Results of the week. South American dream at times interrupted by self-promotion …

Part I. "Life is great, despite the flaws"

Belarusian zalet

July 4 this year, right in the independence day of the 1st of the brotherhood for Alexander Lukashenko independent states of the world, I mean the United States, and even for the next day after the celebration actually Belarusian independence, it was reported that the area adjacent to Lithuania in the sky Belarus " dropped "light aircraft. On board were the Swedish pilots who have decided to spend an extravagant amphibious operation. From heaven to Belarus Belarusian land flew teddy bears that are in their own plush paws were holding signs with slogans about the need to respect freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

The action would be happy as, well, pilots, judging by the photos in their later bear masks, even those merry fellows, but only after nedavneshney "fun" operation with the Turkish pilots, "humorists" that led Turkish aircraft in the Syrian sky, and the Swedes could not big trouble. The Syrian military air defense units were people who have little understanding airy humor, and so reflexively and have clicked on the button huge reddish, showing that from the funny to the majestic one step.

Belarusian soldiers also serving defense systems appear to be more susceptible to humorous sketches from NATO, and therefore the Swedish pilots, albeit with wet extensions of their own spin, but still safe and sound, after the holding of "amphibious operation" happily retired in that side, whence came to congratulate Batka.

Naturally, after the "teddy landing" in Belarus scandal, Belarusian air defense cover not only your area, but also are Western Union shield the country. Realizing that become moist and continue their spin, Belarusian generals, who, by the way, his new shoulder boards with the Stars bolshennymi received from the President the other day almost decided on their own to answer Swedish expansion. Say, guys, what are you with the voice? There was no Swedish aircraft-surfing Belarusian heaven, and there was only a rough and poor provocation on the ground. Someone, say, in advance of the scattered "plush oppositionists" bear family and tribe, and flying a single-engine airplane with local Lithuanian countryside RB simply "otfotozhabil" the full program there.

Is noteworthy that all of the sacrament to the castle on the Belarusian sky generals in one voice said that it really was a "Photoshop" and sometimes even video editing. Apparently, the Belarusian generals are well versed in computer graphics and multimedia applications.

With the denial of the flight were made to the same high-ranking Belarusian border guards, saying that there is no crossing of the Belarusian air border was not, on the other to the Belarusian border guard recorded the fact of her crossing, because, quote, "border guards are non-stop visual control of the airspace."

With this "visual inspection" is somehow vague, either generals forced ordinary border guards, wiping his eyes with his fists, stare at the sky for hours, or on behalf of them to hand out binoculars to fog up from the continuous operation of the lenses. But still not inspected as lenses were fogged so much. But on the "amphibious operation" directed account the local inhabitants.

And it is a strange thing: if the Swedish aircraft will not have seen no guards, no air defense system, and ordinary Belarusian citizens have seen, there could already smell or mass hallucination, or that those who saw and most were members of the mass of the "bear" flash mob .

Oh, and as for us? We would of course be better that the Swedish mission was really "fotozhab", as if somehow sad for the power output, which once again troubled by the representatives of the small zabugornoy aviation. And then it will have to write out the program there for humanitarian aid Syrian "PVOshnikov" that can distinguish neutral from the sky of the sky of its own, and the means and foreign aircraft in the sky really will be able to see …

Rubber Magnitsky list

Continue to find an adequate response to the State Duma adopted in the week NGO law is not a measure of the active Russian opposition. Realizing that now they will not just take the "coin" in their own zabugornyh patrons, but also to account for its spending to Russian citizens, so called non-systemic opposition began almost dig the purpose of "revenge" for the wronged themselves.

Results of the week.  The American dream is periodically interrupted by self-promotion ...

Friends and comrades, Boris Nemtsov and Garry Kasparov, using political prytkost first and last chess logic, decided to ask the South American Senate, which finalizes the big-name "Magnitsky list", modify it so that it went to the same person, forcing nonprofit organizations to report the expenditure "sponsorship" means.

To cause more maudlin self-pity in his own American protege, Nemtsov and Kasparov went to a closed meeting with members of Congress, where they handed them their petition, together with the reports about the videos, how was the "March of Millions". In the petition to the South American legislators might see suggestions of Nemtsov and Kasparov for entry in the "Magnitsky list" of such persons as the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin, head of the CEC sovereign Churov, the referee Olga Verojatnost also rolled a list of chapters of the capital ATS riot police, investigators, prosecutors and other. Maybe it was also a hidden part of the list, in which Garry tried to make the computer "Deep Blue", who lost in his time, and Anatoly Karpov — just to remember that "old friend" always on his tail.

It is not clear if the South American legislators to use so lucrative offers from Nemtsov and Garry about the Russian reality, but it is clear that the South American Senate demokratizatorskie fastened his views towards the independent Ukraine. According to the views of a number of distant countries concerned neuvvyazkami senators, it is time to cool the ardor of Viktor Yanukovych, who, it turns out, Washington has long been giving any promises, but he did note these promises will not accept. South American senators gave a hint that Mr Yanukovych's time to start doing something, sir Kramer, who heads the human rights group «Freedom House». This is the Kramer said that Yanukovych "putiniziruet" Ukraine, and therefore should be subject to democratic flagellation.

So Yanukovych, as members of his extended family, too, should conceive, in which banks keep their savings, as the Magnitsky list can take his last name — he (the list) in their rubber …

Nowhere to retreat — around Moscow

Their — rubber listings, we — the rubber capital. On the week, Moscow has increased in size by 2.4 times, and doubt about the fact that it is made of gutta-percha material fell off even the most ardent skeptics. With all this density of population of the capital, with all its bureaucrats, businessmen, prostitutes, migrant workers and members of the opposition had fallen by more than a factor of 2. Now Moscow has formed a hefty territorial appendix towards the south-west of the Capital Region, which is 148 thousand hectares lost overnig

Results of the week.  The American dream is periodically interrupted by self-promotion ...

Now, it seems clear why Sergei Shoigu ministerial post was sent to the Moscow region governor. Of course, it was meant that he was from that emergency Moscow-that will help out, but Sergei Shoigu, by all appearances, quite let go of his child — MES — to float freely, and will now be the head of the region, which had a fairly speedy circumcision.

For obvious reasons, the new Moscow land here jumped in value. Some enterprising "new Muscovites" Muscovites were able to realize an old fact that the leadership of these were of old times already Muscovites. For example, in the Leninsky district of the hammer went 2 plots of land with total area of 120 hectares. It was only later, when the sellers already gone cold, it turned out that they have purchased from these same sites are already in the second time …

Taking into account the fact that the ex-president Medvedev beheld in the consolidation of Russian capital, exclusive benefits, it is safe to talk about the fact that now even the removal of moths for the 101-km mark for most of these butterflies will not be a disaster, because now they are even after such transfer may still remain in the capital … And right behind moths toward 101-km from the beginning of July to the authorities plan to stretch the Moscow offices, deputy consulate, and even entire ministry, so that no work of any one or others obviously will not go …

Well, now, after a severe growth area of Moscow, perhaps there is a place where the opposition Razgulyaev plenty: so many vacant lots around — go for yourself, meeting, yes Occupy your heart's content.

A local authority can even recommend to build a housing estate named after Magnitsky list, only the people who populate the "Travel Abroad" with frozen in U.S. banks accounts. And to the village instead of the mausoleum that can later zabugornye excursions to drive. Latest Moscow — new attractions! ..

Mail smashed

The fact that the hacking case is alive and well in our country, not many who hesitated and before publication in the web of correspondence between the governor of the Kirov region Nikita crisp white and basic "antiPZhIVovtsem" Aleksei Navalny. But now everything is quite sure that if you have at least some involvement in politics, and, moreover, in addition, at the time was marked by a "problem solving" with everyone there distilleries and "kirovlesami", it is better on these topics means of electric-mail is not to say .

Results of the week.  The American dream is periodically interrupted by self-promotion ...

So, here's the week in Russia notorious burglar with a telling nickname Hull took well and hacked email-1st notorious with some Russians Alexei Navalny has. And still there is "hellish" cracker see? And he saw as a representative of the Russian Federation of governors, a man named Nikita pure white, trying to "reach out" to his own former adviser to douladit nedoulazhennye task.

Due to the fact that our "Results of the week" can read kids and pregnant ladies, do not allow yourself to give Nikita Jurevicha conversation with Alexey Medvedev in every detail and colors, because in this correspondence are idiomatic expressions that may offend the honor and dignity as toddlers and pregnant women. The essence of the correspondence in that two distinguished gentlemen to this day can not figure out who is who, and, most importantly, how much is due. With all this Kirov governor tries to explain his own former colleague that he came under the corrupting influence of the West and raises their self-esteem highly, forgetting about friends of old times, as which itself Nikita Y. and sees.

Immediately after careful work done cracker Hell'om, society boil. And the greatest boiling, for natural reasons, it happened in the camp of those with whom all soon sovereign Bulk so intensely trying to beat — in the party "United Russia". Party members are also tenacious bulldog gripped the hosted conversation, and together with it in bulk with white (or, as it is now stylishly sloping, with "white"). With steam from his nostrils rushed to work in this direction sailor … uh-uh, sorry, Zhelezniak United Russia, also a senator, for some reason from the Chelyabinsk region (of course, also United Russia), Ruslan Gattarov. Both advised Nikita snow-white without the help of others to go down and down until he is put off, they will oversee the conduct of the case about the verification epistolary Navalny and the governor of the Kirov.

On this myself Nikita Y. states that own correspondence is nothing wrong (except, probably, those idiomatic expressions) does not see, and even without the help of other authorized the spending of budget funds check the Kirov region for the entire period of its own province. But, apparently, white forgets that regional governors in Russia is almost completely owned by the party "United Russia", and he (Nikita snow-white) makes the 'bad exception ", and so we can expect that in the near future Nikita Y. asked with his post, and in its place adopt a squeaky clean person, of course, of the "United Russia" is not tainted with cooperation with Navalny, that statistics are not spoiled …

In connection with this is to imagine that an attacker Hull can be secretly awarded to any Order "For Merit" and then continue their bread work in this direction. Hackers, they also want to have a …

And if you're in my open window will see a pack of pigeons scurrying back and forth, it means all the opposition, have decided to abandon the service "elektronku" and immediately ran over to the carrier pigeon. But United Russia hawks extremely active not only in the web sit …

Koichiro, wake up! ..

Once again, the Japanese authorities have expressed their outrage that Dmitry Medvedev made a visit to the Southern Kuriles. Say, before you go to the Kuril chain, Premier of the Russian government had to ask permission from the official Tokyo, he says, it is necessary to realize that the official Tokyo does not recognize the ownership of islands Russian Federation. And much more read as Japanese authorities: from "a tub of cool water on the bilateral relationship" to "reviewing cooperation agreements with Russia." A deputy and political analyst Alexei lanugo, which, as Medvedev and Prime Minister, expressed in that spirit that we have your Japanese slander to energy-saving light bulbs, so all received a portion of a Web threat from the Japanese "Samurai" with the announcement that his name is listed in the " black list. " Not much is divorced for the Russians these dark lists: a list of Magnitsky scare, here's a list of yakuza shoved under my nose …

Results of the week.  The American dream is periodically interrupted by self-promotion ...

Recall that Dmitry Medvedev visited the Southern Kuriles-led tour of the Far East, and once again stated that the Kuril Islands — an integral part of, and this part will be getting a severe assistance from the federal budget. And, judging by the Japanese opinion, he had to ask three times higher in Tokyo permission of the fact, that fly on Russian soil

In this regard, one can imagine for themselves a dream of the Japanese authorities on how Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Dmitry Medvedev by telephone, dial up to the turntables Japanese Prime Minister Koichiro Gemba and practically on his knees begging to solve at least one of them to fly to the South Kuril Islands. A Gemba something adamant: no, he says, and everyone here, the Kuril Islands — Japanese! Japan rejoices samurai in solemn procession clothes suit with synchronous strokes of swords, representatives of the yakuza with open faces are carried on blued satisfied with bikes on the crowded streets of the Japanese capital Tokyo people, and even the "Fukushima" pollute once for a holiday … But … You need to wake up , sire Gemba, and taking a map of the world that is not written in the printing of any of Yokohama, as, for example, in the International Geographical Society, where the Southern Kuriles has been 67 years in the number of our state.

Koichiro, wake up! ..

Part II. Papuan justice and South American disaster

The soup and roast for election

In Papua — The latest Guinea can never end in the parliamentary elections. No, that's not what the citizens of this democratic country heavily determine the candidates for deputies (for 109 seats in the local parliament claims 3435-independent candidates and representatives of almost fifty games), and that on the day or in the province of Madang came emergency.

Results of the week.  The American dream is periodically interrupted by self-promotion ...

Local activists are a total of 12 people have merged against warlocks, as practiced in the villages of magic "puripuri." In fact, the magicians, the existence of which the active Papuans do not approve of, and have launched a newcomer movement, there were currently 500 members and occupies a middle position between the socio-political and magical.

Uniting the Papuans of Madang, protesting against witchcraft, but favoring cannibalism, suspected of seven of its citizens to use black magic. The seven — five men and two ladies — have declared themselves self-healers and sorcerers behaved badly: pulled from unhealthy people money. Opponents of Magic decided to suspend the brazen witch trials extortion. Gradually, a new movement activists began to believe, as if they came supernatural powers that help them to "calculate" warlock also opportunities for execution.

Local political activist said the first victim of believers: "Before everything was fine, but now it seems to be reincarnated into a cult. They destroyed the wayside. They cut out the heart, they cut out his brains, they drank his blood. "

Cannibals remembered who they were, and went into the taste. Led by a local headman 12 activists have identified seven warlocks — and all ate.

Anthony Vagambi Jr., commander of the militia, said"They have come together, go out to the streets and get rid of the warlocks. How do they calculated? In their own words, warlocks have warned them perfume. But soon they went even further and began to eat the bodies of the victims of their own ".

According Vagambi, several members of the movement have already confessed to eating parts of the corpses of the victims and making soup.

In Papua — The latest Guinea witchcraft fear everything, even MPs and politicians. Because of today's election will last longer: it takes time, so the inhabitants of the province of Madang came to their senses and bold to come from households. Police arrested 29 people, but the cannibal-chief never caught.

One local politician said, that thrives in the local villages chernoknizhnichenstvo. Maybe because many sects cannibals do not condemn, but rather support it.

On available in press disk imaging, except for socially active position, expressed, including in acts of cannibalism, 500 members of the Papuan sects worship at the same time … aircraft. "Cargo cult" is expressed in the fact that his followers deified air freight.

In general, if the subsequent parliamentary elections in Guinea newest to power — a fully democratic way — come party "Cargo Papua Cannibal", wonder no need. Judicial decisions will be made promptly, and put into effect — even faster.

Barack Obama will ruin America

Just as in Russia "in all povinet Chubais," America in the election, it seems, it's time to blame all the troubles and failures of Mr. Obama.

The fact that the conscientious, hard-working and law-abiding Americans have started to think that the stately United States of America, do not cease to teach the whole world as it truly settle and start living, will soon come to an end.

Results of the week.  The American dream is periodically interrupted by self-promotion ...

Well, well, many civilizations have disappeared from the face of the planet. United States — not the first nor the last. But if, for example, the Sumerians or the ancient Egyptians did not find those responsible for the collapse of civilization, in the modern world decided to look for a vengeful political sinners. Usually, they are not ordinary mortals, but gosrukovoditeli who can not give a proper answer to the formidable challenge of history.

The United States for three and a half years, manages the president named Barack Obama. It would seem that such can be done with the majestic America for so little time? Prior to Mr. Obama's U.S. rules Mr. Bush — and as many as eight years. And this is the man whom the therapist J. Frank admitted not fully spiritually healthy (to put it mildly). Dr. Frank has found at W. Bush. dyslexia, paranoia, megalomania, various disturbances of thought processes and a tendency to sadism. Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Hussein Obama does not approve of Bush's torture methods of inquiry and, therefore, not a sadist must be a completely different person.

Right. Other. Nobel Peace Prize Bushes Jr. did not give. They are given, for example, figures such as Mikhail Gorbachev or Kofi Annan. The first is known as the pioneer of acceleration, pluralism of views and "perestroika" in the Soviet Union, which left at the end of the Union of horns and legs, and the second was famous planners democracy in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and now here in Syria. It is in such an evil tradition of Nobel Peac
e laureates: leave behind him conflagration, ash, destruction and decay. And Mr. Obama could not justify the hopes which had offered him a Swedish Award Committee, of course, in 2009, had devised against the U.S. Nobel diversion — similar to that which was implemented in 1990 against the Soviet Union.

South American journalist Michael Snyder, feel free to openly confess his love for America (in other words, a patriot), this week with bitterness said"The road on which we currently are — is the path that will lead to national suicide." So right, and said, in pure South American British. "We need to get rid of — added Snyder — from our wastefulness and return to the initial values, which are so well aware of early Americans. We have to look at oneself in the mirror to realize how smallish we have fallen. "

One of the circumstances under which the United States is rapidly rolling down into the abyss, is as it is, of course, is Snyder, Barack Obama: "Now we have the worst president in American history, and there is a chance that we might have to make it more madness 4 years old. "

What did happen with America under Obama? Patriot Snyder was a collection of circumstances that demonstrate that his native America is not rotten, sweet popahivaya and rot, justifying that are popular in the USSR communist theses.

On Wall Street, according to Snyder, sit psychopaths, the U.S. leads the world in credit card fraud, America is more school shootings than anywhere else in the world, one of the main activities of the Yankees — look telly (28 hours per week); If in 1962 only 13% of the Yankees were suffering obesity, now ozhireli approximately 36% of the Yankees, in the States, most lawyers per capita in the world, Americans buy more prescription pharmaceuticals than anyone else on the planet; the percentage of women taking antidepressants in America is higher than in any other country even in the world, in the U.S. more people diagnosed with mental disorders than anywhere else on earth, food Yankees — Solid waste: over 70% of all products sold in United States contain at least the last one at the gene level modified component, 85% of the things sold in the huge U.S. retailers, manufactured outside the country; United States have the highest divorce rate in the world, one out of every four teenage girls in the U.S. has at last least one disease, sexually transmitted, and in the United States — the highest rate of teenage pregnancies across the globe, in the U.S. — the highest death rate, occurring as a result of fierce appeal with the children, in comparison with all the globe, in its time, the United States took first place in the world for GDP per capita, and today slipped to 12th place.

Also the creator, who composed a list of catastrophic circumstances surrounding the death Obama's America, reports, citing a study that 50% of the Yankees in the 18-24 age group can not show New-york in a contour map. And he writes that, according to the «Pew Research Center», at the moment in the United States married only 51 per cent of all the Yankees 18 years or older, and yet in 1960, were married for 72 percent of all American adults. In the end, he cites the subsequent depressing statistics: according to the Federal reserve system disk imaging, its average capital families in the United States decreased from $ 126.400 in 2007 to $ 77.300 in 2010 and the municipal debt of the U.S., meanwhile approaching 16 trillion dollars, and the total amount of debt the country is rapidly coming to 55 trillion dollars …

Any other patriot might say Snyder that Snyder is wrong, that the business of America is not so bad. But something no one reads. A financial experts even echoed Snyder.

For example, Christine Lagarde, managing director of such a serious office as International monetary fund, on days of "specifically" warned America: to help you out if anything is certain. Specialists from the IMF is that the United States needs to urgently address their financial and economic problems, and most of these professionals scares and public debt and budget deficit the United States, and the general uncertainty in the financial and budget plans. Economical savings that conceived and enforces Mr. Obama, do not like the IMF, as the sequestration in 2013 could lead to negative GDP growth. Subordinates Lagarde hardly made a mistake in the conclusions: after the scheduled reduction in the U.S. budget programs have not only cost savings, and a direct attack on consumption. It is a stick about 2-ends, especially in the use of this advanced society, which is the United States.

Reporters at the briefing Lagarde asked whether the United States to ask the IMF for help. "We would not have had the resources to lend to the U.S." — admitted the boss of the Fund.

So after all, Obama and in fact carries out the plans of the Nobel Committee: Diligent ruining America?

With regard to the findings of Snyder's geographic illiteracy Yankees, the present president and then sets the tone, as a worthy successor to the connoisseur of geography, history and geopolitics Bush. If the last thought that Iraq — is in Africa, somewhere near Afghanistan (another African country), the first thought that in the U.S. — 57 states. Obama knows the public stories about the "Polish concentration camps" and not only confuses Auschwitz to Buchenwald, but even own uncle mixes with the great-grandfather.

As for the sharp decrease of married people in America, and here Snyder knows what he says. Obama, too, knew what he had read, when expressed support for same-sex marriage in America, and then giving a speech on the days of gay and lesbian pride, not so long ago past is not just anywhere but right at the Pentagon. Snyder, however, forgets that the statistics — the science insidious: it is necessary for the country legally approve the marriage of same-sex couples, and the curve on the graphs vzmetnetsya up at a very acute angle …

But what a normal person like similar statistics?

Again, it appears Obama povinet.

Worst President Obama in America's history, time will tell. But at the moment is of course that the present president operates on the principle of Chernomyrdin, who serves at once and vneglasnym slogan of the Nobel Committee: "We wanted the best, but it turned out — as always."

In 2006, Bush launched an operation to sell weapons to Mexico small criminal groups — in order to find out the following distribution channels "trunks". South American agents, selling more than 2000 machine guns and pistols, once again blundered. No channels are not found, and it turned out that they were the only channel for themselves. Sold cannon began to fire at the hands of the criminals who was killed was a South American border guard. The operation was shut down in 2010, Congress so far can not get from Barack Obama's documents on the operation: the president used his right, and hid them in a safe deposit box. Congressmen had to bring to justice the president instead of Attorney General Holder: he was charged with contempt of Congress. Obama got away with it, and the Attorney General, who is also the Minister of Justice of the Americas, was a switchman. If you still remember exactly what Holder graduated from a special operation on the border with weapons, Obama also looks quite ugly.

"Madness" Obama writes about Snyder, let diagnose therapists are in America, I think, per capita has more than lawyers, but here's what Obama soon began to occur weird actions in public places — indisputable fact.

As part of the campaign, Mr. Obama likes to eat in public. June 13 he ate pork ribs in acute barbecue sauce, garnished with vegetables and rice in the institution «Kenny's BBQ» on Capitol hill in Washington. Shared a meal with the president of the two soldiers and two barber. After eating American food har
mful five sailed from «Kenny's BBQ», forgetting about the bill for 55 dollars and 58 cents, not to mention the tip. Barbekyushnoy administration had to call in a whitewashed house and seek funds for ribs and sauce.

But there's more flowers. Berries ahead.

July 6, Mr. Obama, again in the same electoral purposes, went to have breakfast the restaurant «Ann's Place» in the town of Akron, Ohio. Hostess institutions, 70-year-old Josephine Harris, she met the president on the doorstep. Mr. Obama ate scrambled eggs, bacon, toast wheat bread and porridge made from ground corn. The President said thanks, and Josephine put her arms around him.

And two and a half hours a sweet lady died. She complained of pain in the chest, and then died resuscitation in the car — it implies a heart attack.

Is this normal after all the owner to let Obama for himself in the restaurant? .. Let the president continues to eat much at George Clooney or, say, Brad Pitt — Such as gay marriage supporters, like Obama himself.

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