Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands are preparing for the tsunami strike

The Kuril Islands tsunami threat announced in connection with the massive earthquake in Japan. Wave can reach the island at 17:00 local.
"According to the forecasts of our experts, the wave height can be up to two meters. Online mode using the site Japanese Meteorological Center, we monitor the tsunami, now it has reached the shores of Japan, wave height of about 4 meters," — said the head of the ITAR-TASS Tsunami Warning Center Sakhalin Hydrometeorological Tatiana Ivelskaya.
According to residents of the Kurile area, strong tremors were felt on the island of Iturup within two minutes. In the rooms and furniture rocking suspended objects.
According to "Interfax" open management of emergency department of the Sakhalin region, in the South Kuril, Kuril and Northern Kuril areas including early warning of a tsunami. MOE asked the islanders with a request to remain calm and follow the messages on the speakerphone, as well as the authorities.
Today is evacuated to safe places. All who are in the coastal part of the Kuril Islands, it is recommended to immediately leave the coast and take shelter on high ground, it is recommended to leave it until after the signal "lights out tsunami alarm."
Marine vessels in ports, sail the high seas. Strength and the means necessary for the elimination of the consequences of the passage of tsunami waves are ready to respond.
A strong earthquake of magnitude 8.8 shook the vast area of central and north-eastern Japan, including Tokyo. This is the most powerful earthquake in Japan over the past 7 years. The earthquake was located at a depth of 10 kilometers below the bottom of the Pacific Ocean off Miyagi prefecture in the northeast of the main Japanese island of Honshu.
After an earthquake off the coast of Japan formed a tsunami. Wave height, struck the city Kamaishi in Iwate Prefecture in northeastern Honshu, was 10 meters. The city has numerous destructions, dozens of cars washed away by the tsunami.

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