Russian army destroys itself

Explosions in landfills or why conscript soldiers killed


In Altai grandfathers crippled rookie, beating and throwing him from the fourth floor

Kazan — Novosibirsk, Russia, September 06 (New Region, Olga Panfilov) — Military investigators are checking in obtaining injury Private Nikolai Morozov, to serve in the military unit located in the Altai region. The father of a soldier, he was thrown from the fourth floor of old-timers. This was reported in the Kazan Human Rights Center (PCC).

21-year-old injured soldiers from Tatarstan was drafted this summer and sent to serve in Novosibirsk. Soon the soldier was in the medical unit, where he was released on 23 August and was transferred to the military unit 41659, located in the city Aleisk Altai Territory. On arrival in part defined in the tenth ordinary steerage, where he immediately took away a bag with personal belongings.

After that sergeant demanded soldier ankle boots and hearing failure, was, along with two colleagues rookie beat the body and the face. Soldiers had to give new ankle boots (he gave the old), and then he asked, and form. Rookie said he did not give it. After dinner, the two seniors were again beating the soldier unconscious. Woke rookie on the ground, where the fourth floor of a building it, according to my father, dropped "grandfathers".

Since then, a soldier with broken arms and legs are in the military hospital in Novosibirsk. Father beaten soldier applied for a perfect son, a crime against the military prosecutor Kazan garrison. According to the father of the victim, alleged members of beating her son was transferred to a different department. Vladimir Morozov fears that the command of the military unit 41659 will do everything possible to conceal the crime.

As the head PCC Igor Sholokhov, the military investigation department Barnaul garrison decides to initiate a criminal investigation into the hazing or refusal to initiate. Human rights activists say, if ordered "abandoned" the decision, after studying the materials screening, they will appeal to the court.


In Mari El soldier was killed and hung colleagues regarding

Due to the failure to throw old-timers 1000 rubles for phone conscripts killed and hung the body in the back room, simulating a suicide.

On the death of his son Cherepanov wife learned the night of the officer of the military unit № 86 277, where he served as their 19-year-old Sasha.

— Son is looked after and the institution, after the army wanted to do — tells Life News Aunt Sasha Irina Schekotova — but army killed our boy.

Young soldier's military unit in the Mari El was found hanging on the clothesline of nedosushennoy uniform.

Grieving parents who had come to collect the body of Sasha noticed that all the face of the boy in a huge bruise, and the left ear was black.

Relatives have no doubt that Alexander was killed and simulated suicide.

Sasha colleagues confirm that Cherepanov refused to pay the "grandfathers" and for this he was severely beaten. More alive has not been seen.

The military investigation division Kazan garrison, was investigating suicide, declined to comment, citing the employment of investigators.

None of the military unit, help with funeral arrangements parents have not offered.


One question remains: how soon the Russian "army" all kill each other?

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