Results of the week. What kind of life — and without a piano!

Part I. "Who animal, I — a creature?"

Payroll fever

It would seem that the publications related to «Pussy Riot» («PR» or else "ZK" in the Russian keyboard layout), it was not so small that from the latest publication may be revisited. But what, my friends, do: what the girls themselves, their lawyers continue to try to work out or to the end of someone's order, or just their head is their own feet, and, consequently, all the others, the rest does not. And if so, then all the superfluous impressionable people, pregnant ladies, looking up from his mother's breast to innocent children urgently advised to withdraw from the screens of their own computers, so do not expose yourself to unnecessary psychological tests, because we have decided to "Results of the week" turn once again to the subject of the most presamyh-core prisoners of Russia.

Lawyer Hopes Tolokonnikova: Feigin Marc

So, in the week lawyers "ZK" (we'll call a group specifically so) decided to retaliate harshly Russian public men who offered the South American Ambassador to make the most of the lawyers in the list Magnitsky. According to social activists, lawyers deliberately delayed the process, refused to provide the opportunity to "LC" to apologize and mean intentionally upekli songbird, as they say, far away and forever. This situation angered lawyer Mark Feigin, who was in the middle of the other and recommended that Magnitsky list. At this sovereign Feigin said at his lawyers' thoughts shaking their fists, that now the Americans can do and another list — "the list of Pussy Riot», so that people involved in the "persecution" of punk singers who could not have fun, quote, to "molestation "West. And Feigin promised not just to participate in the development of such a list, but also just to cope with the case. Who would, as they say, doubt … The list, of course, will be the prosecutors, judges and other persons to whom the emperor Feigin, as mentioned in a famous movie, has a personal grudge …

But why would the emperor Feigin not start a new list specifically with yourself. Well, you just judge for yourself: how could manage to lose such court, which is really all that loud-voiced girls threatened the maximum penalty … It was necessary so "professionally" to defend himself, so that all three PR-ZK slapped a realistic time frame for a couple of screams. Because no one, of course, against the "list Pussy Riot» would not mind if his head was the line "Marc Feigin."

By the way, in the week once again decided to speak to a group of "LC" is one of the most active politicians twitter Dmitry Rogozin. He promised to one of the defense companies to cast a huge scandal recognizable girls' infernal pan ", which can be useful in order, quote," the other world ". Will there be at least a little of the pan place for a lawyer Feigin and "one of the former b." Deputy Prime Minister did not specify, but we must assume that our defense industry at the moment is so strong that can fully allow himself to create the technical means to truly dual purpose: to introduce and "at this" and "on" light. Modernization, however …

PS in the subject. By the way, the year 2012 turned out to be generally on the lists provided. While Senator Cardin and lawyer Feigin nights are wide awake and complement the "Magnitsky list" and "list PR-LC", besides the Azerbaijani authorities have decided to embark on the same directory path. In Baku, decided to create a … "the list of astronauts." A spokesman for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry sovereign Abdullayev said that Azerbaijan is now the road to be closed for the Swiss Claude Nicollier and the Yankees Charles Duke, who took part in the conference "Man and Space", held on the ground of Nagorno-Karabakh. By the logic of Baku, these astronauts before their own trip had to get official permission of the Azerbaijani authorities. Astronauts now expects a terrible punishment in the form of a ban visits to Azerbaijan …

In general, any payroll fever. In this regard, we can expect the emergence of "sports" lists ("Malaga list" for St. Petersburg or a "list of the Russian team" for Israel.) Won one team from another — a descent into the "black list": nothing, he says, his eyes fall on us and trample our land his football boots …

Thorns and roses for Misha Saakashvili

What we know from the Georgian media and Georgian Georgian police detention unit? That's right: it is the most non-corrupt structures, public works crystal transparency and purity of the people sitting in the same transparent buildings. At the word "bribe" their parses Caucasian righteous anger, and they are ready to deal with the briber so that in fact never had a desire to put an even one GEL envelope …

Apparently, specifically anger to have been dictated by the briber and the torture of prisoners, photographed with your camera (the camera on the camera …) employee Gldani bullpen Vladimir Bedukadze. It was found that the crystal unblemished Georgia prison staff on how to work close in spirit to the staff who had become sadly famous in Russia Kazan police department "Far." Torture and rape of prisoners in Georgia's bullpen turned ordinary phenomena.

Now the main operator of the shooting in the Georgian bullpen obliged to seek political refuge in Brussels, because he believes President Saakashvili able to deal swiftly and with him and his family. Sure. After its roller Bedukadze inflicted by Saakashvili and his supporters tangible impact, and such a loss Misha Nikolozicha nobody beheld long since — since "red tie". When the confusion was the president, he had to play the role of a man who knew nothing about the position of the Georgian prisoners. In an artistic form that Saakashvili is inherent in general, he stated that he would not allow similar violence and signed the papers the dismissal of Interior Minister Bacho Akhalaia. And this is the minister Akhalia happen all the time was sitting in a chair own a crystal clear crystal spotless office and rudely dealt connivance, nothing himself Misha Nikolozovich without reporting …

In general, prior to the elections in Georgia so far and "plenochka from prison" in a position to make their case against the current government. It was then that the sovereign will of Saakashvili and thorns and roses, thanks to the power he once came.

Ministry to "yat"

During the week of his presidential indignation work of some government ministers expressed Vladimir Putin. He said that the Minister of Regional Development Oleg Govorun, Minister of Labour and Minister Maxime Topilin education Dmitry Livanov are responsible for the failure of the preparation of the draft budget in terms of its implementation in the designated areas. Putin, namely, said: "If everything is there and throw as in the project (budget, ca." VO ") set forth, then other points of these decrees can not be executed. I already see it, and they must be enforced. "

Of course, after such separation is quite the resonance of President Putin's ministers were simply must, as they say, redeem … first rushed to expiate his guilt Education Minister Dmitry Livanov. In characteristic of all the ministers of
education in recent years Livanov manner decided to go in an unusual way. He immediately found the cause of defects. It turns out, obey in all shaped as letters "E"! The Minister said that millions of people in Russia suffer from the fact that the legal framework of the country is not the rules for the use of the letters "e" and "f". To enhance the effect of self-redemption, Livanov said that "the problem should be solved 100%." I could, of course, and further strengthen, saying the need to solve the problem of stopudovo …

No, of course, no one argues that the difficulties with bukovkoy "e" must be addressed, because they, perhaps, lead to a total of inchoate Russian Education and Science. Now, if all knew in Russia, where "eknut" and where "eknut" what you see, and would live better … and it is necessary to decide on the legislative level! What else? In another aspirations of our people will not listen to the Minister …

In this regard, the Minister Livanov can recommend to go even further: to return to the Russian language bukovku "yat", because without this bukovkoy our people for the near future as the state lost identity … With all of this, "yat" is also necessary to expel all the laws and, of course, to rewrite the Constitution to the introduction of this particular bukovkoy. Well, on the set of federal laws and decrees, in which each student will be charged with the duty not to make mistakes when writing "Mrs.-shek" and "cha-conductive", and do not have to read. The minister should go to the end!

And while the minister is going to end, lasts several education reform on the other flank. Out of the mouth of the authorities and the business of the country can often hear the same phrase, the country needs for personnel, lawyers and economists dime a dozen, but the machinists, welders, mechanics, and other representatives of the working class — an acute shortage.

Ministry of Education, of course, and then decided to attend to discrepancies, but to go, as usual, his own way. Now regional educational institutions of initial and secondary education professor realized a new educational model whose logic defies explanation. In particular, representatives of the workers are trained professionals are not 3 years, and 2.5 … But that's half the trouble — with the outlet ball in January … The main problem is that the Ministry of Education decided in a new benchmark of educational prescribe a very exciting point: in 2.5 year at the same welders, mechanics and machinists apprenticeship training (Prof. practice for the machines, welding machines and other equipment) are transferred to the senior courses, and for the lower classes increases the number of so-called school subjects. And increases so that even students in Physics and Mathematics classes of secondary schools and students of technical colleges would envy ordinary Russian PTUshnikom … Now after 18 months, students and students of technical schools and colleges will have 5-6 hours a week to study physics, for 6-7 hours arithmetic. Surpasses the number of hours of a foreign language, and some other things … Well, what there is and what there is welding machine tool business — the main thing with triple integrals and the Biot-Savart-Laplace understand, and only in a foreign language … in fact be working for the machine "shprehaet" and "parlekat", laying on a bed of Euler diagrams with circles …

The main on arrows

Most of the Russians previously intended that only one "Kalashnikov" can seriously take care of their health. But in the week it turned out that there is at least one more … In old days there was information that the deputy Sergei Kalashnikov, head of the Duma Committee on Health, initiated again throw a switch of all Russian watches, and later already again never leave them alone. The MP believes that in Russia it is imperative to make the transition to winter time, for exactly this time in the best way suitable for our people. What research work of the Governing MP Kalashnikov, is hard to say, but the initiative is rapidly supported by many representatives of both government and the medical corps. It will be recalled that in the past year, almost a similar initiative of Dmitry Medvedev to transfer the arrows once and for all supported too many arrows … then put in the position of summer time, but as it turns out now, with such a concept as a "once and for all," we have a huge problem …

The initiative Sergei Kalashnikov best defender joined the health of Russians Gennady Onishchenko. The chief sanitary doctor said the move to winter time is necessary, but, again, not forever, but for 30-50 years … Why specifically at 30-50, Gennady G. did not elaborate, but it does not matter. The main thing — to translate, that does not translate later …

Of course, what the fuss is about translation or untranslatable Russian shooter hours now playing for the country the same significant role as a legislative regulation bukovkoy "e" in Russian words. In this regard, we can recommend all of these wonderful ideas generator to send a couple of months, such as the creation or in the reformed vocational school, where he lucidly explain to by the letters "e" and "yat" that it was time to deal with real things …

Part II. Let the will of the devil — live swallow

Profit or perish

In Pakistan, found a "collaborator" scandalous movie

Very clear that the brains in the hot heads of Islamists and other supporters of the global Shariah boil from the movie "Innocence of Muslims", made as if NB Nakul — a citizen of the United States, which is now hiding from retaliation for those who do not beheld his movie. It is unlikely that there is at least one percent of the people from among the protesters around the world who could say that watching a movie is bad and that it angered him — so much so that he made a "Molotov cocktail" and set them to treat any of the South American Mission or more of any suitable institution.

To excite a lot, the movie does not need, and need a reason. In other words, provocation, hearing coming up news. No movie is not beheld, but heard about it. No one with a French newspaper cartoons of Mohammed have not read, but all of them have heard of. And the spark ignites the flame — in the literal sense of the word Libya.

Americans, of course, the worst of the geopolitical brothers, what only you can provide for yourself. But in the last days of the attack on the Yankees and the burning of the Stars and Stripes protesters somehow become boring. Excited to the boiling point Islamists dispersed American, and along with the French consuls, ambassadors, their press secretaries and Marine guards at the same time, directed attention to its own citizens. The fact that some countrymen soon became suspicious of a walk — if not outside, ideologically — by Messrs. overseas. For example, on September 19 Pakistani businessman Haji Nasrullah Khan, who came to the rebellious comrades, including one of those who rent retail space in the said entrepreneur, in response to the invitation to take a hyperactive Muslim yes close All 120 stores in Hyderabad, which Mr. Haji Nasrullah has, interpreted the sole tenant, the proposal is wrong and that trafficking in 20 100 stores will continue — despite the fact that the active partner insists on closing in the name
, so to speak, solidarity with the many comrades, burning all around who do not like bad South American movie "Innocence of Muslims."

Tenant Landlord did not realize. How so? All protest, smash, burn the Stars and Stripes and curse America, and this Tipes going to trade and make a profit? All clear: Haji Nasrullah Khan, an agent of world imperialism and associate the scoundrels who filmed nearby Hollywood's anti-Islamic film. So, Haji Nasrullah solidarizovalsya not with the Hyderabad brothers in the faith, and cursed with the wrong NB Nakul from California. And in the air does not profit from 120 stores, and death.

Gathered at the home of businessman demonstrators said Haji Nasrullah Khan insulted the Prophet Muhammad. The noise came the police, who find confirmation of abuse failed. In any case, the store owner was arrested.

When the police left, the Islamists have invaded the owner's home, built there an act of looting, not without a fight divided the property of others. Then the weight went to the police station and refused to leave from there to the time that a "suspect" without charge.

On the upper pro-Taliban party "Jamiat-Ulema-e-Islam" received credible representation of the correctness of the charges, and is one of the favorites of the religious Hyderabad called Haji Nasrullah put to death. Family suspect managed to escape from the persecution of fanatics.

Experts believe that a businessman could be executed: At the moment, he, like the amusement of the ruthless mass formally charged with blasphemy. By so terrible article in the progressive Pakistan without unnecessary delay deprived of life.

That's how the South American low-budget movie — and not even a movie, and rumors of it — can affect the fate of a man from Pakistan. Of course, the exterior of the opponents to the opponents of the Islamists fled inland.

25,000,000 for the living or the dead

Silver coins counted, the case for Judas

September 18, it became clear that the Syrian Free Army has promised to pay a lot of money — 25 million dollars — to someone who will give her the Syrian president "alive or dead." One of the commanders of the SSA as Ahmed Hijazi said, that these millions will be paid "by Syrian businessmen working in the country and abroad and support the SAA." Hijazi added that the fee is intended to "encourage members to act Assad's inner circle."

But already for the next day in the press there rebuttal: an unnamed representative of the SSA denied the application of the generous offer rebels, I mean business. According to that representative, the merit of Assad suggested they do not, and are in Egypt Syrian opposition members, who call themselves the "Free Syrian Army for the defense of the revolution." In other words, the army is also free and also Syrian, but not the same.

It seems that she and means there are none, and in Egypt, which has been helping America and who begs from the IMF to "reform" and no bucks at all. 25,000,000 is only at the CIA, whose members just doing a good deed, and once offered twice as many bucks for a head of Osama bin Laden, and not so long ago appointed credit of 7 million for the capture of the favorite Somali religious extremists Abu Zubayr.

In addition, the Islamists will not fundamentally offer such funds for Bashar al-Assad. The market value of the Syrian president established in May of this year. Cleric Ali al-Rabiei, a citizen of Saudi Arabia, proposed 450 thousand dollars for the killing of al-Assad. Why 450 and not 500, it is unclear: it may be 10% — a deduction of income tax from salary of the killer.

Market prices destruction presidents and their close even lower than economists think the CIA. Islamists, however they have not served the SSA know that even the president of the South American, not to mention Syria, draws a maximum of 180 thousand dollars.

Back in June, p. g was installed the cost for information on the whereabouts of Barack Obama. It led to the Somalis from the organization "Al-Shabab". For U.S. President terrorists offered 10 camels, and for his military friend Hillary Clinton — 10 cocks and 10 hens. Translated into Bucks South American camels — animals, by the way, are not cheap — pulling in 180,000 dollars. End of the Line of chickens will shape a hundred bucks.

So Makarov, the global market is very much appreciated death, Bashar Assad, and virtually nothing is Barack Obama, not to mention the State Department boss. The high market value of 1 and the other is very low due to the fact that the Syrian president is to protect the interests of their own country, and Obama can be replaced by anyone, though Romney, at least for a third term of Bush Jr., even though candidate A Zombie — and absolutely nothing in America will not change: it will be the same national debt to grow, shrink the economy will faileth poor and the rich get richer, the tent cities multiply and build democracy in the world — all of this to the smell of burning American flags. If Assad is indispensable, the brewer Obama simply no desire to move from Pennsylvania Avenue, 1600 …

"And no one, not the enemy, and so …"

America looks at Egypt

It is not good having heard about the movie, entitled "Innocence of Muslims", the Egyptians went to the September 11 attack on the U.S. embassy in Cairo. Practically speaking, kairtsy and gave a signal to the Muslim world: the murder of a South American Ambassador C. Stevens in Libya came after the Egyptian assault.

And time does not internalize, history teaches them "surprises" in the form of pogroms consulates and embassies. And Obama is nothing to do but sulk. Specifically teenage resentment can explain that to nedavneshnih South American authorities have decided to no longer consider Egypt as an ally. This is clearly said Barack Obama. True, said, adding that enemies Egyptian Americans, too, will not be considered. "It seems to me — he said — that we need to look at how they react to the incident. Wait for a response to our demands on the responsibility for the protection of the embassy and its personnel. " Later, the U.S. president raised his head high, and said that if Egypt is not now take upon himself the responsibility of the aforesaid, it "will be a big problem."

It was then, of course, and find out who is Egypt for America: not just an ally, it is not one, or even inveterate enemy.

In the meantime, it turns out, hurt Obama frozen Cairo provision of another tranche of financial aid. The United States is going to write off the debt of Cairo one billion dollars, and still give millions to various types of assistance. In addition, Obama has decided to not to meet with President Mursi, which met in New-york the following week at the UN General Assembly.

In America, decided that the official Cairo was tough enough on mass anti-American protests. Yet Obama did not like that Mursi somehow "not immediately"Condemned the attack on a South American embassy. Perhaps, the South American flag does not warm the soul Mursi. Another thing — the black flag and the slogan: "Ther
e is no god except Allah, and Mohammed — his prophet."

But why would the President of the Islamists and the government to be "hard" against their own? Barack Obama is naive and earnest, his evil critics are right. The resulting power by the "Arab Spring" of radical Islamists and congratulating them on their victory in the elections (very strange, by the way), admins white houses somehow believe that these people will change their eyes and begin to believe in the states, not emirates of which, in their davneshnemu opinion, a good idea to make a wonderful new world. No, pray for Democracy South American standard of these people will never be. West means no gain for their money. Means they will take, but the Yankees this does not become. Education and culture will not allow it. And Obama — with his usual American faith in the golden calf — can not grasp this. Give, say, for you then by billion, by one and a half every year, helping to crank revolution, on his election victory congratulations, and you give us that? ..

How — what? The attack on the embassy and burning your Stars and Stripes flag. Standard democratic exchange, Mr. President, what are the mechanisms of the world has shown in practice, even Osama — the one in which the enlightened America, many individuals continue to be confused with Obama.

Our offer America

President and president of southern North

On the days of the South American liberal magazine "John Mather" released amateur video from Romney's remarks, made at its closed meeting with supporters in Boca Raton, Florida. "47 percent of the voters in any case vote for the president (Obama) — said Mr. Romney. — Yes, there are those 47 percent that for him, which are dependent on government, who believe themselves to be victims, who believe that the government should bother about them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, food, shelter — all you wish. It supposedly "legitimate right". And they will vote for the president, no matter what happened. "

"My task — not whether to worry about these people. I will never convince them that they need to show personal responsibility and self plead for their lives, "- said the Republican candidate.

Americans were hit yet another statement of Mr.. Some observers thought that the presidential election now be waived: Romney himself doomed to defeat.

The President of the United States could not use the opponent's blunder — immediately got on a political platform and criticized Mitt Romney. You can not, in truth, to name almost half of its own citizens irresponsible dependents.

Obama statement Romney found a mistake and said that "voters are willing to be convinced that the President is not going to write off a large part of the country."

But Romney has not only apologized, but also stated that the words of their own is not going to turn away.

Indeed, why should he fight for voters Obama? Such a common question today the president in the head, enlightened sweet black homemade beer, for some reason did not come. At Obama — 47% Romney — about 43-46. (Another 10 percent may vote for a third candidate — Mr. A Zombie).

Due to the long-standing stalemate in American elections (elections in which a margin of several papers defeated George W. Bush, to a suitable illustration) candidates competitors should raise the question of dvuhprezidentskoy parliamentary republic.

To share a fraternal South American people are not so difficult. Obama will get one half of the electorate, Romney — other. Have one president ruled southern states (Romney), the second — the northern (Obama). The division, so to speak, because of the historical specificity and party. And then we'll see who's with his own half cope better, and zahochut under the wing of the Republicans to the Democrats, or vice versa.

But we have a suspicion that both Justices bad. Why? Since both are not fluent in geography? Or the economy? Since one considers that the car was invented in America, the concentration camp — in Poland, the means — at the Fed, and the best South American fleet — is the Black Sea? Since the second declares a friendly Russian aggression, public speaking inspiration draws from a geo-political maxims of Senator McCain, and the best economic strategy considers the imminent depletion of the enrichment of the rich and the poor?

No, not because of that. In the end, economics, geography and history do not really know all the presidents of America. They were all the more practice, if the theorists: they like history, geography and economy not to teach but to do. Presidents of both naughty bride elect Mr above are as one would cook on Pennsylvania Avenue, 1600, honey ale and an old habit of skipping razvedbrifingi on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and second, sober and formidable, will be very zealously attend these briefings …

* "What is this life — and without the piano" — a phrase from the cartoon "Falling under the bridge."

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