Results of the week. Youve been yellow pants, and k, we have for you as Hosh!

Part I. That boycott, the march

Test of strength of

In the week it became clear that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not accept the role in the meeting G8, which will take place in the South American Camp David on 18-19 May 2012. Instead Putin himself decided to send to the meeting with, as he likes to call all zabugornyh favorites, "partners", Dmitry Medvedev. Own rejection of a trip by Putin, the Secretariat explained that he had to a series of meetings with the candidates for the posts in a new Russian government. Such clarification West had to officially recognize and forgive, but unofficially sparked a heated debate about "what is Putin suddenly decided to buck at such a crucial moment?" And then began clique, which fits in a single phrase: "Who's what, Ban and dirty. "

Results of the week.  You've been yellow pants, and we'll k, how many Hosh!

On the radio "Echo of Moscow" and "Radio Liberty", a version that Putin, they say, was horrified that it can suppress the issues of human rights in Russia, specifically in advance, he was horrified Tipo probable acute questions about the dispersal of opposition demonstrations that took place in Russia in the day, the previous inauguration day itself and the inauguration of the President. And if so pochetaemyh radio stations such an idea was announced, it must be assumed that such questions were preparing a plan really. I do not own a staff indicated above projects were deported to the South American pure white house letter, which contained a list, written by different hands, and one phrase entitled "Issues of Putin" with the note "Ask aggressively, looking straight into his eyes, pointing to the respondent's light table lamp …"

To be honest, to present themselves for Putin, who feared similar issues, it is very, very difficult. Of all people, and Putin may even describe what a rally in such colors that subsequent time, not all have a desire to tie white ribbons on the sleeve …

By the way, and some South American bureaucrats were expressed to the effect that Putin must throw awful questions about human rights in Russia specifically of Eight summit. The initiator of such a step was the senator from Alaska with conspicuous American surname Begich. Well, as they say, perfectly still, that "Begich," not "Sidich" … Maybe this man outlined the issues for Putin, but because from Alaska to the Russian Federation by the hand throw, then maybe, before acquainted with the issues, Barack Obama, they had time to read and Putin himself. And if you read, it seems, he said: "Well, that, my friend, Dmitry! I have to cut them a loaf, and to you for them — in a fatherly way … 'Cause I'm here with our government somehow he'll take care of — the people, that in fact all the familiar … and you're there in the Camp David explain everything as best you can: Reboot there, they say, the US-rush Bhai-Bhai … well, stuff like that … And do not forget to send greetings! "

Now I co-Big Eight in their huge and anxious minds of the world can very well appear confusion: who is there in the Russian Federation at the moment the main … And it's still great that we managed just two, but it would be constant permutation and castling in end tore the already simmering South American brain.

Who will bring the language to Vladivostok?

After it became clear that Vladimir Putin has decided not to go to the Camp David summit of Eight, it was reported that the September APEC summit in Vladivostok could not come and the South American President Obama. In the South American Snow White House asked not to link this fact with the refusal to take part in the G8 summit in the United States, Vladimir Putin, and said that Obama may be busy preparing for the election of the U.S. president.

In general, as can be seen, the presidents decided to exchange pleasantries.

Results of the week.  You've been yellow pants, and we'll k, how many Hosh!

By the way, for the moment all kinds of boycotts and demarches again come into fashion. Everybody knows how the Ukrainian authorities had to endure summit of Central and Eastern Europe, was planned to be held in Yalta, for an indefinite period due to the tough stance of the heads of the European countries, which scared the bruises on the body of former Prime Minister Tymoshenko. It takes about that many European countries are favorites to boycott the part of Euro-2012, which is soon to go to Ukraine. Not so long ago, and remembered about the boycott hockey championship, which will be held in Belarus in 2014.

In general, the real boykotomaniya gaining momentum. A whole brand-new epic about "how did Ivan Ivanovich and Ivan Nikiforovichem." It is, of course, you can sulk, sponges inflate too, but all the same it would be better to solve issues of the round table. So even on the theory of probability to find a common language is much easier than if you do not read together quite …

In autumn, apparently, we are waiting for the main intrigue: who Obama can send yourself instead of Vladivostok. There are at his disposal, of course, Joe Biden, but the South American "tandem" looks obvious hilee our Russian version. Maybe Hillary send … And what? Vladivostok — a peace-loving city — Darkin out survived, and from a couple of days "closeness" with Clinton's nothing terrible for the town and the country just does not happen … By the way, you can still work on the issues of human rights violations in the United States (the South American Indians in this sense exactly know). So, as they say on amerikanschine: "Welcome Vladivostok that, Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Biden op." We are waiting to …

A garbage clean up, then who will be?

Hot week in Russia stood out for various rallies and demonstrations. And if people's basic share — Victory Parade really re-united people of the country, these are, so to speak, of the action that took place before the parade under the title "March of Millions", "festivities", and so obviously forced to think again about the adequacy of their participants. No, of course, unnecessary 500 rubles, a student in Moscow will not interfere, but, as they say, for what are toilets on the premises crush? .. Under the "discordant sly" in the columns and the opposition were those who dream to own parade through the main streets of Moscow did not come true. This so-called oppressed minority sexy Russian legislation. Fate was not fully realized their dream and in these warm days of May.

Results of the week.  You've been yellow pants, and we'll k, how many Hosh!

First of many news has released material in what was portrayed by the ruthless policeman would torture a pregnant woman. Of course in vocal opposition and other caring hands involuntarily clenched into fists. This information is vividly captured as protesters and various television and radio stations.

But suddenly it turned out that the lady is not only not been pregnant, and even as a lady her name was difficult. At first, very sharp-eyed journalists "Moskovsky Komsomolets" have seen that the "woman" is very much masculine face, and then the myth of femininity received blows subject dispelled Moscow doctors. Honey conclusion for the "pregnant" looked very cruelly: "bruises male genital organs."

If you forgot that we live in 2012, it is possible to imagine that the word "pregnant ladies found bruises male genital organs" look like a summary of news agencies from any 2112 or from the movie about the consequences of "Fukushima" …

During the "March of millions" has suffered a lot of people, with a large percentage of the middle of them, and the guardians of law and order. Apparently, the "pregnant" on this march were well prepared, if managed to break the riot police with helmets, almost taken out of their hands and rub boards in groups of several people.

After the gay activists realize that their parade is not completely happy in the ranks of "dissidents" were referred to as "walking around the city." Someone was breathing the freshest air in an amount greater than 100 and more than people in the capital's parks, someone with a guitar singing all night under the windows of the capital's elderly. Someone peed in peacefully Unsullied Ponds … Well, in general, the ordinary metropolitan walk …

"And what is it that we become the police to detain" — perplexed those who beat the battery from empty beer bottles, alternating with tin cans "Jaguar", peacefully sleeping among the capital's pavements. "This is our city we want, and what we do," — says the people who came to Moscow from Lyuberets, Taganrog and Nizhny Tagil. "We would like to — drag intoxicated under monuments, willing — puts a silicone breasts and tummy, and willing — will pour beer right language employed in the children's sandbox and twist overflowing toilet cubicles."

Apparently, this particular she is — democracy, in opinion, "walking through Moscow." And why — like walking around Moscow, as "dissidents," the banks to clean up garbage and sweep after these walks, so immediately I agree … I do not know everything, but I personally disagree with such disagree …

Defense — off the field? ..

At week floated noteworthy materials that relate to the implementation of state defense order. It appears that now President Putin wants to bring the Ministry of Defense beyond the role in the formation of the SDO. Apparently, this decision was the last straw in a barrel of accumulating negative about the constant shift the timing of the SDO.

Results of the week.  You've been yellow pants, and we'll k, how many Hosh!

It is worth mentioning that only in 2011 in the middle and high-ranking officials of the Defense Ministry servicemen were found in an unlimited number of violations of the terms of the SDO. In the end, it was instituted 80 criminal cases. This figure is very soft-spoken states that the implementation of the state defense order for the head of the Russian military authorities have long turned into a vast field in which you can pick and carry a heavy spike in your own private barn. Yes there … You can spike and sheaves …

If the Department will be deprived of the right to participate in the follow-state defense order, then it can be considered a harsh anti-bureaucratic victory, which in Russia was not a long time. The main thing that like mushrooms after a rain did not appear other departments that have more "active" will "learn" means instead of SDO Office sovereign Serdyukov.

The front churchkhela from Saakashvili

Never ceases to amaze Georgian favorite Misha Saakashvili. Not a lot that a combination of the words "Victory Day parade in Tbilisi" can now be considered an anachronism in Georgia, so even now there was information that Misha Saakashvili and decided to abandon the military parade in honor of the Independence of the Republic of days. Such a move Georgian favorite pacifist decided to strengthen the parade of Georgian industry.

Results of the week.  You've been yellow pants, and we'll k, how many Hosh!

It is reported that on Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi can pass in orderly rows and columns of all the products produced in Georgia. Apparently, Misha Saakashvili recalled footage from Russian film "Welcome, or the parties are not admitted," when on the Young Pioneer camp was held under the drums and other gifts corn fields.

What can still go on Georgian avenues? Maybe the world will witness how enlarged copies of bottles of "Borjomi" surrounded "Rkatsitelli" and "Tsinandali" will travel to the Georgian president, put his hand to his head uncovered. Right behind "Rkatsitelli" on the hands will make a "hops suneli" churchkhela and roll out suluguni. And at the end of the festive procession, apparently, will be carried portrait chewing hachapuri Misha Nikolozovich in sports suit «Adidas», sewn in a factory «Ajara Textile» with a large inscription «Made in Georgia». Go the right way, comrade! ..

Just a pity such a great prazdnichek may be marred. Against Misha Saakashvili is preparing a lawsuit by the Georgian defender Merab Bladadze. The action may be brought to the Brussels Tribunal, which has the power to hear cases involving crimes against humanity. Specifically, such claims and allegations in the outbreak of the war against Russia and presents Bladadze Saakashvili. It turns out that Misha Nikolozovich very late began to work on pacifism …

Part II. Global democracy ozhirela and Guido Westerwelle welcomed Obama

Obesity democracy

Young HG Wells when he wrote about eloyah showed their effete and feeble creatures. He forgot to make them obese.

Records on the number of people ozhirelyh installed with 2 countries: the United States and some bolshennymi Qatar. But if in the past year, the favorite in the race, "zhirtrest" indisputably recognized by States, in 2012, the forward broke the satellite world democratic hegemon — Qatar. For more than half of all Qataris suffering obesity. Hasan Taiz, one of the inhabitants of the country, recognized"All because we are in Qatar just sit, smoke and eat a heavy meal frisky food restaurants. Work a little, everything is automated, and most of us spend time in offices and cars. "

Results of the week.  You've been yellow pants, and we'll k, how many Hosh!

On the heels of Qatar come Zhiryakov States. Maybe in 2013 they expect to return to the palm itself.

This week in Washington accomplished conference that nutritionists have decided to test himself in futurology and looked into the dark future.

His doctors futures studies presented in the form of a press report. According to hosted data, 2030, in other words, after 18 years, the number of ozhirelyh Yankees will grow from today's 36% to 42%. But on June 30 or even 40 percent of the two — so to say, half the trouble. Trouble is that a third part of the South American population (plus to these percentages) are already suffering overweight. In other words, seems to be not quite 42% of the Yankees in 2030 will suffer from excess weight and all three quarters.

In capitalist America loves statistics. There have calculated that the existence of a huge number of fat people in the country is reflected in the amount of 190 billion dollars a year. If the airline and bus carriers account for excess pounds (or more precisely, not pounds, and tons, since the percentage of such costs do not matter kilograms) in the calculation of fuel consumption, the health center to serve the very fat people are in need of special beds and wheelchairs.

Obesity leads to an increase in the country of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

The reason for the full potolstenie American civilization — the restaurant industry, providing everyone greasy and sweet food. America does not destroy another oil voynushka somewhere in Africa, and donuts, hamburgers and Coca-Cola.

It is this Coke, by the way, not only dissolves limescale in kettles, cleans plaque in the toilets and reduces spots, but also causes cancer and kills. In March this year, when Coca-Cola (and at the same time in the Pepsi-Cola) found a carcinogen, the manufacturers of these drinks have promised to change the classic recipes. Changed or not changed, it is not clear, and not so long ago, 30-year-old Natasha Harrison, a resident even if not in America, but of New Zealand, died on kokakolnoy "overdose". However, her family they say that it is thoroughly pumped: drank every day 7, and then to 9 liters. beloved beverage. Woman died of a heart attack, the come from a high content of caffeine in the blood. It's about time that same Coke if not to recognize an instrument of mass destruction, or at least refer to cleaning agents, and in hypermarkets rearrange it off the shelves for food products on the shelves with household chemicals — far away from those who could face obesity or that terrible.

Burgers and donuts is not recognized as safe for the health of American and other people, like Coca-Cola, but if the trend of obesity in the United States will not turn, the health system in the United States simply does not cope with the massive flow of ill fatties.

That's not all. The problem with obesity is not just a civilian population of the country (yes, in the United States is found and so on), and the military. At the mere healing of obesity in America each year spent 1.1 billion. bucks. In February of this year, the Pentagon spokesman D. Woodson admitted: "Obesity has become a problem of the state, which creates a danger to the security of the country."

And that's putting it mildly. So much so, that the South American commanders can not pick a fighter for life "normal" build, that way for 80 pounds. A quarter of all American men between the ages of 17 and 25 who can, and lusted to serve their own country — somewhere out there in Afghanistan or in the Asia-Pacific region — not fit for military service just because of the extra weight. At the moment, the fight against obesity army led by someone not, and the first lady of the USA — Michelle Obama. The results, however, can not be heard.

Opivshiesya Coke and gorged itself hamburgers South American guys can not really either buttoned or lean, while marching in the bellies pushed back steps forward. Underestimate this army gluttons, of course, is not necessary, and it should not be afraid.

Guido Westerwelle sent warm greetings to Obama

While Michelle Obama shows military in America the way to savory and healthy food, her husband Barack engaged in other South American fundamental question: the legalization of same-sex marriages. The question is, of course, to postpone the election did was impossible. And while lawmakers in Russia the most undemocratic way infringe upon the interests of gay men — for example, in St. Petersburg passed a law prohibiting minors promote homosexuality in the middle, and the administration of the Novosibirsk region sent to the Duma a bill banning the promotion of same-sex relationships across the Russian Federation — VIPs America will compete together in the statements, full of paternal and maternal care about gays and lesbians.

Results of the week.  You've been yellow pants, and we'll k, how many Hosh!

Barack Obama was the first president of America, speaking for the legalization of same-sex marriages. His impassioned speech in defense of non-standard pairs, filed in the form of an interview with broadcaster "Hey Broadcasting Corp." May 9, he said, fully thought out. To the views on the legalization of same-sex marriages Barack Obama came after a long discussion with the sensitive issue members of the administration, with family and friends. "I think the principal claim — after all, said the president of the United States, — That, in my opinion, same-sex couples must be able to register the marriage. "

Husband and wife — one of Satan. Michelle Obama shares the sights absolutely own wife.

Prior to Obama's statement on the support of "gay" was made by the Vice-President of America — Joe Biden. He did it on May 6. Because charged ahead and impatient "vice" Obama had to move the chart own campaign appearances, including the "blue" theme. Repentant in haste vice president apologized own cartridge — in the roundness of the office, the same place where known in history was noted by a sweet couple: Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

Certainly, Barack Obama and his advisers expect to get additional votes in the fall presidential election — from those of gays and lesbians, who promised full freedom of formal wedding — on a par with other citizens of the United States, according to the tradition of adhering to outdated deaf heterosexual views.

But the acting president of the South American not thought about it that classic family can view it and approve it. Let's say "gay" and "lesbian" in November will give voice "Liberator" Obama, but there is something traditional couples can "change" him with Mitt Romney. This latter just does not support unions "same-sex", as said, and in response to a statement from Barack Obama on May 9.

In general, it seems Romney here regretted his disagreement with Obama. In America, according to public surveys, half of the inhabitants of the acts "for" gay marriage, half — "against." Romney will not be the same risk of an entire half of the electorate. Witty presidential candidate found a way out of the predicament: took so p
ublicly apologized to the people of the majestic country for being at school mocked the little boy who was believed to "blue." In the interview, "Fox News," Romney said, "I have done silly things, and if any one is hurt or offended, then I apologize. In high school I participated in almost all the tricks and jokes, some of them were able to go very far. " There was one case in high school when a few classmates, and among them, and Romney, crushed 1st kid to the ground and … no, you are not the loaf. They just cut his hair dyed. The torturers considered ill-fated gay boy. Now, Romney grow old disgracefully for themselves — the young and zadoristogo.

And Obama has earned the first point on his speech in defense of disadvantaged Law "gay."

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Guido Westerwelle, makes no secret of his own sexy orientation and September 2010 consisting in a very tight fit relationship with Michael Mrontsem, hot welcomed the initiative of the South American Democratic president. Curiously, Westerwelle referred to Obama somehow act as "a courageous step."

In short, America, like Europe, ruled by courageous people.

"Decline of the West"

Olden Spengler was right. What is happening in Europe today be called "dawn" language does not turn.

In Greece, perhaps, will never be the government. The local politicians have a third time could not figure it out: so they grind at the party that just ended recognize each other. Tower of Babel, not parliament. The Greeks who are on the other side of the parliament, not like anything: neither the economy nor the municipal debt, nor that it should be given, no assistance from the EU and the IMF, nor the terms of the in the "payment" of the aid. In Europe, they say that Greece has reached the pens, and soon there will burst "default" like Russian — standard in August 1998. But if Russia for its crisis chase nowhere, then Greece for its "default" can open the door for the EU.

Results of the week.  You've been yellow pants, and we'll k, how many Hosh!

This country has sunk to the point that there was nothing to pay for the Olympic Torch Relay: light the fire on the Summer Games in London at the old Olympia Stadium today chipped in some sponsors.

In Spain, for which the EU is called the second Greece, it's rubbish, too. Authorities do not hide the fact that the economy is in deep decline, no faculty for no growth. Not that on its own initiative, not on the orders of the IMF, who always put the monetarism (and always lost), the Spanish authorities have rushed to nationalize banks — among them, as we know, money is stored. On the days are planned to nationalize 40 5 percent of the shares of the fourth-largest bank in the country — «Bankia SA». But, anyway, it smells like the IMF and loans, and later "default." Initially, Greece will drop out of the EU, for her — Spain. Who will follow?

In Norway, began fighting for the food. Owners of the new cafe "Kebab House" (Oslo) imprudently promised to the first guests free shawarma and juice, so this shawarma drink. In the evening, at an institution has accumulated about a thousand hungry, which rapidly became clear that free food for all is not enough. Directly behind the understanding of this sad fact began a massive hassle, which was to find favorites — and they will be able to eat their fill. On the kids, too, standing in a huge queue, adult bullies did not direct attention. No one has to eat: the owners do not dare to open his establishment and called the police.

In Poland, life does not seem too sweet to citizens. There's Diet May 11, specifically to combat the crisis has approved an increase in the retirement age. Previously, men retire in this country in 65 years, and the ladies — 60, and now they both will go on a holiday in 67. However, according to the law (not yet approved in the upper house of parliament), from 2013, the retirement age will rise evenly: every 4 months for 1 month. The retirement age will give rise to only 67 years in 2040, the ninth year, and for the guys — by 2020. Talk pension bill passed in Poland against the background of trade union demonstrations. Apart from the hard pension innovation, the government as a separate stifling measures going from 2013 to tax farmers. It is better to live entirely without government, as in Greece than with the government.

In Latvia, though no funds to increase the defense budget, but it would still be increased, not now, then in 2020. Patriotic education is held there at the appropriate level. If in Russia are taught to disassemble AK in class in the upper grades, the Riga radicals believe that sixteen or seventeen years old for such things — it's too late, well, AK — not the tool that is suitable for the education of the true patriots of this European country. Another thing — German machinegun MG charged with ribbon and children 3 and 4 years old, who do not know what a prick.

Caregivers — representatives of the association "Latvian soldiers" Ivo Lembergs and Normunds Erums dressed in military uniforms Legionnaires 'Waffen SS' — May 10 held a lesson of patriotic education in kindergarten Riga «Pucite» («Sovushka"). This kindergarten has its own website on which educators and posted the video from the lesson. This session the representatives of the kindergarten dubbed part applets on moral education kids. Apart from the machine gun on the lesson "legionnaires" dragged pistols, machine guns, which took advantage of the SS during WWII, and even grenades.

It must be such lessons allow kids to learn right-Latvians who attacked whom and why it asks Latvia to the Russian Federation 18.5 billion. bucks for the "Soviet occupation". These funds are just a broker would win malehankih country of its small crisis. And, if our only homeland agree to throw their own oil and gas denezhek poor independent republic where electricity after leaving the Soviet Union for some reason is very expensive, and the capitalist paradise never came, "legionnaires" in token of appreciation will be in kindergartens already without grenades and machine guns, but only with "Walter" and "MP".

Bad things are in Britain. Here, in the 1-x, died Vidal Sassoon, big-name stylist and youth anti-fascist who has learned to operate the scissors are not in a barber shop, and in the post-war street clashes with British fascists, and in-2, advanced policy dopechatat funds before the pound on him about the possibility of purchasing equal to the "Kerensky notes."

In 2011 and early 2012. Bank of England published the 325 billion pounds sterling only in March of this year, consumer prices rose 3.5%. Together with the rapidly growing national debt and the country. If before 2008, the debt of England amounted to about 45% of GDP, today it has reached to 66% of GDP. It was decided to abandon the means of reproduction prescription John Lowe. As you know, this intelligent young man, who lived in ancient times believed that due to the number of written bolshennomu means all can be secured (our Mavrodi — palely tracing from it).

And it's not just in debt and inflation. Scotland promises to withdraw from the decaying Britain, «Jaguar» and «Land Rover» Indian brands have long been, the roads in the country will soon begin to tinker and build a Chinese "guest workers", the Army in 2020, the British will not, because there is nothing to contain it and the population o
f the country often looks in the bottle. Sobering-up stations in the UK are opened more often than pubs, and polyclinics focus countless zapivoham. Maybe the English drunkenness, a record in Europe, and is the reason that the British have forgotten how to count.

In the UK, such rampant power crisis that even the Prince Charles, the heir to the English crown, got a part time «BBC Scotland». On this channel, he has held his own first forecast.

As for the warrior-hairdresser, Sassoon Scissorhands, then, to see such brave and strong men in Europe are no longer made.

But worse of all people to live in Italy. On Friday this week about separation of state of Italy «Equitalia» (the company manages the collection of taxes in the country) in Naples clashes that followed the protest. 600 people were throwing eggs into the office «Equitalia», and the police started up in response to tear gas. Later, the protesters went on the attack, which ultimately wounds and bruises were 12 law enforcement officers (among them were throwing stones and bottles) and 2 protester.

Company «Equitalia» stormed also in Rome and Milan. In the main office of the Roman delivered an envelope with the powder, and in the Milan men attacked a 2-tax inspectors. And in the town of Viterbo, a bankrupt entrepreneur threatened to destroy the tax officials.

In Italy, due to the crisis grown suicide. Mess in Naples just started because of suicide 1st local residents who prefer to pay with life — replaced in order to repay received a receipt for the payment of taxes. The Italians believe that the blame for all his failures «Equitalia», and the tax department not guilty. Suicide in Italy tried to commit even the "godfather" of the Mafia — Bernardo Provenzano, sitting in the slammer Parma. He must have wanted to get away from life in a symbol of solidarity with the people.

So, dear fellow citizens, if sour soup in Russia, in the West acidic life.

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