Results of the week. Yes, this is for you not to Rio de Janeiro! ..

Results of the week.  Yes, this is not Rio de Janeiro! ..In which South American uranium exploration occurred

In the week suddenly came together in absentia battle two of the most sensitive global intelligence — South American and Israeli. South American Exploration, breaking all the stereotypes of the genre, said that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, it turns out, did not think develope nuclear weapons. And this statement came after the South American ships have aimed their sizzling Tomahawks on Iran's nuclear facilities and after the Iran adopted an unimaginable number of different kinds of sanctions. The sudden news of the world led to think. Why is this information not previously appeared in the press? Maybe the gallant South American scouts had all this time or in a long Christmas vacation (the entire intelligence community immediately), or simply could not distinguish enriched uranium from nedoobogaschennogo … The greatest sensual wave statements coming from the South American razvedvedomstva, called for Israel. The head of the Israeli intelligence sovereign Kochavi (main spec in Israel on Iran's nuclear weapons) said that he is ready sensitive to any head on the block to a dispute over whether Tehran is preparing a nuclear bomb or not. Aviv Kochavi said that Iran's uranium it — as much as 4 nuclear charge, and only where, they say, look, these South American spies? ..

Naturally, the prime minister Nitanyahu had to iron out a few passionate words of its own head scout and say that he de, of course, does not waver in the competence of U.S. intelligence, but it would cost to turn up the enriched uranium and other places … Translating words Nitanyahu a more understandable to all of us language, he said about the subsequent: "What the hell did, I'm sorry, then it should be brewing this Iranian mess, if it suddenly turned out that Iran's civilian nuclear program available only what Ahmadinejad said a thousand times!" Promise Nitanyahu realized in Washington, and is now preparing personal meeting Israeli Prime Minister and the President of South America, where, no doubt, someone's intelligence will be recommended to undergo retraining.

Iran will lead to Tartus

And while the main "friends" of Iran are trying to solve the dispute appeared friendly, Iran has already introduced its ships to the Syrian port of Tartus. With the official goal of the visit of such things are hazy, but unofficially everything as clear. This is not the kind of "Freedom Flotilla", which Israel took as an obvious and deadly. This is a direct test to show that for every contraption "orange goodness" there will always be its "axis of evil" with the screw. Of course, superfluous democratized the Syrian opposition manifested by the presence of some allergy Iranian Navy ships in Tartus. They turned their heads quizzically, decorated with dark greenish bandages and masks in the West, but he still scratches his head and thinks that this time some very thorny revolution impossible …

Do not be angry Third Sun civilization

While the North Koreans are trying to get used to the newcomer symbol of civilization in the face of dear comrade Kim Jong-un, South Koreans have decided to show that, maybe, to get used to and do not have to. For this exercise in Seoul called the military maneuvers own davneshnih friends that bread is not necessary — let's maneuvers, the Yankees. At it from the Pentagon were received hot words of support. What's more, tell me, can be obtained from the Pentagon, when it comes to demonstrating their own steel muscles and these representatives ZKAAnR humanistic principles ("rot Korea is not completely anti-democratic anti-people of the Republic"). These slanders from Seoul to Pyongyang and Washington were not silent look and said that as the enemy ships and planes will roam the sea and air spaces near the DPRK leader Kim Jong-un to call civilization, a little much, Holy War. But Seoul and Washington should recall that the Sun of Korean civilization is such a small little thing like a nuclear weapon, and the gun flies so that the trajectory of the movement can not predict even the North Korean military engineers. Because maneuvers maneuvers like Kim may be angry with the third in the world as long as no one knows. Apparently, the Americans with Koreans south and decided to check it out. And, well, as rasserchaet? ..

Another garbage from the "Friends of Syria"

Of course, the hope for all "progressive" world's population remained in connection with the meeting of the "Friends of Syria", which was held in Tunisia. "Friends" came together under the leadership of Kofi Annan himself, but the truth, without those for whom this meeting is to identify and had to be carried out, namely — without the Syrians. Many had expected that the "friends" will make some breakthrough in the Syrian issue, but all of a sudden breakthrough to the congregation made a few hundred inhabitants of Tunisia, who shouted, about a nightmare, words of support to President Assad and neprelichnuyu language in the address unique Hillary Clinton and other attending the "noble" concourse. In the end, at the "friends" again nothing sensible was not born but the next words of the deepest convictions of the Assad regime, which were transferred to the paper. Tunisia inhospitable crowd, apparently not liked, and now decided to carry out a new collection, perhaps already on the ground "friendly" Turkey. Recall that in the "friends" decided not to add neither Moscow nor Beijing, finding no probable invitation for another as spam …

Rampaging Saakashvili

In the week in the latest attack decided to brave Caucasian Generalissimo Saakashvili. At this time, Georgia accused Russia that she Tipo pulls the brakes on the case of the investigation of crimes against humanity committed by Russian troops on the territory of South Ossetia and Georgia in 2008. In other words, Saakashvili himself with his faithful squires no crimes against humanity in the same 2008, in his deepest conviction, did not commit, but "bloodthirsty" Russian virtually fashistvovali on his home ground. To such accusations by official Tbilisi Russian SK replied that if the crime had been committed, and then not far Russian troops. With all of this sovereign Saakashvili advised to look at film — independent investigation into the events 8.8.8, filmed by French documentary. In this movie are very worthy of attention for arbitrators in The Hague international court staff about the activities of Georgian soldiers in the streets of Tskhinvali was destroyed. But, apparently, Misha Saakashvili prefers to look only films of Hollywood studios, and the adventures of Batman and Spiderman obviously do not give the Georgian president rest. Maybe somewhere in the closet Misha Nikolozovich even hanging suit the 1st of these characters next to chew a little tie …

At this time, the administrative center of Adjara — Batumi town last demolition of the memorial to Georgians who died during the Russian war majestically. It turns out that the monument prevents local authorities to lay the cable car. Here opportunity — the most expensive inexplicably must pass through that particular point, where there is a stele. Amazingly reconciled calculations of local architects, do not say anything. Oh no help to them their pencil a route Batumi "cable car" the Georgian president, who decided that history
can be written and his hand. It is a pity that in Tbilisi until now not start constructing the cable car that would have passed right through the bedroom sovereign Saakashvili, where he was come to mind are "great" idea.

Squeak Estonian investigation

Subversion of Russian special services had to mark up and down the remains of the Estonian police officers. The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Estonia by the name Vakher announced that his department managed to chop off the tentacles of an octopus Russian Federal Security Service, who is working with local police security from their own spouse. Maybe Russian spies caught in Estonia tried to find out the secret of making sub-standard Gennady Onishchenko Estonian Estonian sprats or sausage cheese. Sovereign Vaher said that the enthusiasm of the Russian agents markedly increased after Estonia became a member of NATO and the European Union. On the streets of Tallinn, judging by the statements of the minister, is now virtually roam the crowd Russian provocateurs and try to put a spoke in the wheel of Estonian independence. Russian radio operators tap Morse code in the secret cellars of Tallinn, and that the sound is spread across the country, besides scaring the Latvians. Vaher said that the apostate will not have mercy on the part of the Estonian justice. Another sovereign Vakher, apparently, wanted to use the phrase "Soak in the outhouse", but later remembered that in some places it is the expression he had heard, and of the Estonian language, it does not look as impressive as in the non-state Russian. Well, that is to say, the glorious Estljandsky counterintelligence do not sleep, finding themselves the newest and latest work. No work — so they invent it, together with a trace of Moscow and specifically the FSB. And it turns out that their salaries are quite vain and get …

Rogozin, crayfish and pike

The combination of "23 trillion up to 2020" in Russia has turned into a steady idiom. Specifically as Russian budget is ready to lose weight for the implementation of plans to modernize the Russian armed forces. Now the vice-premier Rogozin, called to oversee issues related to the defense industry, he vowed to take over the gills of those who are accustomed to live happily ever after on pullbacks. Already announced that for the near future setbacks could reach up to one fifth of the total amount allocated to the reform of the army. Now Dmitry Rogozin, received carte blanche from Putin apparently finds the tools that will allow him to seek out and grasp at the same gills corrupt. Here it is necessary to see that goal, of course, the good, but there will be enough in most valiant Silushka Rogozin, to move this massive impact from space. After all, we say, to balance, and balance, the same "haulers" to Rogozin in air can fully harness their own cancer and pike. And here is a completely different pair of shoes will come. And we, usually, is to impose that Rogosinski sunk enough for 5 crayfish and pike good dozen who are trying to pass the back, with the ends — in the water.

Glory Afghan scavengers!

Glory Afghan scavengers — the most attentive scavengers on the planet! It's specifically they are raking pile of ashes, stumbled upon the burnt book sheets. Fortunately, in Afghanistan every scavenger read, and that's one of the guardians of purity found in the burned pages of the Koran lines. You can imagine for yourself, as a wave offering to find the sheets, this scavenger ran around the whole neighborhood, and declared that the Americans wrong again decided to outrage the Afghan believers. Americans, of course, panicked. They began to make excuses and read it, they say, books that were confiscated from prisoners so that they were not transcribed together on their pages. Say, someone accidentally struck a match … well, the book, you know, burn rapidly — do not have time to blink an eye. But such a tirade from a South American or British translators have translated poorly, or something like that, but ultimately the Afghans come to resentment and began smashing things encountered on the way. Do not help any shots in the air, or in shots in the Yankees, no retaliatory shots Yankees, no shots at each other … And here, you see, in the town of Taloqan besides the German contingent was caught by the arm … So broke these Afghans that the mother, do not fret! Bundeswehr even had to give an order, so that the base in Taloqan cover … out of harm's way. Get and Norwegians, who generally had never heard of any arson Muslim holy books, but so who are there in Afghanistan, parses than Norwegian differs from the Yankees. In general, dembelsky chord Yankees went on apparently unplanned scenario.

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