Results of the week. The attraction of unprecedented greed!

Part I. "Let me just, God, that got away with it as soon as possible …"

Serious Medvedev

About cloven-hoofed animals and extraterrestrial specimens

Humor highest Russian authorities in the week had acquired new forms. The main person who decided to have a little humorous concert, all of a sudden was the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. For the near future, all somehow managed to get used to the fact that the sharp satirical expression to allow yourself to do Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Anatolyevich but here he decided to seize the baton and noted a few sentences, in what many unwitting participants found no drama, no matter how trying . Such jokes as "learn from his wife to cook soup" and "a dead donkey ears" have given way to other statements that are actually semi-legally entered the cosmic ether. The fact that the infiltration of the "extra" disk imaging on the air in general somehow tightly interwoven with the name of Dmitry Medvedev.

Well, remember the episode as one day have forgotten to turn off the microphone, and the South American President Obama met with Medvedev stated that after the elections in 2012 the U.S. position will become more flexible if he (Obama) will select for the second time. Then Dmitry Anatolyevich also marked by saying that these words will certainly give Vladimir.

So at this point — again the same parsley. This time the TV channel «Russia Today» decided not to stop their broadcast over the Web and are not turned off any microphones or cameras. Apparently, the staff did not know who prepared the ether, the chairman of the government we have people naive and believed that after the phrase, "Stop! Cut! "Can be read on any topic. At this time, "any subject" were in the plane of the investigation of. In a private conversation NTV journalist Alexei Brewers decided to find out how it can work under these criteria, when the investigators come to your private apartment journalists authorized search warrant at seven in the morning. There might have been expected that the Prime Minister say: Well, 7:00 — fully working time in rural areas of all the males have long been lifted to his feet, and therefore journalists metropolitan bad bask in their beds … But Dmitry Medvedev slashed so slashed, stating investigators, quote: "The goats are that come at eight o'clock." As you can see the head of the Government indirectly designated lower threshold time for the investigators, from which it should be starting to conduct its work …

Investigators have long digested the information about their own similarity with certain representatives of the fauna, and issued by the mouth of the press-service in the person of Vladimir Markin words that surprised commentaries, offending their honor and dignity. Markin even decided to remind the Prime Minister that the UK in terms of searches runs from 6:00 to 22:00. They say, well, it is good to come at 5:57 — then you can read more about some of artiodactyls SAID employees, but 7:00 — the usual time for searches.

Markin said and the fact that the search was a journalist Pavel Kostomarov to look for clues in his apartment in the case of the mess that occurred on May 6. Also, of course, laugh Vladimir Ivanovich. After all, it turns out that mess were still first of May, and the investigators set out to find some evidence already in December … A certain very much impressive time gap leaves.

Maybe it was not so. Perhaps, the investigators simply vorachivalis after a long night walk: it's cold outside, clubs are locked, and that's having thought: Do not go for a cup of coffee to someone, to get warm, get some sleep … Well, not to spouses in same notified to 7 am, in fact … And here in your own knapsack case someone suddenly found a search warrant at Kostomarova, in which (in order) survived was wrapped sandwich. Guys, we're saved — all to Kostomarov — apparently emboldened by the investigators and cried crowd ran to the house documentary, throwing snowballs at each other. Dawn …

But the episode with investigators in speech, Dmitry Medvedev was not the only one that deserves special attention. Dmitry Anatolyevich decided sneer on the transfer of "nuclear suitcase" and the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. The Prime Minister said that from the president to the president in Russia crosses not only the portable control panel nuclear shield, and a list of aliens who are in the world. To look at this list, Medvedev recommended just look at the movie "Men in Black".

And for what he has just said it? .. Here, in the world there were particularly impressionable journalists (of course, in the West), which picked up the words of the Prime Minister, said that in Russia almost everyone knows about the intruder, but, quote, "keep silent in order to preserve public order." Seriously attended to the presence of alien species on Earth, which "knows something" Medvedev, Italian «Corriere della Sera» («Evening Courier") — the edition with almost half centuries. About senile many have heard, but it turns out he has a place to be and in the case of print media … It would seem that the Italians — men joyful, intelligent jokes, but apparently, the crisis has impacted on them …

My dad — a millionaire

Advent Serdyukov Dairy Lane

Developing the theme, it can be said that Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with several media outlets said that he sees nothing wrong in working dismissed Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, the head man in the post on defense reform … The words caught the representatives of the Investigation Committee, the offense on which the "non-terrestrial" premiere was apparently short-lived. Investigators announced that Anatoly Serdyukov is not involved in the case of theft, "Oboronservis", and all the dirty work, maybe just cranked Yevgeny Vasilyev behind your own boss …

Recall that for Eugene Vasilyeva during the investigation tribunal "organized" house arrest with finding her ladies in their 13-room apartment in the capital of the Dairy Lane, where she was a couple of days felt like a foolhardy alone … Well, she sits in prison, and Spit …

So, Evgenia Vasilyeva, as reported by a number of media outlets, it was psychologically difficult to be in a confined space, and she ordered … uh-uh, asked the tribunal to allow her relatives and friends to visit her modest girl's nest in the Dairy Lane, also allow herself to go shopping … It turned out to be one of those people who wished to build Yevgenia first had to become, apparently, was Anatoly E. Serdyukov. Namely, "Russian news service" reports that the ex-minister Tipo even spent the night at his own psychologically depressed ex-slave after her arrest mitigation criteria. Apparently, sat-talk, as it should. Maybe even this:

he — her What are you, Eugene, for then my back-billion-dollar swindle their cranked-ah, you zmeyuka podkoladna-ah-ah-ah-I …

it — to him: Oh, Anatoly E. Falcon, postal glagolesh lie? Surely you yourself are not any bumazhonok podmahivaya-a-al?

But, let's leave the likely private discussion 2-solitudes and fast forward to where they came all of a sudden information. Virtually day at the light of day was the father of Eugenia Vasilyeva — Nicholas. And not just a father, and vpribavok a millionaire. This is because he himself in one of his own interviews to the media presented. Agree: the rarest bird we will come to the platform and call himself a millionaire. But here a special case. Prizharit — and in the billionaires zapishesh …

Nikolai Vasilyev said that it was h
e bought an apartment daughter "only" 44 million rubles (but not half a billion) before his daughter was in the "Oboronservis" that her diamonds — is a solid imitation jewelry, and that all charges — just awkward. However, the father did not tell about the pictures: maybe they were bought by them personally in Russian museums, or is it the fruit of creativity of the family home … I do not Vassiliev he told the millions of rubles that investigators found in the "bad" apartment. Apparently, he gave millions of Eugene of pocket expenses …

Maybe Nikolay Vasilyev and oil terminal in Murmansk the "Oboronservis" bought for my daughter, that was something to fill up in case of a sudden departure in the direction of the polar latitudes …

Overall, worth the wait, that after a while on stage will be a great-aunt Ms. Vasilyeva (also a millionaire) that his work-worn hands she laid out in the Dairy Lane house brick by brick, burning them in a personal microwave and signed documents for Eugene "Oboronservis "while the rest of her niece or in 7th or 9th in the bedroom of his apartment …

Earned on the terrorist attack

The victims of the terrorist attack of 9/11 did not get a cent

Corruption in Russia, a voice? "Oboronservis", "GLONASS", "Rosagroleasing" … there are. And there is one organization that could rob the government and the people for the amount at times great than it could make the above-mentioned organizations. You may ask: what did it for desktop, which could outdo the real giants of Russian corruption? The answer is that it is a South American Foundation for the victims of the terrorist attack September 11, 2001. There is an organization in the United States. The purpose of her pay monetary compensation to the victims on the basis of the submitted ones (or their relatives) special applications. Such applications are now submitted to the address of the Fund more than a thousand units.

One may wonder: how many in the foreign currency equivalent of the Fund received the victims' families and survivors eventually nightmarish catastrophe th September 2001? How much? And so does … Specifically: zero dollars, zero cents …

Received on zero even after the publication of a special act of the need to pay a total of $ 2 billion and 700 million dollars, which was signed by President Obama. But the Fund and itched …

Imagine none of the victims in the United States have not received anything rovnenky account even after the personal intervention of the President in the matter! Huge amounts of money just scrolled (either outright stolen) on the accounts of the Fund, and the decision of the Congress and the President employees to quietly sabotage, citing the fact that 1.5 thousand applicants incorrectly filled out the necessary paperwork. Yes, even here "Rosagroleasing" with its 39 billion knows where the "lost" RR remains far behind. Fund "aid" from the U.S., as Orlov trotter, forging ahead with the huge supplies.

Documents, as you see, is not correctly filled out … on the other, the Fund employs people with names, surnames monotonous "Vasilyeva" or "Elkin." Curiously, in which the apartments inhabited by members of the American organization said, because New York's own "Dairy lanes" and "Avenue and honey" are also missing …

Promotion of decent

The deputies make provisions to live up to the end of winter

At the end of the year in our (well, not just our country) taken to encourage more efficient people who have shown their best side. One such type of promotion is to encourage the currency. Is it not enough in this country worthy gentlemen who could be encouraged before the New Year? Municipal structures have decided to reflect on the topic and reward the most-presamyh. Who? — You may ask. Well, of course, our members. Who else? ..

"Vedomosti" newspaper reports that in an interview nedavneshnem Duma deputy, said that New Year bonuses for members range from 10 to 50 (!) Salary. Number of salaries for the premium will determine the leaders of the individual units. While foreign media to consider pending, but there's kind of like another case: that our elected representatives, with you, so you can allow yourself to make some estimations and evaluation.

Taking into account the data received from most of the State Duma, the lower house of the Parliament managed to save over 34 million rubles a year, and who decided to divide between the deputies. Edition of the "New News" and "PCH" calculated that the average premium for our legislators to make 420 thousand rubles … Someone, unsure of backbreaking labor Russian lawmakers will ask: why is not so little? This corresponds to approximately Duma followed: for the first two months of the New Year (January and February), Duma members will sit on the "naked" salary. Say, decent prize will our deputies at the very least spend the winter … Because although most of the deputies and the "bears", but only one paw in the winter can not eat, and that's why so harsh care of those who are most other advocates for our well-being. Hibernate on health, our family legislators! .. And teachers and doctors will somehow jams and pickles on the stretch …

The old lady, with interest

On that now live Metropolitan Helsinki Group

In the week came the news that the Metropolitan Helsinki Group for the next year remains afloat — thanks to donations from the Russian people. Ludmila Alexeeva said that the accounts of the Moscow Helsinki Group received 2.5 million rubles (about 6 medium deputy premiums. — Comm. Creator). Exactly million donated personally Misha Prokhorov, vygrebshy fines from their own pockets, and another 1.5 million have come after a concert by Yuri Shevchuk.

Of course, the MHG without foreign investments are in trouble, and so one way out — or working with Russian sponsors, or continue to take money from the West, spitting with the highest bell tower in the Russian laws. But the second case known to threaten sanctions, which include, for example, such as 480 hours of mandatory work or a fine of 300 thousand rubles. And if Ludmila with colleagues still pull 300 thousand (Mikhail Prokhorov can smash piggy bank, after all), then that's 480 hours of cleaning water closets and sweeping the streets of the capital — is unlikely. Although …

In general, if you see on the streets of the capital of the company in an unusual orange vests with brooms in hand, headed by an old woman with a familiar face, means, in MHG not resist — take-dollyarii still have their own overseas friends.

Part II. "Do you think the pastor, what more in a person — a person or an animal?"

Militants "Hamas" became smell

Now they just pick out en masse

In Gaza, invented and launched on the market a new perfume to the geopolitical smell. Brand new perfume collection "M75", of course, is designed to perpetuate the recent victory over the Palestinians by Israelis. It being understood that the spirits (ladies' version) and cologne (option for guys) will bypass the whole world and even a visit to China.

"The aroma of these perfumes such as fragrant and refreshing as the smell of the Palestinian resistance missiles. We want to make people proud of our victories, wherever they may be, in the Gaza Strip or China, "- advertises Shadi p
roduct Adwan, the owner of the cosmetic firm, was responsible for the title of the new smell.

Perfume makes a Palestinian company, founded in 1999. Men can now purchase a black-and-green packaging with the slogan "For those who choose to win." Ladies invited pink-and-black design, and the box is signed thus: "Fragrance before which did not resist."

Rocket "M75" — a sign of Palestinian militants. It is understood that such a missile specifically November 20 came to a house in Rishon Letzion, 15 kilometers south of Tel Aviv. A total of four the wounded. Certainly cause for a triumphant statements.

The manufacturer is going to set roadside billboards advertising perfumed products in Rafah, ie, on the border with Egypt. About China still are not talking, but the supply of spirits in Egypt already planned. By the way, who is not quite astonished when the sovereign Mursi and who is behind it, pull the smell, "M75".

As for Tel Aviv, then send back the spirits of the aforesaid mark, of course, will be accompanied by some difficulties. Though spirits are not the cheapest — they cost about fifty shekels — in Israel, their smell will be associated with the emergence of faster fighters "Hamas", if with a meeting with a beautiful stranger.

The fact that the box with the "M75" last week were presented with the head of the political bureau "Hamas' Khaled Mashaal and head of government," Hamas "in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh.

Kim Jong-un at the zenith of fame

And the "star" lights up and the readers of the magazine "Time" love

This week, Kim Jong-un's two joys: great satisfaction and contentment small.

In 1-x, the rocket was launched as it should, as it should have fallen off stage and fell where needed, and satellite "Shining Star-3" was launched. However, as convince Americans, in orbit and still got some two pieces — likely pieces of the third stage of the rocket and the satellite connection is not the North Koreans, but the DPRK read about such trifles not accepted not only in humans, and in kitchens.

Favourite Kim Jong Un ascended the podium and delivered a speech in which high rated achievements of scientists and technologists, and thanked them on behalf of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party. As the water was not confused Americans, and the position of North Korea as gallakticheskoy powers from now strong. In addition, a small communist country around the world has shown commitment to the party and the government to use the legitimate right to peaceful use of space gallakticheskogo. Young North Korean favorite promised: "We will be as before launch satellites for the development of science, technology and the economy."

In-2, followed by gallakticheskim struck and public success. Comrade Eun gained worldwide fame and became a candidate for the secular lions. It happened this way: South American edition of the weekly "Time" held yearly survey, during which readers have chosen "Man of the Year". According to the will of the majority, it was a North Korean favorite.

As notes magazine, since that time, as Kim Jong-un took over the helm North Korea, "he consolidated his control over the state, made the cover of" Time "(in February), and was even called" the most sultry, the guy. " True, the latter was jestingly of the satirical magazine "Onions."

There is one aspect: the selection of the influential magazine (it will be made public on December 19 channel "CNN-BBC") is not based on ideology readers, and reflects the views of professionals and editors. And quite often the readers and editorial choices do not match. So Eun friend may not get the "title."

Yet, in the ranking, compiled on the basis of the views of readers, a favorite with North Korea defeated noticeable margin. It receives about 5.6 million people. South American satirist and very popular television host Jon Stewart, who appeared at the 2nd place with far fewer votes: 2.4 million. Third place was given to collectively form an illegal immigrant (1.55 million votes).

Hard to say how the honorable title of "Man of the Year." On the one hand, in 1927, this "title" was a South American aviator Charles Lindbergh, alone cross the Atlantic by air. Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, too, were "titular". On the other hand, the "Man of the Year" at the time have been recognized and figures such as Adolf Hitler, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Of course, Comrade Eun would not refuse to go down in history next to Stalin. But to be inscribed in the tablets of "Time" somewhere near Hitler possessed, geographer Bush or Obama Libyan interventionist? .. The spread of the views of professionals in the magazine naturally striking.

The Finnish system is improved weaning babies

The Tribunal and the result — it's in the past

Not so long ago, Anastasia and her husband Zavgorodnev Finnish sotssluzhbisty robbed of all four children. Court, scheduled for December 15, social service did not wait. Motives izymateley were following: tired mom, dad, too tired, and my mother still wary of the bureaucrats.

Between four kids tire of anyone. If such is the reason kids start to withdraw, then the world will be promptly removed all the kids. What to do, then — here's the question. Build a government prescription friend of Plato? With regard to distrust the bureaucrats, the on-site Zavgorodnev though what would become suspicious. Finnish sotssluzhbisty — the guys with the fantasy: that they take away the kids, then a refund will be taken away again, then, in the end, will be announced on the final and the final withdrawal and transfer them to a foster family.

This week, the Finns, of course, decided that the case with the children Zavgorodnev must somehow be designed in accordance with the law. Well, at least after the fact.

Because sotssluzhbisty whispered and went to Parliament. There they are, reportedly, were able to quickly persuade the legislative branch of government, which began to think that the Tribunal and consequently a very long stretch, and why children should seize high-speed method — in other words, without a trial, perhaps by way of a family of Commissioners "triples". In short, in 2013 the Finnish parliament may pass a law that the guardianship will have the right to take kids from their parents well, just joking. "Guardians" may enter in at least some home and elect liked kids alike.

Playful slap on the ass baby — and a very rambunctious father handcuffed. How to justify how to find, or do not slap slapped and spanked father or not the father? Previously, it was under investigation, at least formally. Since 2013, the decision may be made solely on the basis of the ordinary social worker anonymous. And the kids will be able to withdraw on three months, and then for three years.

Finnish human rights activist Yevgeny Hilden-Yarvenpera the Social Services reads"In fact, it turned into a punitive group. In 2008, she was given a very huge opportunity. Verbally is considered that the main goal — to help the family. But in practice, there are excesses. Social workers themselves say it. It turns out that family support is simply no resources. And the only way — this exemption baby. Even the Minister of Finance made a request on how these funds are spent. There are very many questions. "

Oh so simple due
… to help the family, I'm sorry, no matter what. But something should be done, the same statistics should be conducted? Means we will withdraw. In addition, the removal — it locally profitable. On each of the seized immediately start coming municipal funds. So we know that in Finland, life has sunk to the point that there is a crisis in Britain, people are standing in a longish line for a bowl of soup and a loaf of black bread. Whoever polovchee, and manages to snatch a piece of low-fat sausages. And here — completely legitimate and effective method to make up the local budget.

A spokesman for the public organization "Russian mother" Ira Bergseth told the truth — not only about Finland, but in general the West: "For the West, a child who grows up with her parents, brings nothing to the state. As the child is separated from the parent, it becomes a product. Government allocates funds to regions, towns and villages — all receive funds, including the foster family. If a child is hurt, it becomes even more expensive. This is a phenomenon! In a foster home profitably hurt the baby, then he asks for care and it stands out even more money. When we, the Russian ancestors, faced with this, it just shocked us. "

In Finland, the foster family receives 1,800 euros per month (!) On the 1st baby ward and the city for each withdrawal of a minor — 2200 euros. It must be admitted that the seizure of kids at such a commercial system is complete. Most likely, it really will be the same in Finland made easy: make him a business pipeline. It's too many of those to whom the business is profitable, from foster parents and private shelters to local and regional deputies.

"Satanists", "Scientology", "Jedi" and "heavy metal"

Such an alignment of believers London

In Britain, eventually revealed the results of the population census, carried out in the past year. Following the publication of «BBC News» became clear why so long pulled.

It turns out that over the last 10 years in the country, known among the rest of their delicious scientists, significantly changed the racial, national and religious composition of the local population. English in Britain — less and less.

Shred migrants in England and Wales increased from 13 to 20%. And in London, "come in large numbers" generally constitute 37% of the inhabitants. 24 percent are not even British citizens! Shred the indigenous inhabitants (white-British) in 2011 in London fell from 58 to 45%. Most of the immigrants came here from India, Poland and Pakistan.

As for the believers, the Christians in England and Wales have only 59% (in 2001 it was 72%). Muslims were counted about 5%. But over the years the country stronger supporters of other faiths.

Members census declared themselves as "Jedi", which received almost 177 thousand. How annoying would it sounds, their number has decreased — was almost half that of a decade back. But take a look forward into 2015 will be a new episode of "Star Wars", which means that in the coming years can be wait opposite trend — the Jedi Knights in the UK will increase.

Much less in England and Wales who, filling the column "religious affiliation," wrote back «heavy metal». These were about 6.2 million more 2.4 thousand Englishmen consider themselves "Scientologists." After all, in England and Wales live almost two thousand "Satanists".

For those who do not believe in heavy metal, no Satan, no master Yoda has no choice but to declare themselves atheists.

The capital of the English city of Norwich atheism was the administrative center of the British county of Norfolk. There, according to the census, 42.5% of people are not adherents of any religion.

I can hear the voice husky Vysotsky: "Who or what to believe not even in hell, in spite of all …"

United States of Latvia

The opposition supports the autonomy of the region

In Latvia, there is such a region — Latgale (Latgale). There are people that are arranged not because all the other Latvians. Their long since started up a bad habit to act contrary to what the government lust. Maybe humor in them such weird, maybe they in fact do not agree with the government.

For example, in Latgale unanimously voted for giving in Latvia Russian language the status of municipality. Or, here's the question of autonomy.

It would seem that divide Latvia — it's like trying to dam a room in a communal apartment. But this week in Daugavpils held conference devoted to the issue of autonomy. One of the organizers of the conference, the favorite of the party "For the native language" Vladimir Linderman, said that the event had been invited and officials — such as mayors Latgale cities of Daugavpils, Rezekne, Ludzy and others. However, none of them dared to come.

Officials decided to preface forum detective action: the other day conference in apartments favorite party "For the native language" were searched.

But Latgalians — people are resistant. The conference was accomplished. To find the reason for the formation of autonomy proved to be difficult. Government of Latvia remembered everything: a moribund economy, and tiny workers' wages and mass unemployment, and migration of the population in those regions where the "ass in the heat." Even local businesses — and those expressed dissatisfaction: that the government does not support them. Other regions provide the means for all sorts of programs when there, and to us — fig and butter. And from time to time and without oil.

And since everything is so bad and unfair, will Latgale to talk about autonomy, defending such makarom greater rights in the country of Latvia. Stubborn of the lot "For the native language" is to promote the idea of the mass of the people of Latvia forum. There's something, perhaps, to be discussed by the fate of the deprived region.

Example program to diversify the workforce CIA — to life!

Classified homosexuals on a hidden service

In today's liberal and tolerant times when valuable human resources in the United States actually left — who took to drink, who moved along the curve of heroin track who went dumb from birth, and who dulled the service — at the CIA, at least someone to fill the vacant staff made a knight's move.

As part of applets to diversify the workforce South American intelligence agency appealed to the LGBT community with the appeal: "Dear gays and lesbians are expensive! Want to be a real hidden agents and make a brilliant career as a spy? "

Gay tseerushniki recruiters spotted in bolshennom amount on the coast of Miami. In these places, ordinary people actually no longer exists, because even such bad spies, as workers of the CIA, is rapidly sniff near any "colored."

The CIA found a friend and patron of the gay and lesbian — represented by the managing outreach programs from recruiting Michael Barbera. This Mr. referred to himself a "straight ally" of homosexuals. It turns out that the CIA developed and applets for same-sex couples. Barber said this at the launch applets in Miami and at the same time brag: "We already have experience of service abroad LGBT employees with their partners."

CIA initiative should recognize true. The fact is that the so-called countries of day or day of general relativity is growing homosexuality. Because the orientation of the classic spy — it&#3
9;s still only half a spy. If a little stained, slightly toasted and slightly streaked gay scout will be able to just drive up to a suitable object of the male sex, that in such a difficult situation to be heterosexual?

That's it.

And in the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, in the Cadet Chapel, not so long ago was played First same-sex marriage: marriage there combined 52-year-old Penelope Dara Gniessin suffering from multiple sclerosis, and Brenda Sue Fulton, 53-year-old graduate of the academy, and now director of the Department of Communications Organization «Outserve», which deals neuvvyazkami military personnel who do not hide own orientation. Also, it is — the first openly gay member of a West Point graduate. A couple got married Reverend Vanessa R. Southern, priestess Unitarian Church.

And in Amsterdam they say, mayor of the town, known defender of the rights of gays and lesbians, heterosexuals going to expel from their homes and settle in containers placed in industrial areas …

And you says — life sour. You just do not read the news!

"The attraction of unprecedented greed" — a phrase from the movie "Big Break"

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