Results of the week. The American special agents — look morale!

As moths men in black lighted

South American special agents who have arrived in Colombia in order to preserve peace Barack Obama and his entourage during the Pan-American summit, apparently, did not survive the languid special mission and decided to give up on the hand of the president and well relax. To do this, a report to the global edition of "Men in Black" invited about 2-10-s women not far languid behavior and retired with them in numbered. It would seem, well, what is there to itself: the work and the truth is not sugar — go-ka uglyadite for this president and Denno, and night. After such labor watch at least some special agent normally pull the sweet. But it turned a huge scandal. Girls-that South American "sekretchikov 'use, but the pay off, as befits a real hussars, failed. Colombian or service they did not accept, or in the United States in connection with the crisis of special agents do not pay extra, or intricately intertwined both options — hard to say. But in the end, waking up after a stormy night, the Colombian moths found in stockings on their own "Thirty" in Baksova equivalent instead of the promised several hundred. After such underestimation of the heavy night work for one of the women looked great Colombian noise, which ran the police, and only then burning the Colombian press spread the news around the world. By the way, the police came very quickly … Apparently, the Colombian law enforcement were just standing in the corridors of the hotel «Caribe»'d expect from a girl's own bit of income, but $ 30 they obviously are not impressed.

The situation is very exciting though because, apparently, the entire Columbia knew that at "work" South American special agents. With all of this one of the priestesses of love states that agents were secretive and not even uttered that they are working on a South American president. Phew-phase, chip on my shoulder … And so we're vicious affair loaf that even representatives of the U.S. intelligence, sorry, no underwear at once begin to talk to whom and where they work, give out passwords, secret, encryption keys, etc. . But, you know, these guys — well done — not split, but apparently in a fit of passion could accidentally shout out something like "Barack me in a white house!" Or "Now, come on, if you would — Hillary Clinton …"

After the adventures of the loveable agents Barack Obama and Leon Panetta claimed to punish the 1st. Apparently, south american the president, as presented, it remains that the rear is not disguised, as he led a heated debate with representatives of Latin American countries, so decided to punish all and sundry. Someone has already fired, someone wrote a statement of his own, and so do some retired …

But the investigation is still going: maybe South American special agents will prove that prostitutes were professionally dressed and made-up security officers Hugo Chavez, who, through costly breast and wealth vodka knocked out of gullible presidential guards the greatest South American truth. And this is, I'm sorry, torture and utterly beyond the South American human rights violation. Yes, all of them not to judge, but to reward!

What so in Moldova barriers pop …

During the week of the Transdniestrian Moldovan Republic visited Dmitry Rogozin, which combines the posts of vice-premier of the Russian Government and the Russian President's special envoy to Transnistria. Completely regular inspection peacekeeping facilities, which was listed in the plans at Rogozin, provoked a strong reaction from the Moldovan authorities. Some segments of the Moldovan political, who are for the European integration of Moldova wanted was to prevent a Russian bureaucrat check on the area of TMR, others began to claim that the Russian Federation longs to repeat the situation of 2008, which was associated with South Ossetia, while others (namely, the Minister of Defence Sovereign Marinuta) just picked up and rebuked the Russian Federation establishes in Tiraspol PTRC "Iskander" and what else radar … Not sold on the joke and sat down in the back month presidency Timofti, who by hook or by crook in this very chair seated parliament. Throughout the "presidential month" he stubbornly says that Russian peacekeepers is time to go home because their mission nor Chisinau, Tiraspol no longer need. And the most fascinating, not so long ago a group of especially active "peacefully" Moldovan-minded people with the active support of the Moldovan police have started dismantling the peacekeeping post. Dismantling impact on the turnpike, which experienced for themselves the whole force of the new Moldovan sizzling favorite.

Well, if you want peace, so what are barriers to crush — it is better, after all, arrange tables, beds with vegetables, fruits, yes permitted Moldovan wine and things like that … But the Moldovan authorities have decided that Russia must be aggressive , because the only way you can enjoy western neighbors Romanians who themselves, then, you know, U.S. radar, as they say, "ponavtykali" and still going "ponavtykat" and now on the Transnistrian virginity bother going next, "denouncing" Russia of imperial ambitions with the use of " Iskander "and radars. As said in his own microblog Dmitry Rogozin: "menacing shift shaggy eyebrows" our Romanian partners. By the way, particularly in the Romanian press was the first information that our homeland is going to have in Tiraspol radars and missile systems. Apparently, in the smuggling of spare parts for these objects, and the Romanians were forced to suspect that something was wrong Chisinau Serdyukov and Rogozin. According to the views of Bucharest, any of these Russian officials appear to be able to hold his own suitcase practical teaching manual "Set a young och.umeltsa assembly" Iskander "and" Radar their hands of Moldovan wine bottles for a couple of sessions. "

In general, the Romanian fantasy has no limits. A sovereign Timofti and Moldovan Ministers must have a thoroughly acquainted with the history of the South Ossetian conflict, the standard in August 2008, that suddenly do not have the desire to break the post on the peace except the barrier something else …

Presumption of popliteal

Apparently, the West has decided to provide an opportunity to act as guarantor of the Russian Federation peacekeeping mission in the Syrian Arab Republic. Quite suddenly Russian draft resolution on Syria has been supported by staunch opponents of Moscow. It affects also the fact that even the Syrian opposition itself was asked to give Russian Federation to act as the lead regulator peacekeeping plan for improving the situation in the Middle Eastern country.

On the one hand hunt heartily glad that Russian diplomats are all the same have gained their own, but on the other hand awakens a sense of low expectations "set up". One gets the impression that Russia decided to remove the American road implementation of "democratic planning" some other method. In connection with the decision to give our diplomacy carte blanche to the Syrian issue, we can expect that "surprises" will begin to show itself as the Arab observer mission in the country will start to work. After all, no matter what evil Russian Federation in this field will be presented in the blink of an eye like, "Aha!
Here it is your vaunted peacekeeping. We're for you were that the Assad regime — a regime of ruthless despot. A means of this very calm Assad NATO bombers and the only South American special forces. "

No hunting is naturally suspicious of our Western "partners" in some provocation, but worth the wait, that recently the confrontation between the so-referred to as the Syrian opposition and government authorities weird way will only increase. And the more it will grow, the more likely will the West "maliciously pohihikivat" towards Russia. Hunt to believe that all this is less than the author's personal fantasies … But somehow have the feeling that this is done only for good purposes. After all, the West is taught us every step of your own to pass through the lens of a certain mistrust. In general, have as usual, hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. These so we in Russia have become mistrustful, damn, damn …

What prevents the Estonian political dancers?

Modern Estonian proverb says: "In Estonia, everything is fine, everything is fine in Estonia, and if something in Estonia and not very well, so in that blame Russia." Not so long ago in Tallinn (by the way, "Tallinn" with one "n» Word underlines) held hearings on about who is now in this world hinders progress malehankih but proud of Estonia. It would seem that the years of Russian "occupation" in which Estonia had the best economic performance in the middle of all the Soviet republics, already behind, it would seem, the EU cherishes its credit, it would seem, the Nazi perpetrators are any number of Tallinn sprinkle sand road stories. But the thing — all have the same powers that prevent more and more thoroughly the Estonian authorities to move towards a brighter future. It turned out that such external "destructive" forces of at least three, and they all, you know, are connected with Russia.

The strength of the first — a little much, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, headed by Sergei Lavrov. The strength of the second — the organization "World without Nazism" and the power of the third — person Russian journalist Maxim Shevchenko, who simply did gnoit Estonian authorities and scares them with the restoration of the Soviet Union's own neostalinskoy propaganda.

But the list-that Estonians have done very little. Here you can add 13% of the population of Estonia itself (so-called non-citizens), which by its very existence the way and without democratic Estonian state to hone democracy even more. This may also include the government of Israel, which now and then expresses protests Tallinn bureaucrats who support veterans' parades and SS themselves in these parades are often involved. Here it is possible to attribute the Department of Energy and the Russian "Gazprom", which sell on the "godless" prices and energy costs, which would have to send them free of charge, so to speak, as a smoothing of guilt over the many years of "occupation." And here include no less than a third of the Estonian state officials, who at one time had a membership cards in pockets of the CPSU, and the fact that like themselves quietly participated in the occupation of a country's own.

Incidentally, it is interesting to look at the Estonian political elite when the European Union will give the order to live a long time. We may contact you (or our descendants) will witness how the Tallinn blame Brussels 'occupation' actions and imposing "hated" the euro, which simply is buried NAATSIONAALNUUYU Estonian currency — the crown. So, gentlemen, Europeans, you are there to be more careful this Tallinn. Pay attention: to whom these Estonians joined because those immediately begin the task (as long as you have money, but failure is dashing start). Maybe in this case, the President Toomas Ilves hint at Estonia to become another U.S. state. You look, and the process will be more active there …

Rotation about the "axis of evil"

After a bit of a bad wetted missile launch "Ynha-3 'celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Kim Il Sung's North Korean authorities decided to thoroughly snap back towards their own major enemies: the United States, the Land of the Rising Sun and South Korea. With all of this specifically southern neighbors were massive information attack, which forced them to return to bring all the air defense system in the inflated state of readiness. The fact is that in the days of the South Korean president has made his calculation of the anniversary celebrations in Pyongyang and add on to these celebrations bank, which Tipo was spent on the preparation and launch of the rocket with the satellite on board. Lee Myung-bak sure if all these costs were not to march on the pompous and bad starts, and the development of programs from food, the people of North Korea would not golodoval for a couple years. Of course these words have touched the North Korean authorities to the quick and void sumnyashesya, the DPRK army commanders nominated Seoul typical ultimatum: either the President of the Republic of Korea apologizes and shows the mathematical errors in its calculations, the anniversary of costs, or the South Korean capital to feel for all the hardships of the "sacred the war. "

In connection with these words, Kim Jong-un is also suspected that the young followers thought his father and grandfather may conduct nuclear tests. Will conduct these tests grandson of the majestic North Korean leader — the question is still open, but the fact that Comrade Eun few months its leader shook his nerves much "progressive" countries — so it's a fact. After all, even quite recently the same South American authorities with a satisfied grin says that "kimskaya" era in North Korea is going to end, and a new favorite — absolutely no one, Kim, as the two previous Kim Kim … But he, in North Korea, however the bill was not, and the trick to slip west and south "brothers" pig (or in the Korean case, a dog) knows. Therefore, due to the failure of the new information by neutralizing North Korean favorite, the rotation around the "axis of evil" lasts in normal mode …

Sarkozy may assist only Churov?

The presidential elections are held in France this Sunday. And the main intrigue is that if I can keep to myself for the presidency 65th Prince of Andorra, 220 th the Minister of Internal Affairs of France, the 18th chairman of the Council of the EU, the first wife Carla Bruni and successful part-time 23 th President of the French Republic Tsar Nicolas Sarkozy. The main struggle, according to statistical services, specifically unfold between Sarkozy and Socialist Francois Hollande, which can completely prevent Monsieur "Sarko", as the French call themselves, stay at the Elysee Palace in the society of his wife for another 5 years. And if the first round is unlikely anyone lucky enough to recruit candidates from the majority of votes, the tour's second obvious tickle nerves Hungarian-born Frenchman who so intensely decides on immigrants. Only here a failure: Sarkozy seems to have forgotten that most of these immigrants now in France, so many that fight them too late, and only the incline to their side, with the success that makes a candidate Hollande.

The failure of Nicolas Sarkozy in the French CEC does not work awarded Commander of the Order "For the awards to the Fatherland» IV Degree Vladimir Churov. As you know, the sovereign authority Churov can at least some of the candidate with a 20%-governmental ratings, even from t
he party "United Russia", do unquestioning minion with a margin that does not even have time to catch numerous observers. And if in the 2nd round of the French presidential election candidate Hollande tipped up to 57% of the vote, then Vladimir Churov could all count on its own 146%-point scale and to congratulate Prince Sarkozy on his victory. But, sorry, Nicolas, we are people in Russia itself are needed. Churov, for you do not give a …

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