Results of the week. The whole world — theater, but the company will not do

The whole world — theater, but the company will not do.
Oscar Wilde

Part I. "Immediately on 2-stallions? The seat is not enough '

West obSirilsya

Our homeland and China again did not have allowed some western and eastern joined them democratizers solve the Syrian issue on lucrative for those scenarios. Sanctions that are craved to enter Britain, the U.S. and others to the best of active countries in the adoption of a resolution on Syria in the UN Security Council, will not. In addition, and NATO warplanes have to drown their roaring engines and shroud bulging bomb designed to spread democracy in the Syrian soil, since the question of foreign military intervention, too, was swept away by the positions of Moscow and Beijing.

In the end, after a string of mutual recriminations and numerous (not completely diplomatically) pins, the parties decided the brakes (not without indignation, for example, the British delegation) on the Pakistani version of the resolution. This resolution does not involve any entry of foreign troops in Syria or imposing economic sanctions, but assume the extension of another month the UN peacekeeping mission.

Certainly, the Pakistani version is also difficult to call a real diplomatic breakthrough solution and the Syrian problem, but as they say, bezrybe cancer — a fish … Of course, after the adoption of this resolution can be neutral again, waiting for a "mass murder of pregnant women and infants" in one of the Syrian villages "in Assad's thugs." After all, if you really scenario approach to the invasion developed in Washington and London, and the funds allocated to it, the die-hard ideologues to move away from that method will not.

In general, while it must be said that Bashar al-Assad for the West was the most tough nut from the glorious galaxy of the dictator Hussein Mubarak-Gaddafi-Assad. The teeth on this inappeasable companion broke in the United States and in Britain, and, as they say, then — everywhere. And so, that once again try to crack Assad, the West will have 30 days to visit the "dentists", to put stronger crowns and bridges and make a test bite. However, in this case with the "teeth" of the West may see the problem — apparently, the calcium in the body demokratizatorskom obviously not enough …

The border guard sees a fisherman from afar …

While in the walls of the UN high-rises Our homeland and China were preparing to go shoulder to shoulder on the settlement of the Syrian conflict, our eastern neighbor decided to make fishing in Russian territorial waters. Say, Syria Syria, and there is always hunt … and fishing, according to the weight of the catch, obviously failed. Chinese fishermen have been, went home to give the opportunity to their families and a few tyscham Chinese comrades to enjoy Russian naval svezhatinoy, and this, neither more nor less, about 22.5 tons of squid, but here, out of nowhere, painted by Russian border guards on patrol ship with the title, leaving the Chinese were not enough chance — "Dzerzhinsky".

At first Chinese fishermen consider that the border guards want something they assist: can adjust the gear, maybe the deck to kick. But the Russians suddenly very hard, as it seemed to the Chinese claimed to drown out the engines and pass the catch, and so the fishermen have decided to include a full afterburner and retreat toward the Chinese maritime border. And it went so fast their little craft that our "Dzerzhinsky" for three hours trying to catch up, and among the people of China to raise awareness.

When the captain of the vessel border realized that Chinese fishermen do not even understand these signals, as a precautionary shooting over their heads, he gave the order "Fire!" Already at the schooner with squid. As a result, the fishing boat with the Chinese flag was forced to the brakes. When he was approached by "Dzerzhinsky", the last team so intensely went on board the ship, which had fallen from the Chinese vessel fisherman. Maybe he was at the sight of Russian border guards from the harsh after a three-hour chase faces he decided to take a dip in the waters of the Sea of Japan, but that's apparently plunged so deeply that they can not find it until now. And while the first "dive", other members of the crew decided not to meet with bread and salt and sauteed squid descend on board the schooner border guards and staged a fight in the style of Chinese peripheral neighborhoods.

Official Beijing was indignant about the actions of Russian border guards: they say that this is for piracy is peacefully … We were catching squid in your territorial waters, peacefully did not respond to the demands of the brakes, peacefully running away from the border, and those on the schooner, you know, firing staged. Disgraceful … Voluntarism … We will not complain … These words are listened zazhmurivayas, a spokesman for the Russian Embassy in Beijing, but apparently happy in their own ideas for our border guards and chipped for squid.

After the detention of the Chinese schooners were all safe and sound, not counting the 1st Chinese fisherman who knew how bad stay on his feet.

And for a few days before the designated fishing mishap aired another entertaining event. Chairman of the Russian Government, Dmitry Medvedev suddenly allowed for many Chinese aircraft until the end of September to cross the Russian border, where their pilots pleases to lead the aerial photographs of border areas. In this connection, our Prime Minister had the courage to such a generous gift toward Beijing, not reported. But apparently, specifically after this kind of disposition, and the Chinese have confused the right to air border crossing with the right of crossing the border of the sea. It would, of course, the Chinese could allow marine and photographing with involuntary catch squid and other marine reptiles in the Russian territorial waters. And in the air, then space them and catch nothing, Is that so raven sparrows Made in Russia, but these Chinese food is worse than a squid and crabs …

Saakashvili against Sahakian

July 19 in the Nagorno-Karabakh held a presidential election in which victory was celebrated by the acting head of Bako Sahakyan. He headed the republic since 2007.

Even after the results of a preliminary election in NKR instantly reacted the most "democratic" countries of the former Soviet space — Georgia and Latvia. Although, in fact, from their reaction, then waited at the last turn. But it so happened to these locations: inside the courtyard is full of problems, and the perpetrators have always taken the neighbors to find …

Georgian officials have said they would not recognize the results of elections in Nagorno-Karabakh, as insist on the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. Well, of course: with its own territorial integrity of Georgia difficulties began long ago, so now you need the same even on the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan care. That's why do not recognize the election results. Although not recognize the election results — is a Georgian tradition shortly. What is read, even if the incumbent Georgian president came to power not through victory in the voting process, and far who came through the South American dollar and a bouquet of roses …

Did not recognize the victory Sahakian (not to be confused with the sovereign S
aakashvili as its "victory" in 2004 recognized the "progressive" world's population) and the Latvian authorities. Here, too, everything is clear. Just in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, as opposed to democratic Latvia, there is no division between humans and aliens, and means the right to vote to all persons who have reached a certain age. Certainly, the lack of regulations on the Latvian division of people into those who are "40-year" and those who "after" is an outrageous abuse of democracy, and therefore the recognition of the NKR elections in almost every Latvian politician from the ruling party — has nothing else as original sin of anti-democratic.

Well, echoed the Georgian and Latvian authorities, of course, their main tekstodatelyam: Catherine Ashton, the EU and NATO Special Representative for the South Caucasus and Central Asia Sovereign Appaturay. Victory Sahakyan did not recognize these pochetaemye lady and sovereign, although most of these Sahakyan world "friends of Nagorno-Karabakh," to put it mildly, no matter …

Dagestan's syndrome, or «Money, money, money»

In the week sonorous string of crimes shocked the capital of Tatarstan. One day the murder of Deputy Mufti of Tatarstan Waliullah Yakupova and undermine the car itself Mufti Ildus Fayzova, as a result of which Faizov was languishing injured and was taken to one of the local clinics.

Catchy that is so resonant crimes took place recently started counterterrorism exercises in Kazan. It was planned that the division of special education services, will hold a series of actions related to the prevention of terrorist activities in the areas of the Republic, but the terrorists themselves overtaken by security officials and suggested that the work is a real option.

Now investigators have two options by which you can go in search of the organizers of crimes against senior clerics in Tatarstan.

1st option: investigative actions against the company "Idel-Hajj", which organized the direction of the faithful on the pilgrimage to Mecca. The fact that Ildus Faizov not so long ago, decided to take the financial side of the company under their own personal control. Because representatives of the firm could try to solve the problem of suddenly arisen, so speak out, not entirely conventional method. But if the Mufti decided to keep control of revenues from the Hajj, it is not entirely clear on what basis such control by the cleric in general likely. It might seem a priori Mufti should be associated with enlightenment souls of believers, but not with the control of money, because for that we would like a few other bodies, as they say, is not burdened by the spiritual sanami.

2nd option: the attempted murder of the Mufti and his deputy killing took place not because of money issues, but because of their efforts against the spread of Wahhabism in Tatarstan. This point of view has a right to life, because the RT is extremely soon have activated the Wahhabi wing of Islam, as reported even with Tatarstan Mufti adjacent regions. In addition, Ildus Faizov was listed in the middle of the Wahhabis "puppet" mufti, not once used to spread the thoughts of Tatarstan in the middle of the faithful "free" Wahhabism smoothly overflowing into extremism.

Of course, now that the properties of the disclosure of the crime depends on almost everything. If it turns out that the reason — in obvious money, then it will not add popularity Fayzovu, and if the reason — in the Wahhabi activity, it may state that certain forces are trying to impose on us the second of Dagestan (Chechnya or the latest) is closer to the federal center.

Three girls on the other side of the window, with the slatted window

The most unexpected way attempted mufti of Tatarstan was in a bundle with the case of a group of young girls featherweight behavior «Pussy Riot». In the courtroom, the prosecutor said, in the spirit of that particular irrepressible creative team «Pussy Riot», once worn by the temple and the devotees carnal entertainment in the eyes of the babies at the fountains and museums, provoked the attempt on the life and murder Ildus Fayzova Waliullah Yakupova.

Lawyer accused Ms. Volkova girls protested such a logical parallel of the prosecutor, but as she did was indignant, and those who like to shake the different parts of their own bodies in the young is not suitable for places for the bars all the same left. Now young ladies have a wonderful opportunity to show their creative impulses directly in the metropolitan detention center as a meeting of the New Year, and the Catholic and Orthodox Christmas. Guitar participating «Pussy Riot» unlikely to be granted … But since then, they are an artist, as call themselves, to show the world the ability to hit for his acting skills without means are at hand and fastened securely in underwear Mladen breasts and those places that are prevalent in their name …

On the days of those arrested for the girls entered the popular South American group «Red Hot Chili Peppers». Yes, the team of musicians who came out in his time on stage in his socks, and even then these socks were planted not too far on foot musicians male sex … Only now «RHCP» differs from «Pussy Riot» («PR "- talking abbreviation) that neither the churches nor in the synagogues, nor in mosques or in the Orthodox churches of the music they do not matter, do not copulate with museums and the sight of naked kids on the fountain in the center of the town is not galloping. And so do understand that «Pussy Riot» them in "creativity" obviously obschegolyali …

Part II. Movie and Germans

However rope or veysya …

July 18 in Budapest arrested Ladislaus (László) Siskin-Chatara, in absentia, was sentenced to the death penalty Czech Tribunal in 1948. Elderly defendant 97 years.

Chatara name was listed at number one on the list of most wanted Nazi war criminals of the Simon Wiesenthal Center (South American human rights organization has been operating since 1977). On the trail of the former commandant of Kosice Center representatives went through informant, which fully worked for 25 thousand dollars. Back in September of last year, members of the Center took a photo and video Chatara in Budapest.

Sovereign Siskin — not the most pleasant person in the world. During the second World War, he served as chief of police and part-time commander of the Jewish ghetto in Slovakia Kosice (city-occupied Hungary areas). According to the Wiesenthal Center, Chatara played a major role in the deportations to Auschwitz in 1944, 15.7 thousand Jews living in Kosice and counties.

According to the testimony of prisoners of the camp, Chatara different special penchant for sadism. The documents held by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, are confirm that the sovereign commander ladies whip whipped and forced prisoners to dig the frozen ground with his hands. Involved in it and the other atrocities.

After the war Chatara lived in Canada until 1995 (according to other sources — up to 1997), the pritorgovyvaya paintings. I would live and on, but was stripped of his citizenship because to disclose involvement in the atrocities of war. While preparing extradition, Siskin washed away in Hungary. And then related to the former Nazi is not as serious as in Canada. Even quite laudatory there to them.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban nicknamed the "Viktator" not so long ago rehabilitated former ally of Hitler, Admiral Horthy (regent of the kingdom at the time). This figure has left traces in the following stories: When it was decided the position of the "interest rate" in institutions (1920), he was a supporter of the voluntary approach and then an alliance with Hitler's regime in (1930.), With Horthy in 1938 -1941 years. adopted three anti-Jewish law, another award Admiral — Sending in 1944, about 435,000 Jews in the concentration camps (although this Horthy in the same year, sorry, but it does not change).

Another sovereign Orban is known for with him at the school were included programs from the creators of the works of ultra Albert Vass and Joseph Niro. Last writer known for having praised Goebbels and sat in parliament in the gloomy days of "Arrow Cross".

Also, when "Viktatore" Parliament passed a law which condemned the atrocities of communism. In general, this law is aimed not so much against the "crimes" of which the young Komsomol still hot from previous Orban with enthusiasm broadcast in 1989, as against the Socialist Party, which was in the ruling coalition to a second premiership Orban. According to the law, shall be imposed on the party responsible for the atrocities of the communist regime in the Russian time.

It all smells of nationalism and imperial ambitions in the spirit of the leader of the Third Reich. Middle-sized Hungarian Fuhrer is not in a hurry to make decisions about the arrest Siskin-Chatara, on finding that Budapest has long been known: in fact he lived there under the real naming. The Wiesenthal Center has repeatedly criticized the government for failure to act in such matters. And for good reason Efraim Zuroff, the center of one of the managers, who conducted business with the Siskin 2011, speaking to RIA "Novosti" did not hide their feelings"What am I going to do? I'll go and get drunk with joy. Joke, of course. " Zuroff said: "This is a very important moment for us, an exceptional achievement. We are very happy that the Hungarians were finally taken the right steps. "

At the current time Chatara is under 30-day house arrest. The fault he does not recognize. "He denied his guilt in committing the crimes that he is charged with. One of his arguments is that he was making orders "- said Budapest prosecutor Tibor Ibolya. And another said: "The suspect remains in good psychological and physical health. He cooperated with the investigation. He was surprised, but agreed to testify. "

Surprised Chatara knows that the Hungarian authorities in the past year are a result, in the documents which it There is a «X», without a name and a surname. He knows and "line" nationalist Viktor Orban.

Prosecutor nearly all interfere in the investigation of Ladislaus Siskin-Chatara: geographical and temporal distance charges, the need to search for survivors, witnesses living abroad possible … But Prime Minister Viktor Orban does not believe that the government is inactive: "The Hungarian government had spared no effort to investigate the crimes of the past and the punishment of the perpetrators."

In general, to get drunk to celebrate, Efraim Zuroff early. He can only impose that staying in a good mood and feeling great survivor Siskin live up to the court.

In general, Zuroff also not born yesterday. "We have to make so that this tribunal was held. The only thing that we can — to find as much evidence against Siskin-Chatara as much evidence against him, and put pressure on the judicial system (Hungary), so that the tribunal could see the matter as a priority, "- said he says.

It is not clear, as fellow Zuroff will put pressure on the Hungarian government, especially at fan of Admiral Horthy Mr. Orban, but it is clear that the warehouse arm Nazi hunter will not sit — and will do everything to expedite the investigation.

By the way, before Chatara at number one on the list of the Simon Wiesenthal Center was listed other Nazi and Hungarian Sandor Kepiro survivor. He successfully grew old and died in Budapest in 2011 — at the age of 97 years. It is curious that Kepiro, the accused in the murder of 1,200 Jews, Serbs and Gypsies, dumped into the Danube ("Operation Raid"), and other sins, pleaded not guilty. Not a lot of 18 July 2011 he was the Budapest Tribunal acquitted. Aged Kepiro, recognizable by the fact that in 2011 filed a lawsuit over the insinuation by E. Zuroff, passed away on September 3. Of course, the fate of Chatara in Hungary will be decided on the script Kepiro. "Viktator" will not own an older friend in the offense.

In the history of media coverage of the case Siskin-Chatara not work without curiosity. In 2008, Barack Obama, many in America confused with Osama bin Laden, the July 17, 2012 German TV channel ARD instead face the Nazi Chatara showed a picture Jewish human rights activist Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Unaccustomed Europe

Not so easy to Russian children who leave for the summer to study in England, to live in this democratic country. July 17 on the website of the Russian Embassy in the UK was taken letter, in which, among the rest said:

"In the Consular Section of the Embassy receives complaints from people in the Russian Federation, the organization, according to the band which their kids in summer are sent to study in the British educational institutions with living in British households.

For example, children housed in inadequate housing criteria, experienced a rough appeal to families living, some were denied food. There have been cases of removal of the child from school due to a day or insignificant violations of regulations, there are examples of placing babies in the families of homosexuals. "

That's it. Russian kids courted British gay. Yes, and their hunger starved.

Same-sex marriage in England — not an offense. Since 2005, there is a law of "civil partnerships", whereby homosexual couples have the same rights as ordinary marriages. At the current time in the UK over 40 thousand similar same-sex partnerships.

On July 6 Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, the follower of sexual minorities, raised rainbow flag over the building of the Cabinet of Ministers. Gesture deputy prime minister was timed to coincide with the London gomoparadu, which this year the fortieth time (Since 1972) was held in London. By the way, the ministers promised to equate gays with heterosexual couples in England and Wales by 2015.

Because of "family", which hit the Russian baby, just maybe would be homosexual: gay couple or two, or even three lesbians. Imagine your child hold a summer in such relaxed family …

And do not take the time to send their child to the UK: there it necessarily will lead to self-peer friends, who know very well the taste of democracy. 15-year-old British by degrees of freedom far ahead of their peers-Europeans: Often drunk 27% of Brits, 12% of Germans, Italians, 5% and 3% of the French, fought at least once in the last year 49% of British teenagers, 38% of French and Italian, German 28%, have a sexy experience 38% of Britons, 28 % of Germans, 24% of Italians and 22% of French. In addition, Britain has set
the European record for the number of teenage pregnancies.

Pavel Astakhov, not so long ago, delicately warned, that the children of the Russian Federation may not be ready for the European lifestyle.

Gosh, well, do not need to be prepared! Neither kids nor adults. This "lifestyle" should cause the average person disgust and rejection. And the older man — the desire to lower the front of the "free world" metal curtain.

The real enemy of Batman cine

July 20, 24, James Holmes, the residents of Aurora Colorado mined the apartment, armed with an automatic rifle AR-15 pistol "Glock" shotgun teargas — and went to the cinema show "The Dark Knight." Mr. Holmes does not consider himself somebody, and the Joker — Batman's enemy. To all and finally get into character, armed with Mr. hair dyed a reddish color. To comply with the entourage he added to the scenic suit spetsnaz body armor, helmet, and gas mask.

That is why it ran out in a way to the stage, the audience did not get scared, taking the jewelery actor. "American Breivik" threw a grenade into the hall, and later opened fire to kill. The enemy of Batman has killed 12 people and wounded 60.

President Barack Obama has announced a five-day mourning in the country. No one in the U.S. does not know why Holmes fired at the audience. The very young man, too, nothing on this score says. "As a rule the shooter?" — On this issue at the moment breaks the head of the police.

Meanwhile, the cause lies on the surface. The reality in the United States have long been mixed up with Hollywood movies — and the way that many Americans can not distinguish one from the other. Cinematic passions are boiling at 100 degrees Celsius.

In the wake of criticism in the address of the new movie — with the obvious and predictable plot — movie fans rebelled. On kinoportalov «Rotten Tomatoes» modernizing disabled comments as more ardent fans of the movie Batman written, that the makers of violent book reviews should "burn in hell" and "being in a coma sticking out of the body with a thick rubber hose …"

About Cat and lapdog

July 19 share the Alex Jones memo was posted, perhaps penned by the very friend of Jones. Creator of several sensual lines gives his attention to the fact that in the last speech of President Barack Obama, citing an old truth that all power — from God, the expressed commitment of the municipal tyrannical regime. The government, Obama is God, says the creator notes furiously, and all the people obey his authority.

The reporter knows where to tend Mr. Obama under such "collectivist model," people do not just end up creating their own business, but due to high taxes and complex regulations will come in the end to the stock sell businesses with a hammer. The ultimate goal of the authorities — to drive people out of business and reincarnate business to the state.

If in 1776 was hailed as the value of the individual, now zapravitelem top of everything is a "state." "The death of the state!" — Exclaims the creator.

Commentators have echoed the journalist: "…" United States "are now virtually fueled by a DC! <…> There is no government! Alex read it many times. You live in a pure fascism! .. "" Death government despots. They do not do their duties to the South American people, and they threw out the constitution … "" Let them shoot first. Then we can start our war. "

Tyrannical South American government, resembling Yankees that Orwell novel "1984", the soilless hell, in fact you can bring down a more humane method, if the said "death."

In Alaska, there is a town with a population of Talkeetna to 900 people. Its inhabitants, which people do not like politicians, on the days of the fifteenth time, as from 1997, chosen for mayor own beloved cat Stubbs. Côte even better corrupt politicians: not fools, do not steal all the love, as the manager was able to attract a lot of tourists to the city than it contributed to an increase in welfare. Guests come here specifically Talkeetna — so look at the shaggy reddish mayor.

The fine tradition of the inhabitants of Alaska need to be mapped to the whole of America.

Instead of Barack Obama rounded cabinet can be seated, for example, Doberman. Instead Leon Panetta at the Pentagon let the walks along the perimeter of the Rottweiler. Well, Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland and Susan Rice and success will change three lapdogs.

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