Results of the week. Uh-oh! This Indian state hut! Figure you Exactly!

Part I. "One even pulled a scandal"

Lena Agriculture

Lena Skrinnik the case "Rosagroleasing" indicated Zubkov

Last week, TV reporters, "Russia-1" were announced in the scale fraud "Rosagroleasing." It turned out that at the time when the company rules Skrinnik Lena, from the treasury of weird way somewhere has got to nothing less than 39 billion rubles. 39 billion! From that amount, even the gentlemen of "Oboronservis" could swallow saliva …

Lena B. (who after working in "Rosagroleasing", as you know, sat in the chair Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, and later became a presidential adviser Tipo) litsezrev on the days of film myself, sweetheart, said that all this slander and provocation journalists. According to her, there was no fraud, and could not be, and all those unfinished bankrupt farms and farm land that the papers are alive and well, in general, to its operations have no case.

It would seem that all we need to Lena Borisovne believe, because we have anyone anyhow ministers, advisers and later does not prescribe … But do not believe it. Well, as here believe, when he press secretary Dmitry Peskov said Lena Skrinnik even just not any advisor to the head of state … Is it all the same, "face" comes out?

Realizing that the clouds above her head painted gathering, Lena B., today witnessed the passing of the case "Rosagroleasing" suddenly dared to take a desperate step. She swung on the sacred: the gentleman on the Order "For awards to the Motherland", the former deputy prime minister and at one time even the former Acting Prime Minister — Viktor Zubkov. The one Viktor Zubkov, who was in charge of agriculture, plus a member of the Board of Directors' Rosagroleasing "- at a time when the company's billion" went the wrong way … "" Ask Zubkov, "- about how to do the investigators recommended Lena B. — in terms of where the funds are …

Lena B., who at any moment can move from the category of witnesses in an entirely different category, Lena B., who is also interested in the Swiss prosecutor's office has decided to go for broke, virtually declaring that "I'm not guilty — Zubkov misled." Lured to Skrinnik Zubkov, or Lena Agricultural ruled his thoughts in financial activities "Rosagroleasing" must understand the competent authorities.

It's amazing is not so much the fact that such names appear in the case, but how serious discrepancies were cash. After all, when you consider that in 2007-2009 from the state budget to the statutory fund "Rosagroleasing" listed 45 billion rubles, it turns out that the stolen more than 85% of the share capital … That swing, here is the scale! Vasilyeva, Zakutaylo, Smetana and even Koreiko nervously smoking in aside …

"My thoughts, my horses"

In Sotk best thinkers year were Navalny and «Pussy Riot»

The thought process — a very fragile thing. Even more delicate looks evaluation of the thought process of other individuals. That is utter to you: Come quick vote without thinking of those who have the idea of going in the right direction, and who does not. Agree that it's not so easy to do. It is sometimes thought hard in order to bring and what to do with the ideas of others? Generally the most real snag. Plato and Aristotle, tea, in today's world could not be found. And if there is not Aristotle, nor Platonov, then the assessment should be postponed until the best times.

But, as it turned out during the week, no lumps on the body of philosophy did not prevent the planet altogether is popular South American magazine «Foreign Policy» to name the best 100 global thinkers of our time (in 2012). And looking at this best, according to the designated publication, the list supermysliteley, comes to mind is the idea that, perhaps, manifested by its drafters or the impact of the hurricane "Sandy", or overdue antidepressants, and, perhaps, the counterfeit alcohol …

Well, the truth is not every time possible to see the list of the best global thinkers names of people like Alexei Navalny (45th place) and Ben Bernanke (15th place) … This is the place in which developed the thinking activity of these winners, if the first in the fight against corruption, he manages to become one of the links in corruption schemes, and the other so skillfully lead the U.S. economy to prosperity, that the municipal debt of such skills is growing and stands out like a batter at Opare.

In the list of top thinkers in 16th place, followed by monetary genius Ben, were members of the band «Pussy Riot». It turns out that panketki of «PR» think a bit less lively than the head of the U.S. Federal Reserve. But their brains are much livelier, such as mental capabilities Condoleezza Rice (39th place). Apparently, the South American magazine put them on the list for the ability to jump on a negligee fountains, right to be sexually active in the last month of pregnancy (in public places) and superimpose the words recorded in the studio, on video, captured in the temple.

Seriously lagged behind the mental activity of «Pussy Riot» Eugene Chirikov, which is located at a moderate 70th place. But the thought-racers Chirikova, Navalny Tolokonnikova and other winners did not go to any comparison with the ideas of third prize winners list.

Attention! .. Drum roll! .. Third place and the bronze medal for the gushing thoughts on world peace, a brighter future puppy joy at the overthrow of the "hateful anti-human regimes," the couple gets … Clinton: Hillary and her tireless faithful companion — Bill, co-operative thought process which at one time a bit was not cut short by one saucy girl who loved to show her black dress in front of television cameras … Bill and Hillary, Hillary and Bill! Stormy prolonged applause, comrades! ..

Surprisingly, as this "supposedly savvy" people could still get around who took the second place of the Tunisian President Marzouki and favorites — 2-politicians from Myanmar. The Clintons do not have lasted a little bit, it is a little bit … But they still ahead.

Ahead of all, and Alexei Navalny, who, it appears, is expected to "friends" in places not so remote. This, namely, wrote "Moskovsky Komsomolets". Journalists "MK" spoke with a representative of one of the gang, who, reflecting on contemporary favorites opposition in Russia, said Navalny, if it proves to be "in the zone" in connection with "swamp thing" and "Kirovlesom" can not really be lucky. It turns out that a lawyer Bulk deigned in 2007 unflattering comments about the then skinheads Maxim Marcinkiewicz (nicknamed Slasher), and not only respond, and dash off, to put appropriate language, "cart" on Marcinkiewicz in the prosecutor's office — for his nationalistic expressions using Slasher which tore debate organized Navalny. As a result, Marcinkiewicz landed behind bars. After his release in 2010, Marcinkiewicz sharpening tooth on the 45th thinker of all the planet Navalny, and for the company to prepare Marcinkiewicz meet the "bread and salt" opposition leader and those who are fellow Slasher "spiritually" close.

Well this is how Alexey may rise in the South American ranking if it appears in the middle of thinkers cellmates! How much time will he for the latest mental alertness! «Pussy Riot» won already hard to spread the idea of the tree, mastering the opposition "by the rules" …

"My favorit
e city can sleep …"

Patrolling the streets of Moscow want not only the Cossacks

In the week began to patrol the streets of Moscow Cossack brigade. 1st Cossack patrols were seen at the Belarus station. In uniform, with marks of distinction, when complete, so to speak, setting-up … The task of the Cossacks, in their own words, it was the embodiment of detecting an unauthorized trade, ad hoc provision of car parking and public policy. And if against public policy to ensure no one at the station, in principle, have nothing against them, then that's all to the unauthorized trade was far more difficult. Cossacks, of course, like to show prowess and gave valiant, but later began to slip sometimes words: what exactly is it that the Cossacks? We have, then, unauthorized trade with parking and check some more? ..

One of the critics of the Cossack initiative is the representative of the People's Assembly of Dagestan Kamil Davdiev. Sovereign Davdiev said that before start patrolling the streets of Moscow, the Cossacks had to ask views of representatives of state diaspora … Why would a Cossack "campaign" in Moscow as a representative of the Dagestan caused anxiety legislature? .. I do not come to the Cossacks at a very close distance to a particular concession stand or car park?

Kamil Davdiev, backed his words to the effect that the Cossacks had to "consult", came out with a unique offer: "Let us, we will go together." Apparently, to "walk together" should be the only reason, that alone does not allow other very much to get used to the role of capital supervisors. And that after all, what good are suitable Cossacks to the capital's stall with donuts for testing, and then a stall-under the auspices of an urban Dagestani Deputy Speaker or the Deputy Mayor of work … This is where the assistants of Derbent and Makhachkala either have to give a hint kazachkah , that they were passing by.

In general, the initiative to patrol the capital, of course, needs to be expanded. Because even if we put together a team "three Cossacks — three Dagestani", the "advice" about the rest of Muscovites asked the other guests of the capital. Then you need to go on a subsequent path: to form patrols by a multinational basis. That's one of the possible options:

Kazak, Moldavian, Avar,
Tajik, Armenian and Chinese,
Bakinets, Roma and Georgians:
"Muscovite, remember, you are not alone!"
Chechen, a Jew, and Yakut:
"Muscovite, all you lay up!"

Stone will endure

The opposition goes to the woods

When a cat is nothing to do, it's clear what occupation he finds himself. Approximately the same way, but involving, speak out so that the general public, has decided to go a group of people calling themselves podnatorevshie opposition. On this week's group of friends, we are probably itching syndrome often manifests itself in various places, had gathered on its rare share. The essence of the action was the fact that one company that specializes in the manufacture of funeral products, was commissioned by the monument with the inscription, "This stone erected in memory of the victims of political repression ORDYNSKY-Kremlin occupation. Ancient city of Przemysl. " The monument was brought to the place where, according to some reports, the 13-15 centuries. housed the historical territory of Przemysl, allegedly fighting for the independence of Muscovy, which itself was at that time under the yoke of the Horde. Enthusiasts have managed to drag a heavy stone to the forest (about 30 km from Moscow), where to install it in the overgrown trees and bushes hill. Organizers said the installation of the obelisk, that this event is held in memory of innocent victims by the Kremlin in 1379, Prince Ivan Sonya, who for the independence of the very Przemysl fought.

In general, the more the child played, as they say … becoming obelisk — but for God's sake: though the prince, princess, even though slaves, even the dead from the greedy hands of the epic ass dog, mutt who loved … But the opposition-creators not just a monument set in the forest, they obviously wanted to, at least, the local fame, and therefore notified their local event of power … And we have the local authorities themselves understand what: they do not love to joke, and others often do not allow.

In general, arrived at their historical catastrophe personal scale, law enforcement officers, and of blocking the laying of flowers and uttering fiery speeches about "ORDYNSKY-Kremlin occupiers." Well, what the organizers want? Said yourself, passwords themselves and turnout dubbed, and later began waving his arms: they say, what … what right … who are you …

Driven by increasingly unique thoughts today Russian opposition, one can imagine that they would soon otvazhutsya to the latest campaign: the installation on the memorable days of Peipsi iron buckets of text devoted to the knights of the Livonian Order, which came to Russia with the apparent aim of bringing the democratic standards of this "wild "… The main ground for all this — do not forgot to inform the" FAF "Administration of the Pskov region and all," Chud "police department.

Dubbed a spade a spade

Foreign agents noted with crafts

In the week and proved to be another unique event. While one set obelisks in suburban forests, others have decided to call a spade those who lead their public activities in Russia funded by foreign grants. The fact that they themselves recipients of funds from zabugornyh countries in the rigid form said they were not going to recognize themselves overseas agents. Apparently, the activists on the other flank is outraged, and so they are not thinking, prepared their banners with the words "Here sits a foreign agent" and under the cover of night hoisted them on the structure of the movement "For Human Rights" and "Memorial". Stickers with similar inscriptions appeared on the doorway of the Capital Group and the Helsinki Foundation USRF. It seemed to them not much, and "night informants population" wrote about those foreign agencies or other organizations, and even the facades of buildings, paint.

The action is obviously more exciting than installing wood obelisks. With all this people going into buildings marked above, immediately saw the trail of their deeds of the Kremlin. Say, this is Putin took, well, and had sent his own men to the roofs swarmed by night. Putin is handed over to the hands on a can of paint and said, "Go ahead and write." Well and banners in their own home studio Putin and Medvedev together to be built to one, you know, the fabric spreads, the other through a prepared Surkov stencil paint pours …

In general, in this case, no action on the local authorities to warn did not, and Cossack Patrol, apparently, that night slept solidly, and beheld colored dreams of Don spills yes busty kazachkah.

Part II. "The tradition — the punishment for a smart and an object of worship for fools"

«Milda pissing tours» and other rituals

Riga cultural tourists are not needed

Past Latvian Minister of Culture and past editor in chief of the newspaper "Die
na" Sarmīte S.ēlerte fighting for the post of mayor of Riga: Latvian ruling nominated her party "Unity".

This lady knows how to fight in the election battle. Having become a female candidate, she refused to read with the radio "Voice of Russia" in the Russian language. And in Latvian announced the main purpose of his return to Riga … no, you thought correctly … the return of Riga in Latvia. Today Riga mayor runs the named Neil Ushakov, and, therefore, the city looks like a very Russian. About such a conclusion can be drawn from female candidates resounding statement about the "return."

If Comrade Ushakov is characterized by many people as a strong and experienced manager, then Sarmīte S.ēlerte previously edited the largest newspaper in Latvia. On the pages of her battered and politicians and candidates in politics, and their opponents, and along with business executives. S.ēlerte now plans to do once and a politician and business executive, not quite seem to understand that at one point was on the other side of the stage. Now the media, gripping the former professional gazetchitsu will cling to her every word, it turn out so and so, viewed under a magnifying glass, and wag his-Latvian and in Russian. Imposed similarity with a policeman in conflict with the law and after the trial got in jail. The prisoners, as you know, is not so favor the former guards in their own close-knit ranks of hooliganism. That policy, which up to this battered by Mrs. S.ēlerte with enjoyment will speak about her new initiatives to transform the promised place in Riga.

The current mayor of the emergence of a rival responded with a grin and a characteristic irony he promised reporters and the public a fun election campaign. By the way, he himself a journalist.

And if so, Sarmīte made a new offer, the least sensitive and designed to scale if you do not return the Riga Latvian people, at least to purge the city from the Russian guests. S.ēlerte said it will do everything to attract European tourists to the city.

"Riga has to be the star of the North European, rather than a place of entertainment for the Russian oligarchs" — said S.ēlerte.

In contrast, the business executive Ushakov candidate is from the "Unity" forgets that the Russian, among which really meet and oligarchs in Riga wasting money. The crisis in Latvia, which has already criticized in Estonia — for the fact that it has no funds for uniforms for a fighter — Russian money, let them smell and occupational oligarchic deal, oh as needed.

In addition, the statement of the former cultural neobmyslennye ministersha demonstrate that she forgets about what she should be fine to keep in mind — about the culture.

The fact that Russian tourists behave decently in Latvia many immigrants from somewhere malotsivilizovannyh states like Britain, Germany, Sweden or any there.

In the middle of the English, for example, are popular tours in Latvia, received a strange title: «Milda pissing tours».

It turns out that among young Britons became fashionable taste in Riga alcohol and then reach their own goals coming in a friendly country: to find mildew (Freedom Monument Latvia) and celebrate small need it. By Milda has long been smells bad, but — what can you do: British tourist, look morale … Apparently, Neil Ushakov not want to resist the invasion of the British pound intensity varies by armor. And «Milda pissing tours» last, and from sculpture Liberty pulls harder all the English urine. The British in the Latvian capital to get drunk pig squeal and run naked through the streets of the town (this media frenzy and snowy cold of minus fifteen does not take), and the police quietly collects their fines — for Sotk euros from the nose.

The addiction British tourists to drunkenness, riot and demonstration of naked asses have long understood. In 2010, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of England conducted a survey in which 34 participated in thousands of Britons. Any second English woman sunbathing topless, totally not interested in the laws of the host country, every seventh Briton admitted that he had sex on holiday in a public place, and every twentieth run about here and there naked or exposed ass in front of passers-by.

That's something these barbarians Mrs. S.ēlerte and lusted to build in Riga more. Why, O Lord, have mercy, do not breathe the same will. Relive after such statements for any week of the English city will turn into a pigsty with a hybrid public house.

By the way, virtually protect against mildew can pisso touristo here.

"There's been collected, popravde idiots"

The fate of Detroit

Latvians complain that Riga is dying out, if under Gorbachev here lived About 900 thousand people, left 650,000 people of Riga today.

But where to Riga to Detroit South American!

Back in the 1950s, Detroit was one of the main centers of the South American engineering. It focused auto factory «General Motors», «Chrysler», «Ford».

Then the U.S. government, of course, casually reading a brief historical background of Russian Stolypin reforms, decided to move to the center of Detroit … blacks. White-skinned workers, among whom were many trained engineers and workers, as members of the middle class, one by one began to sell the house and move to the suburbs. Real estate in the town fell, struck in Detroit monetary crisis. Its oil has worsened the crisis, which began in 1973. It led to the bankruptcy of many U.S. automakers machine which spent a lot of fuel. At that won the residents of the country of the rising sun and the Europeans.

A Detroit lost. Factory locked, people were leaving aimlessly. Now the residents here are left whole neighborhoods. In Detroit, there are streets, one side of which are highlighted in shop windows and on the other there are skyscrapers with broken windows and the ruined walls in which trees grow. The population of the town was reduced to 1.8 million first-1950s to 700 thousand by 2012.

In 2009, this city, a sad monument of American industry, was recognized in the United States with one of the more affected by the financial crisis. Unemployment in Detroit over 50%!

This week, Senator in Congress, the State of Michigan, Rick Jones proposed to abolish … Detroit. Mr. Jones said, that the city should be disbanded because of its disastrous financial situation. How to do it? Yes painfully simple: declare the city a zero, and later split between other human Fri Wayne neighborhood.

At the moment, the city got to the point that it can not pay its bureaucrats. By mid-December, the budget will end funds, and city employees from January 1, 2013 will go on leave without pay. Detroit's long-term debt on the bonds exceed 12 billion dollars.

Jack Brandenburg, a Republican senator of Michigan, with malice criticized Senate members of the city of Detroit:

"There's been collected, popravde idiots."

A former head of communications Karen Dumas, Detroit on the air «Talk Radio 1270" complained that America badly understand the current deplorable situation — in other words, has hinted that the "idiots sit", not only in Detroit:

"I do not think
that will be the decision of dissolution problems. With each step worse and worse. In a day, maybe we will wake up and realize that enough to play politics, you need to invent a method for development. However, I do not know when it will happen. "

Comfort companion Dumas nothing. While Obama and Romney eat in a white house turkey and make plans together save U.S. leadership in the world — somewhere out there in Libya, Syria, or the Asia-Pacific region — the millions of Yankees Fast. In accordance with the new data the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of people living in poverty Yankees in 2011 grew to a new record high — 49.7 million people. The number of poor Yankees every year is growing at about 6 million. Approximately one in four workers in the U.S. brings home a salary, located at the federally established poverty level or below it. On food stamps are above 47 million the Yankees.

Fixed-wing, helicopter deaths

Venezuelan sky is not safe to fly

In Venezuela, during a military parade on the 92 th anniversary of the creation of the Air Force, Crashed Chinese light attack aircraft K-8. Fortunately, both pilots ejected.

On the search helicopter pilots flew immediately. Rescuers flew to the scene in the French car — «Cougar», in other words, the Chinese factor was excluded. The fact that this is the second crash of K-8 in the Venezuelan Air Force: prior Timeout July 21, 2010. And the French "Cougar" has suffered a tragedy, and fell to the ground. The helicopter crew was left alive.

Last week, when Venezuelans coming parade rehearsal in the air collision of two light attack aircraft models OV-10 «Bronco». These aircraft — South American production.

Both pilots were able to eject after a collision, but the flight instructor Jose Rafael Marin, who led off the damaged plane from residential buildings, has died.

Sad point here is that if «Bronco» — old, they were made in the USA from 1967 to 1976., And from them to the Venezuelan Air Force recently suggested copy, that cooperation with China President Chavez expands. Two weeks back in Venezuela were delivered first Chinese cargo planes "Yun-8", copied from a Russian Antonov An-12, and fellow solemnly Chavez said:

"We need them to protect state sovereignty … We have almost no transport aircraft, two" Hercules ", and from time to time there was only one, because the second one had to remove parts, that could fly first. Beautiful aircraft, these "Hercules", and the Chinese "Yun-8" is not worse. "

With regard to breaking-8, Venezuela purchased in China eighteen of these machines.

Sex pieces

On the blue and pink

Who would have loaf that Christmas can cause scandal! Yes, even where — in Sweden, known for its "Swedish family" and an old well tolerated.

Naikrupneyshy Swedish manufacturer of toys «Top Toy» released Christmas catalog of products. And the pictures — girls with guns and machine guns, as a boy playing in the pupa.

As it turned out, this company authorities threatened punishment advocated for gender inequality, and why from now «Top Toy» — the company "gender neutral."

In the old days the boys in the catalogs of the company look like supermen and girls — as a princess. But representatives of the State Service for Control over advertising strategy saw through «Top Toy» — and subjected to a company criticized for introducing the masses gender stereotypes. It is not good that the boys are portrayed violent heroes, and girls — feminine and airy. And representatives of small weak little sex toy manufacturers were immediately armed with machine guns, and the fair-haired boy in the pictures are gently cradled dolls.

Representatives of the company have made a shocking statement, very similar to the new slogan:

«Top Toy» produces toys for kids, but not for boys and girls. "

Everything. Kids in Sweden still there, but the boys and beautiful girls are no longer there.

Not that the president, not the leopard

Jacob Zuma is ready to party elections

How to prepare for party elections? Well, you can sit down at the computer and write or edit a program from the party. Offer, for example, new ways of development of a democratic society native country. Outline initiatives to introduce Innovative political strategies, to establish, in the end, vsekrete virtuoso workarounds party rivals, and along with the complete and final victory over corruption, eventually bribed someone and giving someone a thousand and one promise. You can even start your own "Twitter" and there pour gryazyuku political and domestic competitors, too, the labeling in place of the party chief.

All of this means, and the scenario. But apart from them, there is the approach which was used by the hero of our reportage — Gedleyihlekisa Jacob Zuma, who is also the president of South Africa.

To ensure victory for himself in the upcoming elections of the head of the ruling party "African State Congress' sovereign Zuma appealed to his deceased forefathers.

25 November Zuma sat in the car and went in his native village. There, he threw on his shoulders leopard skin and the prayers offered up twelve patriarchs of cattle, which were then burned with incense.

During the ceremony, the President was given a spear and a shield: they will protect him from his enemies in the elections.

"We have gathered here to send our father in Mangangá — said Nomtandazo Zuma, one of the leaders of the native clan president of South Africa. — After the ceremony, we will be convinced that the spirits Protz protect him and that he will be back to celebrate with us the victory. "

The other chief, Bheki Zuma INCOS, handing President spear with a shield recommended to use them openly against party opponents.

At a campaign event were made by representatives of the media, but at the end of the ceremony presidential watchmen journalists expelled. At the 1st of their selected notebook. Later told him returned, tearing out pages of scribbled.

Old but bodrenky 70-year-old Zuma holds Zulu traditions and marital issues. In April 2012, the President got married second time. Back in 2010 he numbered 20 children. Also extensively clear Zuma's statement that "African State Congress," for leadership in what he is fighting today, "will rule until the second coming."

South African President knows what he says. Brandishing a spear, wearing skins and bringing the bloody sacrifice, Gedleyihlekisa Jacob Zuma ready to push this thing coming to infinity …

* "Uh-oh! This Indian state hut! "Figure you" called "- a phrase from the cartoon" Three from Buttermilk
. "

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