ROC announces sectarian any competitors Orthodoxy

ROC announces sectarian any competitors OrthodoxyFear of the mysterious sects typical for many countries, but in Russia it has unique features …

When in Russia for offenses that their cruelty and senselessness beyond human understanding, immediately voices — did sectarians. It happens not only at the level of mass consciousness. Povalny fright before the mysterious sect and ready to accuse them of all mortal sins equally cover and the audience, and the church, and law enforcement. Recently, our interior minister even mentioned a list of 10 particularly dangerous sects in the country, but did not disclose it, even more than the added fuel to the fire.

Fear of the sects — sektofobiya — not a purely Russian phenomenon. It is more or less present in other countries — more in the East, at the West.

The difference is easily explained. That fear breeds in ancient layers of consciousness — where it is archaic, there is fear and more. Horror of wizards and witches, whose supernatural powers allow them to greatly harm the person was born in ancient times. Fear of the mysterious sect he inherits. Strange beliefs and practices also put them apart from the majority of the public. And what this public darker and superstitious, the more she feared witch intervention. And at the same time trust in him. In fact, they are two sides of the same coin. It's no secret that we have all kinds of magicians and psychics are very popular and are earning a lot of money. But it further increases the fear of them. God forbid the evil eye. Or worse, committed a satanic ritual and destroy innocent lives. Hence the readiness with which the sect we are cutting the most horrible crimes. In the West, the term "witch hunt" has long been a metaphor, in the East it is often a reflection of reality, but what we, as usual, stuck in the middle.

But the main difference between us and the civilized world is not that. If Europe is opposed to the law of mass psychosis, then we are often caught up by the law enforcement agencies (remember the "list of sects" Minister Nurgaliyev). However, an even greater role in inflating sektofobii is the Orthodox Church. It seems that you can understand it.

Fighting magical superstition is one of the tasks of the ROC. Here are just treated it very broadly, effectively turning the fight against religious dissent, when sectarian rivals declare any orthodoxy.

And what they are viable, the greater their chance of being in the "hit list." Take, for example, Pentecostals. They squeezed the ROC much beyond the Ural Mountains. And now, as otherwise they are not sectarians they call. The myth of the dangers of sectarian Orthodox Church facilitates competition. No need to convince potential flock of the truth of his teachings, to spend a lot of effort for social and charitable work, just to brand competition, declare them enemies of the human race. Like, they do not pay so much people in their faith as they are subjected to all sorts of magical suggestions, that is simply cheating. Cheaters in one easy to become liars in the other. Those Pentecostals — this is not so much religious as criminal organizations, and engage them to law enforcement. Thus, the baton is passed to combat sectarian enforcers. And those willing to pick up it.

This happens for a very simple reason. Law enforcement agencies, like any bureaucracy, love to receive recommendations from the outside, as it narrows the field of their own responsibility. List of dangerous sects had certainly given to the Minister Nurgaliyev "Orthodox experts." Such a list of potential offenders facilitates authorities life. Instead of looking for the real criminals, you can do the work of suspects. And along the way to calm public opinion referring to the bloody sectarian: it is clear that all the troubles from them.

Third indispensable party is anti-sectarian hysteria press. There are two reasons. One is obvious: speculation about the terrible sects always well read and, therefore, significantly increase circulation. This principle was established by the first tabloids, which appeared after the First World War. Stories about the exploits of notable Satanists like Aleister Crowley to compete in them with piquant stories of bed-life movie stars and tales of bloody adventures of kings of the underworld. In that sense, nothing has changed in the world. Is that a tabloid paper added electronic. The second reason is less obvious and largely typical for Russia. Our easy writing fraternity believes that sectarian capable of any wrongdoing: it is unlikely he chooses his outlandish beliefs accident. Either he is the victim of psychological manipulation and out of control, or is initially shattered psyche and never really knew how to cope with it. And such a man is capable of anything, including the crime.

Russian educated classes are still not ready to admit that even the most bizarre beliefs do not necessarily correlate with deviant behavior. And involuntarily involved in fueling the irrational horror of sects.

It is unlikely that Russian consciousness overnight to get rid of archaic phobias. And the question here is not just the fear of sinister sorcerers sectarian. Xenophobia, a painful rejection of others — a phenomenon of the same order. And it is prevalent in our much broader than sektofobiya. Getting rid of these unhealthy states of mind — a long and painful process. Even in European countries, it is still far from complete. What can we say about the vast areas of Asia and Africa. However, if such a phobia encouraged church, the police and the press, then get rid of them is unlikely.

Recently, the Russian Orthodox Church launched a little too active PR company. Produced leaflets, sound loud slogans, removed ideologically movies, examples of which are online can always be found on the website Where will this lead, only time will tell, but even the followers of the Russian Orthodox Church agreed with the aggressiveness of the national religion.

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