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Part I. "Legally you can go. Hard to reach "

The test for knowledge of the "orange Language"

Ukrainian Ministry of Justice officially allowed to use the word "Jew" and "Yid"

Another epic of the nationalist aspirations of certain forces in Ukraine emerged in the outgoing week. With remarkable regularity announcements openly nationalist temper came from Kiev and before the party gang-watering sovereign Tyagniboka was in Parliament, but after the election of deputies of the party "Freedom" in the Ukrainian parliament nationalist things began to get more legitimate and color.

A new scandal broke out in Ukraine after a deputy named Miroshnichenko, discussing the identity of Ukrainian origin Hollywood actress Mila Kunis, said, quote: "It is not Ukrainian, and … Read Jewess its own language does not turn." Certainly, Mila Kunis as the most, and many do not care less what for any other purpose the emperor Miroshnichenko turn the language, but then a case that, as is usual in such cases, be expressed, shook the public. The matter even reached the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice, which was expected from the specific response to the words of the people elected deputy.

The reaction, indeed, forced herself not to expect, and she was in the fact that the Ministry of Justice did not see anything wrong in the words of Igor Miroshnichenko. They say, well, what you want from us? Well, the actress styled deputy Jewess, so that, gentlemen, is totally literary word in his works even used the Russian classics, oh, sorry, Ukrainian literature …

So happened used to read the classics and other definitions … Apparently, if such legislators as Miroshnichenko and protecting its own companion flagship Ukrainian chosen Ira fArion used words on bukovkoy "b", "x", as a number of other permitted by Ministry of Justice of letters Ukrainian Language Society, then they would be "literary."

We are not going to talk about is not bad and bad words Ukrainian language, which develops MP Miroshnichenko, but based on the outspoken liberal Justice, to have official permission to enter and, if possible, to patent such way in the middle of the adherents of "Freedom" party phrases like "Darn moskali "and" zhidva ".

Perhaps now the party members of the "Freedom" will publish its even more frequently used dictionary definitions under the title "Orange mova" edited Tyagniboka, Miroshnichenko and fArion leading own kind is not from one of the Slavic people, and, apparently, from the majestic epic tribes ukrov … This glossary will be offered a test phrases for those who qualify and who does not comply with the policy of the party.

Try to pass the test of probable option for the right to become a candidate member of the "Freedom" party, which is in the above-mentioned trio. Choose to correct from the standpoint of the sovereign Miroshnichenko and Ukrainian Ministry of Justice of expression.

Phrase 1: "Tobi povilazilo dwellers, moskalina trash!"

2 The phrase "dwellers for you pіdnyalo gepnulo i, s Hollywood Jewess!"

3 The phrase "terms" Jews "," Muscovites "," Ukrainians "are used in his speech, only those whose task is to divide peoples living on the territory of Ukraine (and not only in Ukraine)."

My tongue — my enemy?

Nazarbayev calls on the Kazakh language translation to Latin

Language passions ran high in the week and in other CIS countries, from the management of which, honestly, none of that was expected. President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in the next address to the parliament of the country suddenly spoke about the need to move the Kazakh language to Latin. According to the views of Kazakhstan's favorite, must have at the moment to start work on the translation of the municipal language to Latin until 2025. Such a step Nursultan Nazarbayev explained that Latin will allow reincarnate Kazakh language, quote, "in the language of modern media". In addition, the friendly Kazakh President noted that the presence of Latin citizens will be able to "make the leap" and get "unlimited possibilities". Here and there we have already heard something similar … If you rename the police officers have also promised some or jerks, or quantum leaps …

To be honest, not entirely clear about what jerks and boundless abilities states Kazakhstan favorite, but his plans are truly immense. Only here, Nursultan Nazarbayev, while his country and is bordered by the Middle Kingdom, forgets that, maybe in 15-20 years Kazakhstan, as well as many other countries wishing for whatever reason to change the script, do not have to run across the Latin alphabet, and Chinese characters on right now … If Nazarbayev believes that the Cyrillic alphabet — is outdated, then by 2025 in antiquity can be reincarnated and alphabet, which was developed in the days of the Roman she-wolf-feeding a baby. But if so, what did do the people of Kazakhstan, about the present which is so despises President Nazarbayev. We'll have to give some advice on the Universal transition.

The Council first.

As the GDP of some countries frantically rushes to the first line of the world ranking, you need to cross here on the alphabet used in this country. With all of this alphabet can be diluted with signs (signs) alphabets in countries that are part of the most massive military units — just in case.

Council second.

Nazarbayev can recommend to go to the bit level (binary system). The zeros and ones — is a super-modern. Naturally, the read will not always be comfortable. Well, judge for yourself: drank excessive, the language became a stumble, confused a couple of zeros with a couple of units, but it turns out that in dealing wronged spouse neighbor country sites … But all in the spirit of recent formation: if someone is on the fence indecent word and write , then it will look more innovative, if now.

In general, all citizens of Kazakhstan president's own (well, as we once Dmitry Anatolyevich with police-police innovations) more «Rakhmet, Elbasymyz!» Will have to say … It modernize languages — not to everyone's favorite given.

Although that is all of us about Kazakhstan, but about Kazakhstan, we have won none of the transition to the Latin alphabet is not declared, and only have to walk on a busy avenue — and in some titles stores can get lost. Where there was a cigarette stall, now «Tobacco Boutique», where there was tortellini — flaunts a colorful sign «Restaurant« Europe », and on a variety of city-park, coffee-house, glamour-center, etc., etc., etc. … Uh-oh, where you are, Cyril and Methodius? ..

Return to Eden

Georgian Minister of 6-7 years is going to return Abkhazia and South Ossetia

New Georgian authorities are full of Abkhazian-Ossetian interest. Surprisingly, but to solve their problems with enthusiasm and ready to do the inhabitants of 2-Caucasian republics. However, after the secession from Georgia, at least one flaw in these republics became less …

During the week a member of the Georgian Cabinet — Minister for Reintegration (available in Georgia and that of a bureaucrat) sovereign Zakareshvili said that personally he and other Georgian bureaucrats have planned a number of steps that are designed to show Sukhumi and Tskhinvali, as peaceable now official Tbilisi. For the implementation of these steps require time, which he describes as &quot
;six or seven years." Amazing self-confidence of the Georgian minister! Apparently, he hopes that during the whole still is in its ministerial chair. Well, laudatory zeal to preserve the 1st place of work … what utter employers? ..

Zakareshvili said that South Ossetia and Abkhazia should all behold how Georgia will bother about these republics. However, the vague plans sovereign minister cause only a desire to shrug. He says: "Today's Georgia strongly little that can offer the Abkhazians and Ossetians, but in the future — a lot." And the emperor Zakareshvili states that the Abkhazians and Ossetians do not expect help in the development of the Russian Federation as, quote: "How Our homeland is busy about other people, perfectly illustrated by the North Caucasus."

Of course, that Zakareishvili that a couple with his boss sovereign Ivanishvili admitted that South Ossetia and Abkhazia are now not offer anything in the state, will work hard for you. It is interesting that after all the minister is going to offer released from Georgia republics? Maybe this will be his personal daily walking tours of the Abkhazian coast in the robes of the Abkhazian flag colors and sonorous chant attention-grabbing songs in the Abkhaz language. And maybe it will be a joint venture with Messrs Saakashvili and Ivanishvili laying flowers to the monument died from bullets and shrapnel shells fired by the Georgian army, residents of Tskhinvali and Russian peacekeepers. Maybe other steps …

But so far the only appropriate step for the reintegration of the official name change is seen only in Tbilisi, Sukhumi and Tskhinvali in the Blaze. Only then Zakareshvili be able to report that he was able to return these settlements into the Georgian fold.

The naming of the Queen

What gifts are granted today for the New Year

In the meantime, the emperor Zakareshvili promises gifts in the form of some kind of manna of South Ossetia and Abkhazia (6-7 years), the queen of Britain bestow gifts here and now. And what gifts: a slice of Antarctica! Press service of Her Majesty's reports that are now on the terrain of the southern continent will be not only the Queen Maud Land, and Land of Queen Elizabeth II. Such a gift English monarchs received in the year of the 60th anniversary of his stay on the throne. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first kind of gift to Elizabeth II. Earlier in her honor was named the prince's tower, which is due to the time Big Ben.

New Antarctic areas, which received "a gift" the queen, have an area that exceeds the United Kingdom itself is almost a factor of 2.

On this occasion, there are judgments: and why it may give the name of the British Antarctic spaces, and other peoples of the world — no? But there could be determined by a delightful political loophole for the same sovereign Zakareshvili of previous material. Georgian minister for reintegration could use practice English and to give such names as "South Ossetia" and "Abkhazia" two sections terrain of Antarctica as a gift to the leaders of Georgia. And it prepyadstviya reintegration then just decided … These areas may even settle for instance, the coming environment Misha Saakashvili, together with the Georgian president himself, who in his time managed to do so, that now Zakareshvili have something to do in his ministry. Here and restoring constitutional order not to interfere with any peacekeepers will be: if you want, penguins democratizes, you want — seals …

Who are the judges?

Both Putin and Zor'kin arguing about knowledge of the Constitution

During the week of All-Russian Congress of the arbitrators added sharpness in the internal political life of the country. All in all, a very insipid event, which could be called on duty, suddenly turned into a very special political course. Salt and pepper in this dish came thanks to outline the local antagonism of President Putin and the head of the Constitutional Court Zorkina. Putin on the judge's Congress said that the Russian Federation should be administered immediately institute an administrative proceeding, which means citizens of the Russian Federation could resolve disputes with the authorities. But Zor'kin in response to Putin's words uttered that our motherland can do without the means of the Supreme Administrative Court of Arbitration and the Supreme Court. And for all that he gave to understand that it is time for the Constitutional Tribunal to secure the same right to annul acts, notwithstanding that the court accepted.

Next situation reminded bout 2-fencers who tried to stab a competitor. Vladimir Putin said that he himself perfectly familiar with the Constitution, in what is written in black on the snow-white on the administrative judiciary, but did Zor'kin own attack and inflicted stab the president in the form of funny stories about Brezhnev, who turned to Indira Gandhi as a "dear Margaret Thatcher! "Associate Zor'kin to this tirade with" Brezhnev anecdotal 'awareness Putin bukovkoy Constitution to say, of course, difficult, but nevertheless … In response, Putin Zorkina parried the attack, he graduated from the funny story about Leonid Brezhnev. But it could happen and remember the story of Alexander Pushkin of the Fisherman and the Fish, in which an old woman wanted very many "powers" in the first pole position of a noblewoman, and later the mistress of the sea, but in the end turned out to be a leaky washing to adapt …

What is the force, brother? ..

How stung the opposition

Relatives are not chosen. Specifically, this now must argue Oleg Navalny, who at one time had a very opaque to light up in the corridors of the 1st of the departments most mobile Russian company — "Mail of Russia". The Investigative Committee decided to see how Oleg Navalny, who worked under the patronage of its own "senior", managed to convince some foreign company to sign a contract for the carriage of mail between Moscow and Yaroslavl, with the result that the accounts of the brothers settled funds in the amount of 55 million rubles. Apparently, the RF IC is not aware of how any foreign company is generally smart enough to enter into a contract with the "Mail of Russia". Perhaps it would be realized, but the name of Bulk Now many magic acts, and that's the Investigation Committee also could not resist. Now fellow postmen remain under house arrest.

And one man who consider themselves in the ranks of Russian opposition, recently can go to sunny Siberia — in Angarsk. The man — the one "stolen" Razvozzhaev sovereign, who, as it turns out, loves nice conversation with the Georgian politicians about the fate of Russia. But in Angarsk he did not go because, as well as in dashing 90 earned that … tyril caps. At least, so they say his lawyers. Say, what is the way to Themis Razvozzhaeva picky: only people total caps in Angarsk hunted, and she takes him by the shirt …

In general, the Investigative Committee decided to engage in clarifying the mysteries of our past opponents. Well, that e-mail and hats — as an option? If you have to dig a little deeper, there may be the case and to reach vouchers gum. But if indeed the end of the year in Angarsk go: well, what's not Decembrist …

Part II. "We have to analyze the failure, so as not to repeat it"

In fourth place
< br>For Israel, Singapore and Syria

The Bonn International Conversion Institute ranked the global militarization. More militarized states in the world were in the 2012 Israel, Singapore and Syria. From these armed to the teeth of almost behind our home, which is on the list on the 4th place. The place does not prize, and a little sad that in Singapore, but what can you do? The West does not want to put Russia in the rankings on the 1st place. Neither the military nor economic, nor democratic. That one hurt, then the other. That gender stereotypes something does not work out, you will find that Navalny with Udaltsov lack of freedom of speech and deed, the security people do not have enough credits. What has not grown together in the military-that ranking? How would "Yarsy" is, and "Topol" planted, and about the "Iskander" in the West terrible rumors stroll.

It turns out that the drafters of the pedantic Germans are prone to faster relative accounting, if to the absolute award points based on the determination of the case in military spending to the level of the country's GDP, and not on the amounts spending. Hence, the United States, ahead of all countries in the world by the sum of the so-called "defense" spending, took a severe "hit parade" 30th place. You look at this line — and think: "What a peaceful, infection!" And then translating look at the number four position — and scary.

That's what they say about Russian "neprizovoe 'place:

"In comparison with the U.S. (30th position) Our homeland (fourth) continues to show a high level of militarization, even despite the fact that unblemished military budget of the United States is much larger, and the sum — 689 billion dollars — as in the past is 1st place in the world. "

But what's the USA! China, which is America in the arms race on the heels, was generally on … eighty-second spot. With the military budget of 129 billion dollars.

The Germans also took into account the number of reservists. Actually, judging by the size of the population and emergency service you are many people, not counting the lame and oblique, our homeland should be higher up in Singapore or Syria. But in Bonn flexibly come to the question of how to push the Russian nepochetnoe pedestal.

Yes, in the Russian Federation have enough of those who can conditionally be called the "reservists": here for you and your old comrades have long been a battered military tickets, students of institutions with the military departments, individuals, limited suitable for military service, and even recruits who have no day or not served. But picky Germans do not believe that "the real military conflict, all of this paper is available at the host will be some sort of military value."

Fighters as Israel and Syria (about Singapore molchok some reason) "regularly army fees and means to be old can shoot at least the last."

Awkward Teutonic drama must refers to the classic Russian drunkenness — the only lesson, which the Russian man can indulge just a "regular", going in it until this "last resort." They say, in Bonn in the course of the Russian anecdote: "The measure is what we know, but do not train her drink?"

Coupled with the fact you want to see, which is below the tenth place of Russian Germans never "let down". The first time it was included in the index in 1992, in other words two decades to reverse. Fear the burghers "Iskander", and yet afraid to freeze without gas.

But with Ukraine and Belarus Germans coped without fear. Ukraine took 20th place, while Belarus is not lucky to be on the 16th.

Stroll rumors that Comrade Lukashenko, not so long ago, who declared himself as the last dictator of Europe, is already preparing a response Rating Herro from Bonn, who — not on another, being in cahoots with the creators of other ratings — just think about what seems to be a decent offensive enclose around Minsk another European dish.

And while "dad" thinks, the Belarusian press is already beginning artillery preparation: are popular edition of the "Diary" wrote that since 2000, the country has "hung" in the second 10-ke the most militarized countries of the planet, and it is "unlikely to be referred to an occasion to be proud of. "

Or was there pride than for Russia are not going Belarus and Ukraine to Jordan and Cyprus! One consolation: neither Ukraine nor Belarus, the Russian Federation nor the more backward Americans and not hold a candle.

Naked and frozen

Ukrainian activists undressed in Sweden, protesting against the order in Egypt

January 20 "in a snowy Stockholm opened apocalyptic world, from the standpoint of Islam, a picture." So on website «Femen» start a small press release about the latest stock movement. Now famous beautiful girl bared in Stockholm. Before the battered Swedish audience they showed not only his chest, and all the rest. Do not scare them and a light frost.

And then — in fact in Sweden with Ukrainian women arrived and Alia Al Mahdi, the Egyptian activist, whose heart the Mohammed Mursi is not nice just like, say, the heart the famous Inna Shevchenko.

Alia also showed the Swedes all that was in it.

The protest at the walls of the Egyptian embassy in Sweden was focused against quote "religious bondage of the latter-day prophet." «Femen» believe that the time has come "to support the Egyptian heroes, opposing a Sharia-dictatorial President Mursi draft constitution." How this Islamist, and in combination, Pharaoh will overthrown, the people of Egypt will have a chance to "decent democratic development."

In the photo, the bypassed Web, three feminists at the Embassy of embarrassment cover the genitals of models of "Torah", "Quran" and "Bible." To this day it was not clear that the Mursi, which "Muslim Brotherhood" has long been explained to the Koran, from time to time and looks at the primary sources related religions.

In general, on the website of the international movement «Femen» explains all:

"Three poster in the hands of activists represent the three main religious books, such makarom« Femen »warns of the dangers of the world teokratizatsii constitutions."

Hardly sovereign Egyptian president will exert myself reading posters Ukrainian feminists, though rather short and slogans are written in accessible language the British, not the barbaric Cyrillic. In M. Mursi have their own plans for the future of the Egyptian people (or rather, not entirely their own, but together, prompted him to "Brothers").

That the same will be with the president, if he does not come to the meaning of what was said in the democratic Stockholm? Here's what:

«Femen» warns Mursi Muslim brother, that if he would give the order to fire on their own people, the last refuge he will not honor the pyramids and the Nile crocodile-infested. "

One could already imagine who will head to Cairo "the last and decisive battle", but … But I'm afraid, do not appreciate the devout Egyptians that democracy, which represent naked Teleses Ukrainian. And even fewer will appreciate them prett
y naked figure Alia. Traditionalist society is just his strong conservatism in respect of moral values, and a "final and decisive battle" for gologrudoy democracy, it will not work. Hurry, it will go against similar freedoms, why "brother" Mursi will benefit.

As for the tolerance of Stockholm, there speech «Femen» was completely appropriate …

Obama instead of Un

The editorial board "Time" spirit was not enough to put on the cover of the atomic communist

A week back, it became clear that the "Man of the Year" by the South American magazine "Time" can be a big-name Kim Jong Un — North Korean leader bodrenky that launches rocket with satellites and build a brighter future for their people without regard to the United States. Most of the readers are popular weekly magazine in an online poll elected "Man of the Year" specifically favorite of the DPRK.

The list, compiled on the basis of the views of readers, fellow Eun beat with indescribable margin: it receives about 5.6 million people. South American satirist and very popular television host Jon Stewart, who turned on the 2nd place, scored 2.4 million votes. Third place was given to collectively form an illegal immigrant (1.55 million votes).

But neither Eun nor Stewart or "collective image" were not included on the cover of the magazine.

The fact is that the editors of "Time" want to sneeze on the outlook of the readers, and the survey there has long been reincarnated as a formal act, which is still engaged — as the lure of the web of numerous guests. The decision on the "winner" take reporters and editors, views which summarizes the executive editor.

And at one point, "Man of the Year — 2012" was … Barack Obama.

Of course, a win-win option — print on the cover portrait of the mother of President, even in these gloomy tones, which elected a designer and photographer. Portrait of Kim Jong-un — for example, against the background of nuclear warheads kumachovyh panels and smiling Korean women in khaki — would look, of course, much more festive. Obama dismal picture should be, represents the economic crisis, razevshy America to "financial cliff» (fiscal cliff).

And that readers realized the idea of editors correctly in the journal selection explained to:

"Despite the crisis and gridlock, President Barack Obama has kept the trust of the Yankees and so got a chance to revive the hope that inspired the country."

So Makarov, "Time" gently warned the president: as long as we pray for you, the owner of the roundness of the cabinet, but another wrong move — and your scowling face of Kim Jong Un will succeed his friend or comrade Ahmadinejad.

It is also necessary to see that Obama has become "The Man" in the second time (the first celebration of the log happened in the year 2008, after the victory of a black candidate in the presidential elections). Meanwhile, over the same given him a fat hint: you, mate, second — and last — chance.

Obama to make an outstanding company "man of the year" of recent years.

In 1938, the "winner" became Adolf Hitler. In 1950 and 2003, in the "competition" has overcome the collective image of the "American Soldier." In 1982, the "Man of the Year" has become … a computer. In 1987, on the cover of "Time" came Mikhail Gorbachev. In 2000, the executive editor of suspended choice for George W. Bush (previously, 10 years ago, the cover was imprinted bright face of his daddy). Junior was so bad in the "human" form, which it reprinted in the year 2004, a year after the U.S. invasion of Iraq. In 2009, "Time" captures the jovial and Ben Bernanke, the Fed chief. This man could not get on the cover: it was he who prints the money for all of America, making it rich.

In addition, in 2001, the year in nominees for "title" walking Osama bin Laden.

Actually, all these faces, images and machinery — camouflage, counterintelligence understandable.

5 years to reverse the "Time" made "Man of the Year" Comrade Putin. Also was on the cover of Joseph Stalin — in 1939 and 1942. Comrade Khrushchev and Andropov were also not neglected by the publisher. So the Kremlin agent Barack Huseynovich Obamkinu should be clear who is on the list — a screen, and who — in the case.

And Kim Jong Un worry not: his youthful affair.

Not Gates, Buffett does not, not the master, and the Kremlin Comrade Putin

"The financial break" America is not terrible if America will sell Alaska

This brilliant idea to Those Days tossed Obama ministry spokesman Jim Millshteyn U.S. money, and to the general public brought her journalist "Washington Post" Stephen Mafson.

The tragic consequences of the looming "cliff" (formerly "IN" to write about it here) For a couple with an unsolvable problem of 16-a trillion national debt can be prevented simply: you need only set Alaska up for auction. Countries and private individuals would be plunged into buying a match, and the whole world watched with excitement to the course of trading. Obviously, the bookmakers would be perceived by competing bids. The starting price of Alaska — 3 trillion dollars.

Who would buy such an expensive and unique product? Bill Gates? Well, maybe a loan.

Warren Buffett? The same answer.

But for such a sum of these enterprising fellow even IMF prokredituet and cash from their own is not enough.

Maybe Saud dynasty? No, on their way very serious contender.

The first in line to purchase would be our home:

"Vladimir Putin, who is seeking to recover the power and the glory of, could return the seat of government in the former capital of Russian Alaska — Sitka, southern seaside town in which preserved the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Michael."

In second place — is not the Arabs. While the Saudis are trading primitive own oil, the Chinese, who are looking to the future, hunting for energy resources and territories:

"The Chinese could use their trehtrillionnye reserves, much of which is invested in South American bonds, that absorb the natural resources of Alaska and settle overcrowded and gassy Chinese cities."

Moreover, this deal would be carried out by conventional abolition of duty.

Jim Millshteyn announced a proposal for the sale of Alaska to the business school Wharton, at a conference on South American debt dilemma. Sale of Alaska, in his opinion, can reduce the federal debt by 10-25% of GDP, returning it to the controlled non-hazardous frame. By the way, the best value Alaska comrade Millshteyn defines four trillion dollars.

In general, says the economist, the recent economical supply of Barack Obama mean that the lack of from 2013 to 2017. add 3.44 trillion dollars to the municipal debt. Because after six years of any Yankees again have to crush your head over what to sell state.

< !--QuoteEBegin-->"In Alaska, the government has other areas. It has and more than 40 percent of the states of California, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico and Wyoming. Later, there is an oil-rich federal waters outside the continental shelf. "

If the white-washed house followed by the usual ideas of Comrade Millshteyna behind which apparently stretches Kremlin trail, then over fifty to seventy-time hosts are rounded cabinet will sell half of the country. Other states that are not in the list, could pre-sold themselves — as long as the cost to pieces America, reaching one by one with a hammer, did not fall. Who is Texas? Who Louisiana? Flown, cheaper!

Something would have acquired Russian, something — the Chinese. Some areas would be moved under cover of Soros, Abramovich and Deripaska.

And the whitewashed house became a separate dwarf state. Like Monaco. There's heir Obama, drinking in the office of rounded dark honey beer, would be playing with former employees of the Department of State in the board game "hegemony."

* "We have here, though not Chicago, but we do not like, when we put out the tail" — a phrase from the movie "Deja Vu"

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