Rocker with a bucket
Thundered the whole house:

— No n? the water does not go. Rocker does not take.
Dwelt on the new fashion — brought running water.
Now grow lazy women. Ali's shoulders were weak?
River crazy crazy — she went home!

And sometimes, with a chime to the shores of its green
Girls went to get water on the street pavement.
Came close to the river, river bows to low:
— Hello, river, our mother, let us collect some water!

Now, two years granddaughters will turn with one hand
Lever is like a key — and the water runs a river!

Told the rocker
And hanging on a nail.

Samuil Marshak

The primary subject of rural life once considered link (rocker). Now beam almost anywhere and you will not see, except in the far outback, in the villages and towns, where national traditions are still alive, which is still preserved traditional crafts and trades. Our old people used to say that the strength of a man has as long as he can carry water in buckets on a yoke. A boy is considered an adolescent, when he began to carry water in this way.

In Bryansk with rocker were in the house for water to drink and to water their cattle at the river hauling laundry rinse, wash the cucumbers, etc. Helped carry the yoke, not tired, shoulders two buckets of water a few hundred meters, shifting on the move arm from one shoulder to another. And how pleasant to the taste of the water Krynica, and even from the bucket, which brought on the beam's own mother. Run, used to postrelenkom, will run in advance to the mother popesh water from the bucket — and go somewhere fatigue, and if new energy rush.

Wearing water on the beam — a ritual. When you go to get water, two empty buckets to be in the left hand and arm itself — to the right. And, of course, the talk at the well. Sometimes, a woman may be in tens of minutes to talk while holding the yoke on the shoulders with a full bucket. This is truly a passion for women's talk, followed by gravity and do not notice.

At the well, the bucket on the first arm to cling to the back, then the front. The main thing to wear water way — balance. You can just throw a shoulder yoke with buckets. I assure you it's not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Still need to be able to scoop up a bucket of water and on the beam. Sometimes, fly off with a clumsy bucket hook beam directly into the well. Copan then get. Will you and the neighbors scolding. At Russian weddings the bride on the wedding day is to bring a bucket of water on the beam, decorated with ribbons, without spilling a drop.

In a life of Russian peasants were known rocker in different shapes. During excavations in Novgorod in layers XI — XIV centuries. Archaeologists have found a large number of curved rockers. They were most common. Their arches of steamed wood in the form of an arc. Yoke of this type is lay on the shoulders of women, stick his hands. Bucket, put on the ends of the beam in a specially carved for this seizure, almost swayed when walking.

In many villages, there were also the rocker cut from broad and solid board. Direct board zauzhivalas the ends and in the middle there was a recess for the neck women. Buckets of water secured on long hooks, come down from the ends of the beam.

Rocker in the form of a circular in cross-section stick, well-known in Western Europe, the Russian uncommon. It was awkward to use as a stick heavily weighed on his shoulders. With the help of Russian peasant women often transferred from the river washed linen. In this beam carrying two women, one end lying on the shoulder peasant going ahead, the other — on the shoulder going back.

On the yoke with buckets made up a lot of riddles and proverbs:

"Two brother want to fight, but his hands are short"
"Two swimming, and the third divuetsya"
"Intermedia two seas on meat mountains, the bridge is bent."

"Babi mind that the Indian arm: and obliquely, and crooked, and the two ends."
"Craft is not arm, shoulder not draw it out."
"Dust pillar yoke smoke — not from boredom, not to dance!"

Most often made rocker arm (Fig. 1), birch, hazel (hazel), maple, beech, at least — of pine and spruce. As a template for the rocker picked up a tree in the middle of thick 5 … 7 cm and a length of 190 … 210 cm from such debarked trunk with an ax, a plane carry the finished product. At the edge of the beam are fixed (screwed screws or nailed) metal plate with a hook (Fig. 2). Fret rocker, paint (Fig. 3), which gives it elegant and festive. From natural wood pieces curved gives a very nice arm.

Fig. 1. Rocker make different shapes


Fig. 2. Mounting hooks on the end of the beam


Fig. 3. Painted rocker

That it is not cracked, allowed over metal plates out of tin (Fig. 1c), which was nailed to the rocker or screwed screws. Beam, as they say, the old-timers villagers, were in some cases 50 years or more.
At home, the beam is stored in the hallway in the corner, stand upright or laid on two specially pegs driven into the wall or thick nails.
No, no, but still meet in the Russian villages arm.


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