Russia will face new weather anomalies

Russia will face new weather anomalies"EcoLogic" with Andrew Reznichenko.
Andrey Reznichenko

Heat left Moscow. We waited for this a few steamy days. A year ago, we thought that the terrible summer heat does not happen again. It should not. At least due to the fact that there is no such nightmares twice. But in Moscow this summer pripeklo and Sochi, Krasnodar, Vladikavkaz, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg and even Syktyvkar updated July weather records for heat. This means that there is even hotter than it was in the summer of 2010!
To explain why this happens, you can use the word, which is more suitable for cars — Unbalance. One of the manifestations of global climate change on the planet is precisely its imbalance. Where spawn snow seen — he suddenly almost summer became fall, where the heat did not expect — she got so hot that you can not escape.
This imbalance climate means that next summer for Russia can be very, record cold. And then re-heat. That is constant abrupt changes. And this condition is characterized by severe weather: storms, hurricanes, floods and even tornadoes.
Annual hell is already a reality. So Adapt to live in a strange climate. After all, even if the whole world will agree tomorrow on the actual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that heat the atmosphere, it is our generation will not help. Global temperature will rise a few decades, even if anthropogenic influence will come to naught.
What can we do? As a state — a lot. But while the government wondering — is changing the world's climate, and particularly in Russia, we are with you can be a little more attentive to what surrounds us. If you are able to think about the future of their children — it's time to do it now.


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