Results of the week. You posodyut, and you do not steal!

Part I. "Who will take away the body"

Silent Serdyukov

TALK to the UK ex-minister?

On Friday, former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov was the building of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, which was due to testify on corruption in the "Oboronservis." Appeared in a second time … Appeared, recall, as a witness. Everyone was waiting for: that's it! At this point begin! Anatoly E. will read, read and read again. But the conversation did not work again …

Sovereign Serdyukov decided to prefer non-verbal communication with investigators. Or is it a problem with the vocal cords, and he generally lost the power of speech from that of attention from professionals to own moderate "witness" persona — is unclear. In general, the ex-minister of All Russian army and navy silent, silent, and again nothing. But he brought with him a few sheets of paper on which is reported to include a written explanation of Anatolia Eduardovicha. Apparently, these explanations are that utter them aloud — for themselves more.

In general, sat silent … Someone … read written explanations, someone dangled his legs under the table, someone was looking at a portrait of Karl Marx mowing … And so much as two and a half hours. And, apparently, after the words "sit well" investigators puzzled over that Anatoly E. can still sit for a long time, and therefore again sent him home.

Ex-minister bodrenkim step (maybe passing on the sport) came out of the building, jumped into the stained «Mercedes» and whistling flew past the crowd gathered at the structure of the UK journalists. In general, was as follows …

No comments from a former bureaucrat, nor from his counsel was not followed. Maybe they have followed, but only through glass "Mercedes" of no one heard …

After amusing "interview" with Anatoly Serdyukov spokesman Vladimir Markin said the UK about the subsequent, if the sovereign ex-minister and then continue to emit such an act, then in the subsequent time it is summoned for questioning in an entirely different status. See, they say, plays the silent … "Figvamy" draws on paper … And then at the moment to declare that it impedes the investigation — so at once the voice erupt!

As the voice of the cuts in a Anatoly Serdyukov, of course, will show its new invitation to the Investigation Committee. The main thing now, the same committee and other interested parties to make so that Anatoly E. switched to a video message from somewhere in the UK of Albion or a French VIP-houses, as did other "comrades" …

"The Moor has done his job …"

Georgia wants to send Saakashvili to resign

January 20, 2013 marks exactly five years since, as a man in a reddish tie in the second time was the president of Georgia. It would seem that the sovereign Saakashvili, on the basis of a quick approximation of this important date, should prepare to receive commemorative gifts, festive flowers and fiery speeches of representatives of multi-million dollar crowds. But for some reason unhappy at heart Misha Nikolozovich … Why is that? Yes, it's simple: specifically in January comes the second presidential term, and hence, the emperor Saakashvili — after the defeat of his party in the last parliamentary elections — can transform into a mossy deputy landed Legislative Assembly, where you will agree, inspirational thoughts for the welfare of Georgia will be even more difficult to implement.

But Misha Nikolozovich trying to stay properly: do not chew on camera wardrobe items, does not throw to the ground and did not even appeals to the assistance of the progressive population. He hopes that he might "stretch" in office for about 10 months, as the next presidential elections are scheduled only Georgia in October of this (2013) year. Only now hope it eats poorly, and channels for this kind of make-up representatives of the parliamentary majority and the Prime Minister Ivanishvili increasingly overlap.

According disk imaging, coming from Georgia, supporters of the party "Georgian Dream", which is now the main political force in the Caucasian republic, representatives of various non-governmental and public organizations have already collected more than a million signatures for a premature withdrawal Saakashvili from office. If a million signatures from enemies Saakashvili available, it turns out that for the premature retirement of President expressed about a quarter of the population of Georgia. And given that the signatures collected only on the ground of Georgia, one can imagine that these signatures could add a few more hundreds of thousands of such people from those countries who are working abroad (including in Russia). Here it emerges a quarter of the population, and most of the people of Georgia having the right to vote.

But how so? .. After all, even quite recently, Saakashvili himself and the coming of his supporters claimed that their position in Georgia unshaken, since they are leading the country to a brighter future with a clear police stations and lack of corruption. But in fact, it turned out that the transparent structure of the police offices, the victory over the little graft and a luxurious presidential palace sovereign Saakashvili, and even vyaschaya satisfaction of the Western praise (which became manifest itself all less often) — this is the main contribution of the present Georgian regime of President. Corruption in government has not disappeared anywhere, unemployment, by contrast, grew, the national debt headed for the highest value in recent history, and its repayment to the "good" Western creditors threatened by new economic neuvvyazkami.

In general, when the prompt for your resignation speaks a million people (and that number is certainly not definitive), then there must be firmly thinking. Maybe Misha Nikolozovich even now is to follow the example of. Well, remember: "I am tired, I'm leaving …"

Passion for Depardieu

Work for the famous actor

After the well-known French actor Gerard Depardieu was Russian passport, the noise around his "tax" demarche against the French authorities has increased even more. Society and in Russia, and Europe was divided into two opposing camps each other, representatives of each of them and try to mentally overcome the information "rivals."

Opponents of granting Russian citizenship Depardieu and why, his detractors say the subsequent: "Well, this Gerard Xavier entirely to" squirrel "was drank, just decided to exchange European appeasement to Russian meltdown! And Putin, that Putin is quite good! .. Used prepyadstviya actor to satisfy his pride. "

Adhere to a different view they say, "What? Well done Depardieu! Wiped his nose this fatcat European politicians, who for some reason decided that apart from Paris, London and New York, the more creative people have nowhere to live or not to work. Not enough — wiped, so also referred to Russia majestic democracy, forcing the entire pro-Western camarilla begin to twitch in convulsions. "

And while the camp followers and irreconcilable enemies solutions Depardieu talked about his act, certain individuals have decided to skip the argument and move on to things more robust. Namely, during a visit to an actor Mordovia local authorities decided to reincarnate Depardieu in Mordovia bureaucrat, offering him the post of Minister of Culture. Well, maybe once or twice a scooter blurted out … So then x in France was — there are huge taxes. Yes, at least some of us have heard about the amount of French t
ax per bottle will be pulled — and by gas …

After such proposals for Depardieu together representatives of French publications rushed to the maps to try to find their Mordovia. Beheld and gasped for you … Not Paris or Saint-Tropez, or even Cannes. Some, God forgive me, Saransk. Yes, yes … Just like that and wrote: "Well, what the hell is it in Mordovia forgotten?" (Quote from the French edition of the «Liberation»). With all of this one of the employees of the same edition even remembered that, it appears, Mordovia — it convicts the edge of, and then languishing all the main conclusions of recent times (according to the «Liberation», of course) Hope Tolokonnikova.

At about the same time as the French journalists were wondering how Depardieu will be able to survive in the area of Mordovia, the management of the Tyumen Drama went on. It (the administration) has proposed the work. With all this Depardieu (in absentia) was offered salary, which includes 16 thousand salary (in rubles, rubles …), 22% of allowances, 15% of the local ratio and 10% co-payment for hiring and housing and complementary roles. On a couple of bottles of French wine, which allows for self Depardieu may be enough, well, it is true: the management of the theater fussing about the health of the world famous actor — two bottles per month, and not a drop more. The main thing that Gerard Xavier to our classic (more than a cheap) Firewater product is not addicted … And then it all of a sudden there Lenski or Ivan Susanin, and Gerard — Laka does not breed …

Minister of Culture of Mordovia or leading actor of the Tyumen Drama Theater … Yes pace Gerard Depardieu with Brigitte Bardot, who is also the rumor about getting a Russian passport, can generally "Song of the Year" to entrust guide!

"I have a heart, and the head …"

Hospital burden of Yulia Tymoshenko

Serious inflame passions in the Kharkiv region, where he is serving another sentence, "the victim for freedom" — Yulia Tymoshenko. At the moment, the ex-prime minister of Ukraine is being treated in the clinic and is struggling to direct attention to themselves. Since that time, as Julia came to the clinic, began entertaining story, which is called "Guess where it hurts?"

The former prime minister has stated that he is losing the opportunity not only to travel, and generally get up to his feet and pointed to the ailing back. Foreign doctors (local Julia does not trust) have begun to cure her ailing back, which fell upon all anti-democratic and antiBYuTovskie hardships. But placed shots — first from the colony, and then from the hospital room — provided realize that the lady gets up and walks confidently enough, with a 15-centimeter heels … truant so intense that even the camera placed in the chamber, often lose sight of Yulia Tymoshenko. Employees of Kharkiv prison show "sick" then got a job on the couch in the shower, then lying on the floor, then sitting in the dark hallway. And when asked, "Julia, what are you doing here?", Then get the answer that it all turns out to be a symbol of protest.

And she Ms Tymoshenko says she will use the right to disobey and is ready to start a "fight to the jailers' in this case they will deprive her of that right. So after all that misfortune and that no one of the right lady with the scythe is not deprived: if you want to lie on the floor — please, if you want to sleep in the bath as well-known movie character "Athos" — for God's sake, you want to crawl under the carpet — you are welcome.

Apparently, this brings out-of-balance of the opposition Orange Julia. She wiggled her brain, and decided that the urgent need to raise public awareness. But what? Not back yet again, and not going to sleep in the bathroom … It turned out, the means is! Brand new disease! At this time, Ms. Tymoshenko announced that she had found some puncture your ear. All-you use your loaf, it's ordinary puncture to wear gold earrings, but that is all, and then Julia. It means his supporters announced that, most likely, it's the same jailers or "bought" the doctor entered the lobe of her ear opposition some means … Clarification that she scratched earlobe when used the headset, Timoshenko, of course, does not take . Pricked something special — and everyone here! Perfectly still, that did not bite … For example, Yanukovych Azarov … or zombies …

But if stung, how she Tymoshenko could miss the bus this time, because even her lawyer says that the last day, she does not sleep …

In general, as you can see, it's a bunch of diseases Timoshenko — confusing. Back then, the neck, the ear … In this case the question arises involuntarily, as with so feeble health Tymoshenko could occupy the highest positions so? As she did not fall from the stands as her hair braided in general? In general, launched, apparently, has launched …

China and Russia in the wake of economic rating

As we jump on Kiribati

The release of yet another economic rankings were noted Western publications. At this time, a new report about the so-called economic freedom has been prepared by the publication «The Wall Street Journal", together with the analytical center «HF» («The Legacy"). As they say of the rating, been applied to the state of freedom from interference by the country's markets, the openness of zabugornom investment, the rule of law. It is easy to guess that in the first 10-ke no economy in the world, which would have belonged to a country that has contradictions with the West. So that there is a 10-ke — in the first Sotk not.

For example, China's economy recorded at position 136 (the second in the world), the Russian economy — to 139-th … For all that we and the Chinese in the ranking of "bypassed" economic supergiants such as Nepal, Lebanon, Costa Rica, and, no less no more, Kiribati … Apparently, zabugornye investment in the economy of Costa Rica are much higher than in China's economy, and you and I have long time to start to envy the market mechanisms of Kiribati, where GDP per capita is 8 times lower than in Russia …

Curious how long laughed at his own joke-rated successful specialists from the "Heritage" and "Wall Street Journal", counting the revenue from its publishing …

According to the same ranking, the best performance on the freedom of the economy in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, of New Zealand, and Switzerland. USA — 10th place. This tenth place «The Wall Street Journal," of course, hints of snow-white house, so he slowed down against the threat of the tax burden on U.S. financial tycoons and much less interfere in their affairs.

The government and its citizens have less to get involved in the economy, which makes several 10-s "competent persons" … This is, apparently, and should be financial freedom, which states that the said publication of its rating. Say, where are you pulling your hands? Here is all ours! ..

Part II. "Everything is fine, beautiful marquise!"

Dead freedom

Life and death on the 2nd Amendment

In July 2012 the young Mr. James Holmes, the future neuroscientist, psychiatrist and patient enemy of Batman, his hair dyed the color of flame, armed to the teeth and went out to kill the native people of America in the cinema town Aurora (Colorado). In all, he shot and killed twelve people dead and about sixty wounded.

During the following week in the United States jumped sharply the demand for firearm.

Subsequent sales jump gun was registered in the "Black Friday", November 23, and in the next day or two — because of the sale of shares of pistols and rif
les at discounted prices.

December 14 in the United States in the town of Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut from the hand of 20-year-old murderer killed 26 people (the 27th was the shooter himself), among them — 20 kids. Adam Lanza shot at home mom, Nancy, then on her car, taking with him two pistols and an automatic rifle, went into the city junior school. Once there, he opened fire on adults and children, and then, sensing the approach of the police, shot himself.

After that, the demand for shooting gun in the U.S. jumped again.

Further he has grown since Mr. Obama and Vice President Biden were sluggish utter restrictions on walking guns, urged on by the good by some senators and senatorshami, adversaries and opponents of firearms (one persistent Democrat Dianne Feinstein is worth).

In late December, the chief lobbyist for the U.S. Arms — State Rifle Association — to develop a strong campaign against the disarmament of the motherland. People from the NSA appeared in nearly all major U.S. television program notes. For Sunday's "attacks" on the public were brought naikrupneyshie force: NSA Executive Director Wayne LaPierre, president of David Keene, a member of its management, the last Republican Congressman Asa Hutchinson. In general, nothing new or unusual about these brutal Messrs. same could not be said publicly.

For example, Wayne LaPierre advanced the only reason gun lobbyists "gun — a tool. The problem — in the offender. " So he said in an interview with "CNN, BBC '. Exit to the pain he offered the usual: in order to end the gun violence in America, people need more guns. Previously, he proposed to introduce in American schools with armed guards, "… the most best remedy against the disgusting guy with a gun — this is a good young man with a gun."

Speech about "guys with guns" has angered many politicians, drew criticism in decent prints, and New York-based newspaper "Daily News" Named head of the NSA, "the craziest man on earth."

NSA on the speeches are not braked. Last week, the regional office of the satellites are not just seen in the Senate million financing of election campaigns "hawks", opened the free training courses firing teachers — in the states of Ohio and Texas. Obviously, their organizers convince, their intentions are very good — to prevent catastrophes like nyutaunskoy.

At the three-day courses run by the Association of firearms Ohio, enrolled nearly a thousand teachers and other school employees. And in Texas, four hundred seats allocated for teachers was not enough, and the organizers had to expand the program from.

While distributors guns trained teachers to use it in Ohio and Texas (and earlier — in Utah), shots rang out in one of the California schools.

Jan. 10 shooting in the town of Taft School opened 16-year-old student. It happened at about 10 am local time yesterday. Injuring two students, one student with serious injuries taken by helicopter to a clinic.

At the shooter was a hunting rifle and ammunition is quite in order to destroy a huge number of people. Fortunately, the staff of Taft Union High School were able to persuade the offender to surrender. Campus Manager and teacher boldly entered the classroom, where there was a shooting, and claimed the child finish the fire.

Donny Youngblood, Kern County Sheriff, said"Oh heroism of these 2-people and have nothing to read. They were able to get out of class and give students there, but they did not do that. "

Shooting could happen on January 10 and at a school in Alabama. There, police detained 13-year-old child in a bag that the lesson of physical culture were found a loaded gun and a knife vpribavok. The boy explained to the police that the school is constantly jeered at him — and that he had brought a weapon for self-defense.

Messrs. Obama and Biden, bound in light of such nasty events go to the contact with the public and senators are trying to wriggle out of indignant statements of people in the spirit of Gorbachev. U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, for example, meeting with ordinary "experts," muttered guilty on the air, that, say, an act of the Interagency Commission on combating violence may soon be put to the use of the verb "to tighten", "authorize", "step up". If more precisely, the Commission will advise President of the United States to tighten gun control system buyers to authorize the exchange of information about the sins of using guns and intensify research work on the analysis of their events.

At one time a Russian general secretary lusted to "develop", "deepen" and "improve". There is one difference here, is not essential for the United States. Gorbachev was talking about what a bad thing that he lusted spoil. But Biden and Obama (by Gorbachev — formalists) not good to talk about it, they're going to throw the same bad old.

In Australia, by the way, bad men with guns povyvelis a half-ka 10 years just because there since 1996, after the famous massacre in Tasmania, the government imposed a ban on personal trading tool, as an instrument that was on the hands of the people, redeemed. Since 1996, it did not work either 1st "massacre."

South American economic magic

On the coins, and straws

Once upon a time long ago, in the XVIII century, lived in Europe fellow by the name of John Law. Even in this very young John was able to almost instantaneously profukannyh and drink a tremendous legacy, inherited from his Scottish father. Besides, the guy even had to implement the family nest, so lenders are not planted in his jail. Yet this young man known for being shot in a duel Earl Wilson, sat in the bullpen, where was able to escape, and then lived in Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples, where he shuleroval cards, but for the sake of prestige made it appear as if studying banking.

Later, the young man went to Scotland, where the parliament offered a couple of projects for Hassle-enrichment. One project involved the appeal of currency reform. (Oh, that awful word — Reforms) in Scotland since before the genius Mavrodi still not mature enough, and projects have been rejected by the newly appointed advisor.

Not lucky gambler in France. The police just threw it abroad, because he was "too skilled in games, bringing him a lot of money."

After Paris, Mr. Lo tried to introduce their cash searchlights in Italy and Germany, and there his proposals were rejected.

Stubborn financier returned to Paris: there just killed Louis XIV, Louis XV and became regent Philippe d'Orleans, a great friend of John. Artful sharpie received French citizenship.

In 1716, the last gambler has organized the "Bank Generale," which is already in the 1718th became a municipal. At that time he de Lo became minister of France money.

It was the policy of the ordinary: the bank simply printed the money, not backed by silver nor gold. Lo thought: the more money, the richer people. Lo was still at an "international company", which churned shares the same boundless makarom that means. "Reform" Lo failed in 1720. The very dignified financier fled to Genoa.

Why this story? .. Today initiative Lo other active citizens trying to enter the United States. And there are going to avoid the huge printing costs and solve all the problems of one coin. Platinum. Face value … a trillion dollars.

With monetary initiative to Barack Obama through a petition addressed some of the "financial experts". These people believe that the release trillion coins can fully resolve the issue of municipal debt, which is December 31, headed for the "ceiling" — amounts to 16.4 trillion dollars.

Issue coins trillion will allow avoid increasing the debt ceiling and reducing government spending, not to mention the endless disputes between Democrats and Republicans, who on March 1 may lead to a "fiscal cliff."

Experts believe that the brand new money will not put the country "no economic harm." And the platinum coin can release the Ministry of Finance — on it he has a special right. The Fed is not in the business.

In the text of the petition (Signatory about 8 thousand people) said that the recent coinage coins may seem superfluous to the last resort, but it is less absurd than a "game of political football."

The idea of "Monetchikov" supported Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman:

"Of course, this is just a trick, but as the very principle of the debt limit is reckless because it gives Congress the power to order the president spend money, and then forbid him to raise funds, which it has izderzhat, this is the case, you need to use any tricks, which only is possible. "

Krugman twisted so that it becomes clear that the United States has long been not building the economy, but only postmodernist play it. The trick for trick, and no realism.

A few more coins — and in general there is no debt. And America is once again rising in the global rankings, cash and democratic, as the second without the first is not the case, as no smoke without fire. John Law, as they say, nervously smoking in aside. And he lights a Mavrodi.

Mr. Cullen Roche, founder of investment company «Orcam Financial Group», wonders, that fully enough coins of one ounce of platinum. But here's another Mr. James Beeches working on «MarketWatch», sat down at the computer and calculated that the platinum price in the $ 1 trillion. U.S. went to "coin" weighing 22,048 tons, diameter of 241 feet (almost 73.5 meters) and a width of 1 foot (30.5 cm).

If Schuler Lo took only a couple of years to destroy the economy of France, over what period of time the petition preparers expect to end with America? And who are these people?

If you look at the position of the signatories, the picture becomes clear. Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Ohio, Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky … Southern States! Areas where you would not favor black presidents (especially in Texas, and from there signatories just very many). In addition, specifically those states, from Texas and Louisiana, were the leaders in the past year the number of signatures to secede from the United States.

Of course, the descendants of the Confederates found a new path to the historical truth: through Mint Minfina.F

Vpribavok Southerners (well, and not only they) are not willing to put up with crooked signature of the candidate for minister of money the United States, which must appear on the new Baksova bills. 57-year-old Jack Lew has not yet become the Head of the Ministry of Finance, and the Americans have the muzzle of the curve of his signature, squiggles, not looking like that on a stretched spring-loaded, not to "a crazy straw."

They say, at John Law Jack Lew Myagenko temper. Certainly, almost such as Obama. And why trillions of coins in the form of concessions violent southern states minting those two have … And there — good-bye, the main currency of dollar, and hello, petrodollar Texas!

And again, these hot Colombian girls

They deprive the mind of all visitors

Nope, this time oprostitutilis not Americans. Not watchmen Obama, not the Marines, and not some special agents classified into fragments. In the past year, you can not drink in the morning on weekdays, and of the evening, they say, the latest Latent annotation over a pint to take on the chest is not allowed.

Today in Colombia distinguished Hondurans. And stir in a big way. Envoys of Honduras natreskalis alcohol directly at the embassy, there zazvali prostitutes and organized orgy. Subordinates ambassador used, apparently, by the fact that he himself was not in the embassy: Carlos Rodriguez, probably too drunk, but in a different place — on Christmas holidays in the United States.

But first he suffered specifically: salting Honduras in Colombia retired after the controversial "party" at the request of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Arturo Corrales. Now Honduran Foreign Ministry is investigating the incident alcohol.

As for the prostitutes, the Colombian girls — not fools. In life, they seen a lot of zapivoh, including the most prominent — American, and know how to deal with them. Quite opoiv hapless Honduran ambassadors and embassy nabivshihsya their companions, local confused steal from the structure of the two computers. According to some reports, there was a general rioted. The police did not know how to find prostitutes thieves: the Embassy no one remembers …

Purely positive Turkish economy

For its criticism — in a cell with criminals

In Turkey entered into force A new law equating the publication of negative articles about the country's economy to a serious criminal atrocity. Will you criticize the country's economy — will sit down.

«Bank of America» and «Merrill Lynch» abode for legal review of the law on the impact of its activities in the Republic of Turkey. German «Commerzbank» entered simpler withdrew their employees from Turkey.

If you think about it, the government of the eastern country to go on, and it really is something a lot of criticism divorced.

Some Turks, for example, criticized the policy — and a descent and an outer and an inner. This is done by the opposition, go to rallies and suiting protest against the actions of Erdogan and Davutoglu social movement "National Vision", the Confederation of Trade Unions of the revolutionary workers, the Confederation of Trade Unions of civil servants, the Federation of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects, the Federation of Turkish doctors, the organization of public education "Halkevleri" , Turkish Communist Party, the labor movement and others.

Follow citizens are ready to be criticized by members of religious cults. Of the latter widely known professional pianist and composer Fazil Say. Continue to judge him for insulting the religious emotions and incitement to religious hatred — for the fact that he criticized the muezzin's call to prayer propevshego for 22 seconds:

"What's the rush? He's got a lover in bed gets cold or warmed brandy on the table? "

Still others believe that Turkey is very dependent on the global economy, and how sensitive the crisis, she slips …

Well, enough already, and that the Turkish judicial branch for us all to jail quotes, overfishing by the executive branch, pulled out forcibly planted in Ankara aircraft or having produced any more painful method.

Erdogan should be a ban on criticism in an absolute sense. As such. Political, philosophical, religious, ideological, economic, social, moral, scientific, and, in the end, liter
ary. To hell with the criticism. All is fine, beautiful marquise!

* "You posodyut, and you do not steal" — a phrase from the movie "Beware of the Car!".

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