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Part I. Gorbachev and order-bearers Churov

The cost of victory

On the eve of the Victory day or stateliness in Russia conducted a survey noticeable. The main theme of this survey was follow: "Do you support the celebration of May 9?" It would seem that the question was wearing some provocative humor and was able to lead to such freedom of thought, that the historical truth about the role of the victory over fascism could once again be devoted to juggling . The results of the survey showed that 90% of respondents believe universal prazdnichkom May 9, but 10% said that the money spent on processions, parades and entertainment events, should be directed at improving the living standards of the Russian people. In Moscow, the percentage of "need" the money (instead of the Victory Parade) headed for 13%.

Try to understand the figures. Moscow authorities report that for the Victory Parade and solemn procession, which will be held on May 9, they will spend about 100 million rubles. Given that the continued population of the capital is about 11.6 million inhabitants, that the separation of funds allocated to all Muscovites tie goes to 8 rubles 60 kopecks against brother. Well, well, so be it, we delete from the list of the President and the Prime Minister, ministers, deputies of the Moscow City Duma and fifty oligarchs. The amount of funds to "improve" the living standards of ordinary Muscovite "dramatically" increases to as much as 8 rubles 75 kopecks!

In connection with this is to make a proposal for action: those who does not see the need for the celebration of May 9, you only need to specify your own home the address or credit card number, and we'll send in their names currency translation amounting to 8 rubles. 75 kopecks. Let them do better their lives — we do not mind … Apparently this is a victory for the cost of the 13% …

And on those 8-75 can be purchased or a roll of toilet paper, or a snow-white ribbon. Well, if you roll with the all clear, here is a snow-white ribbon have to walk carefully — all of a sudden the media this attribute — the person "male" sex between the ages of 18 and 27 years old, and besides, evading military service, and the police at the meetings, it is no longer asleep, and finds the dodgers …

As Lithuanian Deputies meter included

The Lithuanian authorities decided to recall school math and count the debt, but not their own, and those who, in the views of the Lithuanian parliament, must be repaid by the Russian Federation for the years of the "brutal occupation" Baltic republic. MPs have got their calculators nationalist Lithuanian Seimas Kazimiras Uoka and Gintaras Songaila. By making a series of calculations, "Two Friends" have concluded that our homeland must Lithuania little much, 834 billion dollars. All — up .. bn In other words, Moscow, on the views of highly developed mathematical Lithuanian MPs should understand all its "occupant" are beyond the Lithuanians and assist in their upcoming quest for democratization majestic. Only here and gentlemen Uoka Songayla seems forgets or else are in complete ignorance about the fact that at the time of finding the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic within the Russian Union of Moscow just did that intensively funded their "western storefront." So maybe the deputy calculators significantly stretching the truth — maybe it is just right to claim the return of the Russian Federation of the tremendous resources that for years of "occupation" of Lithuania stood out as an aid to her own development.

Exposure Grutas Park. This is a tremendous territory in the forest nepoodal from the Lithuanian town of Druskininkai, where the borders of Lithuania, Belarus and Poland. Here, hundreds of sculptures exhibited Russian period, as objects of Russian life, the standards of the time printed, different badges, medals, military equipment and a thousand and one sign of our common past …

Catchy that in certain 834 billion dollars Lithuanians involved and the need to remove the part of the Russian Federation stopped in 2009 Ignalina NPP. Allegedly, the Russian built, Russian and even dismantled. And Lithuania supposedly peaceful atom is not needed, suddenly repeated actions at Chernobyl and Fukushima. Well, the Lithuanians are like hundreds of years ago, and live in Lucin …

Following the logic of Lithuanian legislators, the Russian Federation should be removed on the ground of Lithuania and other facilities that were built on the common means of Russian taxpayers. And here also includes residential neighborhoods Lithuanian Composers' Union, the Palace of art exhibitions of the Lithuanian capital, hundreds of homes of ordinary Lithuanians in other towns of the republic and even the building of the Government of Lithuania. So what? Since the Ignalina nuclear power plant is proposed to put a Russian bulldozers, then maybe, and all other "hated" Russian built to kill, so as not to waste time. Stupidly? — Stupid! But, as it not stupid to put the RF weird account for the fact that we once lived in a big country, and did not consider those to whom, for what and how much is due.

Premium boom

Not so long ago accomplished noticeable municipal awards ceremony. Among the awardees included such figures as Misha Gorbachev and Vladimir Churov. In the view of any of them, of course, needs no introduction, but in the description of awards — yes. Thus, the CEC Chairman Churov was awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky, and Soviet President Gorbachev — the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called for outstanding municipal awards. Merit find their own heroes …

And about these awards in the society is the real debate broke out. But we will not question the need for awards from the Russian administration, and only slightly delve into the history of the awards.

Let's start with the Order of St. Andrew, which until 1917 was the highest general state award …

So here's Mike S. — it is far not the only knight of the Order, the municipal awards which, to put it mildly, can be long and stubbornly open a discussion. Before the inventor of such restructuring efforts have at various times been awarded, among other: Hetman Mazepa (8 years after the awarding of Hetman Peter I stripped merit) and Napoleon Bonaparte (1807). It may be the awarding of Russian authorities wanted to highlight a kind of continuity Misha Sergeyevich Affairs Mazepa and Napoleon related to Russia … If so, then some allusion to the similarity of the positions of President of the USSR and the above-mentioned historical figures are very slim …

Now about the award, Vladimir Churov. It would seem, for what may be awarded to the Chairman of the CEC? It turns out that for some special awards to the Fatherland, which by most of the Fatherland were at best unnoticed. Surprisingly, it found a similar contribution to the same deputy Churov by CEC — Stanislav Vavilov. Apparently, these two people have done for Russia is something that does differently with 2 as the Order of Alexander Nevsky and the note can not be … And if now Vladimir Churov will walk on the street, wearing a chest all his medals, he is the envy of even the veterans who took Berlin … Here we have such a decorated cha
irman of the CEC. Yes there chairman … We all CEC — CEC ordenonosnogo most of the world!

But the epic with the highest municipal merit in this is not over. In turn, the mere Vladimir Churov going to do some kind of Alaverdi and hand in the week noble character "for awards in the organization of the elections," Vladislav Surkov. What did such monumental sovereign Surkov made for the organization of elections in Russia — not reported. Maybe he set a record time to display any and all records from the precincts of the Russian Federation? .. Maybe Vladislav Y. himself was at the printing press and stamped millions of ballot papers? ..

It remains to wait for news about who and what the order will hand now, Vladislav Surkov, that did not stop a string of awards ever. Maybe so makarom we decided to just make a "rewarding happiness": he received the Order — the award 10 other …

Part II. Geopolitics completely fused with pornography, and in America everything is lost


Geopolitical pornosyuzhety are multiplied in the world at a breakneck pace. That twelve agents Sneak-Koryabedy U.S. covert services noted in "inappropriate behavior" in Colombia, it will pop up with the dancer scandal in Brazil, which was attended by three U.S. Marines and one employee of the embassy, then suddenly it turns out that the hidden agents got drunk and misbehave, not only in Colombia but also in El Salvador, the charges will fall again in the address unfortunate revelers Strauss-Kahn, who, for sure, he does not remember who he was, either past director of the IMF, or pimp, or a rapist, hunted at expensive hotels.

Brand new geopolitical pornoistoriya, however, slightly different kind, occurred in the old days in Germany. The German federal bureaucrats found the 141 hidden file on the memory card seized from Maksud L., who was arrested a year earlier on suspicion of aiding and abetting terrorists. All files are password protected and covered with a special software, making them virtually invisible. But the staff of the Federal criminal police, after a long search found them … in a pornographic video. Pornopapka called «KickAss» — and in it, and then stored in a subdirectory «SexyTanja» encrypted files from the "Al-Qaeda".

For a year, federal officials went looking for files, possibly because the Germans were not so greedy strawberry is not like the Americans and the French — and not at first drew attention to the Adult Content. The German Federal criminal police — a serious institution. This is not your hidden service of the USA or any where IMF.

"The X-Files"

In America — another big loss hidden materials. According to "The Washington Times", The National Archives and Records Administration in Washington has missed a 10-s boxes with hidden materials, among them — 40 boxes with completely hidden files from the Office of the Minister for Defence and the recording of the few offices of the U.S. Navy.

What was the year that izderzhali Germans in search of files! .. The Inspector General of the State Administration of archives believed South American boxes and then investigating the disappearance of three years. In the end, a copy of the report went to press.

The Inspector-General is not the first time fix missing entirely hidden documents from the archive. Past inspections performed in 1998 and 2004, also revealed the "brain." But the bureaucrats from the State Administration of archives say a few boxes of 10-s — utter nonsense, as every year, is entered in the National Center for 250,000 new boxes. The thing is the wrong data: one counted the bad, the other written illegibly. In short, America would not worry: in place of boxes of old times would bring the new. In the U.S., a similar solution to the problem so called "chronic neglect." Why only had to work hard for three years?

The South American space agency (NASA) in the person's own inspector general as well as the National Archives — in the person's own inspector, is not particularly worried about the forty-eight unencrypted computers. Specifically, many laptops in 2010-2011. stole from the employees organization is not the Chinese hackers (long since already owning codes starting ISS), not international terrorists. In NASA also adhere to the principle of "chronic neglect."

America in general — the country unreliable. There are lost not only the hidden material and notebooks, and gold bullion. At least, the Germans their gold in the basement of the Fed look desperate. Jack Gatt, a spokesman for the vice-president of the Federal Reserve, a few months back said reporter "Bild" Ralph Schuler that the German gold as is "in some of the 122 iron barred offices. That's all I can say. "

So, NASA lost dozens of laptops (with all this, the ISS, should be considered, long run by Chinese hackers) in the U.S. Federal Reserve is not easy to find the gold, and the State Archives at times disappear completely hidden materials.

"In the State Archives of the U.S. — report ITAR-TASS, — In total, collected about $ 10 billion. pages of text documents, 12 million maps and drawings, 25 million photos and graphics, 24 million aerial photographs, 300 thousand rolls of film, 400 thousand video and audio recordings, 133 terabytes of electrical data. Immediately kept South American Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the main components of the national wealth. "

This — according to the inventory. But the suspicion grows stronger that all that was left at the Yankees robbed — and in fact it is their "important national treasure": the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. All the rest is long since over the ocean — in a variety of places where America, as if forgetting his house despises democracy.

By the way, Barack Obama has recently picked up the calculator and found that the war in Afghanistan alien for 10 years was worth more than a trillion U.S. dollars, not counting the thousands of dead fighter. And head South American president came a sound idea: from now on do not war, and spend money to cover the budget deficit of the native, the repair of roads, bridges, runways, and almost everything else useful. Just feel sorry for Obama armed with a calculator just for the moment, before the election, but not in 2008. After winning the elections, politicians as simply forgets about their own promises and pledges made by the students — the axiom after the exams.

And now Obama's promises to repair roads and bridges just look weak antithesis to bodrenkim election mottos Mitt Romney …

Breivik's hand reached out from behind bars Russian-wing, but they refused to shake it

Known for Anders Breivik, who invented the strategy of terrorist attacks in the game «World of Warcraft», has long been torn from the Norwegian terrorists in cosmopolitan.

As you know, this killer is the creator of the manifesto "2083 — European Declaration of Independence", which occupies as much as fifteen hundred pages. The manifesto was posted them on the Web before the explosion in Oslo and then, after the terrorist attacks hit the media.

In general, call Breivik's creator — is artificially inflate the glory of the terrorist. The text, in part representing Breivik's diary, full of quotations from Mao Zedong and Niccolo Machiavelli. Themselves "program theses" on the "
struggle", Norwegian wrote off Ted Kaczynski, aka the Unabomber.

"Manifesto" and to date has lost popularity in the decadent Western Europe. In Denmark, one theater plans to put him on the play. And supply. In Denmark — freedom of expression and creativity.

On the days of Anders Breivik, who called in his "Manifesto" to the struggle against Marxism and Islamism, decided to install from a prison cell contact with the Russian far-right. The lawyer of the defendant Tord Jordi says that Anders has already created a network of supporting his Russian far-right under the title "Russian support network." At the moment, this "network" as if working on the translation of 1500 pages of "Manifesto" in the Russian language.

Neuzh a Russian ultra such ignorant that Machiavelli translated from Norwegian? Not at all.

Not so long ago Dmitry Dyomushkin, a favorite of Association "Russian", said that his organization from contact with Breivik is no support and build them is not going.

By the way, Russian — only part of the cosmopolitan venture Breivik. His thoughts, he is going to envelop the whole of Europe. The terrorist, as the radio "Freedom", receives letters bags — so much that he could not read them all, and the employees bullpen "ipa" did not have time to view them and translate.

Breivik even managed to become the face of the Finnish hockey team — though temporary, by mistake those officials. Front of the arena in the Finnish capital is a large poster with portraits of players, and even what person could send a picture via the Web, which later would be imposed on a person any of the players against Finland. It would seem that someone is not nice to see myself, my beloved? .. But here it was found out that some people nicer to look at Breivik. Apart from the latter, by the way, got a huge poster face Finn Nikita Fugantina — smaller caliber killer: it took the life of three people.

With such popularity Breivik declares himself sane, totally can earn mania grandiosa — and in June, suddenly, the Tribunal recognizes him crazy and release from jail.

Would any Russian war? ..

In Estonia, there is a special police security — precisely speaking, the Department of Defense police — Estonian Kaitsepolitseiamet. This is the department or the Security Police, protect the constitutional order in the country, is struggling to measure the forces and capabilities against terrorism, and in the process, and vsesuschey corruption, and, of course, is armed municipal secrets. Capo is also known as the counterintelligence organization. In short, the Security Police — this is for you not to any of the FSB.

If our beloved "bloody gebnya" known physical abuse, the Estonian office in the course lets not ostochertevshie fists (yes, it must be admitted mordobitie obsolete), and … weight. Completely serious Estonian resource "Capital" reports on how the Security Police officer in Ida-Viru County Oleg Andronov in 1995 beat a detainee — who are detained for their "own initiative", in other words, maybe just because he really wanted it — weights.

"Special person" from Capo receive the glory and the other way. Another employee Kaitsepolitseiamet, Toomas Sygel, previously served for criminal police, cold October evening in 1997 began firing from the service weapon in the 100 meters from the police station … in Mustamae. Later, a brave police officer fell asleep at a bus stop. It turned out that of the organized crime police Sygel was fired as the first service and drunkenness were incompatible. In the Security Police the characters, of course, is not so strict.

All this, you say, it was a long time. Right. Now the brave men of the Security Police is not used in the daily work of weights and not a bullet pistols anywhere, and there are only diplomatic means.

May 6 Russian military expert, member of the Public Council of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, a political analyst and journalist, editor of the magazine "National Defense" Igor Korotchenko arrived in Tallinn — and not just because, as a general intruder Baltic republic, and at the invitation of international media club "Imprint". In this club on May 7 — the eve of the Victory of days — was to be a meeting with the Estonian journalists and members of the public on the topic "Want to whether Russian war?"

But at the airport Korochenko turned back to Russia. In independent Estonia was not allowed on the grounds that the security police took so revoked his visa — the one that gave him a completely legitimate in the Estonian Embassy. Special services explained to Korochenko that he seemed a danger to the security of Estonia. Perhaps in the Security Police, without waiting for the club conference after the adoption of a large dose of "Old Tallinn" has already replied to your question: "Want to whether Russian war?"

Russian kids for Europe: it would be funny, since there would be no shame

The story of Dr. Natalia Shtauber who moved in the late 1990s from Russia to Germany for permanent residence, such a summary. Her future husband was working with the same immigrants as Natalia — so they met. Their two girls were born. But after a couple of years, the husband and wife business worsened. The fact that the husband moved to another job: to the guardianship — in the place where the bureaucrats are subject to the rules and cruel responsible for surveillance and disadvantaged … think baby? — No parents. On the nature of such service even though one has messed up. First tribunal in the case of divorce has left his eldest daughter and dad and younger — with mom. Unable to endure separation from the oldest child, Natalia tried to make the family business — but in matters of guardianship ponatorevshy spouse suddenly filed to the court, calling the former spouse "the initiator of scandals." At the second trial judge took away Natalia and her younger daughter. How is different? After all, the spouse feels that if not selected, then the daughter Natalia can destroy or, more terrible death, take her to Russia.

Natalia Shtauber — PhD, owner of his own medical office, ie, a man of real rich enough for the highest level. Moreover, it is so far the insurance pays both girls. But whose side will the tribunal — the defendant, emigrant, or German employee care? Answer yourselves. "Pravda.Ru" (Smetanina) writes that, as Natalia said, "the court has already advised her to lower activity, so do not lose their parental rights. A psychologist said that her anguish of separation with the children — her personal discrepancy. And recommended to have a new look for yourself or a hobby — to run in the mornings, for example. "

In the media placed number: forced hundreds of Russian kids separated, "ward", or similar services with their parents — in Germany, France, Norway, and Finland. "All of this — writes Ivan Gladilin, — Looks like already on a campaign of mass withdrawal zabugornom Russian kids in the "civilized" world. "

The campaign is not a campaign, and the trend is. Objectively speaking, we do not even need to carry on personal cases, and about the whole western juvenile system, which other lovers of democracy — is very similar to the sinful circle, in which kids
run by parents, and the parents run the guardianship, — try to instill today and in Russia. German tribunal said Natalia Shtauber wonder that her seven year old daughter is very small, so decide with whom to live: with dad or mom. Malehankih girls, whose mother was "dysfunctional", will have to obey the rules.

It's simple: rules are rules, and the courts and bureaucrats care — people follow the rules. But they are not furnishing the rooms are arranged, incidentally.

And if in Russia until the baby thing — Dad with his mother, in the West people passively pray Regulation. It is logical that Europe is aging bear kids there do not have long stylish, well, instead of the psychologists recommend exercise or collect stamps. Here's just a pity the Russian boys and beautiful girls who are brought up rules — in full agreement, by the way, with municipal thoughts of Plato.

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