Results of the week. The wind of change should not be whistling in the ears

Part I. "From the flight to remove 100 grams does not give"

Livanovskaya weaving

Both the Ministry of Education and Science of instilling a love of reading

In one of the articles of their own election, specifically in the article "Russia: state issue," Vladimir Putin said that for our kids it would be great to compile a list of literary works that would be worth while learning to read in school.

"Our civilization has always been a reading civilization. Let's do a survey of our cultural influencers, and form a list of 100 books that should be read every graduate of the Russian school. Do not cram school, and specifically without the help of others to read. "

It would seem entirely sensible proposal, but only in our country, it often happens that the compilation of lists of recommended literature is converted to compile lists of mandatory literature. Specifically, such fear and appeared in those directly related to the teaching of humanitarian disposition in the modern school. Initially, the same teachers of literature considering that these words can be attributed to the activity of the campaign, and therefore no lists will be created, as well, and there is a reference in which a lot of that is registered as an ordinary teacher and no list would be able to guess what to recommend to home reading or to another student.

But the Ministry of Education has failed to stand aside and started the same to conceive a list of what our children read recommended. How wonderfully held conception, it is not clear, but here's birth was rather complicated. First appeared, speak out so that a trial version of the list of books on the website of St. Petersburg State University (university, which received the right to an inventory. SPbGU Why only one? Already strange …). The University launched a pretty impressive campaign to debate and vote in favor of those literary works that were to be in the final hundred. The list is practically already been born, but the Ministry of Education, apparently not fully permeated the list provided, and the method of its creation, has decided to bring its own contribution, and, in spite of the continuing vote is situated "their" version of the same on its website.

You can not say that this option is good or bad … He just … uh-uh … amazing … Well, in the 1-x, immediately turns to mind the fact that the list is not formed on the basis of sections, to the Council, read certain books in the or in any other class. He did not even compiled in chronological order: XIX, XX, XXI century, for example. And made it much easier: in alphabetical order …

Litsezrev this list, ordinary middle school student who had heard that the government has prepared a list of his reading, neither doth: for sure, in the 1st class, be sure to read all that is on the A and B (Aitmatov, for example) in the 2nd go to writers on the C and D, well, later, to the class of 10-11, you can wipe and writers whose last name X, E, S and I (as an option from Minobra, Yanin with the product "I sent for you bark") …

In-2, an alphabetical list of obviously broken at the end. After said Valentin Yanin, and he took the list of the 87 th position, apparently, the Ministry realized that they were not to weave lasted … but replaced in order to stick a line inside the table already done, we decided to fill the rest of the cell. Maybe it was just all functional text editor to edit the plan tables have not mastered, maybe there was no time … But if Janine came last, and the lines inside the table insert was already could not stand, the following stood out options: either to recall another 12 writers in the Self, or the complete table some abstract works of unknown authorship.

At first went on the first way: Yaroshenko Hawks Yashcheritsyn … All anything, but this Yashcheritsyn … By the Ministry of Education began to walk people with thoughtful persons that sort sponges, in a vain attempt to recall that I could write this Yashcheritsyn … Even if he wrote product of the "Honduras is on fire," would still be "advised" — well, a remake of the table, in the end … But it turned out that "Yashcheritsyn" — name, which in the writer's plan was for the Russian literature lost …

In the end, followed the second way and entered the 13 epics, chronicles and epics. With all of this obviously well-read someone recommend: let's "Alpamysh" and "Koroghlu" paste, let the kids read — anything for themselves do not deny … and pasted … Phew-f — exhale. The commission president executed in exactly — exactly 100 books!

Full list: The list of "100 books" on history, culture and literature of the peoples of Russian Federation, recommended students to independent reading

Star showdown in the Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence returns reddish star in the Air Force

But what do you do? — Apparently, says Anatoly Serdyukov — and here Kuzhugetovich hands got! And then he quietly in my chair can not sit still …

Refers to the fact that Sergei Shoigu decided to return the Russian military aircraft reddish star on the sides and wings. Recall that about 4 years ago, the Municipal Duma cheerfully passed a bill that came from the head Russian military. According shaped as letters of the bill, all the reddish star in airplanes and helicopters Russian Air Force had to give way to the stars in the colors of the national flag.

While the Ministry of Defense and the State Duma stated that reddish five-pointed star on the military aircraft Tipo run counter to the law of the Municipal flag. Allegedly, the tricolor flag at us, so let the stars also will tricolor. In the end, actually voted in unison …

Stars have stood out brightly colored, large … Apparently, on these stars on their own shoulders dreamed Anatoly Serdyukov, willing and those MPs that spoke "for". But many military pilots were completely unflattering to respond on new signs of Russian aviation, finding the stars some zabugornye motives. Of course, that Shoigu to rapidly reached this information, and the new Minister of Defense "star shop" has decided to cover up. He took so overturned what had to distinguish themselves as deputies and the man who held the chair minister before him.

Now the sign of Russian victories (the reddish star) vorachivaetsya again for military airplanes. With all of this in a report to the Ministry of Defence that the new reddish-old star will soon get to outline view and a few smaller size for a more efficient masking of the aircraft.

Curiously, still thinking about those MPs who in his time with 2 hands and feet voted for a change of Reds stars tricolor. And what do they think? .. Yes, apparently, they are on this subject in particular do not bother. To paraphrase became a catch phrase, it can be said that the State Duma — this is not the place for thought … said, tricolor — will be tri-color, pronounced "red" — let it be reddish. Yes, even in the green cell, although advertising sponsor … By the way, surprisingly, that the past management of the Ministry not gone the way of the use of military boards for marketing purposes. This is how much more can be used in the agency to draw funds! How many other multi-room apartments with VIP-«Mercedes» buy! .. Lift your eyes to heaven, and there Mi-8 with advertising tools from bloating or Tu-160 with a call to take something out there with wings …

By the way, on Friday found that Anatoly Serdyukov still able to speak … with investigators. Namely, there is information that Anatoly E. looked "at a glass of tea" in the GVSU Family Code, to explain the situation of the so-called the "green busine
ss", when due to budget funds held landscaping VIP-recreation "Rye". Or explicit hints of silences Serdyukov, which may result from the status of a witness to the status of a suspect in the Anatolia Eduardovicha so affected, or wanted to speak out … What exactly is the ex-minister said investigators now — prestrashnaya worst-kept secret, but there is a possibility that on "Rye" will begin to appear criminal cases. Except that all who behold his hopes ex-minister as an accused, it seems, and this time will have to give up their ephemeral hope. Not for him, apparently, gave birth to the light, oh, not that …

That we do not pass

The knowledge of the Russian language can be implemented

From the moment that in Russia there was a law that obliges certain categories of foreign people coming to work in the Russian Federation, pass an exam on the knowledge of the Russian language, it took about 2 months. It would seem that in this period of time thousands of our friends in the sun, wine, mountainous and forested adjacent republics had he studied the works of Bunin and Pasternak in clearing roads and sidewalks of snow, the friction in writing dictations in the breaks between the kneading and the concrete practice in orthoepy when carrying slag, foamed and keramzitoblokov. But Pasternak or pierced here and there, or "Ms-shek" mess up, but it turned out a little differently, if it seemed to the authorities.

Immediately in several towns of the Russian Federation have been identified very unique situation where the representatives of the local diaspora for a modest fee to encourage their "brothers" to pass the exam on their passport. Say, yes these Russian did us be much different from each other? Say, we're for them all look the same: that the janitor Mukhtar, who in Russian only "Beer nada" after reading Pushkin and Balmont learned to pronounce that the market looking Pahlavon Dalerovich with their environment, which is already in Russia after repeated interviews with FMS staff ate a dog.

And if you look the same, so at the same you can make money! And do: Pays Mukhtar that same Pahlavon Dalerovichu couple of thousand "tanga" and that its own market chooses the man who could take the exam for Mukhtar on his passport. He comes to the training center, and answers to all the questions, hitting a commission ease of running the Russian language … Naturally, a front Mukhtar is the latest ksivu and Mukhtar is a real clean up the same snow, but in the bosom of the document with the municipal standard. And if the snow before it was removed somehow without much interest, but now, with the latest paper in his bosom, drifts from roads and sidewalks disappear as if by a magic wand. Here it is, the real strength of philological!

Show me the tattoo

What will be found on the soldiers' commanders skin?

Do not have time to see the light at the Ministry of Defense Manuals work with staff, as around her flared serious discussion. Initially, a number of media publications issued in which it was reported that military chiefs from now on will have to carefully examine the recruits to identify special "marks" on their bodies. To be exact, that — to identify specific facial tattoos and intimate places. Tipo such tattoos could give a hint officer that at this time he is dealing with a fighter-homosexual …

But immediately after the occurrence of this kind of publications had to speak the official representative of the Ministry of Defense, who said that the guidelines prescribe the Russian officers to inspect the recruits do not have to reveal their sexy some anomalies as well as measures to control the state of physical health.

In such a situation it is very difficult to find where lies the truth. After all, if we assume that the officer, finding frivolous "rump" tattoo in the recruit, it will block access to the service in the army, thousands of unwilling to serve in the army itself quickly, "scribbled" like a tattoo on the same spot. Say, I have a spetstatuirovochka — I'm no good … And if the father-captain is charged with the responsibility of looking after the health of the recruit, it is unclear why then have honey commission for military enlistment offices, health workers in military units …

Well, in general the situation is with this inspection, for whatever purpose he or used, can look very special. Well, here, for example, Major Sidorov decided to look ordinary Gadzhibekov in the buttocks for the presence of tattoos in the form of all sorts of small roses, butterflies or teddy bears … It has already been started to inspection, and here's office without knocking enters Maori wife, who as part of outsourcing makes duties of the senior chefs in the military unit, and therefore has the right to enter without knocking … So what do you want her to think in this situation? .. After all, the orderly did not even have time to warn that there Comrade Major of only cares about the health of troops in the example taken separately soldier … Yes this Gadzhibekov inadvertently destroy the family!

"Mistralistye Lynx" and "Trotting Mistral"

Revision of contracts for the supply of military equipment from abroad

Initially signed later thought, and later horrified. Estimated in such a scenario are all the issues related to the decisions of the previous management of the Ministry of Defence about the purchase of foreign military equipment. Italian armored vehicles, Israeli drones, the French helicopter … Contracts signed, or equipment is collected and prepared to supply, or has supplied, when someone at the top reads for the same gag how we all signed up? Further echoes: for what, for what, for what … Who povinet? Where is he? Find, catch, drop! But, as they say, who would sit him down? ..

And that is distributed team: stop the car!

Gromozvuchnoe "stop!" Touched, as it turns out, not only Italian "Iveco" and the French "Mistral". Since then, the French decided to finish the two helicopter carriers for Russia, because these deliveries are slaughtered like as stupid — the money, then, sorry, vbuhat … But with another couple decided to do harder — to anything, they say, it is us …

With all this, the question is well, why not before something! Why at the moment — when many billions already master the foreign producers (it's in the best case). Do not previously appeared correct ideas about what we these "Mistralistye Lynx" and "Trotting Mistral" and for the funds not nat, and the gift is not nat? .. Although, if nothing …

Is it not said that we have our own production, which may for the same amount to the number of higher quality is better?

Of course, such ideas were, of course, about their states but they are frustrated by the figure of the former defense minister, and more about what we have to criticize the methodology of the reforms — no, no … Say, do not teach scientists all goes according to the plan — we will still with the "Mistral" to catch herring, and "Iveco" for the bison chase …

In general, a decision on the procurement of certain frozen samples of foreign technology. In this case, imposes only one comment: it's better late than never …

Part II. "We have ours, we construct a new world …"

"I got out of the wide leg …"

Sarkozy is right behind Depardieu ask in Russian?

Who has not Houbigant today from France. A complete list would take up all the small space allotted for the "Summary of the week" and why I limit myself by some figures of the last days: Gerard Depardieu, Jean-Michel Jarre, Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, and in the end,
Nicolas Sarkozy.

If Depardieu moved out of love for the Russian Federation (he received a Russian passport and, if unchecked disk imaging implies join the Communist Party) and star Bellucci is going to be based in the country's own childhood dreams — Brazil, where it is read one character in the woods a lot of feral monkeys Nicolas Sarkozy is the real purpose of the movement does not want to hide: it is washed off from semidesyatipyatiprotsentnogo draconian tax on the rich, who amuses himself an enemy of the French constitution comrade Hollande.

In the press writes as if Sarkozy and his wife Bruni found a safe haven for themselves in London's South Kensington. Earlier, former French president held talks with Singaporean and Brazilians. Stroll rumors that go to Brazil his wife dissuaded, supermodel Carla jealous of superaktrise Monica, and Singapore, as it turned out way home spinning globe — is something very malehankih.

In the UK, one of the closest French ex-president, the capitalist Alain Minc, said"It is absurd to think that he would move to London …"

Twirling globe, home couple could not see anything on it very much. Two bent over a cardboard ball lower, Nicolas adjusted his glasses on his nose and read the title of this great. Later, his wife looked on a shelf on the wall, where there was a collection of disks with films Gerard Depardieu. But Depardieu once voted for Sarkozy … "comrade Putin," — said dreamily grassiruya, Nicolas.

As for the snow drifts and cold, so they are now spread throughout the world. Even in the U.S., where previously it was minus 5 in the winter, now alcohol pointers temperature fell to minus forty.

Features state drive

Three legitimate clubs for the Irish driver

On Irish roads will soon become a sober ride a rare phenomenon. Well, maybe will pass any lady's finger, hepatic, adrenal or persons, tightly coded laser. In any case, the Irish sober on the roads, at least, on the rural, will feel uncomfortable.

In Kerry County Council consulted, and have composed a petition in which asked Department of Justice to allow the villagers, thoroughly taking on the chest in the pubs, get behind the wheel and drive home safely, regardless of the fact that after three mugs of ale people along roads resemble drivers pins.

Having filled and drained their glasses and again filled and drained, the members of the Council have signed the petition and, a little unsteadily and singing loudly, went to the post office and sent a letter to the Ministry. Later they returned to the courtroom, where they continued to pour and sit.

Do not think about it that local bureaucrats did not include constraints. For those who do not know the steps, this was just installed: no more than three cups of dark. This measure has been determined empirically: it was experimentally confirmed that after the fourth mug Irishman does not distinguish the car from the shop.

Also, members of the Board advised the villagers intoxicated to drive home at a low speed. But what the Irish do not like frisky ride! In particular, an Irishman, who was in the pub.

For the 'softening' of the rules avtovozhdeniya voted five members of the County Council, three were against it, and most of the abstentions. An explanation of this is simple: it is the majority failed the degree of the meeting.

Remarkable fact is that all of the speakers for innovation were the owners of pubs. Naturally, all five of them completely reject the accusations of lobbying. Lobbying — it is in America, where the home of the State Rifle Association and Adam Lanza. And here — what lobbying is, in the case of the three circles …

Atomic Kashmir

Indians and Pakistanis came to a nuclear war

In Kashmir, extend abstract, written by the Department of Defense civilian — a division of militia. Residents of the region encouraged to urgently prepare for nuclear war. Pakistan is about to attack India. Because Kashmiris offered to build bunkers, storing water, medical supplies, food, candles and lanterns. Islamabad threatens to divide the use of nuclear weapons: it is necessary only to "the enemy" to infiltrate his views. Perhaps pressing the border crossing will follow the only fighter. Or rumors of such a transition.

Indian bureaucrats are seriously Recommend residents of the State of Jammu and Kashmir to prepare for nuclear war: strengthen basements, build a "shelter in which the whole family can live for 2-weeks." If a nuclear attack overtook you in the open, according to the annotations, "immediately go and stay in this position … Wait until the shock wave will pass, and fragments of buildings will not fall. If the shock wave does not overtake you within 5 seconds means you're pretty far away from the epicenter of the explosion. "

Here it is, if you like. So, while the U.S., the EU and the UN to focus on Iran and North Korea (by the way, there's Kim Jong-un, in response to sanctions going to spend massive nuclear tests, and then bring davneshnie scores with the United States), Pakistan and India began to move warhead. What did the policeman of the world?

And Obama did not invent the best, how to release from prison … Pakistani Taliban.

Hot winter 2013th

Change of status

The Government of Pakistan has decided to release all the Afghan Taliban, who are languishing in jail today. On this issue have been specially held negotiations with the United States and Afghanistan, after which the Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jalil Jilani left to journalists and said that all matter resolved.

There was a time when Pakistan and the United States believed the Taliban fierce enemies of all life on the planet. It was assumed that this nasty, bearded men with AK-47s and medieval thinking, prone to terrorism, suppression of women, eradication of secular education, and to murder, torture, bombings and persuasive propaganda global Shariah.

But that was — that was. And who remember His An old, bygones. And if in 2001, invading Afghanistan for the defeat of the Taliban, the Americans believed that these radical Islamists can not be a part of a peaceful global society, it is not so long ago, members of the movement "Taliban" received official recognition from the Barack Obama. Than before that the United States adhere to well-known principle: "There are no negotiations with terrorists", but today the main man in Washington, not knowing how softly to announce that the ISAF forces suffered a debacle in the war, at one point gave the Taliban is the true meaning of democracy. Speaking a few days back with Afghan President Karzai, Mr. Obama has offered the Taliban … to engage in the political process.

And on this flurry of activity of the newly elected president of the United States in respect of those previously listed as terrorists, not the end.

After talking with Karzai and giving the green light to the fact unending friendship with the Taliban, and Obama endorsed the Pakistani forgiveness "Taliban."

In addition to other fighters for the Sharia, the crude will be released from prison and Mullah Baradar — the person number 2 in the manual "Taliban." Not so long ago Washington considered him one of the more insecure global terrorists.

But much louder Obama says the release of hundreds of Taliban, scattered in Pakistan's bullpen, Afghan President Hamid Karzai. He set out to plan your own boss in Washington to put into practice: the part of the opposition to engage constructively in the peace process of building democracy.

d on the assumption that Karzai that is going to increase its legitimacy and strengthen the rather weak position in the government. It is not clear, but that this puppet president passed after the departure of U.S. troops in 2014, at least as much as the stand after the departure of Russian troops Comrade Najibullah. In general, the election authority will take the fourteenth year the Taliban.

Experts surprised by a reversal of Afghan politics white houses at 180 degrees. And in my opinion, nothing unusual and extraordinary here. I see two explanations is happening.

Here's the first. Obama — undercover radical Islamist supporter of global Sharia and the future Caliph. No killing of bin Laden was not: it's "duck" for the broad masses of working people of America, Obama's birth in collaboration with Chubais at a meeting of the Bilderberg Group. Washington departs from previous positions, it is clear that even the most observant fellow, visiting once a week the website, hanging on a hook at the FBI. The decision of South American president to unleash terrorists and officially recognize the "Taliban" in a similar context, looks entirely logical: the defeat of the ISAF in Afghanistan for lukavtsa Obama — a victory. Previously the owner of roundness and Blue rooms conceived and waited, and now Razgulyaev economic crisis has given him a hint output. Nearing the days when Obama recognizes the "Al-Qaeda", asked to leave the shelter of its own dear friend, Ayman al-Zawahiri and openly obymetsya with his brother in the faith Mohammed Mursi, labeling campers with Tahrir Square "infidels", "supporters of the crusaders" and "jackals" .

Second plausible explanation is that there is no escape from the terrible and inhuman former counterterrorism (more precisely, anti-Islam) positions in Washington was not. Snow-white House and the Pentagon only took up the latest strategy and strategy. Vospryanuvshie Taliban alkaidovtsy, "Muslim Brotherhood" and their various minions like not so long ago nailed together in Egypt gang "of al-Qaeda Jihad" to those who committed the latest massacre, next to which will be forgotten fears Syria. They will be cut, and in return will cut them. And then it's fine for the U.S., as the U.S. war with the entire Islamic world, and this war will never stop. Only now white houses a new approach: all are at war, not including the United States. Muslims will from that moment to kill Muslims, and wash its hands of Washington.

As for the dark figures of the past, which are now hard to even loosely attributed to the representatives of secular democracy, in the case of the first version of their style of work has advanced the Western press. Appropriate mechanisms work was presented in 1948 in the novel "1984" friend Eric Blair, Published under the name Orwell and described in detail the "Ministry of Truth".

Six months or a year saturated suggestion — and South American tradesman remember: Taliban over long years of fighting for democracy in Afghanistan, confronting a Russian invaders, the illegitimate government of Najibullah, the terrorists of the local population, because of its own darkness democratic transition from the "Taliban" nasty. And only the coming of the 2001 American liberators and the long common struggle CIA, ISAF and the "Taliban" is permitted in 2013 to light in a dark realm of democratic Afghanistan beam of light. In 2014, he was defeated by the Kremlin appointee Teran Karzai … Etc.. Simply write the story.

Well, comrade Osama, which is not the case in America confused with Obama, the media will devote belated obituaries. Bin Laden posthumously famous as one of the foremost fighters for democracy, murdered on the orders of the stranglers freedoms from somewhere in Moscow or, say, Minsk — according to, respectively, "The Washington Post" and "New York Times".

In America, the revolution will sing. Despot of rounded cabinet will be defeated

It is also planned to take away money from the Fed

Lead a revolt brave guys … No, you have not guessed. Not blue at the Pentagon, the CIA did not bisexual, and not a supporter of the 2nd Amendment Alex Jones, the owner of the website In the first series of fighters for the liberation of his native country of Mongol totalitarian yoke of lobbying we see going to storm the white houses … "anonymous." More precisely, members of the hacker group «Anonymous». When they are all put snipers on the tarmac of the Department of Homeland Security, shooting expansive bullets, they will remain in the annals of history as a nameless heroes. And can be as anonymous terrorists. All is depending on who and how ink write history.

Hackers-Anonymus said a change of values: from now on with new ways to fight the government will be on the DDoS-attacks or hacking accounts of the Ministry of Finance, but the armed struggle. The purpose of the revolution — the overthrow or destruction of the U.S. government:

"… The last 12 years, the vote was worthless thing. Companies and lobbyists — that's who actually controls the state and has authority over our lives. To rebuild our government, we must first of its damage. The hour of our democracy, the hour prepyadstviya solutions. Now is the time for America to start a revolution. To return to our constitutional rights to be free, «Anonymous» together with the South American nation has decided to openly declare war on the United States Government. It is a call to arms. "

What did not like the fellow hackers in the progressive South American society? As much as there is everything from "McDonald's" to cheap mortgages. And Jennifer Lopez often on TV show. And Kim Kardashian too. Total freedom: it is possible to be anti-Semitic or Islamophobic not adore black president, to take in the not to distant stall pistols, charge them and go kill someone — say, in kindergarten or college. The Fed prints money in America — as many as you … Stop. That's exactly what hackers and do not approve of.

They believe that the time has come put an end to Federal Reserve. Funds — under the control of the people!

Hackers shall be removed and pay taxes: they do not like "tolerate ruthless attitude and lose the human form by the will of the people who financed our dollars paid in taxes … We demand freedom from government, taxation, property seizures …"

Anonymus is not going to continue to live in a police state, which is reincarnated in America. The man — a blacksmith's own happiness, and to the state, which takes away from his hammer, assuring him that he would live and a hard place, he is not on the way.

Comrades, hackers, proudly calling themselves the people, shall be removed to give a carnivorous government hands their health, bodies, minds and lives. Vultures-drones will be circling over the South American towns!

Why did Anonymus not take up the AR-15 and the "Saiga" earlier? It turns out that the first act of the state of the liberation of the drama was an attempt settlement: by hacking attacks and computer hackers have warned the government about his bad behavior. Now peace samples affect the system have exhausted themselves.

"Our peaceful protest, patience and self-control were seen by all as we watched and waited, that our Congress and representatives stood up for the American people, and protect us from the tyrant, who sits in the office and are rounded to the delight taken away from the South American nation of its rights, one by one , decree for the decree. We were expecting a lo
ng time … "

We have ours, we construct a new world:
Who was nothing will become everything.

Per aspera ad astra

The spaceship from NATO

Realizing that the risk of armed burglars are not groundless, and that is about to Anonymus will join the people of Texas and Louisiana, four years tochivshie ratfilyami teeth on Obama and spent only rags and Gun Oil-one percent of GDP, the other trembling citizens of the United States turned over website electrical government to the white house with a petition: let, say, as soon as possible will be developed Universal starship itself, that was at once gallakticheskim ship and cargo port, and transfer stations. There a little more food, water, aspirin — and, most importantly, do not infringe on landing various minorities.

The development of a starship in so troubling times petitioners decided not to charge NASA, and the adjacent list by alphabetical organization — NATO. The fact that only this organization will be able to protect the civilian population in the outer space, from the vast universe Razgulyaev gallakticheskih pirates Goodfellow Both Kryssa. Everyone understands how to perfectly Anders Fogh Rasmussen has accelerated democratization martial art.

And when the Texans and Anonymus, red-hot for the next four years of the rule of Obama and Biden to the solar temperature will burn her native America, the mystery of those that are smarter and calmer, will take place in the NATO made on the order of a spaceship and go on Betelgeuse.

They say with General Allen's charges dropped in adultery, so that he can lead the days of the NATO team working on the construction of interstellar crockery.

* "The wind of change should not be whistling in the ears": Viktor Shenderovich.

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