Results of the week. This is just the flu all together to be ill, and from the brain go alone!

Part I. "Learn you on your head — all made bald!"

Are you ready for a cosmic catastrophe?

"Man, go for the light patched, and then we become overdue, and people — the end."
From personal conversation

Reflections on the end of the world excite the minds of the public. How close is the 21 December, the deeper digging underground shelters those who believe in the infallibility of both the Maya and their calendar, the more matches and salt purchase by those who believe that they and after the end of the world will be able to set fire to something and salt …

Do not stand aside and creative employees housing and communal services and friendships owners home, which also decided to announce the impermanence of all things. Namely, at the entrances of the 1st of multifamily houses have printed on a printer messages with text, according to which the occupants of the house due to the impending end of the call to repay debts on housing up to 21.12.12.

Why only on the porches of the house? .. Secret, which is on a scale not lower than lurking calendar solution in a time and space of Indian ethnicity. Apparently, the staff of the regional housing sector on its own Tarot figured out where exactly will focus heavenly punishment on judgment day. And the card seems to have indicated Kapotnya …

Perhaps, in fact, they pointed to the structure of the Metropolitan Helsinki Group, meteorologist or metropolitan traffic police, but due to the political correctness of the housing department staff, well-versed in the "ends of the world" (in all senses of the word) had to take all the hit, putting the testimony stars competent adjustment …

But jokes jokes, but there are people in our country who are seriously concerned about the problem of End of the World and, apparently, the problem end of the "shelf life" the Mayan calendar. One such person is a Doctor of Military Sciences, Dr. Zenkevich. In his view, our homeland in general is not ready for Armageddon … Here in the United States is doing everything to resist the probable disasters, but we've got — full bagel. The doctor has been criticized for the fact that in Russian, the authorities tried to save at least elect spetsgoroda down in the bowels of the earth, and that at the moment? .. No training, and so sophomoric — not for you-bay hopper usual, no spaceship with supplies of food and water for at least a million years of wandering, or even gas masks on the subway … Who is meant by the word "elect" Dr. Zenkevich, it is not clear but for them is frankly uneasy at heart. Neuzh will not be saved? .. Neuzh that can not stand their Ark to Ararat? And if they will make, what then-then, after all there — Erdogan … There's "Patriots" … In general, the doctor is right — to the end of the world, and we are prepared and selected a very bad …

Occupy Mihai

As one Moldovan Liberal urged Russia to recognize the occupation of the TMR

In the week forced the Russians to pay attention to fraternal Moldova Liberal chief of the once-burgeoning sovereign Gimpu edge. Yes, that Mike F. Ghimpu, who was once quite suddenly felt within himself cry Romanian blood and got rid of the "nelitsepoyatnogo" name vserasprostranennogo in. Today, the Emperor calls himself Michael, what about yourself and we lust.

So here is this very Mihai urges Romanian authorities to which he did not so long ago, in the most concrete way attitude (he was the Speaker of Parliament, and even served as president), to recognize the terrain Dniester Moldavian Republic zone of occupation of. Apparently, the "laurels" Misha (not Mihai) Saakashvili sovereign Gimpu haunt, and so he decided to follow his own Georgian, speak out so like-minded.

With all this Ghimpu, of course, aware that his words are clean water provocation, but unless there now for a self-respecting liberal politician (much less Moldovan) provocative expression is something reprehensible? ..

Let us not forget that Ghimpu is generally a huge whale political public relations, often allowing himself to words and acts that even the Moldovan people call themselves apparently conflicting emotions. Namely, his move during the implementation of the commitments the President of Moldova, coupled with an invitation to Moscow for the Victory Day parade, so far can be considered the prototype of consummate political absurdity. Mikhail Fedorovich after receiving the invitation then suddenly said that Moscow will not go, because on Red Square defeated nothing to do … If you consider that she's victory May 9, 1945 in the world associated with the victory over fascism, the Moldovan-Romanian Mihai fully exactly spoke about their own personal ideological preferences. Even our "much loved" Baltic politicians do not allow themselves to such straightness … But then Latvia and Estonia, and that Moldova — immediately warm …

And after such a person asks for this harsh discussion about what "progressive Moldovan forces" (in his face, in all probability) aimed at compulsory unification with Romania — articulation with the current euroallied member. Well, the European Union, in principle, not for the first time under his wing to take all "offended and losers." And so the emperor Ghimpu and zealous in this direction: what if his tirade on the recognition of Russian occupation of Transnistria will force the Brussels fellow liberals to cry with emotion and take even the most Gimpu somewhere closer to the Manneken little boy.

But the emperor Ghimpu awarded the Order of Star of Romania, forgets that in response to his every idea in Russia may have thought of their own. And that, apparently, after the permission to import Moldovan wines in Russia it has become so talkative … Onishchenko and can win, behind that will not rust.

With Santa Claus is something wrong …

Gennady Onishchenko speculates about the fabulous characters and card system in Russia

And it is not in vain in the previous material was affected by the identity of the head sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation, thunderstorms all unscrupulous foreign suppliers of goods and services, Gennady Onishchenko. This week marks another Onishchenko best offers and philosophical speculation that can not throw flegmantichnym real fans "glavnosanitarnogo 'creativity.

At this time, Dr. Onishchenko complained that Russian kids very much sooner cease to believe in Santa Claus. "They have early age," — said, staring eyes to the ceiling, the chief sanitary doctor, apparently referring to the Russian kids (well, not as Father Frost). Onishchenko, it turns out, almost indignant that many kids, just learning to read, already pose a swing existence of the 1st of the main mythical figures.

After such fabrications doctor said that urges Russians to invite home as Father Frost and Snow Maidens, but with all this said that parents need to very carefully get acquainted with the rules of the company associated services. What particularly disturbs cerebral sanvracha the services of Frost and his granddaughter, Onishchenko did not specify, because you can only build their purely personal conjecture.

Maybe our kids early cease to believe in the existence of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, as in the certification sheet date "dedmoroznyh" companies there is no row of the ban on the introduction of fairy-tale character shoes sticking out from under a reddish coat and backpack Chinese «Adidadas» instead of the bag of real burlap. Well, the Snow Maiden companies also need to be more careful. And then, you know, sometimes t
he child slipped a granddaughter of Santa Claus, in which even the two-year nursery pupil learns the lady, at least middle-aged. And a red herring, "and you know how much my grandpa years?" Then it does not help, as even the smoky voice of the Snow Maiden are unable to drown out the crying baby …

But Gennady Onishchenko, as it turns out, in the week worried not only Santa Claus. Onishchenko suggested to change the law on public procurement and enter … ration cards. On these cards, at his suggestion, the Russians will be able to obtain a purely Russian products. What rate is going to lay into each card is our chief sanitary doctor, not reported. But the appeals Onishchenko that during the Christmas prazdnichkom Russians will have to limit yourself not only in terms of alcohol consumption, and eating habits, led to the conclusion that these cards (if they appear) obviously will not clear … Well, as will work card system in our country, which in its history has survived all the systems that could only survive, too Information from Gennady G. yet been received.

We will expect new thoughts about the safety of the health of civilization.

In the "tiger" skin

The fashion for cars "Tiger" is gaining momentum

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that in recent years is about to move from BMW to the Russian car "Tiger." The version of "Tiger" without reservation, in the words of Dmitry Rogozin, they can be applied during business trips. There are reports that a special modification of the "Tiger" with VIP-cabins and engine JAMZ-534 is already being done for the Deputy Prime Minister. With all this press-service of the Military-Industrial Commission said here, that the press did not suddenly appear any misunderstandings: Rogozin buys Russian "Tiger" as a private person. With all of this cost model can be at least about 3 million rubles …

Of course, we will not consider the salary Russian deputy prime minister, because in another pocket to look to us as conscientious people, the very few, indecent, and therefore it remains for Dmitry O. only rejoice. Why? Yes, as with the purchase of "Tiger" He will go down in glorious cohort tigroobladateley, which now include such household names as Nikita Mikhalkov, Shantsev and Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Nikita Sergeyevich of the "Tigers", sorry, like dogs nerezanyh — as many as four. And where only he travels all four cars: neuzh-then loads into their cars all the creative group of the film "Burnt by the Sun 2" and sails away with it (the group) to the barbecue?

But, when they saw that some readers who follow the trends of car, buying "Tiger" Dmitry Rogozin, can lead to the latest fashion in the middle Russian officials at various levels. Utter: Well, if the Deputy Prime Minister as a private person car for 3 million buys, the more horrible than we? What we have, personal, less capital, or what? ..

This scares motorists (especially capital): say, here, and so you spend half your life in traffic jams, and if in addition the column "Tigers" with flashing lights will go to Moscow, then at least in general not put out of the subway … There's really just try them, officials, sort things out, Who is in plain clothes version, and the military who travels to the capital …

But also about the Dagestani marriage should not be forgotten that might follow the example of favorite politicians in terms of movement SPETSAVTO. You can imagine for yourself reports from the streets of the capital: Kutuzovsky Prospect towards the center of the capital is moving convoy "Tiger" slave «Bugatti Veyron» and «Ferrari Enzo» — all rooms with 05-th region. From the open windows of armored vehicles leaving rovnenky mark on the pavement, heard the solemn shots of travmatiki. On the roof of the "Tiger", topped with balls and ribbons, a pair of newlyweds dancing Lezghinka. In the tail of the column in a vain attempt to get ahead of Dagestan civil marriage moves "Tiger" Dmitry Rogozin, returning from a working trip. The sun is setting …

Part II. "With the end we reduce ends meet"

Our revenge will be terrible

About the "Magnitsky Act"

This week, the U.S. Senate voted for the Law of the normalization of trade relations with Russia and Moldova, a component of which is the "Magnitsky Act» (Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act). For the adoption of the law voted 92 senators, against — 4. The solution is to abolish the Jackson — Vanik Russian Federation was adopted unanimously.

Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin said: "Now it's only natural that human rights violators are no longer able to visit the United States and the use of our banking system. This law creates an international precedent. " And John McCain said that the "Magnitsky Act" — no not anti-Russian Law: "I am sure that this is not an anti-Russian and pro-Russian law. This law was passed in the interest of the people of Russia, who deserves much the best interest ". The result of failed Obama, who left to sign the document. Mr. President said that America will continue to work on building democracy in Russia: "My administration will continue to work with Congress and our partners in supporting those who are working on a free and democratic future for the Russian Federation, who support the rule of law and respect for human rights in the world. "

The relevant Russian authority in the person of Comrade Lavrov immediately on the adoption of the law responded"In a meeting with Clinton I confirmed that we will close check the Yankees, who really are guilty of human rights violations."

Advocated about the Russian response to the Yankees and the head of the Duma committee on international affairs Alex Cannon: "In response to the so-called hard version" Magnitsky Act ", which was passed by the U.S. Senate, Our homeland in law may respond by the adoption of the respective law."

Comrade Pushkov offered two options for the Old Testament principle of "an eye for an eye." 1st option — it is the adoption of amendments to the existing law "On the Procedure for Exit from the Russian Federation and the arrival in the Russian Federation", limiting the arrival in Russia of some nasty zabugornyh people, including the Yankees, found guilty of violating the rights of Russian people abroad.

The second option — to extend the scope of the bill, extending it to the inhabitants of those States that were noted its role in human rights violations outside the country — in other words, somewhere in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other countries. It gets popular and bullpen Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, secret CIA bullpen in Europe and the bullpen Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

Council, of course, vote. And, most likely, the law will be adopted by a majority vote. There is, however, one hitch: Vladimir Putin was not so long ago, Barack Obama was invited to Moscow.

After all, if someone with a terrible start and a list, so it is with him, with Mr. Obama. Jail at Guantanamo, he has not closed, but promised to do so before the election in 2008, and in Libya, Mr. President Popper, without asking permission from Congress. And at the moment, paying particular attention to newspaper "ducks" on chemical plans Bashar al-Assad, and he's thinking about human rights violations in Syria. Yes, it will be hard to make a list of the MPs. After all, all other offenders will be smaller — is that George W. Bush on the number of crimes surpass current president. In general,
Bush forgivable: it they say, do not even know where it is on the map — Iraq.

Ladies are suing the Pentagon

They are willing to serve on a par with the men

American women serving in regular military units — more precisely, those of them that have been in "hot spots" have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Defense. They do not like that in his native Democratic Army ladies forbidden to serve in the units conducting ground combat operations.

These militant women of all four, but operates in America's case-law, if they won the case, the ban will be lifted everywhere. The lawsuit filed in federal court-martial in the state of California.

Mary Higar, one of the close-knit foursome reads"My floor has never and in no way affect the performance of tasks my unit in the hot spots. And it should not be the factor that determines whether I can serve in combat units. " Mary was Iraq and Afghanistan. She served for 12 years in the Air Force, the United States. Three years back in Afghanistan, her plane was shot down by the Taliban. Mary survived and got two top military services.

Another of the four Marine captain Zoe Bedell, believes that at least some hot spots fighter may be on the battlefield. It does not matter, man or woman is: "The expression" war zone "means that there is no boundary between the battlefield and a non-hazardous area. Though what a fighter who turned in Iraq or Afghanistan, man or woman, it turns on the battlefield. "

Military correspondent Jennifer Brofer, which took a lot of hot pixels, says: "It is, of course, very dangerous. But these women understand the risks that go on. They fight with the enemy on a par with the men. America just does not want to openly send mothers, daughters, sisters to war. But the truth is that the ladies are already there, they are fighting on the battlefield. And many are dying. If a woman is able to pass all the tests and trials, I'm sure she must be allowed to serve in combat units. "

The Pentagon still keeps mum. It is clear that the army is currently open for more than 14 thousand jobs for women. Equality of the sexes, which in the military in today's times of tolerance to the blue and pink — a thorny issue. Male military believes that the ladies do not cope with the Fizeau. In the Marine Corps, for example, were able to pass the tests of two ladies — ever. In addition, the South American military is understood to go to Afghanistan or Iraq, not in order to grow flowers (although you can name and Afghanistan exceptions). If America is ruining their own young men who, after one or two trips to the hottest point commit suicide, drink too much, are killed by overdoz heroin, get on anti-depressants or go with the mind, then at least the female half of the country spared the Pentagon.

Naked — is free

About ass and tits

Nudists in San Francisco intolerance are persecuted. Them, the unfortunate, do not give any bare breasts, or even the fifth point in a public place. A bit that — these people are fleeing from the sheets and there, these sheets are wrapped unfortunate nudists. Sheer terror, and no to your rights and freedoms.

In San Francisco, at the moment there is an active discussion of the ban to appear naked in public places. In the hall to the deputy said nudists 6 — men and ladies. Provocation is not successful, because the watchmen were fully prepared to meet the protesters: they have found themselves under the hand of sheets they threw for nudists, and later brought troublemakers from the audience.

San Francisco public expresses outrageous idea to ban asses and boobs all nudists are trapped on the reservation on your private beach. According to the city government adopted a law banning nudity in public places (not yet in force), the nudists are not registered children under 5 years of age. Still allowed special permission for the participants of the "bare parades." All others will be considered violators.

For the occurrence of naked people on nudist will have to pay $ 100 fine, when re-exposed part of the same for the bodies of exhibitionist lose two hundred bucks. Well, who undress in a third time to part with half a thousand.

In general the inhabitants of San Francisco has long been complaining about the pebbles — of their passage there. Around these very, sorry, body parts caught my eye. Themselves nudists believe that because they realize their human rights.

Initially, the power to forbid people to sit naked on public benches without bedding and popping odezhki to restaurants. Such restrictions are in force in the past year, and they do not assist much. Exhibitionists purposely sat on the benches, and the restaurants had came intact masses. Now that would be hard to say. Perhaps one day become nudists hold "naked parades" — until such time as the law did not abolish menacing.

By the way, the San Francisco naturists have to do with Russia. Topped share pebbles in the boardroom Oksana Taub, former Muscovite and a former stripper. At the moment, she has three children. Perhaps they, too, go without clothes. By the way, in a time of crisis, to avoid the costs of slacks and blouses — good saving option.

Nudists provocateurs implemented in a boardroom their rights, it is unlikely punished. Is that a detained activist faces sentencing: it is suspected of otsarapanii deputy.

Difficult days are Berezovsky

Boris Abramovich poheril civilians freedom

This week came the news of the capitalist London: Boris Berezovsky — a political character, very well recognized in Russia and this year is even proposing to make it a monarchy — was in financial difficulty. Since no one really knows how much he pounds sterling, euros and dollars, you are not going to read: broke. At least, their "wheelbarrow" at the cost of three hundred thousand pounds, he still has not sold. And a huge bodyguard at his heels should be, as before.

But the disgraced oligarch turned All legal litigation and sold luxury house in the county Souray. And — most importantly: he was made to fund his foundation civilian liberties. And he did not give money to the widow of Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB officer, who died in 2006 when a strange circumstances in the UK, and in fact before Marina Litvinenko, he intensively sponsored.

What are all the same to spend Berezovsky? A ruined his simple greed: Berezovsky has ruined himself by staging a lawsuit against Roman Abramovich. The disgraced oligarch going to get hold of such makarom $ 5 (and even a half) billion dollars. A work of lawyers and other servants of the law in the bourgeois world is nightmarish means — especially when lawyers and other servants of the law know with whom they are dealing. That's fucked.

Now Boris Abramovich quietly pay the legal costs, which are nothing less than one hundred fifty million dollars.

Vpribavok arbitrator Elizabeth Gloster very unpleasant commended the crystal conscientious man Boris Abramovich. Yes, even in writing — in other words, we need to impose, the court decision will remain in the annals of history. Since then, sir Berezovsky branded as "not credible" and "dishonest." His reputation was tarnished not just, it has become wet as water.

One of the three lawyers representing Marina Litvinenko, Ben Emmerson, said newspaper "The Guardian": "Mr Berezovsky has clearly given to understand that he is no longer ab
le to fund the work of the lawyers representing Mrs Litvinenko."

Earlier, Boris Abramovich has listed certain number of pounds to pay the legal costs of Marina Litvinenko, but these funds are lawyers profur-trees, and some time working for free, which is unusual for English lawyers.

Meetings of the Coroner's Court in the case of Litvinenko will last two or three months, so that the costs of Marina Litvinenko only lawyers will be about 300 thousand pounds (480 thousand dollars).

Marina tries to find a way to collect donations on the Web. On the Web site, "The Equity Fund named Litvinenko" denotes that the person who will transfer more than 75 bucks, it will give a signed book, "Sasha, Volodya, Boris. The history of murder "(aka" Death of a Dissident ").

Widow puts his own to find out the truth: "I ask for help, because I wish to find out the truth. To do this I need money to pay expenses. I have a very strong team for this examination, which works fine. I want to keep it, because these people can assist me to find out who is behind this crime. Involved thereto people of Russia. "

Earlier sovereign Berezovsky led a campaign to discredit the Russian government, and now his main hobby — scrape the bottom of the barrel.

"In the drama of fate, the decision of the British court did what 10 years the Kremlin could not: put an end to the anti-Putin of Boris in London" — bitterly said one friend Berezovsky, who wished to remain anonymous.

Actually, Boris Abramovich refused to help in vain Marina Litvinenko. In fact, he did generously (because of their own modest abilities and capabilities). So you imagine: the beginning of the court hearing on the Litvinenko case, when it turns out that the consequence is something going on equipment purchased from the "not credible" and "dishonest" person. And this unflattering reputation recorded in writing in the court …

Bread line is another truth about the West

To stand in queues shameful, but people want to have

The crisis dopek Finns so that they do not become enough money even for their daily bread. Modern Finland is similar to the USSR Gorbachev era, only instead of intoxicated bread queues here.

A research center for the first time questioned those Finns who stood in line for free bread and other food. The survey involved 905 people — the inhabitants of Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo. The study — part of the project, ongoing throughout the country.

Many Finns receive free food shameful. 40% of respondents fear that "neighbors and friends will find out about it."

Virtually all consumers free bread (92%) uttered that food from the remains of their salary maximum of 100 euros per month.

Not the fact that if you're smart, then secured. Nowhere debunked this known world, as in Finland. Results of the study showed that it is not a bad education — does not guarantee prosperity. Half of the respondents hungry has completed secondary education professor. No need to think, what kind of bread are worth visiting. Immigrants in queues only a quarter.

The economic crisis dopekayut and Britain. The country has increased significantly the number of "food banks" — charities, handing out food poor. Those who get up in Britain in the hungry queue for the last year was twice more.

The new soup kitchens open every day or three. British number living below the poverty line, will soon be over 13 million. The price of goods supply in England for the last 5 years has grown by 32%. In particular, prices grow in this capitalist country before Christmas.

Since last year, a jump of appeals to food banks hungry for young people.

Anonymous says: "The first time I came here, I felt somehow uncomfortable. I do about these centers is not known. I even began to sob. But the people I met friendly and reassured. "

British painting complements survey sociological center «Tesco». His results shown, that for every ten families in England hunger — a daily reality. So as not to give hungry kids, moms defected to three meals a day: Mon, Wed, Fri. This is not a joke: many ladies eat in one day. 9% of the population over the last year often left without food for all the kids ate. Some families rely on friends or relatives. The queues in the "food banks" will grow.

In general, golodovat the British, as the Finns have little time. After all … coming to an end.

Julia Gillard believes in the end of the world

People can die from a zombie invasion, the triumph of Korean pop music, or the arrival of hellish demons

By preparing for Armageddon, not only in Russia. Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia, recorded darkly ironic appeal to his compatriots.

"My dear fellow citizens! End of the world really is coming. <…> It seems that the Mayan calendar Redskins proved to be accurate, "- she said.

Promising to end of the world, Gillard said that every cloud has a silver lining: it will die, but she will not have to give an interview to the newspaper people exhausting.

As to the facts of universal catastrophe, it is not known Australian premershe: "Does not matter, what would be the final blow. Whether it is a brain-eating zombie invasion of demons from hell or the ultimate triumph of Korean pop music, one thing you can always be convinced that I will always be with you. Until the very end. "

Then Julia Gillard has wished all … fortune.

One commenter expressed the attitude of the Web to the roller premershi this: "Julia — well done! You grew up in my eyes! And by the way, I personally hope for a zombie … "

Welcome to Hell!

From time to time this phrase written in charcoal on the registry office, but here, in my opinion, it is more appropriate.

* "This is just the flu all together to be ill, but with the mind alone go!" — A phrase from the cartoon "Three from Buttermilk"

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