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March of the heroes of the second chamber

March 16 was held on the streets of Riga is very common for modern Latvia Event: March veterans of the Latvian SS Legion. Under the banner of white and brown a few "heroes" shuffled through the town, which, by the way, is the capital of the country, members of the European Alliance.

An old "heroes" really only had a few, but they were accompanied by an impressive crowd consisting of Latvian "heroes" of the new spill. Bravura marches, grin from ear to ear and the irrepressible joy of expression, no doubt, a glorious past, gave those who intensely welcomes invincible "patriotism" by Latvian Nazis. In the mass were seen, and the deputies of the ruling coalition. On the face of each was read almost happiness from the fact that the war fighters Latvian SS Legion, which definitely have fought for the freedom and independence of Latvia, were destroyed by 10's of thousands of peaceful inhabitants not only on the ground of Latvia itself, and within the contemporary Poland and Belarus. How else: to fight for their independence necessary so that the burning of the village with a locked in huge barns people. To fight for the independence necessary so that everyone disagrees with that independence rotted in a concentration camp. Fight for independence should definitely saying, "The Jews, your place in the cemetery," and "Russian occupiers — death!" For Latvia, apparently, in another way …

Though what adekvatnomyslyaschy people litsezrya ahead of itself this costume show with representatives of the Latvian legislators in one rank with Nazi collaborators, only directly aware of the meaning of "fists itch." But to engage in close combat with a procession of "national favorites" and those who support these darlings under white ruchenki in Riga this one did not. Well, really, that will change if the situation is again poured out into what is usually called the wall on the wall. Broken noses and wobbly teeth in this case, apparently, are not sure of the "heroes" in their wrongness.

By this march should be treated no differently as a pillar of crazy individuals who have decided to show the world: they say, look good people, if you try to rewrite the historical facts, and can happen to you is the same. You know that crazy people need the very freshest air, so do not quarrel with the last spark of brain activity: here and they walk around Riga, the Baltic breathe air, maybe someone in the mass even had time to heal famous patriotic Riga balm and seize it more patriotic Latvian sprats …

Well, if you were in the middle of the crazy strolling besides representatives of the Latvian authorities, so it seems, and they are in their own ward number 6 was stuffy sit, and they decided to grab their banners, well, make a day of open doors with access to the public. It only proves once again that Latvia — you know, the most democratic country in the world: there's not a psychiatric clinic clients are given the opportunity to feel like heroes.

In the end, the patients underwent, and later to the hospital and the next ukolchik follow — hospital beds, their hopes, at all enough. And if not enough, our home will help … Well, what you are, in truth, the Russians on unhealthy not offended.

"Billy, charge!"

March twelfth was filled with events related to "Augustus. The eighth. " And the first question about Ukraine. At first, the press got the information that the authorities of Ukraine (Ministry of Culture) has withdrawn the license to hire Russian film director Janik Fayzieva. The ban by the time the film has touched the 2-countries of the CIS countries: Moldova, and Azerbaijan. And first in March this sweet couple joined Ukraine. This provoked a storm of enthusiasm on the part of the overly patriotic people of the country who denounced Russia of trying to impose their vision of independent Ukraine reference events in 2008. It was reported that the decision was made as a friendly move towards the brotherly people of Georgia. A number of Ukrainian publications dubbed "August. Eighth "than everyone else, but not a feature film. In general, the joy of the followers of the glorious thought, Viktor Yushchenko, on the prohibition of Russian band was in bulk.

But the thing. It took some time, and it turned out that Russian film on the conflict between Russia and Georgia of 2008, everything will still be admitted to a massive display of the Ukraine. Such a low blow from the ministry's own "Ukrainian patriots of the villas" obviously did not wait. What did do? Extinguish the fire using spiritual vodka? And can review their homegrown documentary films about heroic deeds of Stepan Bandera? Or again with tents yes to Independence? And while the Ukrainian "zapreschentsy" think about what kind of revenge of the Ministry of Culture to choose their own, they can only rejoice at their own neighbors in Chisinau. And satisfaction this must be truly immense.

Well, judge for yourself, almost three years Moldovans could not pick a president. Three acting changed, and Chisinau — all the way. And it needed to happen w: cost only Moldova's eye to behold "terrible Russian film", as the Moldovan parliamentarians had almost with 2 hands to vote for at least some of the president. Then sat in the presidential chair on March 16 Timofti. In practice, sat him parliamentarians. Wanted, did not want to — that's another matter. In general, sits a couple of days to think … Apparently, the creation Janik Fayzieva so impressed with our Moldovan friends that "voleizyavlyat" had been hastily. Once there has been a political coalition, which the country has not had a couple of years. But not in vain Lenin once said, that the movie — the most important art …

In Azerbaijan, the president like everything's OK, because Russian ban movie, apparently decided as a gift to Misha Saakashvili, the five-year anniversary of the unanimous adoption of the Georgian parliament's decision to join NATO. Well, to sweeten the pill property of others. And it is not a lot of what Misha Nikolozovich Union to discover not accept, and even these Russian producers ernichayu — all sorts of films produced. So we decided to show that the Azerbaijani compassion towards Tbilisi it as humanitarian aid. In Baku, on reflection, that we seem to be officially banned, and there — Web actually is: who needs to know, and so will see … To prohibit chickens cockerel trample …

In general, Janik Faiziev should be happy. Such advertising is not every Russian film gets from the favorites of former Soviet republics. Now that Russian filmmakers who zahochut to break the tape in their multi-million dollar car, it is worth to recommend to shoot such films as "The bitterness of reddish tie" or "Pick up the phone, George!"

Milkmaid and captive

Prosaic and mundane story ended with one of the main "prisoners of war" the next time — ordinary Andrei Popov. The story of a private, untraceable absent for 11 years, made a great memory for many Russians. Recall that the average Popov went missing in 2000 from the military unit in which he served, and showed up at home (in the Saratov region) in the summer of 2011, saying that for a long time held captive in one of the Dagestan brick factories. Outrage from the public was the fact that law enforcement Saratov replaced in order to meet returning from "serious captivity hero" bread and salt, they took him into custody on a charge of desertion. Popov spared all of Kaliningrad to the Kuril Islands, but not the investigators prosecutors who dec
ided to test the testimony private. After the inspection found a lot more about amusing decade "captivity" soldier. It turned out that Andrei Popov in "captivity" managed to acquire computers and a new mobile phone, and the "Monsters of warders" practically force led him to join in the "Classmates" and comment on the status of beautiful girls … With all of this, "Prisoner of the Caucasus" was never called his mother and said that languishes in Dagestan "torture chambers."

But the "misadventures" Private Andrei Popov, "coercion to Classmates" is not complete. Local "torturers" Andrew brought up … marriage. They are virtually a noose on the neck of the forced "Russian hero" to marry a 42-year-old Dagestani milkmaid. Here is torture, because torture … Marriage between ordinary Popov and milkmaid Kurbanchievoy played according to Muslim traditions, resulting in an unrecoverable struck another spiritual and bodily injury fighter — namely, circumcision.

How does the "hero" managed to escape from his grip loving embrace of Dagestan milkmaids, the investigation was not set, but it has established more one episode of their life prisoner. Before the "Captivity" ruthless Dagestan Kirpichnik Andrei Popov about 3 weeks voluntarily languished in one of the cellars of Saratov after left the military unit in 2000.

In general, after such details can confidently state that storytellers of all time was filled with earth. Andersen, the Brothers Grimm, Astrid Lidgren, Private Popov … Only here Russian storyteller was not the key to the town, and a few years of settlement colony, where no doubt will be able to transfer all of their torment on paper — the time is.

Trojan Stallion tramples F-35

During the week of the British accused Chinese hackers that broke into computers of those «BAE Systems» to obtain disk imaging on structural features and properties of the F-35. With all this in London said that although very concerned about the extreme activity of Chinese kibershpionov, but still believe that the English computer networks profitably differ in that at any moment can determine who stole military secrets, which stole and what stole. Without a doubt, this is the real achievement of the anti-virus and anti-spyware programmers Her Majesty. It's one thing to know who stole, another thing to return the stolen … In principle, in the case of ordinary Chinese kopipasta in this case return of the abducted loses all meaning.

Immediately you can imagine for yourself how much time and money to save up Chinese authorities procuring classified disk imaging. Where necessary to implement agents invent them legends, to allocate more funds for the content of the residency, the PRC manages an old good Trojans, ready to gallop gallop on the English and South American databases and collect all that Beijing needed.
It is true there were thoughts and about the fact that the kidnapping of the terrible mysteries of the Chinese F-35 — it's just a duck, which covers the current inability to bring to mind a fighter. Maybe specifically scandals interception of information about the systems the F-35 and served as the fact that Canadians have suddenly decided to postpone the signing of the contract for the purchase of this air machine.

It seems that there may be, but to deny that the modern espionage is already far not such a romantic as in the days of Colonel Isayev is not necessary. Where previously were required Pastor Schlag, Dr. Pleischner and at least one, radio operator Kat, now completely bypassed single code Lieutenant Lee, who with the help of program codes of decency can catch a fish from the murky water. Chinese Army Trojans — response to NATO expansion! Here now and imagine for themselves, read to the West in the address of Chinese spyware "And I will ask you to stay …" all the same or at least periodically disable computers with hidden information from the Web. Here's to you and "Eustace — Alex" Made in China.

Dembelsky train

In the week again flared up passions over the transit of NATO Fri near Ulyanovsk. Top military and foreign policy bureaucrats all the forces trying to reassure the Russian public, presenting almost every time steel case. At first vice-premier Rogozin said that the U.S. composting toilets do not need to be afraid of, namely toilets and toilet paper rolls, Rogozin said, will go to the rails on the territory of Russia. Later added iron in the argument that the Ulyanovsk point — white and shaggy, Deputy Foreign Sovereign Lukashevich. He stated that none of 1 person out of NATO personnel at Ulyanovsk Fri transhipment will not.

If we combine the words 2-Russian high-ranking officials, the near Ulyanovsk will be about the next thing. Initially, NATO cargo will arrive by air from Afghanistan. If all of a sudden loads will be accompanied by NATO troops, they will have little dashes, the climb and rolling eyes blindfolded overload unused rolls for the intended purpose and composting toilets in the truck to get to the railroad. Behind all this will look like previously said Defense Minister Serdyukov, representatives of the Russian special services.

Run means a pair of NATO troops from composting toilets, and next to them a dozen or more of our "men in black" to those toilet in the right direction suffered … Upon arrival at the railway transhipment point NATO will have to accompany the gap (after traveling on our Myagenko "KamAZ "and" Ural ") and, in the case entered the Ulyanovsk movers who responded to an ad in the local newspaper Serdyukov. These men load the NATO belongings in Russian trains to fight the glass of course, with the unwinding of toilet paper and other associated bolshennomu relocation activities. And as the last roll curled into the car for the transport of coal, so the composition and roll in the direction of the Baltic states, skipping all the ambulances and literal.

Scary to think about, what reincarnated sparkling NATO goods after such a trip … and even worse loaf, what will happen to the military alliance, unaccompanied shipment by rail, because they're not aware that we had at the stations toilets in the coaches locks conductor, and their Russian security forces sealed toilets. That they'll be lucky if the compartment Russian Dembele with guitars … Did not have placed such a scenario would be moving to Brussels and Washington, it would be better to Afghanistan direct channel was dug from the Indian Ocean, so for him to send his biotulety swimming …

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