Seven hypotheses about the death of whales

1.Climate change.

According to this version, the death of whales due to a change of ocean currents that bring colder water from Antarctica. The whales are swimming in the shallow water to get warm.
2.Pollution of the oceans.
Proponents of this version of the claim that in the respiratory tract of many whale strandings were discovered oil and even polyethylene. Opponents of this hypothesis argue that many whales suicide had clean the respiratory system, and the water in places of "suicide" does not contain mineral oil. Emission of radiation in the area too, whales were seen. Thus, the version that caused the deaths of whales is pollution, bears little resemblance to the truth.

The whales also sometimes get sick. Scientists suggest that the reason for discharge whales are parasites that take up residence in the bodies of animals and damage important organs. Perhaps the reason lies in the mental illness leader — the leader of "crazy", and the whole herd rushed him.
4.Mutual assistance.
Whales have always come to the rescue of his neighbor pack. If one of the whales mistakenly wandered into the shallow water, it immediately begins sending signals relatives and those rush to the rescue. Alas, the whales rather than to save a comrade, do get into trouble.
5.In close quarters so offended.
Japanese scientists have proposed a version: when the number of whales become too numerous whales destroy themselves. Thanks to this self-regulation, the number of whales remains within specified nature. However, many environmentalists are dead set against this version, except that the popularization of this hypothesis may lead to a resolution resuming whaling.
6.Damage to the compass.
Whales perfectly oriented in the ocean, so the biologists say that in the brain they have a magnetic compass, so that these sea creatures can be oriented along the magnetic field of the Earth. If there is a whale in front of geomagnetic obstacle, their inner compass goes down and they start to sail the wrong way. It is known that the rescued whales often re-beaching. Perhaps this is just due to breakage of the compass — the whales back into the water, but can not navigate.
This theory is now the most popular. Scientists say that the whales and dolphins destroys a deafening roar of submarines. Losing hearing whales cease to navigate and beaching. Research bodies emissions creatures gave reason to believe that the cause of suicide is caisson disease (decompression sickness). There is discomfort when there is a sharp decrease in the external pressure. Decompression sickness called a disease of divers, pilots and laborers working in caissons (submarine working chambers).

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