mr. Engler, drunk and fight, expressed in such makarom protest against the ban, not so long ago, officially, in the form of annotations of the Office of the Hidden Service USA. Poor guy, agents from October forbidden to drink alcohol not only during, and for 10 hours prior to arrival at the service. And during travel agents can not drink alcohol in hotels and other places where you can catch the U.S. president or other senior officials. "Alcohol use is permitted only in limited quantities during off-duty time", — stated in the abstract. In other words, in immoderate amounts, which method to use, for example, Mr. Engler, drink from now on is not allowed.

At the same time forbade agents to disclose sensitive information and take advantage of social networks on the Web. And that's exactly and in any gate not climbing. That agent — and not to disclose? ..

Funny annotations did not appear out of nowhere. The fact that in June, the South American government announced the disappointing results of alcoholics, USSS, guarding the country's top officials and their relatives. Eternally intoxicated agents right and left disclose sensitive information, were engaged in illegal eavesdropping, and here and there unlawfully used the gun and sexy commit atrocities.

Concupiscence agents had the highest degree so that they not only hired by two dozen prostitutes, units of five or six at his brother, and tried to rape the girls trips colleagues. And one officer USSS, brandishing a pistol, threatened to close the strip club. Poor agent is not liked highest club prices. This young man who dreams, apparently, on the Russian firm pricing, said that the price on the table dancing and lap … contrary to federal law.

* "So what is it all the same for the people's creativity?" — A phrase from the cartoon "Three from Buttermilk."

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