Results of the week. We, the boyars, hard-working people! Such is our share of the Boyars

Part I. "And what do you have for a wig? You have the whole life passed in makeup "

The virus, a virus, you're powerful! ..

Not the first time in the "Results of the week" theme crash rises to the role of the Russian Orthodox Church clergy. Some might say that this is another round of persecution of the Orthodox faith and attempt to humiliate the clergy. But we do not tend to connect things spiritual and speak out so that things corporeal, and therefore allow for myself and now see a very exciting episode that happened during the week from our "old friends" Abbot Timothy (in the world — citizen Podobedov).

As you know, the Holy Father is not so long ago, in an expensive car with diplomatic numbers island country Malta made a road accident in the center of Moscow. Well, as they say, do and do — who does not happen: Abbot, too, the flesh of man, and therefore he did not wish to drive on foreign capital the night at a luxury sports car … But it's not the fact of the commission of an accident, but the fact that the witnesses of the accident stated that at the time of the tragedy Timothy was in a state or alcohol, or drugs. One of the witnesses, commenting on the situation that happened that ill-fated NIGHT MODE, says: "He (the Emperor Podobedov) were crazy glass eyes, he was in complete prostration." But all the "persuasion" to pass medosvidetelstvovanie abbot refused.

With all this talk all the heart to the holy father, also those people whose car rammed a sports car BMW Z4, which was run by the abbot, was shooting video recorder, who was at the scene arrived at the car DPS. This video, in opinion, many had to be a confirmation of the fact that Alex Podobedov, who after the order is necessary to serve the spiritual conduit between man and the powers of heaven, was not in a suitable condition and the conductor could not serve as a priori …

But then something happened that can definitely be called the heavenly punishment in the address traffic police officers for all their sins into the address innocent motorists in general, and the sinless Abbot Timothy viz. Some computer virus, as the referee announced Olga Lebentsova, reading the paper that came out of the 6th Division DPS hit that record from the DVR police car … Apparently, the video recorder of the machine was working under OS «Windows», which is a virus and stormed «Trojan- gen. GIBDD. Igumen not found ».

If we try to imagine how fierce (or is virtuous) virus had an attack of traffic police department, it's just awful picks: the sight of some floats mixture of "The Matrix", "Guests from the Future" and Steven Spielberg's films. How to survive and have not been erased by viruses themselves, law enforcement officials can only guess …

But even a virus devouring DVR files, failed to prevent the deprivation of civil rights Podobedov driving. Tribunal verdict: to deprive Alex Podobedov driver's license for a period of 20 months. Let's lay that before the abbot did not throw an anathema referee Lebentsovu …

Democracy in Khimki, or Who is where, and we are in Khimki

"Soak, soak
Soak, soak
Democrat deputy "
(Text by Sergei "Spider" Troitsky, the group "Corrosion")

And apparently, so turn the words of his own song with the title, which is better not to bring publicly available on our website, Sergey Troitsky decided not to attack the metal scene in the clubs in the country, and the most that neither is on the political Olympus. As the first of the political elite, Sergey elected mayor of the town of Khimki near Moscow. Or the title of the town attracted Sergey, or any personal event to become a prerequisite, but the emperor Trinity decided to compete with other candidates for the post of mayor of Khimki.

So, at first briefly about programmke Sergei Paton.

Mayoral candidate proposes to resettle in Khimki exactly half a million Chinese, which he would pay for the work of 3 bucks a day (in China, according to the Trinity, they get 2 bucks). In the meantime, the Chinese will work in Khimki, all other citizens can, quote, "to smoke a cigar and watch the plasma."

Item number next: invite only for control of the town the Germans, as it was under Peter I and other Russian monarchs. Let the Germans and understand how to manage the city.

Next: an urgent need to solve the demographic problem in Khimki (probably half a million Chinese people as the baby-boom — is, as they say, spit and grind), and to do all the peasants Khimki to give car loan for the purchase of necessary "Lada Kalina", in which they (the men ) will have to conceive babies, inviting to discover the Khimki ladies. Why in the car, then? .. Most likely, all of the apartments in Khimki, at that time already are occupied by Chinese migrant workers, and so the "Kalina" — some as an option …

And Candidate Trinity offers dorubit Khimki forest residues, in which, according to his personal observations, collected only homeless, pedophiles, drug addicts and mad dogs. After logging Trinity plans to open in Khimki own Las Vegas, which will gather from across the country gamers of all stripes. Well, in general, were drug addicts, gamers will be — something like this … New Vasuki, in general …

If someone believes that the Trinity in general far from politics, it is, as it turns out, is not so far away. Sergey E. already ran in the Moscow mayor, and even in the State Duma. With all this on his own single-seat section Trinity celebrated the victory and was preparing to get a parliamentary seat, but most dishonest elections for crystal unblemished candidate "Spider" were canceled. Still: Vladimir Zhirinovsky has permitted unlikely to appear in the walls of buildings on Hunter's Row newcomer showman …

In general, the elections in Khimki promises to be truly spectacular. Here some "green" are more candidates than the trees in the Khimki forest. And the mayor of town near Moscow's candidature candidate of the unregistered party "The Other Russia" Sergei ex-prisoner, God forgive me, Medvedev. "Forgive me, God," since so much neoppozitsionnaya name for the opposition party got so … Apparently, "The Other Russia" at this time, can shoot with the slogan "Vote for Medvedev!" Well, either "Vote for Medvedev, do not drive empty!"

Farewell horn deputy Gudkov

Well, while some of the political mandate only struggling, others lose their mandates. Lose, of course, not for ourselves, not without help, as they say, good people.

In the week of its own parliamentary mandate and, as a consequence, the parliamentary immunity was stripped lawmaker from the party "Fair Russia" Gennady Gudkov. By law, we Gudkov still have one month out, so wear in the inner pocket of his jacket own deputy certificate, then it will be "strongly encouraged" to pass this document to "safe hands."

All the fuss broke out due to the fact that the deputy Gudkov revealed the existence of personal business as a private security agency. With all of this myself Gennady Gudkov said that people like him, can be found in the State Duma a lot, with this in different fractions. To this people (among knowledgeable) Gudkov said that, they say, is the case, these are the only people that you states have
long had to re-register their own business on the strip three times removed zolovok godfather, and here you are, Gennady Vladimirovich, this did not and remained one of the major shareholders own the company.

In general, in this regard, Hooters, of course, pierced, and any punctures opposition-minded politicians have perfectly tracked. In the end, for the deprivation of Gudkov's parliamentary mandate and immunity from criminal prosecution in favor factions such as the Liberal Democratic Party and the "United Russia" (not counting Stanislav Govorukhin), and so the majority of Gennady became commonplace Russian citizen who is now possible to begin and prosecute.

But in fact, puncture Gudkov was not even the fact that he has a personal business (well, some Russian lawmaker around in the Duma will cool off), but the fact that it is permissible to discover so many words that, because of certain events does not in harmony with the position of the parliamentary majority. Namely, it was reported that the Hooters Tipo threatened to law enforcement officials who came to inspect his PSA, that "tomorrow I'll just bring up all the press to hell mom, and that's all these people with avenues that are now out there walking around, checking walks with writers, with all sorts of there favorites, Akunin and PARFENOVA, tomorrow they will come at my request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and stay there for a few days, may be out there for a week. " Typical compliment of Gudkov and Akunin and Parfenov — nothing to say … If such a conversation took place just to be, then it becomes clear why the "leaders of all there" at the right time in the right place are surrounded by a vast number of suitable people …

"You do not say how many at the moment degrees below zero?" Or search in the House of Yulia Tymoshenko

Last week, once again proved to be the main prisoner of the present (after «Pussy Riot», of course) — Yulia Tymoshenko. The ward number 5 (stress, not the number 6 and number 5) of the town of Kharkov clinic representatives of the Penitentiary Service of Ukraine conducted an inspection of personal belongings of the former prime minister of the country, which is held in this same clinic healing of certain ailments. The authorities they say that it was not any search, and scheduled scan, which is laid for all prisoners undergoing healing in everyday medical institutions.

During such examination by Tymoshenko were seized two dosimeter undetermined origin medicines are also unnamed illegal technical devices.

Here the question arises, why the main opposition leader in the House of Ukraine useful dosimeters, even in the amount of 2-pieces. To this she replied the lady with the scythe. She said that the dosimeters were used to collect data on the radiation background in her ward. Frame on the storage unit were awarded the background reading that exceeds the norm. What are the indications, Tymoshenko did not specify.

And the hunt to say something neuzh polonium … To have more Tymoshenko did not appear before the eyes of the images of the ill-fated FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko, who was lying too, once in a hospital bed, the staff of the prison service have decided to release Tymoshenko ward off harmful for her feminine psyche devices.

Not many of those same officials intrigued literature that the clinic had deigned to read Julia. Once, not all believe that unhealthy encased credited the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine. They looked at the book and saw the, conscientious mother, no, not what you thought, and a hiding place. This cache of the main Ukrainian Julia kept the same unidentified pharmaceuticals, as illegal technical devices.

In general, for the moment Yulia Tymoshenko asks her to return dosimeters.

In connection with such a situation can be expected that the supporters of Yulia Tymoshenko was recently put to it as "peredachki" as other dosimeters, and maybe pointers temperature interferometers to clarify the characteristics of the refractive index of air in the chamber, a set of diffraction gratings for analysis wavelengths of light that comes from the lamp, a pair of a voltmeter to inspect whether the voltage at the usual outlets of its values.

Part II. "The blind leading the blind. This is called democracy "

Under the Black Flag "Al-Qaeda", or as a synonym for Islamic Democracy

Sanctuary is evident

Not so long ago, from Aleppo returned to his homeland Jacques Beres, one of the founders of the organization "Doctors without Borders". In Syria, this doctor did that. that put the doctor who gave the oath of Hippocrates once: cured insurgents and terrorists in the democratic language called "opposition" and "freedom fighters."

Returning to France, he said reporters that the "rebels" did not build democracy in Syria, and in general there is a scramble for the establishment of a Sharia country as part of the "World emirate", and leads his motley bunch of different states. Physician had to darn and the French, who on operating tables fanatically praised his own idol — Mohammed Mera, a terrorist, who in March did the massacres in Toulouse and Montauban.

Indescribable, but the fact is that watching how is growing in the countries of the "Arab Spring" Islamism, the West began to wonder about the truth of … Putin. For example, Pascal Loro, which is committed to Bashar al-Assad can not be called on, and thought that the days are firmly concluded: Not in vain in the Kremlin believe that the fall of Assad in Syria will result in the creation of a large anti-Western Islamist sites.

When he awoke from slumber journalist Pascal Loro echoed Allen Shue — a man of the older generation, an expert on Syria with almost 45 years of experience, the last high-ranking representative of the French intelligence service. "Arab Spring" in the countries where regimes have been overthrown, the expert does not see, but on the other hand sees "Islamist winter": the power of religious fundamentalists, "experienced hypocrites" who have achieved positions in the government and the presidential chair. Only someone Shue unclear, but what is the West supports the movement, acting under the motto of "Allah akbar!" Acting not only against the interests of the peoples of those states where comes the "winter", and the interests of Europe … Expert lost in hypotheses and explains the position of the West "incomprehensible schizophrenia", which struck both politicians and journalists. He warns that the massive rise of barbarism can hurt the West.

Experienced analysts forecast this week is fully realized. However, the first blow was struck not by Europe and the USA.

In Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia and some other places there have been a mess, accompanied by the use of firearms directly to grenade launchers. In Benghazi, died South American salting Christopher Stevens (poisoned by carbon monoxide in a fire at a building and died in the clinic). Were killed by the press officer of the State Department and two marines-guard.

The reason for the attack served as a representative office in Benghazi movie "Innocence of Muslims," in which, on-1's, was shown to the prophet Muhammad, and, in-2, shown is incorrect. In general, the attackers did not watch this movie because gunfight, arson and destruction caused faster rumors about the movie, if its content.

A movie with a budget of 5 millio
n dollars under the title «Innocence of Muslims» was created at the expense of the Jewish community in the U.S., and its creator — 52-year-old Yankee Jewish Sam Basilio. This man, whose whereabouts at the moment it is not clear said, that "Islam — a cancer." The movie, according to the creator, was filmed as a "provocative political message condemning the religion." One of the producers of the movie was made by the pastor-kicker from Florida, Terry Jones, known to the world as a public incinerator Korans.

Naturally, this movie could not please the Libyans.

Another version of the Libyan attack is based on the fact that radical Islamists planned to attack consulate in Benghazi in advance. The premise was the murder of their fellow countryman Abu Yahya al-Libi, the right hand of Ayman Al-Zawahiri. And revenge was a suitable date — September 11.

It seems that the main reason — yet the movie, more precisely, the rumors about him, as the excitement of Muslims is not one shrouded Libya.

South American salting Mr. Stevens was one of the major Washington "experts" on the color revolutions in the Arab world. In the past year, this man played coordinating role of Western aid Libyan "opposition" to speak out against Colonel Gaddafi. Stevens survived for a short period of the hero, who killed a Libyan "revolutionaries". Following Muammar established, and all the Yankees.

Once, while fighting in Afghanistan for world hegemony, the CIA has given rise to "Al-Qaeda", which soon went sideways America. Now Washington stepped on the same rake: arranged in the Arab world, the color revolutions that did not field makes her "new democrats" who first took power, America is now going to take over the gills, and then plan to rule the world is not made up of the states and of the emirates.

Press gloats: they fought for it and ran, Americans from their mistakes do not learn, it is time to pay for double standards, and so on. Splashing toxic ink on America, surprisingly amicable in condemning strochkogony lost sight of one curious fact.

After the disaster in Benghazi with the unequivocal statement authorized dealer crisp white House spokesman Jay Carney. He said reporters: "The U.S. government was not involved in the creation of this film. We reject all statements made therein and content. We believe the movie disgusting and deserving of condemnation. America — a country with a history of tolerance and respect for religion, it is the foundation of our civilization. We are strong because our country is home to people of different religions, including millions of Muslims. "

A very significant statement. Snow-white house is not "strongly blamed" murderers, as it is generally accepted in such dire cases, and spoke out against the film.

Barack Obama himself has confirmed Stevens' death and ordered zabugornom missions to tighten security. Even President said that the attacks on diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt — are cruel and unacceptable. And then went to the Libyan ships aside from "Tomahawks" — and not to make war with the Libyans, of course, but for the "reaction".

It is also interesting the fact that the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, not knowing about the victims in Benghazi condemned 'Ongoing trial of misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims, as well as samples of offending people of all faiths. "

And if you compare two things: 1) the West and America led democratic unanimously yelling "hurray" of the capital panketkam "Pussy Rayot" defiled their "punk prayer service" an Orthodox church, and 2) the same West unanimously condemns anti-Islam film, like sending own dead on the second plan — it becomes even more interesting …

Mitt Romney on the "weakness" of the Obama campaign even points earned. He accused U.S. President helplessness and compassion to those who attack the embassy of the country: "I believe that the administration acted properly, issued a statement expressing little sympathy for those who rushed to our embassy in Egypt, instead of condemning their actions …"

That's where we come to the main point. How do you judge the acts own? Is not that their rights and freedoms fought stately America in Libya? And in Egypt? And is not that their rights and freedoms is fighting it now means tseerushnoy and "communication" on the border with Syria, which has a shoulder on shoulder with "Al Qaeda" with a purpose, apparently, is very identical with South American?

And why, in the end, no one is astonished by the fact that at the congress of the Democratic Party of the United States this year participated a record number of Muslims more than 100 delegates from about 20 states? For comparison: in 2008, the Muslims in the Congress of the Democratic Party, was 43, in 2004 — 25. Feel like went up "the curve of the American dream?"

So, gentlemen, great! European journalists and analysts wonder surprised and blame their governments in schizophrenia or "naive." Naivety — it does not have the politicians and the journalists that in 2016, when the president of America will not Hillary Clinton, and a past member of "al-Qaeda", the UN Committee shrewdly excluded from the lists of terrorists, will be surprised and incriminating.

The specific Islamism in the Western geopolitics have long been lurking became synonymous with "democracy." Soon the day, when, and in Brussels and Washington would lift the black al-kaidovskoe cloth. People seeking power in Europe and in the United States, already sick of the endless choices. Only on the Romney campaign and Obama would be spent two billion dollars, and in fact the crisis in the country. Or is it — the dictatorship.

As Barack Obama with one hand destroys individual terrorists, sometimes surprising promahivayas and sweeping half the village with civilians, the other hand, he is preparing the ground for the construction of the United Emirates of America. Someday "Muslim Brotherhood" and "Al-Qaeda" will reign in Washington. Hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition, which today buys U.S. Department of Homeland Security — is in store for the Islamist fighters, who swiftly induce order in shtatovskih rotten democracy, tweak the constitution, canceled elections and will set in Hollywood censorship.

So Makar, unfortunate double standards of the West are not in America's policy of the oil "demokratur" or criticism undesirable regimes. Poor hiding the fact that the values of Islam in Libya and Egypt to him than life Yankee consulate, Obama shows that, perhaps, the most hidden secrets of the Bilderberg about a "new world order" …

As Romney has benefited the Russian Federation

Every cloud has a silver lining

Mitt Romney, and behind him and the whole Republican Party of the U.S., like a bunch of parrots, repeating a favorite slogan: "Russia — America's geopolitical enemy number one." Barack Obama had tried to take out your deck with a greasy shulerskuyu eight aces double standards and make a move to trump: the enemy, then, he says, "Al-Qaeda" and not our home — but in America today, "Al-Qaeda" may be getting through except that the small 12-years old, who had just mastered the alphabet .

Feeling that it was time to intervene in the dispute internationalist judge gave a voice from across the o
cean, Russian President Putin. KGB-dominated strategy Vladimir was ordinary and brilliant at once. No, he is in no way blamed Mr. Romney. And, being a friendly person, fraternal America is not threatened. Replaced in order to declare a special Russian missile defense program there, which in the 2012-2016 years. will be implemented in Cuba and Venezuela in order to protect against potential invasion of Greenland Eskimos, Comrade Putin thanks Mr. Romney for straightness. "The fact that Romney considers us the enemy — it's a minus, but what he says bluntly, frankly, it states that he is a man, pure and simple — that's a plus," — said our president.

If someone does not realize: Putin did not read about Romney. He had read about Barack Obama. He gave the Yankees realize: if Mr. Obama declares his love for peace, and immediately thinks about the European missile defense system, and if it reads as an opponent of the "Al-Qaeda" and hand in hand with it is promoting "democracy" in Syria, conscientious fellow by the name of Mitt Romney's own long-standing enemy will never be fooled.

Black puncture Barack Obama

Americans admired the strength of its own fleet, looking at the Russian ships

Who seen a Hollywood blockbuster, he knows all Americans — patriots. At the Congress of the United States Democratic Party, which was held on September 4-6, the Patriots were in bulk. One of them, retired Admiral John Natman, the last day of the Congress pushed the pompous speech, noting the majestic awards of U.S. veterans. While the former admiral was saying, excited crowd shouted: "USA! USA! ", And behind the back of the speaker on a wide screen on display a slide show of the tremendous warship, designed to show sea power of the United States the most.

But in the middle of them did not have all shown themselves to be patriots. Moreover, Mr. Natmanu at one point refused to applaud the ordinary man in the street does not Democrats, and the most that neither is well-deserved military, including those of the U.S. Navy that know firsthand. These people, according to rumors, instead of "YuEsEy" yelled something else, it looks like a "Rush".

The fact is that America's naval power in the photo presented … Black Sea Fleet ships, large anti-submarine ship "Kerch" Project 1134 frigate "Sharp-witted" 61M/01090 project, the Ukrainian Navy frigate "Hetman Sagaydachny" Project 11351 frigate and Project 1135 ( "OK" or "inquisitive"). The last special on the ship's electronic weapons Rob Barker, who served in the South American Navy until 2006, immediately recognized the Russian Navy — by radar. He said"I was just shocked. I think the committee for the congress should apologize. At least, need to recognize the fact of mistakes. "

Barker saw the radar, and other Democrats instead of the Stars and Stripes in the pictures saw the flags Andreev.

South American authorities have could not explain The interested public how it is that the Black Sea shots hit the ramp.

As you well, Mr. Obama, in other words, comrade major security? Kremlin agent in a white house with the experience — and almost failed the business, and at the same time and the elections!

Bold, brightest and with a vacuum cleaner

"Pusek" — on a par with Nelson Mandela

Turned out for the month of September panketok of "Pussy Rayot" appropriate. Global democracy, contrary to the predictions of skeptics, not only has not forgotten them, but even some of my crowned with laurels.

September 14 magazine "Snob" gave women convicts premium "Made in Russia" in the "Art Project of the Year". The Expert Council decided that the best art project in 2012 — a "pusek." Ksenia Sobchak, announces the merit-cum-LA Parfenov, later in the "Twitter" noted, that the choice of «Pussy Riot» — is the choice of "the people." Under razumelis numerous people visit the website "snob."

Konkurentnst panketkam in the fight for the right to be the creator of the art project of the year madeAlexander Brodsky — for a gazebo in the park slightly bitter, Alexander Gronskiy — for photographic project about Moscow, Nikolai Polissky — for the festival of landscape objects "Archstoyanie" and Olga Sviblova — for the management of "Multimedia Art Museum." (For the curious reference — The Expert Council Award).

Of course, "punk prayer" was higher than any of pavilions in the park there or photo projects.

For the "snob" pulled himself to the cause of democracy and the European Parliament.

On the same day, "Puska" were nominated for the "Freedom of Thought" Andrei Sakharov. Panketok put forward for the award of the German MP Werner Schulz, supported by 45 MEPs. Herr Schultz is parliamentary faction "Greens / European Free Alliance" and is the deputy head of the EP delegation to the Parliamentary Cooperation European Union — Our homeland.

In a press release on this topic says, that the arrest «PR» outshines even the murder of journalists' protests and the arrest of three women — along with the criteria for their detention, bordering on torture — and the sentence pronounced in the form of 2-years in prison have done for verbovaniya attention to the violation of civilian unceremonious rights and non-compliance with the law in Russia bukovkoy more than previously committed the murders of journalists and new repressive laws. "

Vpribavok MEPs christened "Punk prayer" in the Christ the Redeemer "bold and bright" action.

Sakharov Prize given to those who have made a special contribution to the protection of human rights, fighting for freedom and the main development of democracy. Its first awarded Nelson Mandela and Anatoli Marchenko (posthumously). In 2009, in the middle of the award winners was popular in Russia human rights activist Lyudmila Alexeeva. In 2011, 50,000 euro bonus figures were "Arab Spring." Now, fully maybe a list that starts naming Mandela in 2012 will continue the trio led by Tolokonnikova — lady, which measured life contraindicated.

And if Mandela fought against apartheid in South Africa, the "Puska" behold the human rights are a little different: "Occupy the kitchen frying pan town. Go out with a vacuum cleaner, reach orgasm. Police battalions to seduce girls. Cops nude enjoyed the latest reform. "

Most is for the European Union. With its parade of gays and lesbians, which if that is not enough, so it's an orgasm from a vacuum cleaner.

* "We, the boyars, hard-working people! Such is our share of the Boyars "- a phrase from the cartoon" Falling under the bridge. "

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