Russia will send its soldiers to Syria

Russia ready to send up to 30 of its troops to the UN mission to monitor the cease-fire in Syria. The corresponding decree was issued on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin.



"Instruct the Russian Foreign Ministry to notify the Secretariat of the United Nations readiness of the Russian Federation to send a part of the UN Observer Mission in Syria (MOONNS) to 30 Russian soldiers as liaison officers, military observers and staff officers," — the document says.
The expenses of sending Russian troops to the UN mission and the content will be provided from the UN, according to ITAR-TASS.

If the UN Secretariat will gather to expand its observer mission in Syria and appealed to Russia for military personnel, the Foreign Ministry and the Defense Ministry jointly solve issues such as area of operation of Russian soldiers, their location and task. Russian troops may be withdrawn in the event of termination of the observation mission, and in the event that the participation of Russian troops in peacekeeping becomes impractical due to changes in the military-political situation in the country.
Meanwhile, the situation in Syria remains tense, according to RIA Novosti. After thundered before the explosion in the building of the National Security Service, who killed a number of executive security agencies loyal to Assad army intensified operation to clean the city suburbs of Damascus from armed opposition fighters.

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