Russian exporter threatened to stop supplying electricity

Each failure to pay on the part of Belarus for electricity may lead to a complete cessation of the supply, said told reporters the head of the Russian company "Inter RAO UES" Boris Kovalchuk. Russian exporter but hopes for a constructive cooperation with Belarusian partners and timely repayment of debt, reports RIA "Novosti".

Kovalchuk said that his company repeatedly rescheduling of debt for delivered electricity to Belarus:

"Already received cash of about 600 million Russian rubles, that is, debt was paid off in March. Remaining 600 million rubles in April, and is suitable debt in May. In our protocol, each neplatsezh allows the ability to completely turn off the electricity supply. We have fines and penalties. All of the sanctions, but we have shown the top of constructivism and talking while on the principal amount of debt. "

The company "Inter RAO UES" June 9 limited the supply of electricity to Belarus in connection with the debt. The parties signed a payment schedule, according to which Belarus is obliged to repay the debt until July 5. The Russian company has resumed the supply of electricity on June 13.



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