Scientists: the soul does exist and weighs 21 grams


After the death of … life goes on? Scientists have proved that the soul does exist. Its density is 176 times less than the density of air.

The question of the existence of the soul tormented by a generation of scholars. After all, the scientific approach to life has canceled many of them faith in God, that's just not demanded blind worship, and search for evidence. Recently, a world's largest pharmaceutical company announced that its employees have proven unequivocally the existence of the soul (the name of the company, we will not specify, so as not to make it unnecessary advertising).

The spirit is material

Scientists had a different approach to the study of the essence of the soul. One of our countryman, Professor Konstantin Korotkov, in St. Petersburg shooting aura of the dying, and proved that the glow continued after death, gradually fading away. Body as if turned into an inanimate object. And aura was spreading in space. Which proves that energy shell outlives the body.

Another Russian, professor of Barnaul Goskov Paul, a few years ago was able to prove the existence of every soul, unique, like fingerprints.

"All the religions of the world are sure that everyone has a soul man, — said the scientist. — But before anyone could not feel it, if not your hands, or at least devices. We first conducted a series of experiments that clearly demonstrated the presence of a person other than the physical body of some energy-substance. "

The method of scientists called "the materialization of the soul." A kind of net, with which Goskov caught manifestations of the human soul, was plain water. This substance — the most amazing thing in the universe. It is able to record any information, changing its structure. The essence of the experiment, scientists put cleared of any effects of water for 10 minutes next to the man and then examined its structure. Such experiments they have done hundreds if not thousands of times and have proved that the changes were necessary in each new test water varied in their own way, and the structure of one and the same person repeated.

On the scales!

But modern scholars working on the money of the very global pharmaceutical corporations (they conducted experiments in several countries and had an international structure that includes both immigrants from Russia), decided to brush up on the basis of the modern experience of the other. It spent in 1906 Duncan McDougall: He weighed terminally ill (mainly tuberculosis) and identified: in the moment of death, each subject sharply decreased in weight by exactly 21 grams. Then the opponents tried to prove that the cause of the weight loss in some oxidative processes in the body the dying. But modern researchers conducted the same experiment (modern science allows them to not lay dying accident on the scale, and measure change remotely) proved with a one hundred percent guarantee: after the death of a man "losing weight" is 21 grams.

Moreover, continuing research, the scientists saw with instruments that of the body of the deceased will expire some substance.

Removing the EEG of the brain of seven dying patients, physicians have found intense bursts of electrical impulses, what these people did not have before approaching death.

"We consider such effects as the concentration of the activity of the body, fighting for life — explained the" AIF "Elena Sharov, electrophysiologist, Doctor of Biological Sciences. — Perhaps activated subcortical structures of the brain that control breathing, heart activity, maintaining body temperature. To speak about the separation of the soul from the body for me, has been repeatedly observed a suicide activation of the brain, there is no reason. "

"Even Heraclitus in the VI. BC imagined: the soul of a person consists of a rare form of matter such as air and fire — says the experiment Professor Micah Reif, chief of department of one of the medical centers in Tel Aviv.
— Today we know of released substance is extremely small and spaced apart atoms, whose density is in 176.5 times less than that of air. And it looks like this dark substance is not stored in any particular organ — say, in the heart — and equally shrouded man. There is still a lot of research. But we are confident that in fact weighed the soul or some other vital substance. One conclusion: the existence of the soul is proved. "

Expert Opinion

Mikhail Dudko, archpriest, sacristan of the Assumption Cathedral in London:

— From the point of view of Christian believers, all the scientific evidence for the existence of God or the soul is superfluous and meaningless. For us, of course, the main sources of faith in eternal life are the scriptures.

The immortal life is a matter of faith, and faith — this is the main virtue of a Christian. In addition to the Scriptures, there are also testimonies of people who have gone to the other world, and then come back.

We do not reject the evidence of cases of clinical death. But no post-mortem tests can not tell the details of what awaits human life beyond the Earth. This is the subject of the testimony, a matter of faith.

Julia Tutino

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