Scandal in Britain: secret documents released into the park

A scandal erupted in Britain after it became known that zavkantselyariey Prime Minister David Cameron Oliver Letuin threw in trash cans in the Park government documents. Such a fate were including papers relating to the "Al-Qaeda."

Correspondents of the newspaper The Daily Mirror, adhering Labour views, more than a year watching the conservative head of the Office of the Prime Minister. They took photos, which show how the control office of the prime government throws paper in trash cans while walking in St. James's Park, located next to the residence of the British prime minister at Downing Street, 10.

According to reporters edition, Oliver Letuin threw this way for about a hundred documents. Moreover, journalists not disdained, searched the garbage cans, and found documents about its contents. According to them, the garbage cans thrown in the papers mentioned the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Finance Minister George Osborne. One of the documents testified about relations between Pakistan and the organization "Al Qaeda." Among the papers were thrown out as the five letters sent to the Committee of Intelligence and Security British Parliament.

In a letter to MP Andrew Tyree says head of the committee, Malcolm Rifkind, the parliamentarians have failed to learn from the truth about the British government's involvement in the U.S. program of "extraordinary delivery." This term refers to the operation the CIA abductions worldwide terrorism suspects and their interrogation and torture.

In another letter to say that the British intelligence service MI6 and MI5 counterintelligence parliamentary committee did not provide all documents relating to the attacks that took place in London in 2007.

As noted in the publication of the newspaper reporters, many of the documents were discarded letters from constituents, which contained personal information, including phone numbers and addresses. This is more than a leak of materials containing state secrets can make trouble ordinary Britons, given their meticulous attitude to privacy — privacy.

Leader of the opposition Labour Party, Ed Miliband, said that such behavior conservative Letuina shows disrespect to the voters of his party. According to the newspaper, before you discard documents Letuin tore them into several pieces, but still they can be easily read.

According to ITAR-TASS, thrown Letuinom documents were classified. However, the official representative of the British prime minister's office said it was wrong and that the documents contained no state secrets.

The revelations will no doubt hurt the image of the current Prime Minister of Great Britain. This is not the first time the loss of British officials of secret and confidential documents. Thus, in recent years, employees of various departments have lost drives and flash cards with several databases containing personal information to tens of millions of Britons. UK population is over 58 million people.

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