Russian weapons (10.16.2013), (30.10.2013) Watch online

Russian weapons (10.16.2013), (30.10.2013) Watch online

The Russian weapon (16.10.2013)

— What Future for Russian gallakticheskuyu program working?
— Parade of fire and steel: special report on arms exhibition in Nizhny Tagil.
— Invisible tank and robot sprinter: the story of the latest military developments — a review of global news.
— From which will build aircraft of the XXI century?

The Russian weapon (30.10.2013)

Where did the Russian defense industry personnel shortage? Details under the heading "burning."
How to build a fighter? Sightseeing tour of one of the largest aircraft factories in Russia.
Cheaper — does not mean better. What prevents Turkey buy Chinese air defense systems?
Behold at any cost. What is a thermal imager and what is it for?
The most massive nuclear weapon after. The test is the latest termobolicheskih flamethrowers.

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