Results of the week. Tsigel, tsigel, comrades! Ai-lu-lu

Part I. They can only dream of peace

McFaul does not restart. Remove the puzzle?

And perhaps not long ago showed himself our old good friend, a man surrounded by "wild" people ", the South American salting Michael McFaul. On the old days it was made by the Higher School of Economics, where in-sizzling favorite unctuous manner conveyed to the audience all the vision of the situation in Russia and its relations with the United States. Started salting, under prevailing psychology textbooks Carnegie canons for the health. For the health, by Michael McFaul, — a pair of standard phrases about the "control-alt-delite", I mean the continuation of a reboot. Allegedly, the U.S. trusts people, that the Emperor Putin … that democratic norms … that a reboot will continue … Well, anyway, it's just an ordinary predictable style. Next McFaul, deciding that "carrots", "savages" have received the full program that ran, as they read to aqua procedures, and watered their "boiling water" crowd …

Results of the week.  Tsigel, tsigel, comrades!  Ai-lu-lu

First, as decided to speak in terms of the South American salting — is that our homeland Tipo everywhere wants to achieve a positive final with bribes. It remains unknown for sure why specifically bribery decided to speak sovereign McFaul during his own "lecture." Maybe not so long ago, he had the good fortune to talk with the metropolitan traffic police inspectors or tried to get to the inspection to the therapist in the district hospital …

McFaul remembered for some reason in 2009 and Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, who, they say, the Kremlin has promised billions in bribes for the fact that he got rid of the U.S. base at Manas — the transit center. This salting can not understand: they say, why get rid of the Russian Federation of foreign military bases, because these bases is no danger of it are not. Say, for what is our homeland trying to "buy" the loyalty of foreign favorites to advance their own interests. U.S. same hell itself had not allowed myself to … South American administration sees as the main South American God (the multi-trillion dollar national debt), never in fact did not go on the introduction of the budget funds for the search loyalty. True, the U.S. has another mechanism of how this loyalty to find, not counting the use of products of the printing press, it is also the main means of persuasion — "Tomahawk" and the languorous bombers.

Next McFaul is currently stylish read, gave "legal" assurances that the State Department does not fund the Russian opposition in general and Alexei Navalny, viz. And the hunt to reach from McFaul, a couple of huge guarantees than ordinary word-legal (in the case of South America is probably one and the same), fired into the wind. There is such an option — as in once in Russian courts, asking, "Tooth give?"

Salting said that only fund organizations civilian society. It turns out that the Russian opposition, which indirectly confirms himself McFaul, no relation to a civilian society has not. Oh my! .. It seems that the sovereign salting did not realize that said, the fact itself strung on a large double hook: if the State Department does not fund the opposition, meaning the opposition in Russia — not civil and public birds of a feather, and if all the same that birds of a feather , it turns out that it is also financed by the State Department. That's such an incident from a philosophical head of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Moscow. Well, what can I say — with us, "savages", and not as sboltnesh …

"Black Magic" Cabinet of the Minister of Education, or Fursenko — 2

No sooner had the Russians waving blue handkerchiefs vosled who left his seat in the Government of Andrei Fursenko, as it seems that it is the seat occupied "Fursenko-2" — Dmitry Livanov. And it needed to happen w: not had this very new Education Minister in the chair to sit sovereign Fursenko, as here of it (the new minister) mouth poured words that many have better hands to wipe his eyes and glasses — I do not whether Andrei Alexandrovich again returned to the office for themselves. No, probably — another person, but what if the new minister says? And he says the subsequent. In his view, an urgent need to halve the number of budget places in universities and started to run across to the total Pay higher education … Say, how higher education will be paid, as the case at us and go! You will be able to take out loans for which will be calculated later Tipo employer … Well this is what the employer is in Russia, I'm sorry, will become our reality is something for young professionals to pay? No, it can, of course … But perhaps that of the salary of the youngest spices.

Results of the week.  Tsigel, tsigel, comrades!  Ai-lu-lu

Now let's count up the financial side of the matter.

So, sir Livanov said that it was necessary to raise the cost of tuition for 1 student with 60,000 rubles per year to 250,000 (in his opinion, it will affect the efficiency of the education). Multiply 250,000 for 5 years and we find that enrollees to go to university to take a bank no less than 1,250,000 rubles. With those percentages, which are now exhibited banks, a young man (if he takes the credit for 5 years, and payments begin with the start of work) will have to pay each month for 25,000 (!) Rubles at a minimum. Given that the average salary in most Russian regions less than the amount purchased in the calculations, it is difficult to imagine myself as a young man (oh, no, sorry — the employer) will pay with their credit …

But it is far not the only pitfall idea of a new Minister of Education. Imagine for yourself that the university barely finishes troechnik Terry, who somehow put him in the bath Three diploma. Comes such a person, for example, the creation, and that the employer is aware that a graduate in general is incompetent, and pay something for it on the accounts should be … and you can not lay off and keep — for themselves more. In-about-the-by … In the end, this person may, after working a couple of months to want to quit (yes even for family events), and to the employer for him still necessary to pay … or if credit history is outweighed by other employer? In general, put forth a riddle Dmitry Livanov, but such a puzzle that unknown to her, even more than the initial data.

Yeah, the chair of Andrei Fursenko has apparently magical powers, and the smells here a frank dark mysticism. Maybe chair fitted by a dark skin? .. Then the newcomer to the Minister give a hint to the idea: let, whether that will change the color of the chair — and thoughts may appear lighter …

Marsh moved to the Rustaveli

Joyful Sunday expects the incumbent Georgian Misha Saakashvili. The Georgian opposition, led by his favorite Bidzina Ivanishvili, decided to give the president a surprise in the form of a multi-million protesters, to be held in the streets of Tbilisi in the output day. Apparently, the opposition is aware that Saakashvili did not have huge shake-ups for the near future, and Misha Nikolozovich greatly relieved. Now the oppo
sition coalition Saakashvili wants to show that at the next election of himself and of his political power can not wait awesome fiasco.

Just hearing the word of Saakashvili tyschah 75 people, which can stem the Rustaveli Avenue, he also decided to put its own back. And what kind of impact can cause major proponent of democracy in the Caucasus? Well, of course, to accuse the opposition of links with Russia. As Ivanishvili spoke about the fact that his party "Georgian Dream" in cooperation with other partners in a broad coalition in the elections could "take" the parliament, so Misha Saakashvili and launched into his deadly weapon. Look, people: Ivanishvili has money ties to Moscow! — Exclaimed the current Georgian authorities. — This means that Ivanishvili — a protege of the Kremlin. Well, in general, the traditional art of oratory, all branded enemies of the Georgian president.

But Ivanishvili was not born embroidered far. He took, well, Moscow sold all of its assets to fully concentrate on the election campaign. They say, look, good people — nothing to me this northern state, which is "occupied" our land, not binding. It may, of course, for Ivanishvili question of "occupation" is sharp and not worth it, but in the modern Georgian realities that sovereign Saakashvili its reddish embroidered crosses, the issue of "occupation" if you want — you do not want a raise … I do not need to lift up — lose votes, which the incumbent Georgian president taught not to adore Russia.

In general, a cut diamond in Georgia already had found. And if the rallies organized by Bidzina Ivanishvili will be relaxed, and even without the police "trick" then you can read that from the ocean Saakashvili wagged a finger: say, Ivanishvili do not touch (it has the same "grandmother"), and he (incumbent), this "advice heeded. And if you will, "holiday" parade of Georgian law enforcers with a salute of rubber bullets and "laughing" mass of the gas, you can be sure that Misha has a power-on and then compete Tsykanov from Washington and can not respond, once again citing interference with communication …

Interrupted check …

In the yard in May. Many people are thinking about where it is better to own a vacation. Someone, by tradition, chose resorts of Krasnodar Krai, someone waved to Spain, one in Thailand, well, four Russian bikers decided to "sunbathe" on the territory of … Iraq. The travelers, whose names were known (Alexander Vardanyants, Oleg trap Maxim Ignatiev and Oleg Maximov), on its own steel stallions decided to surf the Near East and, as they put it, rinse the wheel of their own bikes in the Persian Gulf. But apparently, the guys forget that some have their wheels in this very bay shall have the right to wash unless the South American armored vehicles.

Results of the week.  Tsigel, tsigel, comrades!  Ai-lu-lu

Maybe that's why bikers were detained and taken to Baghdad to "clarify the situation." The reason for the detention, by the way, served as a kind of extravagant or biker, or a very fascinating fact — the 1st of motorcyclists vigilant Iraqi policing found a cell phone in his underwear and immediately suspected all four of the Russian Federation in espionage. Apparently, the dominance of Hollywood movies abruptly knocked in the head by the Iraqi polismenam as spies represent the phones in the pants, riding bikes with roaring engines — this is a good deal.

Further Russian bikers in Iraq bullpen faced with the triumph of democracy, which in this country has brought the South American army. Democracy resulted in the apparent beating. Apparently, so makarom Iraq "forced labor system" has decided to kick out of reading about the Russians on who they work — maybe on the FSB, and maybe on the SVR, but bikers as Malchish-Kibalchish, no voice in the response, and only had time to scribble SMS-ki in Moscow, describing how the Iraqi them joyful holiday …

In the end, all four all the same handed over to the representatives of the Russian Embassy, but announced that they were in Iraq on fake visas. Frame tour company that embodies the bikers Iraqi visas, slipped them counterfeit. It remains a mystery why someone handy fake visas in such "Tourist Paradise", which is now Iraq. But now that the travel agency threatened severe problems.

So, motorcyclists Iraqis were released, but left their bikes at home. Because if someone suddenly decides recently to go to Iraq in order to "warm up" for its sunny beaches, the form of speeding whooping Iraqis on steel stallions with Russian numbers should not mislead them … trophies …

Part II. Broad is my native

People are, and no rights

A few days back the U.S. State Department has published another The yearly report on human rights in the world. How can one realize after reading the report, Our homeland — not the worst country on the planet. Most bad country — is Belarus, Iran, China, North Korea, Syria, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. People in these countries is, but the rights from them — no.

What do you want? Our motherland of all just fake elections, suppresses peaceful opposition demonstrations and a bit stifling freedom of the press. Well, still oppresses the rights of LGBT people. Gays are human beings too, not just in Russia all understand it.

Byelorussia posed in the report among the worst on merit. Judge for yourself: when the blue German Minister Guido Westerwelle referred to an old good Batka for European Progressive habit of "dictator", the Belarusian president indignantly"As to the second, not pink, not blue, that there was shouting about dictatorship … Having heard that, I thought about it: better to be a dictator than blue." And dictatorial Belarus decided to register the report as a country without rights.

Iran. In this country, with its underground nuclear facilities, where it goes in, then do not let the IAEA inspectors, uranium is enriched, according to rumors, is not up to 20, and up to 27%. Of course, 90% is still far away — probably just as far as the reference to democracy Jefferson. In addition, obstinate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad somehow not lust, as required by the country's "six", to limit the enrichment of uranium to a level of 20%, to close at Fordow enrichment complex, and even take out the available supplies of enriched uranium — and all this just so, for nothing. No, say, sanctions to end — at least in part. But no, the Europeans and the Americans have refused to take part, even with Iran sanctions. Instead of Tehran responded that make out the possibility of lifting the sanctions, "later." In addition, the generous Western leaders have offered Tehran nuclear fuel for the production of medical isotopes, annotations on the operation of nuclear reactors and … spare parts for passenger aircraft. The Iranians can behave courteously, and just because a similar proposal dubbed the "obsolete, incomplete and unbalanced."

In China, Believe in America, squander on defense (and maybe for the preparation of a future war with the United States — for world hegemony) is not 106 billion. dollars a year, as officially announced, and either 120 or 180. And who can live 180 billion cost Chinese can not only capture America, and the moon to Mars. And there is still only added fuel to the fire of many years of undemocratic persecution in China famous blind human rights a
ctivist Chen Guangcheng, who managed to escape from house arrest in a remote province of China, and for the next day was not just anywhere, but in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, for 500 km from his native village. Yankees had rushed to give him a grant and enroll a student in the Institute of New York. Later in the year, a new State Department report will fall naturally, and journalist Yang Rui, one of the supporters of the Chinese dictatorship. This is exactly it, despite the tolerance and other democratic niceties hot called "Bureau of Public Security wants to get rid of the foreign scum … Off with them their foreign snake heads. People who can not find work in the U.S. or Europe, often come to China to assign our resources, the slave trade or disseminate false information to encourage people to emigrate. " What kind of law here …

With North Korea everything as clear. A totalitarian regime, missiles, nuclear weapon, polygons, dangers to obliterate the peaceful South Korea. And executions of officials, drunks on the personal orders of Kim Jong Un — and a mortar. That no trace of any hair left. No, human rights do not find here. Yes, no one looks up.

Syria. This is a terrible country, where President Assad daily destroys his people, representatives of which have remained shaky one and only outlet: protest at "Twitter". (In general, the choice of the opposition has: you can still wage war shoulder to shoulder with the "Al-Qaeda"). As the South American thinks a senior senator from Arizona, John McCain, Bashar al-Assad in Syria has killed 10,000 people. So soon there will not be not only a right, and people.

In Turkmenistan Only 9 May 2012 abolished the historical concept majestically Russian war. Yes, this is far backward from the Democratic Republic of Latvia, worshiping heroes of the SS! And far from Lithuania, which often exposes the Russian Federation accounts for the "Soviet occupation" — all in the direction of growth. But, what is now the majestic Russian Turkmenistan will be called simply "the war of 1941-1945." Suggests the same idea in a subsequent report of the status of this South American country to be upgraded.

As he tried to instill salting Krol Uzbeks true look at the history — I mean look South American — these stubborn as ever unwilling to assume the same stateliness Russian war ordinary "conflict" in which the arrogant Germans have passed the German-Uzbek border a little east of the Connecticut valiant Uzbeks with brave Yanks deported to their Teutonic area, and there butchered under the nut. Censorship, which introduces hard on areas under its control pochetaemy Mr. Krol, who wants to ban the host country of the address criticism of its own, too, in the middle of the Uzbeks are not accustomed. That is why, and Uzbekistan to grow to that height of human rights, which blooms and smells in America.

Portrait of the president's coat and suit

Artist Brett Murray has recently painted a portrait of South African President Jacob Zuma. This portrait was exhibited in Johannesburg gallery "Goodman". But neither the president nor the court, which asked for the decision to ban the public display picture of the ruling party "African State Congress", it is a work of art did not like.

Results of the week.  Tsigel, tsigel, comrades!  Ai-lu-lu

These are the times! Do not like it — so immediately and to the tribunal? What kind of democracy in South Africa? A portrait painter, gallery accepted it. People walk by looking. One might even say, admire. Those to whom the portrait in particular came to the liking, distributed copies of the Web. True, May 22, vandals, traces of which, as they say, lead to the president, took the picture so doused with paint. Black and reddish. I had to remove the tainted fabric from the gallery.

The painting, by the way, is called "spear." That after all, the president is depicted there with a gun or a portable missile launcher, and with a simple spear, in a reference to his racial inferiority? No, God forbid. Not a spear or dart, nor the bow does not have. No, and glass beads on the neck.

A representative of the "African State Congress" still say that the painting — "rude and crude".

Hard to please the president. Especially since Zuma: South Africa is already a favorite sued 11 times, giving sue for innuendo. At one point, also pleaded with the artist: someone Jonathan Shapiro depicted violence lady president, but not the ordinary, and personifies justice.

The painting "Spear" Zuma is written in the coat. And under his overcoat — suit. Maybe not enough tie? No, and there is a tie. Coat the wrong color or a style? Green and jacket — reddish? Yes, even with blue buttons? No, the feeling did not change the color of the painter.

There are, of course, one aspect: in the place where it ends presidential jacket, a painter to paint Murray forgot pants. Well, at least something. Even if yellow. Let no pants and sports tights. Would have gone and the Chinese "Adidas" with 3 stripes. Yes there with 3 — with 2!

Well, no pants or tights, so even shorts. Swim family. Black, green, at the end of a slender, polka dots. Inspiration is inspiration, this president understands. Coat, suit and pants with polka dots — and the gallery. Indeed, the original.

But the painter to paint or saved, or decided to reach even more originality, but no panties president of the country, he did not draw. No shorts or swimming trunks or tights or trousers. Not a fig leaf for you.

And remained sovereign Zuma's coat, in a suit — and no panties. With naked as a cultural written in the press, the genitals.

And sue — worthless. The Tribunal has already said that it is not able to track down a ban on the distribution of the work "Spear". To do this, the judicial system, South Africa would have to cover the entire Web.

Representatives of the "African State Congress" urging that this picture means a sign of disrespect to the president, and vpribavok to the constitution. By the constitution? Well, at least disrespect to the biology and physiology are not dragged.

Zuma thought it would be better about this. In 1-x, the picture is called "Spear" and not "worm" (and Zuma — 70 years old, he is going to marry a second time, and he has 18 kids). It does not have to sue, and to award the artist. In-2, the emperor moved his brains to Zuma and that nepoprostu South American ex-president Bill Clinton entered the nedavneshnem poll of the top five best presidents of the country's history — after Lincoln, Reagan, Washington, and Kennedy. With the economy in the United States under Clinton was better than Bush Jr. and Obama, but in the main Clinton became famous for his courageous relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Clinton roundness of the cabinet's all remember, and who remembers Coolidge and Ford?

With second wife, eighteen babies and painting "Spear" — which did not have to dirty their paint, and it was necessary to purchase from Murray and hang in the bedroom — Zuma would have been promised lifetime and posthumous fame.

From time to time, more and more politicians are lacking the usual drama.

Angela Merkel in Berlin — it's in Russia. Near Hamburg

Kids can embarrass adults. Their leaves it perfectly because they are untainted by heart — and to drive the paint did not intend to. It is one thing when a simple folder or be troubled nurse in the kitchen, and quite another when a
fool, terribly uncomfortable situation gets publicly any special adult. For example, one of those people who often show on TV. Which run the country. Who all believe just because they may never wrong.

Results of the week.  Tsigel, tsigel, comrades!  Ai-lu-lu

If George W. Bush recognized expert on Africa, was able to publicly flaunt their geographical zaniyami ("We must assist in the democratization of Afghanistan, Iraq and other African countries"), then Angela Merkel, whose children are in the old days had a small test, ashamed of his own miss.

German Chancellor aunt asked the children to show on the map of her native city. No, they are not subjected to the test, Angela Merkel, deliberately giving her difficult task: the point is that the class was a public lecture on the theme of movement — and the conversation was about, where someone was born. A board hanging on a contour map. It was found incidentally that Angela Merkel was born in Hamburg. Pupils displayed on the map their home town, and the same had to do, and the Chancellor.

And it's here that Frau Merkel and missed. And missed seriously wanting to show on the world map native Hamburg, she decided to first determine with where Berlin is located. Oh, it would seem, Berlin, then … here and there, nach Osten … And Mrs. Merkel smiled and poked a pointer in Russia, in the area of the Republic of Komi.

— No, wrong! — In the class laughed.

The children showed the Chancellor of Germany, where Berlin. The capital of Germany itself.

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