Shower and transition space systems

TransitionWe live in the great prophets foretold a time when the end came together together several cycles of development: universal, galactic, solar, earth and human. This point in time is marked by an event of great magnitude and importance. What is the meaning of these changes?
Let us return briefly to the past of the Earth and humanity. Over a long period of existence of different races changed many civilizations. First — their birth, flowering, then — the decline and death. But the race did not die completely, always remain its best representatives, giving life to the next generation. On Earth, currently living of different races, as well as mixed groups. There were children of the new sixth subrace of the fifth race (indigo children.) Are children of the future of a new civilization that will live on New Earth, in the new era, the "golden age."

Many of them are open to people unusual abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, yasnoosyazanie, yasnoobonyanie, the ability of telekinesis. These feelings in the subtle world are natural. Among the people they have only tonkorazvitye sensitive people who have in past incarnations great spiritual achievements in this latest incarnation of embarking on a spiritual path razvitiya.O the future of the planet Earth and humankind will be discussed in the final chapter, and now move on to a topic that many will find out what happens to the people on the planet, why exacerbate the nation and people's attitudes, morality falls and there is a confrontation between good and evil?

Old cycle of the planet and the people over, come new. With the arrival of each new period changing program of work with people's minds with his driver and a teacher, but also a large number of assistants from the invisible people mira.Dlya preparing the transition to a new level of consciousness on Earth 20 years ago, began to pour out of the higher realms of energy other qualities that by acting on the body and mind of man, cause it changes in internal processes. These processes transmute (transform) tissue and internal organs in the physical bodies of qualitatively new. 2000 years ago, Jesus came to earth to show the possibilities of man, his ability to be so perfect to climb to the highest level of physical and mental development available in the world.

The flow of new energy increasing, gradually increasing its power, affecting all living things. Whether you like it or not, know it or not, it has long been going on. The whole earth is a cosmic being, human, animal and vegetable kingdoms have transmutation process. From this process, no one can escape, for the rays are no barriers in the form of glass and concrete walls, energy — pervasive. Transmutation of energy have the benefit of those who dream of living in heaven, because the subtle world and there are those Heaven, as described in the legends and the scriptures of all religions mira.Prekrasnoe future awaits those people who properly understand the signs of the times, placed everywhere.

You only need to be careful to see them. Let your mind be curious and inquisitive. Do not allow yourself to sour, to surrender at the time, which is hard for everyone, but great in that it gives hope for the transformation of ourselves and the world around us into something beautiful, extraordinary. Earth has not experienced such a state. Dream of mankind of a clean, bright life may soon come true and become a reality! It all depends on the person, his faith and determination in the future, everyone is building its future destiny! The first transition has already been accomplished — it shifted the planet in four-dimensional space in 1998. We made a "jump" of the entire planet, but most of humanity does not know and does not want to know. The transition to the four-dimensional space can be divided into three periods, three waves.

The first wave — Is the transition of people's consciousness into the fourth dimension in a thin body unconsciously (leaving the body in a dream or in accidents, as well as sudden physical death). Some of them were taken for training and returned at the same time (in the past) that there is no gap in time, but the memory remains continuous.

— Having been in the subtle body of knowledge about the transition, many of them returned as Deputy of the souls who wish to leave the body (tired of living), or have completed their program realization. Planetary Hierarchy encouraged them to cede the "place" for ministers, so there are many people who have returned with inside knowledge about the transition, but this time to the accomplishment of the Transition deliberately — inside. Their mission: to prepare the minds of people for the transition. Most of them — children of Light. For this, they need to "remember" itself, "wake up."

— It is necessary to understand that as ordinary people, and cosmic soul should get this experience, consciously capture events are beginning to move, just to act consciously. It is this point is very important — decisions, the choice of paths that will decide the fate of each.

The second wave "Earthed" 26.12.2004 (earthquake in India, Indonesia, the tsunami). During this time, the world has undergone great changes in the climate, a lot of accidents and natural disasters.

The third wave will be the most powerful and swift. While it is not certain, since a lot depends on the people. World map with the transformed significantly.

From fire svetopreobrazheniya not save any power, no money, no underground bunkers, save only spirituality! Events accelerated, as the internal time of the Earth at this stage of evolution expires.

There are several options for the transition. Each option represents a combination of actions the Forces of Light, controlling state biosphere of the Earth, and events in the physical. The combination may change frequently, as in chess, where each course has an effect on the final result. It is difficult to envisage the steps of humanity as a whole, so the hierarchy of the Forces of Light has a great staff working constantly with the minds of the people, making every day and reports in accordance with projections (option).

You find it hard to imagine how many beings of light working on the transition. Their number is more than the population of the planet three times! These creatures are God, working night and day. There is also a neutral observer: in nothing interfering, they get the experience. The media are increasingly materials about abductions by aliens and consequences associated with it. Representatives of the Supreme Mind is nothing to learn in these worlds, because they are the creator, and the evolution of living beings — creating, playing on their projects!

Expression of feelings and emotions of people, fertility may be interested representatives of imperfect civilizations bogosozdannyh beings develop in the near to our worlds. Many of the materials on contacts with journalists were prepared prior to the transition, but it was not possible to publish them. They are broadcast now, after many years, and this fear-mongering people. Much has changed! After the transfer of the land to the fourth dimension of the solar system as independent observers were only friendly civilization, ready to help humanity. On Earth, there are many parallel realities, in which close to mankind develop other evolution. Some things are falling into our dimension, people take for aliens.

Among the subtle beings, there are those who consider it their duty to interfere, crooked, to spoil, but it's not aliens! This is the essence of Antiworld of particular task worsen the situation during the Transition to a higher intensity of emotions! They know about the end of the cycle of incarnation on this planet, but they have no knowledge of the cosmic laws due. They want to prolong its existence on earth, clinging to every opportunity to delay, postpone the transition. This desire is considered Antilogosom and encouraged: to produce "sifting" of weak shower, need an incentive to execute programs that run on the transition as a test and interference.

Incentive is the reward of the energy of suffering, emotions, called the Cosmos gavvahom, which feed the implementing entity. They're especially trying because they allowed all mining methods gavvaha. The longer, the more chaos in our world. Take into account all the nuances of the impact energy of chaos difficult. They are obstacles to the transition process, but they can do anything to speed up the process. We often talk about the fact that all the children of light were on guard, not "asleep", not to relax, not to caught by surprise awaited event! Daily tests provoke essence Antiworld. You should not feed them, take care of energy for the future, keep your love, dignity without dropping at the feet of those who break the law!

Currently, the planet Earth as a space creature completes its life cycle in four-dimensional space and is preparing to move to a higher level, in a five-dimensional space. The inhabitants of all the inhabited worlds of the universe forward to this event, because of the manner in which this transition occurs depends on other worlds and transition to a higher spatial level. Should all together "rise" from one stage to the "ladder" on the other, that the process is harmonious, because everything is connected.

The universe is one huge organism in which each universe, the galaxy and the worlds they have their place, carry out their functions and perform their tasks. And if somewhere in a universe unfavorable, the neighbors can feel it on your being affected by this. There was a time when being descended from the higher worlds in the dense world of lifetimes to come back home, to their Abode, getting rich with unique experiences, their spiritual accumulation. Earthly soul born in our solar system also have the opportunity of climbing to the center of the universe, to climb the "ladder" climbing the worlds, having gone through the resurrection and ascension, perpetuating his life, becoming immortal.

Age of Aquarius has brought news of the fact that the Earth will survive the enormous shock, but will have new opportunities for development, together with humanity and the other kingdoms.

The transition period of the Soul

In terrestrial worlds is possible manifestations of the three levels of consciousness. Some of the people still on the first level. Most are young immature earth souls who live material goods. Their intelligence is almost undeveloped, but they are close to nature. Most of humanity is on the second level, having developed intelligence, but little developed spiritually.

Human task now: to appeal to the spiritual development, harmonizing material and spiritual, to reach the level of consciousness of Christ in accessible terms to move to a new reality, a new cycle of development in the higher realms of being. For the bulk of mankind is to be problematic, particularly for earth souls, because the experience is new to them. But the souls of cosmic origin is not very hard to do, you just have to remember yourself, because the experience is familiar to them, they repeatedly accomplishes transitions in other worlds.

In order to raise their consciousness to the supramental mind, should go a long way to go and much to learn. The main task is to calm the mind, which is trying again and again to return to their positions and the dominant position by interfering in virtually everything. Him to just have a job, but you know about it, should not fight it, do not reject (otherwise meet a lot of resistance), and comfort him pause of silence.

Very often, there is the state of detachment from the world, the bustle, the inner emptiness. No need to worry. This process is called the transition to a new level of consciousness. If hard, you have to treat it with understanding and calm. Others drop out of your life, and the new has not yet come. You are a long way behind in their evolution to that period of his life, and he is the most responsible, but a welcome and joyous and solemn. No turning back, only forward! You can not look back and regret about something, go back to the past. You may be pushed back and have to start all over again!

In the transition from one level of consciousness to another, you can open a "witness", the observer of all your actions, thoughts and desires. His task is not to fight against negative energies, and to maintain communication with the Spirit, which itself will clean everything, it would be just your desire.

When communication with the Spirit (antahkarana) is stable, then you do not need to remember whether or not the end of something to think about. At the right time if necessary information is always on your mind, everything comes at the right moment, and the words come from the heart, even though you are not above them wondering how and what to say. Your spirit is manifest, if you ask him to show, at the most crucial moments.

In general, if you want to live permanently in the Spirit, to be fully trusted. Give him your concerns, ask to arrange circumstances to solve their problems in life as God's will, and not you. Then gradually you learn to live in the divine rhythm, working with a source of strength freely, without pressure.

To work well with the source, it is necessary to unlearn bad habits of the mass:

— Do not depend on the mind, turning to him for knowledge, justification of your actions, settlements;

— Do not blame outside yourself;

— Need to learn to see all the manifestation of Doom (100% e adoption situation);

— Do not want anything other than the will of God.

There is no need to plan for the long life of the period, something to count, because the Spirit of your works involuntarily, causing the wisdom to do what the human mind is capable of.

When the mind is silent, all thoughts, speech, actions come automatically with amazing accuracy and speed. This is — a light way of being!

— The task of the individual — to achieve this in the future.

— The task of cosmic soul — to achieve this now.

The new era has long entered into its own, and we can already see its many signs: before opening the secret esoteric knowledge, many scientific discoveries, the birth of an unusually gifted, cataclysms of nature, its unusual. Over all this is a new phenomenon for the terrestrial worlds: the birth of a new sixth race, to the next level of development and the state of consciousness of all life

At the Council of the maximum (solar) Shambhala 100 years ago it was decided to allow all categories Shower incarnate in human bodies to be attached to the light and to participate in the Transition as an experiment. This experiment suggests reveal:

— The physical state of the sentient beings in the transition;

— The possibility of transmutation of bodies under the influence of the energy of the sun of the new structure;

— The process of change of consciousness without the use of special techniques of spiritual influence, that is, without the intervention of forces of Light.

For this experiment to be the embodiment of different categories of evolving consciousness, even the animals in the human body in order to see the effect of acceleration (accelerated program of evolution).

Part of the human soul and the Children of Light fall in extreme conditions, both physical and spiritual survival. They need to toughen, to learn to live in immorality, lack of spirituality, displaying the best that is spiritual accumulations, showing essence of Light in the "abnormal" conditions for them. This is not just a lesson and test for consciousness, seeking the light, be tested in the hard school of life before the "release" into the light.

Such conditions are not created on the Earth artificially. They are created according to the embodied beings level of consciousness. Kohl is a division of the conditions of existence, so everyone gets a choice: where to go? This is the path.

Natives "underground" worlds and space aliens — all have their own experience, that they are guided by them, and when you create your own reality, with individual tendencies. That is why now is the variety of ways of self-expression, manifestation in nature, the desire to dominate the world, because everyone sees the future. "Sleepers" of the soul continues to live habits bindings. "Awakening" of the soul seeking to use the experience to get the change. Changes are only afraid of inert consciousness and people with physical well-being (the fear of losing it.)

The transition state of the planet can be noted that due to the resistance of matter of high frequency energy is a conflict in the minds of energy. This condition is caused by stress, confusion, lack of understanding: how to conduct themselves in a position of power, "a knockout." In Earth souls have no experience, and aliens from worlds like Earth worlds with no experience of Transition, to be uncomfortable.

Natives of inframirov, the habit to produce energy by pumping fear, use features that are unstable psyche of people, the economic situation of societies, social freedom to create art and culture specific niches. These beings, embodied in human bodies, have no basis for moral and ethical understanding. Most of them are aggressive, have a low rate of thought and aspiration, as they say, take everything out of life! None of these souls will not go beyond terrestrial worlds in transition, but will remain in the Akashic records of the process of transmutation of consciousness.

Akash — Savings Bank of information about events ever place Future plans with different versions, as well as this, which records details of the actions occurring every moment of time. If we take the Akash in general, they can be called a chronicle of past, present and dreams Buduschego.Hronik Akash much. They are divided into levels and are part of the crystal lattices of consciousness.

Integration of two worlds

Integration of two worlds has many signs that point to the interaction of a thin and physically through the creatures of these worlds through people:

— Work with the channels;

— Healing physical and spiritual;

— Opening of new religious and spiritual schools;

— Activation of the ancient esoteric sources;

— The media;

— Activation of the church;

— A manifestation of the physical globe unusual natural phenomena;

— Opening some people paranormal and the increasing number of people to the crossing;

— Changing climate of the planet;

— A change of outlook of many people;

— Increases the rate of scientific discovery

— There is polarization of beliefs and way of life in a moral and spiritual dimension, that is heightened perception aspects of life, revealing the internal state (the soul).

All these signs are always there, and we have regularly, but when the time of transferring the entire system to the new reality, they become visible and undeniable factor confirming the uniqueness and importance of this period of time.

Interpenetration of the Worlds — it's not just the visible effects of thin reasons, but the causes themselves, appealing to the consciousness of "carriers" of the soul to work with, and the enlightenment of the past. This stage is marked by the acceleration of time, seal events, accelerated flow of thought and response to environmental influences. Step interpenetration Worlds called diffusion. It's a cycle that lasts about 100 years. 20 years is given to the output of consciousness and the entire system to a new level of existence (Galactic Jump).

Preparing for the transition of consciousness on Earth began in 1916. Prior to the Galactic Shift all the planets have to line up in a certain order, but life has to go with them in the designated space. By this time all the world will take their place in the space of the solar system, according to the future position in the new system. This restructuring relative position relative to the sun is already happening. The land is located in the energy capsule, and internal changes in the solar system with its invisible. Overview of space — an artificial panorama consisting of alien ships. Present were the sun and moon relative to the Earth that does not change the apparent position, but the distance to the sun is rapidly declining.

You may ask, "How are cosmic discovery by scientists, if the space surrounding us is a hologram?" A hologram is created in the space of the solar system. It is created by a special optical device, while being energy emitters that create the illusion of physical processes in the universe. The observer from the Earth, setting telescopes captures all physical devices, not knowing about the existence of subtle "designs", which is the space, can simulate the cosmic body. They work on different kinds of energy, but scientists are trapped in the main physical spectrum.

From the Earth to the energy shot "veil" that hides it from pirate invasions and intruders for 250 thousand years, but created by the shell, which has other quality features:

— Reflectivity for X-rays, which are harmful for all life on Earth, and is caused by mutations in the physical body;

— Permeability of the energy of a higher order from the higher spiritual levels of the universe, directed by reflection through the installation of universes;

— The ability to pass energy selectively (not all streams in a row) as the solar system receives different types of rays, for planets — individually, according to their evolutionary problems.

Earth energy capsule has protective functions that work only for some time (before conversion):

— It reflects the impact of unwanted currents universes;

— Sets the invisible outer space within the system of physical worlds.

The sun seems to earthlings because of the peculiar spectrum of radiation transmitted by the capsule membrane Earth. If we remove the capsule now, we would change the color of the sun, it would be a purple-purple! Would change the color of the atmosphere and space telescopes in the universe would be unrecognizable as the changes taking place in the higher spaces in preparation for the next level. Reason: change in the conditions of existence of one space causes a chain of changes at other levels — the domino effect. Now many of the Worlds are in such capsules are ready for change. They are invisible in space and look like a void, but are fixed by special high-end installations Thermal imaging devices of extraterrestrial origin.

Earth energy capsule gradually thins. It has several layers:

1. The outer layer, which reflects unnecessary for her radiation.

2. The middle layer, selective, skips permissible radiation, harmonizing and adjusting the Rays on the allowable frequency vibrations.

3. The inner layer, a set — here are the power plants, components Rays in the set of matching quality, impact on the interior space of the planet.

The hologram of the surrounding space — this is his apparent state after the interaction of all these factors. Earth energy capsule was put into service in 1998, before the start of the transition to the four-dimensional space. Many discoveries of terrestrial scientists can be called "fake" because the Cosmos is a collection of the worlds of different levels of density. Still, they have the opportunity to study the physical processes within the solar system, some of which are available in their understanding of the laws by the discovery, laboratory experiments. But, not being able to go into space, it is difficult to learn even its physical aspect. Many real discoveries were made by scientists to enter the Earth's four-dimensional space.

Process of interpenetration of the two last stages of the Worlds. Two polar world can not run simultaneously on the same energy, so in the fourth dimension sets the mode for gentle worlds Podzerkalya:

— Lower Astral closed;

— Follow him on his "place" raises the lower layers, then there is movement in space of the entire system of the lower worlds;

— Then after a while as you move down the hallway of the Earth of the fourth dimension, one after another, "collapse" Layers-space level, vibrating at low frequencies.

The whole process will continue for as long as the Earth, and then the whole solar system makes a transition to a new reality. The process of "collapse" — a process of dematerialization of all internal constructs with artificial. Dematerialization committed by annihilation energies of a higher order. Destroyed a denser, transmuted and transformed into light which is energy, "rising" above, and fill the middle strata-Levels. This process is gradually moving to the middle mirror, from which "down" also are meeting the energy penetrating into the lower space. Thus, the closure of the spaces are towards each other.

Each space is a kind of "treatment" facilities. Before it closed for quarantine and all its inhabitants are scanned, cleaned, and then they are sent to a space that they deserve.

Help Earthlings

On Earth, there is a phenomenon called the Cosmos pervasive magnetic anomaly. This is due to the increasing activity of the sun, high radiation, and the influence of magnetic storms on human consciousness. In the atmosphere of the planet much ozone holes, it is dangerous for people. In the sun, and on the south pole of the Earth is closed, so on our planet and the sun energy (air), the system is distorted. The magnetic field of the star and the planet rapidly interact, creating an atmosphere of unparalleled phenomenon. Severe disturbances geofields affect the state of human subtle bodies, energizing them and demagnetization. Many people feel weak, dizzy, headaches, because they are losing a lot of energy because of erratic power flows in the layers of the planet, and in their own bodies.

In order to protect the planet from solar radiation is too rigid and does not cause side effects in the transition, in the solar Hierarchy decided to create additional energy protective sheath for the Earth. This solution was transferred to the middle of the planetary Hierarchy for execution. Naturally, that means (energy) will be released from inventory Lords solar system. On internal energy channels are already being received, and pass through the transformation, forming a thin protective layer in the uppermost part of the atmosphere.

Probably every person in his life at least once seen a bubble. Such iris covers the entire Earth. Maybe from people not become physically easier, but it will save in the years to what may cause the planet powerful cataclysms. For some time, the ozone hole will decrease, but gradually the shell will break up in the first place in the pole.

This is a temporary remedy, not to speed up the start time of the Shift. But sooner or later, but the transition should take place. During this time, have a lot to catch. The main thing — the human factor. All the same, every year people will go more and more. Can no longer believe the statistics on population. People spend much more than are born, the world population drastically reduced. If this were not so, the governments of many countries have not bothered to increase the birth rate.

Appeal to the Supreme Mind humanity

From the Council of the galactic core, representatives of the Supreme Intelligence, the higher hierarchies Federation, which is one of the branches of the great space of the White Brotherhood, the sent message.

We, the representatives of the space of the White Brotherhood, we wish to convey to all the people who want to know the truth about the future of the planet, the information which can serve as a revelation of the gods and to help set up the consciousness of the vibrations of the Future.

Beloved! The land is located in a time loop in the transition from past to future. Old cycle at the end. Chain of incarnations of each individual consciousness ends summarizing and evaluating the activities of each of the Soul. No matter what happened in the past is very important last incarnation. That it is the most important value and impact on the end result. Awareness of herself a part of the divine creation, human problems on a global scale, and their role in the history of the Earth can reverse the negative effects of karma and reincarnation last finish worthy of man.

Decree of the Lords of the Galaxy Naivysochayshego Soleus Earth contributing additional energy limit to complete the transition into a five-dimensional space. These energies will be allocated according to the level of consciousness among all who are directed to the spiritual sun. The energy reserve while intact, but it will demand the planetary Hierarchy and "open" for the six hours prior to the Transition. Through planetary space magnets energy will be transferred to the lower space of the planet to replenish the balance of all those who are ready to transition and can make a breakthrough in a higher dimension of consciousness.

You need to gain a foothold in the Spirit and finally consolidate consciousness in a beam of light coming from the top of your "I". Every soul, strengthen the connection with the higher 'I', will leave the Earth, rising along the line of the Spirit in its space. This ascension is a great transition for every enlightened being and completes the evolution in the space of your solar system! Consciousness, not to strengthen ties with the higher 'I', but human karma completed and ready for great changes will be logged in the Presence of Angels special receiver. This space, which will be the cleansing and rehabilitation followed by transfer to another similar system of worlds, but on a higher level of existence to continue the evolution. Beings long violated the laws of space and is not ready to follow the Path of Light, will not be able to go beyond the lower realms of the planet and go through a state of death of the soul.

    Higher Intelligence warned that there was no panic and chaos irresistible:

— Each person is only responsible for his actions and is able, in recent years, through repentance and work on yourself to change the destiny, in a future with an open heart and mind. Compassion and love for people for people getting a ticket to the future.

That there was no fear in front of him, we must remember that the Spirit is immortal. In merging with it the person becomes an immortal being. Then before it opened Stargate.

Not too late to make a conscious choice in favor of the Forces of Light and the last day, but do not have time to accumulate the energy, cleanse the past, so it is better to take care of this in advance.

    In many terrestrial treatises appears in 2012. On the "end of the world" talk for two thousand years.
Planetary transition date is known only to the higher hierarchy, which is located in the central Abode spiritual sun, so no one can call it up on the Earth!
The planet and the people still have time to make sense of things to come. The transition will be smooth, if humanity does not commit any act, provoking a sudden transition. Gods give time for people to understand the causes of their poverty and misery, disease and war, to unite and express respect for the forces that are life-giving for them.

On Earth, in the incarnation is a lot of representatives from the higher hierarchies. You can assume that the contact with the Universal Mind has long held. There was a time for dialogue, which are the leading members of the upper stellar civilizations. If people are ready to hear, hear. Higher Mind through his Messengers provides knowledge of the cosmos and the future of the planet. Light of Truth Seeker sure it will find a spiritual heart.

     The influence of cosmic fire

Increasing discomfort from the growth of the frequency of vibration of matter is complicated by the fact that in recent years on the planet is global climate change. It is accompanied by a thermal effect in the atmosphere, which generate tectonic plate shifts, accompanied by earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis. How can the greenhouse effect on the internal processes of the planet? The mechanism is simple. Heating of the planet is outside the internal heat of the physical globe, because of which the movement of magma becomes more intense, and the pressure of the masses for the hot crust of the planet increases. This causes tension. Sometimes there is a break out of the mantle in a place where there are specific "points" marked elemental forces for active interaction with the outside. In nature there are no accidental disasters. All processes are subject to guiding force implementation plans accordingly karma Earth and embodied rational beings. Elements have the right to plan events associated with the purification of the subtle structure of the planet and human consciousness through suffering and awareness of the causes of the tragedies. Lessons are not given the bodies and minds! This act involved a huge number of involved entities of Nature, and assistance is provided by the Angels of the Presence of people. They plan events that bring people into such "point" of the planet, where the expected disasters. If someone is not meant to be there, it will not appear in the source of distress.

Energy of the stars cause in man response, and it may unconsciously resist impulses arising in his mind, to act as a puppet. However, we must remember that not the power driven man, and the programs, including their vibrations. The man has a warning system of the body is literally on a cellular level that signals a willingness to accept to perform another act of prescription of events in the drama of human life. Karmic clichés Karmanoyya body under the influence of vibration energy of the surrounding space launches hologram of the events planned for the Angel of the Presence of the embodied consciousness, and people act on intuition. He will unconsciously seek wherever it calls Voice of Doom. Because it is subject to the highest law in advance before agreeing to implement the karmic lessons and predestined outcome.

Care of the Soul of the incarnation during disasters or stay a while in the harshest conditions transforms consciousness, clearing of all unnecessary, changing the perception of the world. Mental injuries in tragic situations, will be healed space psychology, but understanding the causes of the tragedy of the Soul will remain in its spiritual heart and will help in the future if there was awareness, to go beyond the limited thinking, to learn to think on a global scale and to find the quality of compassion. Man learns compassion, it's the quality of the soul is the "sister" of mercy and love. Relationships are built on love in Higher Cosmos, without love there can be spiritual growth.

Increased frequency of vibration energy space, new cosmic energies coming into bramfatura Earth, Forces of Nature awakens to action planned Creators. All this happens in a transitional time for the planet and has the meaning of education of the human mind, the revival of the Soul to the Light! Man is so constituted that take his mind from a state of "hibernation" are only shocks, so there are so many great events, which help him to reach a higher level of development — Awareness.
The transition to the five-dimensional space

Transfer of land to a five-dimensional space — the movement of the Earth in the solar system in the direction of the sun in the protective layer of the photon energy, which is approaching the sun thins, dissipates. With this protective shell-capsule of humanity is still in the dark about his true position. The movement of the planet — the progressive, with displacement of the orbit. Land has already been removed from its previous orbit on 9/10 of the total distance to be overcome. The sun seems to be more active, because the Earth is closer to him! Three-dimensional space if entered into a four and moving down the hall. This move by the overtones of the fourth dimension of space. As we approach the higher harmonics of the magnetic intensity gradually decreases and the Earth at the highest point drops to zero.

Transition is close, but does not indicate the exact time! Hierarchy known deadline, but it was not disclosed. Does not know, no embodied soul, not to wreak havoc on Earth. It is hard to all solar energy is removed from the balance, even some of the strengths of the Soul. The transition can be accomplished smoothly. It is possible that it will not notice at first, but when you exit the Earth's vibration frequency of the Void space will be completely different. Remember all the soul as the whole event: the pre-transition and beyond. When will the transfer of land to a five-dimensional space, then the capsule receiver will accept it in the first overtone. Space-receiver for the "old" Globe is the energy capsule, the contours of which are sheathed while the boundary separating from the rest of the fifth dimension, but within it the energy space will vibrate at frequencies of the fourth dimension. Now this shell increases, stronger, so that after entering is Earth space virus penetrated the outside. It is an energy barrier created by space power plants are on "floating" islands (artificial bodies), which employ special robots and control their work, along with the Beings of Light Adjuster solar system. Capsule receiver should delay the highest energy cosmic fire, clean the earth. Stuck in the Void — is going through all systems of the planet to the corridors of time. 3.5 days after the end of our planet will come to a new orbit. At this transition the Earth is over.

— In the five-dimensional solar system Earth must take the position, which will be in the drift, that is, it has to rise another three overtones, and this again will have to raise the vibration of bodies. She set aside a little time for this: no more than two months. It will be a real flight with great speed, and internal changes.

— Now in four-dimensional space of the Earth will enter the new energy, and it will move to the sun in a special tunnel directly orbiting around the sun stops. By that time, the life of the planet will go and begin the sanitation of the physical globe. Energy for sanitation will come from the sun through a special receiver-transmitters that are in the fourth dimension. Their vibrations correspond to vibrations of the fifth dimension, so that this process can be considered as the interpenetration of four — and five-dimensional space, though the Earth will be in the energy capsule that protects the Space Virus.

The distance between the orbits of the planets will be reduced, and the whole solar system seems a bit compressed. Before entering the state of emptiness Earth and all the planets line up, so that all will face the sun on one line — a "parade of planets." Such a provision is necessary in order to stabilize the position of the Earth in orbit at the exit of the Void. Once the Earth will enter into a new space, power, artificially maintaining an internal pressure, shut off, and the Earth will gradually enter into a new mode of energy supply. Within a few hours may be variations, voltage spikes and record geomagnetic axis to a new position. Land is not to "undermine" the orbit, all the planets as the chain will give her some of the energy in the first minute of formation in orbit. This — brotherly help family of planets that had already made the transition. An invisible connection between the planets is always there, and when there are global changes, there is always a mutual assistance and spiritual support.
Galactic Transition

Next, the entire solar system will be ready for the big transition (Galactic). This transition — the movement in the alpha star of the constellation Orion Betelgeuse, in the highest galaxy (the 10th largest sector superuniverse Orvonton) for unification with planets counterparts on galactic corridors of time and superuniverse Axis. In addition to internal transitions of the planets within the solar system, in the near future to two galactic transition:

1. The unity of the planets with their antiparticles, including sun Oyano (our system) and Betelgeuse (the constellation Orion). These two are the epitome of the Sun Soul-antiparticle.

2. Then this binary system merge with your higher 'I' — the Sirius star system.

It is now formed a new solar system, which should go Monmatiya. It is a space for receiving a system-antiparticle. The new globes all the planets of our system to the galactic transitions will be teleported to a special channel. They will be taken in a protective capsule each separately. In the new space, the higher the galaxy there are stars, which will be the sun of Monmatiya (space name of the new sun — Eoniya). After the ascent of a new solar system in this space globes new planets around the sun will rise each in its own orbit. During the application of the new and old spaces of solar systems will materialize into new coordinates, and combining the old with the new sun, during which will flash. At this time, a new sun will swallow the old, will push it into itself, forming a supernova of enormous power, similar to the power of the star Betelgeuse. Substantially at the transition will be two solar systems: old and new. Each will make the transition to your channel, and in the new space, they will be combined by an overlay. Young solar system is formed. The new globes will be teleported to the past few years, and by the end of the transfer of land to the fifth dimension in space, where now the New Earth, where it will be gone.

All the planets in the solar system spiritualized beings is a manifestation of a solar Logos Duhomonady.

— 12 planets, 12 shower — it externalization Spirit Solar Logos, which is manifested through the power of the Soul of the planets.

— They embody Antiparticles Sinarsiya planet in the solar system (the star Betelgeuse) in the constellation of Orion.

— Monmatiya and Sinarsiya embodied One Spirit, and their location in different galaxies indicates that two of the Soul — antiparticles manifest themselves at different levels of space multiverse.

Different levels of existence and the energy difference in quality does not mean that the "top" is better than "down." This means that the system was initially created Sinarsiya. It is closer to the center, there is a long time. During this time embodied in it creatures reached a very high level of consciousness and spirituality. Many of these beings is embodied on the Earth and other planets in the solar system Monmatiya. Integration of two polar worlds in the solar system will be continued in the new galaxy, where two solar systems will integrate the experience, and will share their hierarchies in Akashic records.

— For Sinarsii it will be the experience of the past.

— For Monmatii — the experience of the future.

— For both systems, the experience of this — is a process of integration, that is the merger of higher consciousness and the lower 'I', the union of the two particles and finding holistic Collective Consciousness Beings of Light.

Because of this hierarchy will become one of two suns, the entire organism, controlling the evolution of the two systems. At the head of this Hierarchy rise light being called by Christ on earth. This God of our local universe Nebodonsky Michael and his wife, the Creative Spirit of the Universe. He will report to not only these two systems, but the rest of the twelve related solar systems, to make the transition after Monmatii in the same galaxy, but other spatial levels (the gap in time between transitions — 100 years).

Before proceeding

The transition is coming relentlessly. Involves many things for more work with people who give hope for ascension. Impossible to accelerate the ripening of fruits artificially. The invasion of the human psyche can be counter-productive, but some strong Children of Light give special expedited disclosure program awareness and enlightenment of the soul. To realize the divine Monads insufficient number of enlightened souls now, so on earth put a new experiment: the creation of star pairs, creating stellar families. They are created by the destruction of the old families who do not find mutual understanding and opportunities for further development. In these families unite consciousness with great potential and spiritual aspiration, a chaste attitude. In the very families is an experiment and psychological work in accelerated mode to reveal all that prevents enlightenment and spiritual growth. These people receive implants for opening channels to promote the development of spiritual qualities. Not all the star couples go on a spiritual level. Often prevents suddenly grows ego — this is the main obstacle on the spiritual path. Such people become psychics, famous magicians, but lose the leadership of the Forces of Light and the ability to replace the divine Monad. Everyone who gets in the way of magic, close your way to the Star House, as put his ego above the divine "I". Experiment with stellar pairs will continue to transition, they are seen possible solutions to the bodies of Manifestation. The gods can not enter into the unprepared "vessels" and the potential for the accumulation of light planets such incarnations are necessary. The higher plane are your experiences in the solid world — their own, but there is always a connection.

The descent of Christ into the planetary worlds resonated at all levels of the planet. For the Forces of Light is a great holiday for the opposing side — the sign at dawn and end of the great cycle. All those who can not live in the blinding light of the spiritual sun, ready to give the final battle, defending its right to exist. As you can imagine, none of this right, no one takes, but it's time to leave this universe, cosmic change house, that is, level of existence. To get involved, can only be prepared mind. Know about all of the rational soul, but many have already been lost. Realizing this, they throw themselves out of desperation in any serious business, doing their best to recover from a lifetime opportunity to meet the vile passions.

On the descent of Christ became known in the lowest layers of the planet. He did not wait here, here He is not pleased, because for undeveloped souls come second death. The fear of the Lord leads to the construction plan of salvation from Him, and in the physical world, some people catch these thought forms and also prepare themselves for salvation outside of Earth (very rich people hoping to escape on the Moon), or in underground bunkers. The news of the end of the world in recent years is being discussed at all levels of the population in the media. Only completely indifferent to the future, or in anything not believe people still have some peace of mind. Earth is in chaos. It is possible that the physical personality is not quite aware of the impending event, but subtle plan (mainly the lower Astral) is boiling, heat of passion. Look at what is happening on television. It fully reflects the state of mind of society, as in the incarnation and in the lower astral world, for the same undeveloped consciousness is alternately in two realities.

Nobody in the world does not know the date of transition. Flashing in the media doomsday date — a bluff, distracting people from the real events. This bluff created Antilogosom injection chaos on Earth. The main argument — the Mayan calendar ending in 2012. In 2012, only the end of the era. I hope you understand that the truth lies somewhere in between. We never called the exact date of transition, since it does not exist. In the hierarchy of a document drawn up in such a way that it contains specific instructions prior symptoms:

— The state of nature;

— The location of the stars;

— The location of the Earth in space;

— The state of mental health of the planet and human consciousness;

— Some of the conditions for the externalization of the Forces of Light.

This means that in the incarnation of the Lord shall descend Light, with some potential. From their work in the embodied state much depends. The work involved the human factor, as people are bodies Manifestations descending Beings of Light. All combine to determine the time of the transition of our planet in the five-dimensional space of the solar system. The reference point of time for the start of the transition can be calculated from the master, but it can be moved if necessary, in the space of time, because the history of our solar system in this sector of the galaxy is determined by the law change cycles in the higher court time control of the galaxy.

Therefore, you should not wait until the end of the world, end of life within those dates, manipulated people who have no knowledge of space. Fear mongering doomsday lasts for almost two thousand years! Jesus' promise to return excites minds. Many people do not believe that Jesus returned not one, but with a great team of high gods. They are not afraid, but the Light and Love. If the thought and conscience is clean, the thing to fear the coming of Christ? The more light on the earth, the more monstrous sound distorted shadows cast undeveloped beings. Light brings out all the negative aspects of being and helps purify the ancient fears. The news of the descent of Christ adds strength to all those who expect it. Let dismayed those who violated the laws of millions of years. They had a lot of time to correct errors. Seeking to grow in the Spirit of Light by leaps and bounds, both in the Russian tale grew good fellow. They deserve a reward from God and brought to the Hierarchy of Christ in the prime spiritual forces.

Scary obsession are only in the dark consciousness. Lies of this world entangles thin networks even some Children of Light. Breakthrough consciousness is only possible when the spiritual light of the rising sun, the Christ. Christ made a private offer to the Decree of the planetary Hierarchy of the coming transition, which is: "The light comes from the light, the light is attracted to the light. The more light the potential has a soul, the more will receive remuneration in the form of energy before the transition. Not receiving the potential for up to a level of consciousness that corresponds Middle Way, loses all. " So celebrate foretold by Jesus 2000 years ago. Just signed a decree this not Jesus, the Lord and the Lord of Light Sananta, the Creator of the worlds, visible and invisible. Living in the Light will gain immortality of the soul and move into a new star Abode on the spiritual cosmic plan. For the human mind to new worlds of planet Earth will be a dream come true, because they are like paradise.

Now everyone in the world gets what he had dreamed: some people get material wealth, others — spiritual enlightenment and divine goodness in the form of the energy of love of Christ. You should know that there is a more peaceful Lords than Christ. Thanks to him the land is still in transition. He does everything possible to prolong transition in the hope that the Forces of Light will multiply by the Ascended Children of Light.

Spiritual Sun descended into the spheres of higher cosmic realms to light filled the hungry sight of the soul. Now the blind will be only those who always considers himself wise, and did not think about higher guidance. The sun was rising over the earth and the great star of the World Mother Earths to consecrate his presence planet highlight Children of Light Path leading to the Star House. Truth is the light and love. Without them there is no life. Radiate the Truth and bring to Earth Children of the Gods!

Excerpts from the book "Triumph of the Spirit"


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